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GW2 Entanglement Release on July 15

Arenanent announced today the release of season two episode two of living story callled Entanglement on July 15. Here is a short teaser clip


Here are some screenshots taken from the video above. Looks like the Pact camp in Timberline Falls near the Concordia Waypoint is the one being attacked in the video.

gw2-entanglement-release-teaser-12gw2-entanglement-release-teaser-13. gw2-entanglement-release-teaser-4

Centaurs running around in the background in a new area of Dry Top. What we observe is a centaur migration in the wild as they are driven from their home by the evil humans.


Some sort of river with a floating rock cannon above them. Could be a leyline.


Asuran dome, featured in one of drawings on the walls in Scarlet’s room in Prosperity


Concordia Camp in Timberline Falls is being attacked by giant vines. Bad way to go.


Back to Dry Top, with Asura facing off against a giant.


Town of Prosperity being attacked by giant vines


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20 replies on “GW2 Entanglement Release on July 15”

These vines are starting to resemble the tree roots during the Infinite Tsukoyomi phase in the manga Naruto Shippuden lol.

Somehow I doubt Naruto would be the first, considering how basic that theme (revenge of nature/using nature as a weapon) is. It’s very common in multiple fantasy movies, books and video games. Either creatures, gods, fairies, witches, etc. using nature as a weapon/nature coming to live. (Lord of the Rings, Prince Caspian, Sleeping Beauty, Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons etc.)

I didn’t expect a ‘jungle dragon’ to use anything else.

Plus considering that they atually wrote and programmed this quire some months ago compared to Naruto’s releases… xD

Isn’t that with all trailers and movies?
A trailer is a trailer for a reason.. takes out the highlights to get people interested

Remember when GW2 had a “personal story” where what you did mattered, rather than just being a sideshow of NPC fanfic characters? Me neither…

Thanks Dulfy for this post
the 3 pictures for “Back to Dry Top, with Asura facing off against a giant. ” are linked together.
When you click on anyone, you get the last picture.

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