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SWTOR Galactic Living Coruscant Apartment Livestream Notes

SWTOR Galactic Living Livestream notes. This livestream will feature the Coruscant Skyrise Apartment. This is a work in progress, refresh for updates.

Stream Starts at 4:30 EDT.

Twitch link:


  • July 15th – Cutoff for early access. If you subscribe before then or on the day of the cutoff you will get Nar Shaddaa for free with 3 rooms.

Fleet Changes

  • New droids on the crew skill section of the fleet that will take crafting components and craft decorations


  • New holo – starts stronghold quest


  • Stronghold Directory – Nar Shaddaa on the left, Coruscant in the middle and Tatooine on the right. Also in the Crew Skills area of the fleet. Allow you to buy and travel to your stronghold. Once you purchase a stronghold and travel to it your quest completes and you get a start set of decorations


  • Vendor that sell decorations – some for cartel certificates, other for credits.


Public Listings

  • Public Listings: Accessed through the stronghold directory you can see other player’s strongholds if they are listed. You can change your stronghold to private, or public (all or your faction only)


  • Coruscant/Dromund Kaas strongholds can be listed to your faction only on public listings. You will need an invite or key to access them on the opposite faction.


  • Strongholds need 1000 minimum prestige to be listed on public listings and are ranked based on the prestige – more prestige means higher listings.
  • Nar Shaddaa/Tatooine can be listed to be accessible for all factions.
  • You do not need a key or invite to visit a stronghold on the public listing.
  • If you are visiting someone else’s stronghold, you can’t modify anything and can only access areas that are unlocked.
  • Players cannot visit your stronghold listed on public listing unless you are online. You will need to give keys to people if they want to visit offline.

Prestige Score

  • Increase by unlocking decorations, which increase your legacy prestige score.
  • Each stronghold has its own prestige score which is calculated by stronghold completion x legacy prestige score. Subscribers have double prestige score bonus.
  • Completion %: How many rooms you have unlocked and how many decorations you have placed
  • For example: 125836 (legacy prestige score) x 0.32 (% completion) x 2 (subscriber bonus) = 80535
  • Upgrades: 9/9 means you have 9 rooms unlocked. This increase the number of players that can visit your stronghold (capped at 60 currently for Coruscant)



  • If you don’t want to public list your stornghold, you can send temporary invites to someone and they can visit as long as you are online and in your stronghold. You can also kick them out.


  • You can give out keys to more permanent visitors – gold key (owner only). Silver key – they can invite/kick other people. Bronze key- able to visit only. Keys do not cost anything. You can also revoke people’s key or just ban them.


  • Keys are character specific and not legacy wide.
  • For guild headquarters, every guild member will have a key. You can set which rank get what kind of keys.


  • Can you sit in chairs but not by just clicking it. You will need to use /sit or /chair next to a chair.
  • Can you duel inside strongholds? Yes you can duel inside strongholds
  • Pricing of Strongholds: Dromund Kaas/Coruscant are most accessible. Tatooine/Nar Shaddaa are more expensive. Tatooine have bigger hooks and giant rooms to decorate. We want level 15-16 characters to be able to afford the strongholds. As you unlock rooms with more hook counts (i.e. balcony), they get more expensive.
  • What does completion % mean? How many rooms you have unlocked and how many decorations you have placed
  • Is there a rent? No rent
  • Are there day/night cycles inside your strongholds? No day/night cycles
  • Travel options There are four: Planet, last location, fleet, starship
  • Lighting can affect the room in some ways but not completely as the room already have natural lightning. So you can’t make a room pitch black for example.
  • Decoration sources: Decoration vendors, Warzone vendors, Cartel Packs.
  • Interactive decorations: Appearance modification station, item modification, legacy stronghold storage, guild bank, mailbox, stronghold directory, GTN.
  • Chat inside stronghold: You will see the planet chat. We know lots of people want to see the fleet chat, it is something we are still talking about.
  • You need to be a subscriber on the day the promotion ends (i.e. May 11 or July 15) to be eligible for the free stuff.
  • Visiting opposite faction’s stronghold (including your own). Need to pay a fee to get smuggled across. Might be free for smugglers.
  • All of the characters in your legacy can edit the stronghold.
  • Personal stronghold cannot be decorated by anyone else. Exception is guild stronghold in which guild members can edit.
  • For mounts, if you have it as a collection unlock, you cannot just acquire multiples via the collection window. You need to earn it multiple times to have it as multiple decorations.
  • Decorations that you can only have one copy of? Coruscant only have one centerpiece hook so you can only have one copy of decorations that occupy the centerpiece hook.
  • Decorations earned as an achievement – can you earn it again? – Yes, not 100% sure.
  • Dromund Kaas is rainy – you can see the rain on your windows. It is dark and moody.
  • Strongholds are rest areas.
  • Freeform vs hook system – We want to make it easy for the average player to utilize as decorating can be difficult with a freeform system.
  • Can you sell/buy decorations on the GTN – Yes, especially for crafting. There are also tradeable decoration components involved with Guild flagships etc that are hard to get and features an unique system we have not put in the game before.
  • Mannequins to decorate your armor? – You can display companions wearing them.
  • Training dummies – Not sure, need to ask Jack.
  • How do I unlock more mount decorations – If you own the mount it is unlocked as a decoration.
  • You can place only 1 copy of your companion in the stronghold, even if you have multiple characters with the same companion.
  • You cannot dye decorations
  • Datacron decorations are acquired from planets (i..e Quesh, Hoth).
  • Are strongholds embedded into the environment or instanced? – They are instanced.
  • Decorations that are tied to achievements are retroactive. Anything related to a drop or completion will need to be reacquired.

Coruscant Skyrise Screenshots












Decorations and their sources

 These are just some examples and not all of the decorations shown on the livestream.

Cartel Market









Planetary Conquest


Reputation Vendors


Warzone Vendors








By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

108 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Living Coruscant Apartment Livestream Notes”

Fleet chat! Fleet chat! Look people, the planet chats are already filled with nonsense. It’s only a matter of time before the gold spammers catch on too. We mine as well be able to LFG in our strongholds. And when chat is annoying you /cleave general

Credit Spammers are only required to put forth minimal effort to make it to the fleet to spam on their multiple toons before they each get banned. Not linking stronghold chat to fleet means they would have to level those throw away toons even higher to get to the 4 new locations to be able to spam the general chat. I’m 100% for not having Fleet chat linked to Strongholds.

It would be a nice alternative to implement a new channel in game titles /fleet that would allow you to view the entire fleet chat regardless of what planet you’re on, to facilitate LFG better.

I don’t know what’s so hard about ignoring credit spammers tbh. But then again I just find fleet chat annoying all the way around. Elitist looking for group, noob looking for guild, Chinese guy trying to sell credits…. it’s all annoying.

Or they could just deal with spammers in a meaningful way rather than designing game features around the possibilities of spammers.

I’m confused though. You don’t want fleet chat in strongholds but you want to be able to access it from anywhere?

Although i agree that fleet chat would be excellent especially if i’m wanting to catch a ‘pug’ ops while decorating/crafting/playing the GTN market in my stronghold, I think it would mean the death of Fleet.

What i mean is the Fleet would be a deserted place as everyone would either be in their strongholds or guild houses.

There is something i like about going to a busy spacesation. Makes me feel like part of a community. Especially on an MMORPG.

Could be. Then again, I can imagine some of the publicly accessible houses turn into clubs where most people hang out while waiting, creating new communities. And people with silver keys can make sure spammers get kicked out of them. The 60-people limit might be a bit of a limitation though, curious to see how it’ll work out.

You still need to go to fleet for mission pick-ups, turn-ins and gear vendors. Just about everything else you can do elsewhere already.

Since everything is legacy based, can you only own one DK/NS/Cor/Tat stronghold at a time? By that, I mean can you not have multiple sith characters with their own dk strongholds on each, or do they all share the same one? If your guild buys a stronghold somewhere, are you then locked out from also buying one on your own?

You can own one of each available stronghold at once, shared across your legacy. Guild Stronghold is for guild members so….it has nothing to do with what you own.

You could technically get around the 1 of each per legacy by creating new guilds for each character so they can have their own private “Guild Owned” Stronghold. For example he could ask 3 of his friends to help create a guild titled “Synriss’s Assassin” and then remove the other 3 players; and Synriss’s Assassin will be able to have 4 Strongholds of their own, in addition to the 4 linked throughout his/her legacy.

Think Outside the Bun.

What’s so horrible about all your characters sharing a stronghold? If they don’t like each other give them each their own room. Some people are taking this way too seriously methinks.

I also want to hear more about legacy storage. I highly doubt bound items can be put in legacy storage though. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they just make all bound items bound to legacy?

They could… but having to change the properties on everything that is BoP to BoL might take a lot of work… and legacy storage might just be a quicker way of doing it… but yeah… still highly unlikely bound items will be available to it 🙁

Are you kidding me?
Of course they won’t let bound items be placed in legacy storage, as that would negate the BoP tag; can you imagine not needing to run ops for gear drops? That’s what this would do, and they don’t want us to have an easy life.

” can you imagine not needing to run ops for gear drops? ”
actually yes I can. with legacy gear people are sending gear to alts all the time, the only thing that would change would be we’d be able to send alts relics, earpeices and implants. really it hasn’t disrupted things too much at all. the end result is people are willing to take their fully geared out healer to a raid when they want to gear their DPS

In that example you describe, they would already have relics, then if they were smart they would have all power/surge in ear & implants and thus it would mean they wouldn’t need any gear they couldn’t acquire on any character, regardless of strongholds.

Make one DPS and suddenly you can generate gear for every DPS & Healer in your legacy, regardless of your understanding of the class. Sounds like a nightmare operation all of its own to me.

Sounds like your having a nightmare dude, have you considered the classes primary stat in your grand plan?

Yeah but we can we draw the limit there so people have an incentive to start in less than the top tier of content and prove their worth in their role?

They can already craft all of the gear they’d be swapping in…

Gotta limit it somewhere, otherwise the whole end-game community just becomes stupidly fluid.

Honestly if they removed the ability to place artifact quality items in legacy gear, I wouldn’t lose any sleep.

It would take away the incentive of taking part in the Events that reward the Legacy gear required to make the BoP sets available. It is safe to assume the legacy storage will have the EXACT limitations of sending items between your legacy with a mailbox, except you will have a large box to store them in that will be linked to every character in your legacy. This will be a nice improvement for crafters and those who have difficulty typing their alts names in a mail (mostly due to ascii characters). It’s not going to “Change the entire system the game revolved around.”

Well, with the four sets of legacy pilot gear they sent to each of my 16 toons I don’t think I’ll run out of legacy gear any time soon. But I agree it’s unlikely the legacy bank will allow bound items. I just hope it has enough space for all my crafting stuff. One bay for each character in my legacy would be nice…

Glad they answered my question but sad that you can’t change a stronghold’s lighting apart from the little bits that decorations give. I was hoping to make something a bit dark and evil-ish. I’m guessing DK will be more along those lines so will have to see. Also, I don’t really care for cities, so I probably will steer clear of Nar Shadaa and Coruscant. Can’t wait until they make an Alderaan stronghold. Or even Voss.

Why don’t they show what CRAFTERS can make?!?! They have already jacked crafters enough already with Cartel Market items, let’s at least give crafters something worthwhile to craft other than Augments, or shit that is so expensive, you can’t ever afford it.

for all we know they had. my guess is they wanna hold off on crafter details to avoid havuing people stocking up TOO early

I’m hoping they’ll finally make the purple rubbish we get for investigation useful, I’ve got piles of that lying around…

Sell it for crying out loud, it will be worth a fortune. Purple crafting items on gtn go for a bomb.

Really? Last time I checked nobody cared about Permacrete, would be nice if that changed, could fix the 6-million-credit gap the casino left in my finances (still no bloody rancor).

Yes i feel your pain mate, 9 mill spent, no rancor although plenty of speeders and certificates.

I craft armourings, mods, enhancements, earpieces, hilts, offhands etc and the ‘purple’ crafting items for these are very expensive but i cannot comment on your Permacrete. On the plus side i might need a partition wall in my new ‘pad’ so that permacrete might come in handy. 😀

Good to know I’m not the only one. Did get 200 gold certificates so far, but 60 is enough to buy every item, no clue what to do with the rest.

As for crafting, most purple mats sell nicely indeed, but Permacrete isn’t used for anything atm, that’s why I’m hoping they’ll make it a material for crafting housing parts. The name seems a good match at least…

Not used for anything anyone ever buys, that is. No endgame-level items, no consumables, no dyes. Of course it’s not impossible to sell, but for example Beryllius sells at ten times the price of Permacrete, and thermal regulators go even higher. Of all the purple grade 9 mats, investigation’s have always been the most useless by far. Hopefully Galactic Strongholds will change that, but not holding my breath.

I agree they need to do something with the matts from investigation, as they are not worth as much on the GTN as other matts. But that also leads me to they need to do something with cloth mats ( silk ) as those are more plentiful and even more worthless….but that’s a whole other can of worms. Crafting in general needs some major changes, several grade 9 matts are not used in the way they should be IMO. Crafter’s got hit hard when the Cartel Market came out, so I’m hoping this expansion will give player’s a need for crafter’s again.

I just hope they do something with cloth, making it viable. Since the game began cloth has always been worthless. Would make sense if us crafters could now craft chairs, sofas, bedding out of our stockpiles of cloth.

Yes my my sith juggernaut Drath Dismbowler would love to make you a set of curtains. What colour would you like, teal or vermillion?
Now where is my battlemaster sewing machine (augmented). ;3

I thought you meant are they re-usable in the stonghold – as in would you get an additional buff by re-activating, whereas you meant would you be able to display the ones you have uncovered throughout your journeys as an ornament.
My bad konoha sorry.
Yes they mentioned discovered datacrons would be displayable however i think you have to buy/craft the display stand maybe. I thought i heard that somewhere.
Also do you not think they look more like the ‘shards’ rather than datacrons?

I think he meant it by if you collected all the datacrons on a Republic and Imperial player and had access to place the decorations in your stronghold, could your new characters go in there and click them for the bonus and cut down having to platform for all of them for every character. This has been a request for a long time now.

I would love this. It could be a way of implementing legacy wide datacrons without ACTUALLY going in and giving the stat boosts to your characters directly. They would just need to find a way to lock them so that visitors (or guildmates in guild strongholds) can’t use them. Only characters of your legacy.

Decorations that are tied to achievements are retroactive. Anything related to a drop or completion will need to be reacquired

Can u elaborate please dulfy

Means if a decoration is a reward for geting an achievement, those who already have that achievement will get the reward. If the decoration is a drop from an NPC (boss or mob), you’ll have to kill it and get the loot. If it is a reward for finishing a quest, FP or Op, you’ll have to finish it again to get the decoration (even if you’ve done it before).
Hope that clears it. =)

Well now you at least have reason to do them again though, if you want the decoration item enough 🙂 To me it seems like a nice incentive to revisit older content. Bring out a little nostalgia trip ^^,

Very much so.. I just hope that these don’t take 50 runs to get a drop like some items in the past, it should work like lvl 55 material drops increasing with the size of group and %100 drop rates for big ops I could understand but FP’s got old a long time ago no need to rehash old traumas by running things 30+ times

Oh well, I still need all those “25 boss kills” achievements that were introduced way after I stopped doing flashpoints. Only bothered to grind the “meatbag” title so far. This’ll be a nice excure for some runs on those old fps.

Well, at least we now know what the new packs are going to be named: Constable, Gatekeeper and Seneschal Packs. And there’s going to be a Space Bundle pack also – might be work updating the site Dulfy in regards to future packs.

Might be in here somewhere, but, as a sub, I know I’ll be getting the Nar shadaa with 5 rooms in total unlocked, my question is, can I trade my Nar Shaddaa apartment for a different one? I hate city living, I prefer settling my toons down on the outer rim, Tatooine specifically(I LOVE IT! I’ve always wondered why Luke was so bored) I don’t plan on ‘collecting’ strongholds btw like some magnate, one room is more than enough. And all the other 3 strongholds are ‘city’ strongholds again, so..meh.. Now, if they made a Voss Stronghold, I ‘ll definitely get that and use it as my bach!

Not that bad, the Nar Shaddaa palace with 3 rooms is valued at 1.5 million, and the devs have mentioned the Nar Shaddaa housing will be the most expensive one, so three rooms on DK should be at least less than that.
They’ve also said they want housing to be accessible from level 15, so a plain DK house without extra rooms can’t be more than 20k credits or so.

Housing is legacy-wide, so ‘accessible from level 15’ by definition means as your only character. They also said you would be able to buy additional rooms at higher levels, so I’m assuming the home-planet houses themselves will be very cheap, with the price for each additional room rising steeply.

A starting player will have on DK/Coruscant about 2-3k in credits. Good luck paying 20k without a legacy behind.

Ah, that’s my bad, the 20k figure was my guess what a char could spend at that level. It’s been a long time since I leveled my first…

Yes mate i hear what you are saying. I love the idea of the Nar Shadda house and Tatooine however not that bothered with wet rainy Drommund Kaas, so it’s a players preference where tey would like to live. I think you shoulda got the choice of either NS or Tat for the freebie imho.

Also as an imperail only player i’m jealous of the republic coruscant house as the scenery is way more spectacular than Drommund Kaas. 🙁

“I think you shoulda got the choice of either NS or Tat for the freebie imho.”

Totally and wholeheartedly agree mate. I grew up in the 80’s, but neon lights do totally nothing for me. One of the comments above stated that NS apartment is the most expensive of the lot, if the value of the NS is less than 4 million credits, Tat should be way more cheaper, if that is the case, it makes it way less disappointing. Still disappointing you can’t choose though, or trade what they gave us. Subs should atleast be given that choice.

Ok, so far this sounds really stupid. How about I take the money for this and buy crafting mats instead? I mean, I can’t get excited about this at all.

“Players cannot visit your stronghold listed on public listing UNLESS YOU ARE ONLINE.”

Honestly… I don’t like it. Sometimes I’m switching alts every 5 minutes. And everybody trying to visit my place will be kicked out every 5 minutes? If I decide to make it available for PUBLIC, I’d like to see it available for PUBLIC. It shouldn’t matter if am I online or not.

Try to imagine large RP event on Tatooine, Stronghold was prepared especially for the event. Then, suddenly everybody gets kicked out, because Stronghold’s owner had connectivity issues…

The more info they release, the more you learn what you can’t do with housing rather than what you can do.

Yeah, they’ve been pushing it back and honestly I am done waiting. It’s probably not even going to be good. Let my sub run out and uninstalled.

If it gets good reviews when it comes out maybe I’ll check it out as F2P first. But SWTOR to me feels like it’s on its very last legs.

Hello there,

does anyone know: do you get each stronghold (Nar Shaddaa at start, others later) per char? Or per legacy?

Yes, but apparently for the faction ones (coruscant and dromund kaas), you will have to pay a fee to ‘smuggle your opposing faction character into the stronghold’.

Please update that prestige score tell you, if this player is subscriber or not. Not much more than that. It won’t tell much about the house itself, as it’s going to be doubled for subscribers. Average subscriber’s house is going to be always rated higher than beautifully done house of f2p player. Pay 2 win, Bioware likes that.

Learn to focus your complaints in proper outlets, this isn’t pay to win, it’s investing for rewards. The idea behind it is to simply make Subscriber houses on easier to get on the front pages, if a F2P is that proud of their house then they can go on the Forums, General Chat, etc. to invite people to see it, or subscribe if it’s really worth that much to them.

Thanks Duffy. Since the chat is geared to planets, does anyone know where they are placing the guild stronghold? Also since you can only display one copy of companion, can you choose which one? (ie I have multiple Vette companions, and they are all dressed in different gear.)

I asked multiple companion related questions during the stream, guess they weren’t looking every time I posted… >.<, so yeah no word on anything about companions yet, still unsure whether you can summon your own companion inside your stronghold.

You can, they said so in the first stream. You can have 1 companion follow you around like normal.

I don’t get one thing: what if I become subscriber somewhere between 16.07 and the GSH launch. Do I still get access to housing, but simply have to buy an apartment with credits/coins?

No one knows yet, although the devs said they want 15-16s to be able to afford their capital world stronghold.

The free Nar Shaddaa palace for subs is valued at 250.000 credits, and they’ve said that that one is the most expensive one.
Nar Shaddaa with three rooms is valued at 1.5M, so the three rooms together cost 1.250.000 credits. Probably less for other locations.
And, like Vodorlo said, the home planet ones are supposed to be affordable around level 15, so they should be practically free for 55s.

It is impossible to predict exactly how much it will cost, but as seen below, the cheapest it will possibly cost for a 9 expansion Nar Shadaa is a total of 9M, but it will more likely cost in the ~15M-21M range. The only certainty is that it will be a minimum of 9,000,000 credits for a fully upgraded Nar Shadaa.

Credit prices per room will increase per room unlocked. As per
Nar Shadaa Base price = 250k
Nar Shadaa Base with 3 additional Rooms = 1.5M
Nar Shadaa Base with 5 additional rooms = 4M

If you break those down, Base = 250k
Additional Rooms 1+2+3 = 1.25M (averaging 416.6k per room)
Additional Rooms 4+5 = 2.5M (averaging 1.25M per room)

We know that the bare minimum cost of room 5 is 1.25M; if they keep rooms 6-9 each at 1.25M, the total would be ~9M for a fully unlocked Nar Shadaa with 9 rooms.

Room pricing might look like this: (speculation only from here on out)
Base = 250k; Room 1 = 300k; Room 2 = 400k; Room 3 =550k; Room 4 = 1M; Room 5 = 1.5M.

To try and predict further rooms (as rough data is only available through additional room 5) i plotted the above predicted prices and created a 3rd degree polynomial equation to predict rooms 6-9:
Room 6: 2.3M
Room 7: 3.3M
Room 8: 4.7M
Room 9: 6.5M
Bringing the total to ~21M for a fully unlocked Nar Shadaa with 9 rooms

Alternately, they might just increase rooms by another 500k per additional room, for something like:
Room 6 = 2M
Room 7 = 2.5M
Room 8 = 3M
Room 9 = 3.5M
Bringing the total to ~15M for a fully unlocked Nar Shadaa with 9 rooms.

Remember, these last sets are 100% speculation, but should serve as general estimates of the general range it will cost.

The should have made companions more alive, like let them walk around in the stronghold.

Instead of just putting them on display like a mannequin in a clothing store.

“For mounts, if you have it as a collection unlock, you cannot just acquire multiples via the collection window. You need to earn it multiple times to have it as multiple decorations.”

Can anyone clarify this point? By ‘earn it multiple times’ does that mean have multiple characters that have the mount, or will a single character be able to have the same mount multiple times. If it’s a single mount per character, would unlocking a CM mount for your full account in collections and claiming it on every character give you multiple versions to place (one per character)?

From the sound of it, you would actually have to reacquire the item itself. Unlocking, and obtaining it from collections gives you the skill directly, not the item (same with pets). Though from what Courtney said, if you already have the mounts/pets, you should have it unlocked (at least once) as a decoration, as well.

“Decorations that are tied to achievements are retroactive.”
Awesome. That’s absolutely a good call.

“Anything related to a drop or completion will need to be reacquired.”
What drop would have to be reacquired that would be related to this that’s already in the game but not an achievement? (That’s a messed up sentence I know.)

Any word on prices of the actually useful/necessary items for these, meaning legacy storage containers and such? Or also how much stuff we can store in there? Please don’t tell me this is something that only greedy crafters can make and charge 20mil each for.

When you finish “Introduction to Strongholds” you will get Legacy Storage for free (1 bay, 80 slots). You will use Creds and CCs to unluck additional bays. Legacy Storage can also be crafted, and may appear in Cartel Market.

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