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Wildstar World Drop for AMP and Ability Points items to be Increased

Wildstar will be increasing the world drop for AMP and Ability point items in a future hotfix.

There is a fix in for increasing the world drop rate of the AMP and Ability Tier point items by a significant number. A series of unfortunate nested loot tables caused the current rate to be about 100x more rare than it should have been. This should be addressed in a future hotfix/weekly update.


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6 replies on “Wildstar World Drop for AMP and Ability Points items to be Increased”

Archeage won’t be no wildstar at least that’s how I feel from videos I seen and reviews I read and personally I do not like or trust most MMOs with certain f2p business models. Only f2p business model I like and trust more are One time Buy only F2P business models because you know the focus is first on the MMO then the cash shops because they work in same way the sales of regular/console games do with 50 or 60 bucks up front and then you only pay for what you want afterwards meaning DLC and etc or for MMOs meaning expansions and other new content.

So their focus is more on the MMO first since they already have cash flow right off the beginning making it easier for them versus with other f2p business models where cash shops are first focus since they need money to develop new content and maintain the servers day to day. I probably won’t play Everquest next due to what business model they are going with as well due to reasons like stated above plus the fact that from what I read Everquest next can easily become pay2win as well which I hope won’t be the case.

Was nice seeing you in game! also, hoping that this amp change finally avails Trigger Fingers to all the Spell Slinger DPS who have been itching for it!

Sorry buddy, this is not an AMP drop change, but an AMP-point drop change. They are the extra AMP points (to be spent on AMPS you know) which can currently be purchased with Elder Gems or found (very rarely) as drops.

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