• Shinokata

    Those pistols though… not even a great angle and they look sweet, hope we can get them.

    Also a giant! May be a tiny bit easier to get that slayer now.

    • Orichalon Hades

      im still at 11/1000 on giant slayer -_-

      anet plz

      • Shinokata

        I think I am at exactly 100, got lucky with a farm group for the golem event and doing the Nagling champ while in Diessa.

  • Mhm

    Those green timed pads… I already hate them.

  • Trock

    oh look more of Scarlet’s left overs -.-

    I really want to be done with her.

    • Kuma

      well, I like the way, scarlett changes the whole world. atleast everything is kinda linked to each other.

  • Disquiet

    Pistols!! Maybe they will finally include a viable p/p thief build…. OK, but it was worth a shot!

    • Shinokata

      p/p is viable for some things… it’s how I did Liadri >.>

    • Impossibru

      I really hate when thieves and warriors keep using ranged weapons all the time. WHY dont you play ranger if you like ranged weapons so much ???

  • LeRapace

    Oh yay more dull content.

    But yeah, we’ll keep buying gems because the only thing they like to really put time into are things for us to buy.. otherwise they make no money.

    • Kuma

      i guess thats totally fine, isn’t it? At least we dont have to pay a monthly fee.

      And the story itself is pretty good. also we ARE getting NEW content. for free. other games charge a monthly fee AND additional money for new contents

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