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Wildstar Veteran Stormtalon’s Lair Dungeon Guide

Wildstar Veteran Stormtalon’s Lair Dungeon guide with written and video walkthroughs for every boss. Veteran Stormtalon’s Lair is one of the four veteran dungeons you can visit at level 50.[toc]

Silver Medal Run

The following is a video of a Silver Medal run on July 9. It covers all the trash and bosses. There is a bit of trash skipping enroute to the last boss to save time. The total run is 28.5 minutes.


Trash Mobs & Medals

Thundercall Storm-Watcher

  • This guy comes with two Thunderbeak Fleshripper and has 1 interrupt armor. Interrupt his Rampage and Hack and Slash attacks or avoid them. They are both frontal telegraphs.

Thundercall Shaman and Sentinel

  • They each have 1 Interrupt armor, you want to keep interrupts on the Shaman, especially his Rejuvenate ability as it can heal the sentinel or itself.

Thundercall Storm-Weaver

  • Pull him alone if possible as otherwise you may risk a wipe if the interrupts are not properly handled.
  • He has 2 interrupt armor and an ability called Conduction that must be interrupted. Failure to interrupt this will cause one group member to be stunned and receive high damage. You can break out of this stun with CC breaks.
  • Also places a stacking debuff on party members that can be cleansed.

Skyborn Tempest

  • He rushes at the player with the highest threat (i.e. tank) and leaves behind a rectangle telegraph
  • Interrupt his Manifest Cyclone attack.

Bronze Medal

  • Kill all bosses and complete all the optional objectives

Silver Medal

  • Kill all bosses and complete all the optional objectives under 30 minutes
  • You need to get silver medal for raid attunement quest

Gold Medal

  • Kill all bosses and complete all the optional objectives under 30 minutes with all challenges completed and no deaths inside the instance.

Blade-Wind the Invoker

  • HP: 1 million for the Invoker, 378k for the Channeler.
  • Interrupt armor: 2 but his casts are timed to be in group of 3 so you will need 9 interrupts.

What to Interrupt: Thunder Cross in Phase 1, Electrostatic Pulse in Phase 3

Quick Mechanics

  • Phase 1 (100-55%)
    • Interrupt Thunder Cross
  • Phase 2
    • Lead Lightning Strikes on top of Channeler adds to break their shield and provide moments of Opportunity,
    • Avoid Static Wisps that spawn after each Channeler is killed and dodge Thunder Cross
  • Phase 3
    • Avoid Wisps/Lightning Strike and interrupt Electrostatic Pulse

Video (Esper Healer PoV)


Phase 1 (100 to 55%)

Thunder Cross

Thunder Cross is the main ability casted by Blade-Wind during this phase. It is a very quick 1.5s cast so you will need to be on the spot with interrupts. He has two interrupt armor so you will need three interrupts to stop Thunder Cross. You will want to interrupt every Thunder Cross as it provides your group with Moments of Opportunity for additional damage. In addition, one of the random Thundercall Channelers will explode from time to time, making avoiding Thunder Cross hard.


Thunder Cross is casted fairly often so you will need to have 3 sets of three interrupts. This allow the first set to be off cooldown by the time the third set finish their interrupt. Every DPS and tank should have at least two interrupts. The healer can also bring one more interrupt for the 9th interrupt unless a DPS (i.e. Spellslinger) have 3 interrupts.

Phase 2

Transition – Disarm

During the Transition you will be disarmed. You can either run around to find your weapon or wait it out as there isn’t much you need to do right away. Otherwise you can get yourself an interrupt armor or use a CC break to end the disarm quicker.

Thunder Cross

Thunder Cross is not interrupted during this phase since the DPS are focused on the Channelers and the boss is immune to damage during this phase. You will need to avoid them during this phase and the fight can get a bit heretic here trying to avoid Thunder Cross, Lightning Strike and Static Wisps all at the same time.

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike is the new ability that the Invoker gains during this phase. This is a red circle that follows you around until the inner circle reaches the outer. Once this happens, the circle will stop follow you and will be dropped at your last position. You will need to drop this final red circle on the Thundercall Channeler to break their shield and provide Moments of Opportunity.


Static Wisps & Channeler

Your goal for phase 2 is to kill each of the four Channelers one by one. Use Lightning Strike to drop their shield and provide Moments of Opportunity. After each channeler is killed, a Static Wisp spawns and start spinning around the room. The ones close to the middle spin slower while the ones in the outer edges spin faster. If you do get caught by one of the Wisps, you will be stunned momentarily, which can be lethal if a Lightning Strike or Thunder Cross lands on you right after.


Phase 3 (55-0%)

Transition – Disarm

During the transition to phase 3, another disarm happens. You will want to find your weapons quick or use a CC break as you will need to interrupt Blade-Wind pretty soon after.

Electrostatic Pulse

Electronstatic Pulse is the new ability Blade-Wind uses in this phase. It is a group of 3 casts that follows one another, each needing to be interrupted separately. The cooldown betweeen the groups are short so you may miss one interrupt on the second group. In that case, there are some safe spots in the room. The interrupts will provide Moments of Opportunity on the boss, allowing you to burst him down quick.


Lighting Strikes & Static Wisp

Lighting Strikes still occur in this phase but much less frequent. Static Wisps from phase 2 are still present so you will still need to pay attention and not get stunned by them.


  • HP:  1 million for Aethros, 160k for the Gusts.
  • Interrupt armor: 3 during Tempest so you will need 4 interrupts.

What to Interrupt: Tempest in phase 3

Quick Mechanics

  • Phase 1
    • Avoid Torrent, a circle placed under each player
    • When Aethros split into three gusts, kill them and drop their circles on the edge of the room
  • Phase 2
    • When you get pushed back to the start of the room, run past the moving tornados to interrupt Aethros’s Tempest cast (15s, 3 interrupt armor). Failure to interrupt cause instant wipe
  • Repeat Phase 1 and Phase 2 one more time
  • Phase 3
    • Modified version of Phase 1 that occurs after the second phase 2. Tornados now moves back and forth like in phase 2 so you will need to avoid them.

Video (Esper Healer PoV)


Phase 1


Torrent is an attack that places a red circle undernearth each party member. If you fail to dodge out of it, this circle can hit for 20k damage. Aethros tend to rumble and speak during this attack so you will know to dodge when you hear him starts speaking.


Air Shift

After a couple of Torrents, Aethros will start casting Air Shift. At end of this cast, he will disappear and summon three adds each with 160k HP. You will also see a text on your screen that says Aethros starts to dissipate!


You will need to kill these three Gusts of Aethros and drop the red circles they put on your near the edge of the room to make the run in phase 2 easier. These red circles will snare and damage you if you step into them. Tanks may want to tank them near the edge to make it easier for rest of the party to drop the red circles.


Once all three Gusts are killed, the fight transitions into phase 2 immediately with a knockback that put you back at start of the room.

Phase 2


After the knockback, you will need to run past the moving Tornados and Lightning Strikes to reach Aethros at the other end of the room and interrupt him before he finishes casting Tempest (15s cast). If this attack is not interrupted (3 interrupt armor, so 4 interrupts), the entire party will wipe. The text on the screen (Aethros has reached X% power), tells you how far he has casted Tempest.


After you have interrupted him and get a few hits in, Aethros will teleport to another spot in the room and you will repeat Phase 1 and Phase 2 again.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is a modified version of Phase 1 that occurs after the second phase 2. In this phase, all of the Phase 1 stuff still occurs but now Tornados join in the fight and move constantly back and forth.

Optional Bosses

There are two possible optional bosses in the area right before Stormtalon. You will need to use a lift to get to them.

Overseer Drift – Catcher

Interrupt his Gust Convergence (2s cast, 2 Interrupt armor) or he will summon three adds with 79k HP each.


When he casts Electro Storm, you will need to DPS down his shield (100k)  to stop him from casting it. Stay away from other players and avoid the telegraphs.


Finally, whenever he explodes with a blue explosion, he places a stacking debuff that should be cleansed (most groups can simply heal through it)



  • HP: 1.1 million
  • Interrupt armor: 4 during Static Wave so you will need 5 interrupts.

What to Interrupt: Static Wave for phase 1.

Quick Mechanics

  • Phase 1 (100-55%)
    • Frontal cleave, only tank should be in front of the boss.
    • Static Charge – drops red circles under your feet. Need to constantly move to avoid them.
    • Static Wave – Have CCs and interrupt. CC break immediately after knockback and run sideways towards Stormtalon to interrupt (need 5 interrupts).
  • Phase 2 (55-0%)
    • Eye of the Storm – One person gets targeted for this and everyone else need to run towards that player. Either CC break the disorient or press one movement key. Avoid the lighting circles inside the eye.
    • Eye of the Storm replaces Static Wave in phase 2, all other mechanics are still present.

Video (Esper Healer PoV)


Phase 1 (100 to 55%)

Frontal Cleave

Stormtalon has a frontal cleave that deals quite a lot of damage and snares. This frontal cleave has a fairly small telegraph that comes very quickly so tank will need to turn Stormtalon away from rest of the group and take the cleave damage.


Static Charge/Bursts with Electricity

Static Charge is a 2.0s uninteruptable cast that adds movement into the fight. Immediately after this cast, you will see two text messages on your screen

  • Stormtalon Radiates with Power! – Stormtalon gets a stacking buff that increase his damage output.
  • Stormtalon Bursts with Electricity! – Stormtalon starts to spawn red circles under player’s feet.


The main thing to watch out for is the Electricity text as red circles will immediately start landing under everyone’s feet and the group will need to move to avoid the lighting strikes from these AoEs. Generally if the tank moves Stormtalon to the edge of the room, Stormtalon will move back to the center to do his next attack, Static Wave and this can be a good tell for players to position themselves for the knockback.

Static Wave

Static Wave is a huge knockback followed by a enclosing wave that will one shot anyone caught in it. Immediately after the knockback, you will be stunned and need to use a CC break to break out immediately. After breaking out of the stun, you will want to head towards Stormtalon and interrupt him (he has 4 interrupt armor during this stage).

  • Static Wave occurs roughly at 87% and 61%

The trick here is that you cannot look at Stormtalon directly while running to him as he drops Lighting circles directly in front at the direction you are looking. Therefore, you want to look away from Stormtalon but strafe running towards him so that the red circles are dropped on the sides rather than in front of you. Becareful when you do this that there isn’t any other player in your field of view as this can make the run harder for them.


Once you get to Stormtalon and throw 5 interrupts on him, he will stop channeling Static Wave and be stunned for the remaining of the channel (less than 10 seconds). This presents a Moment of Opportunity where you can do massive damage to Stormtalon for a few seconds so make sure your finishers are charged up.

Phase 2 (55% to 0%)

In phase 2, Static Wave is replaced by Eye of the Storm, everything else remains the same.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm triggers the start of phase 2, roughly at 55%. It will reoccur again at 30% and then 5% (roughly every 25% of Stormtalon’s HP). This mechanic replaces Static Wave so you do not have to worry about the knockback and interrupts anymore. You will see a message on screen- Electricity flows through Player X and everyone will need to run to that player after recovering from the knockdown. You have a few seconds to do this before the storm start to deal serious damage.


That player will be disoriented (i.e. movement keys not corresponding to your intended direction). They can either use a CC break or just press a single button and move in that direction. The person being targeted will spawn red circles under their feet so everyone else need to move in front of them to avoid the red circle. The goal here is to move slowly and not dash as doing so can cause you to get thrown into the storm where a single tick can instantly kill you. DPS will need to keep damage Stormtalon while inside the circle.

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In the 1st video you failed a lot, in last video you almost wiped your party dashing for no reason. Anyway thanks for the text, it was helpfull

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