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SWTOR Celebration Mishap and First Grand Pet Pack

SWTOR Cartel Market updated today with the new Celebration Mishap regen item for 400 CC and First Grand Pet Pack for 225 CC.

Celebration Mishap – 400 CC

  • Regen item



First Grand Pet Pack – 225 CC

  • Get one random pet from Cartel, Contraband and Bounty Packs.
  • Use this list to see the potential pets.

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39 replies on “SWTOR Celebration Mishap and First Grand Pet Pack”

I like the celebration mishap item. Reminds me of a 4th of July display I went to in 2001 where the same thing happened. Was close enough to see it all going off on the ground, and after it was done and we were walking back to the car all the people that were sitting further away didn’t understand why so many people were leaving.

I like the item itself, and the animation, would just prefer they would make this another group regen item. The Music Therapy Probe has been the only one for a while and is beginning to get a bit stale, would be nice to see some more.

The Celebration Mishap item isn’t a temporary holiday item like the Life Day stuff, is it? It just falls very close to Independence Day, so I wanted to make sure.

Thanks 😀 I’m being stingy and thinking I can hold out for a few months for it to go on sale, but I’m sure it’ll be in my collection by the weekend… lol

I was thinking it might be for the KOTOR anniversary, but that’s not until the 15th, I believe. Don’t they usually put out something special for that one?

I’m thinking July 4th myself. Nobody else in the world is celebrating anything with fireworks in July, and the devs are in Texas… just doing math.

Just checked, it does not have the hourglass icon on the item in the collections window like the other event/holiday related items (life day, TRK-R Treatment Center, THORN, etc). So it will be around at least for some time before it ends up on an embargo vendor.

Lol, I’m thinking if I use that regen in a warzone, it’s slightly possible someone might catch on to my location and low health…..

I’ve actually seen someone use it, Novare Coast, he hid behind the console/building.
I saw the fireworks.. so I killed him ofcourse.

Pet Pack is a little much of a chance. there are so many pets that could be in this pak. Just don’t hope for a particular one.

225 Cartel coins for 3 pets that you probably already have…. GO BIOWARE CREATING CONTENT MATERS!!!

Can’t we just get the old vehicles such as the throne or meditation chair for 600cc or something..I’ve been trying to get those forever.

If you can manage to save up 20m+ you could buy them off the GTN, or try and get enough reputation to buy 1 of the embargoed ones for cheap.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! People work hard to get those vehicles and you think that every idiot like you should just get to have one easy for 600 cc! They better not start giving these hard-earned mounts away to people that don’t know how to earn credits or are too cheap to spend them. Sorry but nobody should get ANY unique vehicle for less than 1500 cc.

‘People Work Hard’ shouldn’t be confused with ‘people who buy a lot of Cartel Market Lucky bags’.

yea…this comment is pretty stupid…Work hard? You either got lucky and got one from a pack or like me, just bought it off the GTN.

i agree packs are all luck but i bought those mounts off gtn for a boat load of creds which took a lot of work on dailies. so don’t why don’t you shut your dumbass mouth Vinak. Your the loser that probably spent a 100$ on it.

Wow. Grow the fuck up, little boy. If you rely on doing daily quests or real life purchases to get your credits, that’s your own fucking problem. Learn how to earn credits in a less tedious way and stop acting like a little bitch. People like me are sitting on millions of credits with nothing to spend it on. Getting the throne was quite literally as simple as deciding I wanted it and buying it…and no, I didn’t spend a dime of irl money on it.

That’s funny you think they should start giving away all the best vehicles for nothing to noobs on welfare. I hope BW realizes the minute they begin putting old cartel pack stuff for dirt cheap on market is when the cartel packs will stop selling. Nobody would ever gamble on those if they could just wait a few months and directly buy what they wanted. Multi-million credit mounts like hoverchair & throne shouldn’t be given away to every chump in the game. Otherwise they won’t be unique anymore cause everyone will easily have one and then nobody will want them. WHEN EVERYONE IS SPECIAL, NO ONE IS!

I agree, would love to finish up some vehicle families but I predict a mount-style Super Sale in August IF this sale sucks enough credits out of the economy.

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