GW2 Black Lion Keys sale and Thresher-Sickle 5000

GW2 is having a sale on Black Lion Keys in the gemstore. Thresher-Sickle 5000 is also making a return.

Black Lion Keys – 15% OFF

  • 15% OFF isn’t much but it usually means that they are releasing new weapon skins next patch.
  • It still cheaper to buy the Zephyrite package for 15 keys (1000 gems for 15 keys) but you can only buy it once per account.


Thresher-Sickle 5000 – Available for 7 days only

  • If you are not sure what the Thresher-Sickle does, check out the video below


  • Lord

    Hi 15% on Black Lion Key is still more expensive than the zephyrite package
    BLK sales 1785/25 = 71.4 gems/u
    Zephurite package 1000/15 : 66.67 gems/u

    • You can only buy zephyrite package once per account, that is the issue if you want buy more than 15 keys.

      • Lord

        Thanks a lot Dulfy.
        I didn’t read Zephyrite package was limited to one by account so I think you could buy it more than one.

  • Wanted

    Lovely golem in the barrel 😀

  • RKC

    Whelp, what a waste of my golds. I end up with an revive orb, BL merchant express and the Rejuvenation booster all of which I can get from time to time from daily/ achievement awards.

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