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GW2 Gemstore Update Zephyrite Color Swatch and Rescue Pack

GW2 Gemstore updated tonight with some rather disappointing items. Zephyrite Color Swatch: Red for 250 gems and Zephyrite Rescue Pack for 1000 gems.

Zephyrite Color Swatch: Red – 250 gems

  • Give you a nonexclusive dye (i.e. existing dye) from the red spectrum. You get to pick which one you like.
  • Primrose, Burgundy, Black Cherry, Cotton Candy, Hot Pink, Lipstick, Maroon, Dusky, Warmth, Rose Tiny, Midnight Red, Oxblood, Blood, Pink, Coral, Cherry, Lifesblood, Ruby, Sunrise Breeze, Evening Red, Heather, Mullberry, Fuchsia, Flush, Demure, Crush, Remembrance, Pink Tint, Rose Shade, Midnight Rose, Wrath, Heirloom, Pink Ice, Pastel Pink, Strawberry, Strawberry Breeze, Red, Scarlet, Pastel Peach, Tulip, Chestnut, Adobe Sunset, Rose Ice, Pastel Rose, Rose Breeze, Humiliation, Persephone, Pale, Lava.


Zephyrite Rescue Pack – 1000 gems

  • Open to receive 1 Speed Booster, 1 Zephyrite Color Swatch: Red, 15 Black Lion Keys, 1 Aviator Cap Skin, 250 Piles of Sand
  • This is the cheapest option for Black Lion Keys as the current price is 25 for 2100 gems.


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19 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update Zephyrite Color Swatch and Rescue Pack”

No no, the most important part is that 250 gem dye selector for dyes that only cost 5G or less when 250 gems cost around 22g. I love the smell of Logic at 3:30 AM.

Admittedly that’s the only good thing about it, but you can still easily farm keys and save your gems. 😛

only every 5th blacklion chest have black lion ticket scrap and you need 10 scraps for 1 ticket (1key take +-20 minutes of farming, so this save you 5h)

but that 250 sands! 250!!

create new characters, run only my story event, and after you finish lvl 10 my story, you will get key as reward. its not exploid or banned from arena, with guard or war its take 20 – 30 min.

would be so funny if you’ll need the sand to craft future legendaries and the only way to get it would be from this pack :p

Twice? try 15x as much. I believe the most expensive red dye is 1.9g on the TP. Or you can spend the equivalent of 30g on the swatch for the SAME THING. Crazy, wtf are they thinking with this…

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