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SWTOR Nightmare Bestia Dread Palace Guide

SWTOR Nightmare Bestia guide for Nightmare Dread Palace with detailed explanations of mechanics and video.

General Info

HP: 2.58 mil

Enrage: Soft enrage at 8:20.

Loot: 1 Random Dread Touched Loot, 1 Unassembled Dread Master Relic, 1 Mass Manipulation Generator, 2 Exotic Element Equalizer

Key Differences from Hardmode

  • Huge DPS check, you cannot have more than 3 Dread Monsters up before Bestia activates and more than 1 Dread Monster up after Bestia activates at the 2 minutes mark
  • Also a bit of healing check as the Dread Monsters hit hard. Healing needed is inversely proportional with your raid’s DPS.
  • Dread Monsters now throw the tank so tanks need to position themselves accordingly to avoid getting thrown into a pool or having the Dread Monster running around and cleaving the raid.
  • Dread Monsters spawn every 30s pre-Bestia and every 45s after Bestia activates.
  • Pre-Bestia we have one tank tanking two Monsters, the other one tank one monster and AoE taunt the larvas. One DPS is focused on killing the tentacles as soon as they spawn while the rest focus on Dread Monsters.
  • After Bestia activates we have one tank grabbing Bestia while the other grabbing lone Dread Monster. One DPS is focused on DPSing the boss while the rest focus on Dread Monster with the same DPS peeling off to kill the tentacles.



Detailed Mechanics

Dread Monsters (386k HP)

  • Swipe: Frontal Cleave – 3-4k damage
  • Pulverize: Frontal Cleave – 15-20 k damage
  • Squash: Single target attack that deals ~ 8-12k damage.
  • Fling: Throw the tank

Dread Larva (60k HP)

  • Burrow – Immobilize for 3s
  • Swat – Basic attack – 3-4k damage
  • Expectorate – 7-9 k AoE damage.

Dread Tentacle (171k HP)

  • Whip – Autoattack
  • Split – Interrupt or it will one shot someone. Occur roughly every 15s.

Phase 1 (Pre-Bestia)


This phase lasts for 2 minutes with Dread Monster every 30s, larva every 45s, tentacle every 60s. Bestia does call out when she spawn the monsters, larva and tentacles.

  • 0:00: 3 monsters, 3 larvae (Consume them all!)
  • 0:15: 1 tentacle (Do you like my corruptions? Haha!)
  • 0:30: 1 monster (My pets are legion, Behold!)
  • 0:45: 1 larva (Your flesh will fuel my pets!)
  • 1:00: 1 monster (My pets are legion, Behold!)
  • 1:15: 1 tentacle (Do you like my corruptions? Haha!)
  • 1:30: 1 larva (Do you like my corruptions? Haha!)
  • 2:00: Bestia

DPS Checks

The goal here is to never have more than 3 Dread Monsters in this phase. If you get a 4th Monster, you are behind on DPS and will have trouble later on in the fight. Average DPS should be around 3k for each DPS.


Healer need to be guarded due to aggro and damage from the larvae.

Immediately at start of the fight, three Dread Monsters will spawn along with three larvae. You will need to split them immediately with one tank grabbing a single Dread Monster while the other grabbing two Dread Monsters. The tank with the lone monster will also grab any larvae around with an AoE taunt.

When the lone Dread Monster is near death, that tank will need to peel off one of the monsters off the other tank while the DPS finish off the near death Dread Monster. This is should be close to the spawning of the new Dread Monster so the tank that was tanking two Dread Monsters will need to grab the new monster quick before it run to the raid and start cleaving players.

All the DPS will be focused on the Dread Monster until the tentacle spawn at the 15 second mark. A good way to know when the Tentacles spawn is when they begin to target someone for their Spit which you need to interrupt. There are two options you can pursue here.

  • Have a DPS peel off to interrupt and kill the tentacle solo. This is the option we use to minimize the movement of the Dread Monsters.
  • Have the tank with the lone monster drag it to the tentacle so that the DPS on the Dread Monsters can just AoE it down. This was done in some groups to save some DPS but if not properly you can risk the Dread Monster cleaving bunch of players.

If the tentacle is not killed in a timely manner they will explode and probably wipe the raid.

Larvae do love to attack the healers as soon as they spawn. You can have the healer either run them to the tank handling the larvae or have the tank come over to where the healers are (usually near the middle of the room ) and AoE taunt them off.


This is the basic layout of Bestia’s room with 4 portals where the Monsters come out (dotted line). There isn’t a fixed positioning but generally healers and ranged DPS gather in the middle near the throne while tanks spread out on either side of the room.


The Dread Monster’s Fling isn’t a standard knockback. This attack picks up the tank and throw them u the Dread Monster to the other side. This typically means you will need to face yourself towards a wall and let Dread Monster be the closest to the wall. This way, when you get throw, you hit against the wall and not toward the center platform.


Dread Monsters attacks are mostly cleaves (i.e. Swipe and Pulverize) so melee DPS should never be standing directly in front of the Monsters. One additional thing to note is that each Dread Monsters apparently have one of two possible portals in which they spawn so learning which two are the possible ones will help.

Phase 2 (Just Bestia)

This phase lasts for 1 minute exactly and when she activates you should have two Monsters remaining with one almost dead. This give you time to kill the monster quickly and get some DPS on Bestia before she transitions into phase 3 and spawns more adds. No new add will spawn during this phase.



Tanks need to watch out for this debuff icon. It is a stacking debuff that is applied after a Dread Strike attack. Once this debuff get to 3 stacks, you will need to swap. Basically, each tank can take only one Dread Strike as the next one with the debuff will really hurt.


This debuff is on a random raid member (never the tank) that places a red circle undernearth them that will move around with them and explode when the debuff expires (Combusting Seed). This debuff is useful to predict the next yellow pool that spawns as the pool spawn immediately once the debuff expires.

New Mechanics

The two new mechanics are from Bestia in this phase. They are identical to hardmode except dealing much more damage.

Combusting Seed

  • Standard red circle, deals around 22k damage at end of the debuff when it explodes.

Dread Pool

  • Deals 15k damage per tick if you are caught in it. You can take a maximum of 2 hits to it. If you get knocked into it by a Dread Monster, it is pretty much game over. This pool is now yellow in color but the initially warning graphic is still red.


Phase 3 (Bestia and friends)

All the mechanics from phase 2 carry into phase 3. Monsters spawn every 45s in this phase as opposed to 30s in phase 1. One monster and a larva will spawn immediately at the start of this phase. At 45s into this phase, you get another monster and a tentacle.

  • Every 45s, you get a Dread Monster and either a larva or a tentacle with larvae and tentacle alternating in spawns. (i.e. a tentacle comes out every 90s).

Remember that Bestia will buff any adds nearby so kill the Dread Monster, tentacle and larvae well away from her.

This phase is basically repeat until you get the 10th monster at the 8 minutes mark. After that only larva and tentacles spawn. There is a soft enrage at 8:20 mark in which all the adds spawn and your goal is to kill Bestia before the adds kill you.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

11 replies on “SWTOR Nightmare Bestia Dread Palace Guide”

This was done on Dulfyy, I’m guessing Dulfy is still in Hatred but they have slowed progression a lot with the guild split.

A few minor points about the mechanics.

— Tentacles do 12.5k with their spit, so it is not a one-shot if they aren’t interrupted. However, if they aren’t killed in a timely fashion (at the 2:20 mark for the initial pair) they will explode and probably wipe the raid.

— Each monster always spawns at one of two locations; knowing these locations can be very useful so that a new monster doesn’t spawn right on top of a monster that is being burned. For example, the 4th monster always spawns in the front right or back left corners. The 5th monster always spawns in the front left or back right corners.

— The third phase does not continue indefinitely. It ends at the 6 minute mark, when monster #10 spawns. During this next phase (the burn phase), larva and tents will spawn, but no monsters. The tents that spawn during the burn phase can be ignored, if desired (if your heals are strong but you are behind on dps). When the 8:20 mark is reached, the soft enrage starts; larva and monsters will start spawning rapidly, leading to a wipe if the boss can’t be quickly killed.

is there a secret to reach 3k dps?.. cause im trying hard n my sentinel and am stuck 2.7-2.9 with 39 apm, i suppose a stable connection has its influence but still, im full oriconian so mistake must be on me..

Oriconoan has only the bad ehancements in it. The Set Items, even the Underworld, have a better Enhancement. More Secondary Stat (Power) and less endurance

Read Dulfy’s guide on Marauder dps, obtain the 4 piece Sentinel bonus and practice your rotation on the ship dummy as much as possible.

39 APM is kinda low, you’ll ideally want to aim for something in the mid 40’s for APM. In oriconian you should be hitting 3.2k easily on the dummy and on most static bosses doing at the very least 2.6-2.8+ (like on nefra and grob).

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