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Wildstar Veteran Kel Voreth Dungeon Guide

Wildstar Veteran Kel Voreth dungeon guide with detailed mechanics walkthrough and videos for every boss.[toc]

Medal Requirement

Bronze: Clear the dungeon and complete all optional objectives

Silver: Clear the dungeon and complete all optional objectives within 40 minutes (need this for raid attunement)

Gold: Clear the dungeon and complete all optional objectives and challenges within 40 minutes with no deaths

Unlike Stormtalon silver, the timer isn’t as tight here and you can afford one or two wipes. If you can one shot Slavemaster Drokk, you have a good shot at silver.

Trash before Grond

Blood Pit Gladiator: 2 Interrupt armor, interrupt Mighty Swing (huge frontal cleave) and watch out for Gladiator Rampage. This mob comes with 4 slaves that are mostly harmless.

Blood Pit Necromancer: 3 Interrupt armor, interrupt Wail of the Darkwitch. Can also interrupt Raise the Dead if you have spare interrupts as it summon 3 skeleton adds otherwise.

Grond the Corpsemaker

  • HP: 1 Million
  • Interrupt Armor: 4 so you will need 5 interrupts

What to Interrupt: Thrash in phase 1

Quick Mechanics

Phase 1

  • Frontal and back cleave so stand on the sides.
  • Bellow – AoE knockback with disarm. Also spawn bugs right after that must be kited to traps to be killed.
  • Thrash – Interrupt this attack

Phase 2

  • Thrash is replaced by Mutilate. Grond will into Murderous Frenzy and then cast Mutilate. This attack is a jump to someone to knock them down and a follow up with a series of cleaves.
  • Rest of the mechanics from phase 1 still present.

Video (Esper Healer PoV)


Phase 1

Frontal and Back Cleave

Grond has both a frontal cleave and a back kick so DPS will need to stand on the sides. Tank will need to drag Grond to the open area in the middle before rest of the group jumps in. Tank will just eat the frontal cleave while rest of the group heal and DPS from the sides.



Thrash has a 1.0s cast and then a 5.5s channel. Interrupt this 5.5s channel. He will have 4 Interrupt armor during this phase so you will need 5 interrupts.


Bellow & Bugs

Bellow is an AoE knockback centered around Grond. This knockback will also disarm you and right after that you will see the message on screen that says Ground has a nasty itch! Healers can use a CC break to break out of the disarm but this might not be necessary for DPS as they will be kiting the bugs that spawns anyways.


Ground will spawn 4 Bloodsucker Fleas and which players they follow is purely random. The general rule is that tanks never get them (unless too many players died) and one player can get a maximum of 3 Bloodsucker Fleas.

When you get a Bloodsucker Flea, you will hear a sound (the same sound you get when you aggro something) and you will need to kite them to a nearby trap to kill them. Do not attempt to kill them as they have too many health (440k HP). If you do not kite them fast enough, they will explode for quite a lot of damage and split into smaller bugs that makes thing harder.


Phase 2

There is no specific % when phase 2 triggers. When you see the message that Grond goes into a murderous frenzy!, that signify the start of phase 2. Mutilate will replace Thrash in phase 1. All other mechanics are still present.


Shortly after you get the message that Grond goes into Murderous Frenzy, he will cast Mutilate. This attack basically picks a random group member and jump to them. If you do not avoid/dodge the red circle that marks his landing spot, you will be knocked down. After his jump he will do a number of successive high damage attacks.  If you do not get out of the red circle or CC break out of the knockdown quick enough, you will be killed. This mechanic isn’t threat based so there is nothing the tanks can do.


Trash before Darkwitch Gurka

Enslaved Protector: 4 Interrupt armor, interrupt the Exterminate beam or dodge it as it is a one shot otherwise. The Enslaved Probes that follow the protector will respawn if killed first. If Protector dies first, they will explode so avoid their AoE.

Voreth Mechano Slaver & Enslaved Augmentor

  • Enslaved Augmentor have 2 interrupt armor, interrupt the Rejuvenate cast to stop it from healing the slaver. The other attack from the Augmentor is Dual Saw which can be avoided easily.
  • Slaver has two frontal cleaves: Mighty Swing and Hammer Down. Both can be avoided easily so interrupts should be on the Augmentor.

Darkwitch Gurka (Optional)

  • HP: 626k
  • Interrupt Armor: 4 during Blinding Dark

Darkwitch Gurka is an optional boss you have to kill if you are doing silver runs. You can skip her otherwise. This fight involves quick reaction time as her casts are fast and you take a lot of damage if you get hit.

Video (Esper Healer PoV)


Deadly Defilement

Start running immediately when you see this cast. It drop circles behind you that turn into spikes that can kill you in two hits. Make sure to not run into each other and kill other players with your circles.


Afflicted Soil

Similar to Deadly Defilement, start running immediately when you see the cast. Sometimes you can get Deadly Defilement right after Afflicted Soil so prepare to run again if this happens.


Blinding Dark

4.0s Interruptible cast when she gets to low HP (<30%). Needs 5 interrupts to break her 4 interrupt armor. If you do not have interrupts, just turn your view away from her or she will blind you. This can be deadly if she casts any of her other attacks right after.


Slavemaster Drokk

  • HP: 1.2 Million
  • Interrupt Armor: 2 during Suppression Wave so you will need 3 interrupts

What to Interrupt: Suppression Wave at end of Phase 6 and in Phase 8

Quick Mechanics

  • Phase 1 : Don’t get hit by red circles
  • Phase 2 : Gather at the green portal and burn down the Bombshell Construct there
  • Phase 3: Same as phase 1 with the addition of Bombshell Constructs
  • Phase 4: Chase phase, one random player get tracking beacon and need to be focus healed while avoiding the constructs. Rest of the group DPS and cc the constructs.
  • Phase 5 :Same as Phase 3 except addition of a tether
  • Phase 6: Have tank remain tethered and rest of the group DPS down the boss while dodging the waves. Interrupt the Suppression Wave cast after 4 Deplete Silo casts.
  • Phase 7: Another chase phase with the addition of Bombshell Constructs
  • Phase 8: Interrupt Suppression Wave while avoiding Bombshell Constructs, tethers and red circles.

Video (Esper Healer PoV)


Phase 1 (100-83%)

Phase 1 is a super easy phase with just red circles on the ground that you need to avoid. Once Drokk reaches 83%, he will disappear and trigger the next phase.


Phase 2 (Bombshell Constructs)

Phase 2 is again a very simple phase with a bunch of Bombshell Constructs rushing out. Everyone just stack close to the green portal and kill the one closest to it. Each bombshell construct have 111k HP so it isn’t a huge DPS race. Once the bombshell construct is killed, the boss appear again for phase 3.


Phase 3 (83-63%)

Phase 3 is a modified Phase 1 with added Bombshell Constructs which explode and take up a very large area of space.


Phase 4 (Chase phase)

During this phase, one player will have a tracking beacon on them (announced on screen) and a bunch of Destructo Constructs will spawn with red circles undernearth from the green portal. If any of the Constructs touch the targeted player, they will immediately explode and kill that player and anyone else near them. These constructs will not harm the players not targeted so everyone else can help DPS and crowd control the constructs.

  • While that player is targeted by the tracking beacon, they will receive constant ticking damage and need to be focus healed by the healer. Becareful to not run too far away from the healer.


Three players (they can be the same player) will get a Tracking Beacon on them before this chase phase is over.There are a couple things your group can do to make this easier.

  1. All DPS and tanks should have some crowd control abilities such as snare/grapple/root. This will greatly slow the constructs down.
  2. The player being targeted should stand at the edge of the room in a straight line from the green portal where the constructs spawn. This will force the constructs to run in a straight line towards them and groups them all up for AoE and CCs.
  3. Do not move until the construct is close to you. The more you move, the less room you will have to escape the constructs. Follow the edge of the room and try not to get cornered by the newly spawned constructs.
  4. Everyone except the healer should help to burn down the Constructs. They have 50k HP each and if you don’t kill them off they will just chase the next player.

At end of this phase all the constructs will self-destruct so make sure you are not near any of the constructs.


Phase 5 (63-43%)

This phase is same as phase 3 except for the addition of a tethered beam on one player. If they are a DPS, they maybe able to break out themselves by simply killing the tether (26k HP). Healer/Tanks may need help from DPS or just use a CC breaker. You will see the message Player X is on lockdown when someone is tethered.


Phase 6 (43-25%)

At end of phase 5, he will teleport and tether everyone in the group and walk back to the green portal.


There is a trick you can use to extend this phase since it is fairly easy and allow you to reduce the later phases which are more difficult. The trick is to leave either your healer or tank tethered and do not break them out. He won’t end this phase if there is at least one player tethered. You have to break out of the tether right away once the boss starts moving as otherwise he will bug out and reset.

  • Most groups prefer to have the tank tethered so the healer is able to heal any DPS that didn’t dodge the shockwave correctly. The downside is this that Drokk will move to the tank once he is finishes spamming his Deplete Silo and this can offset the shockwaves a little.

Drokk will remain at the green portal and start casting Deplete Silo over and over. It is a 6.0s cast that is not interruptable and send a huge shockwave over the room. You need to dodge them and run to him to DPS him during this phase.

The trick to dodge these shockwaves is to position yourself so that you are stand right beside but not on the outer edge of the shockwave. Once the inner edge of the shockwave reaches the outer edge, you simply run forward as the damage won’t occur until the inner edge meet the outer edge. Melee DPS need to watch out and back up a bit once they the Deplete Silo cast is nearby over. If they are at a good distance, they can simply run into Drokk on the next cast of Deplete Silo and avoid any damage (the spot right under Drokk is not safe when he starts casting Deplete Silo so melees need to back out first before running in).

  • If you fail to dodge the wave, you take a large amount of damage and will be knocked down. While you get knocked down, you can get hit by the red circles that are dropping down at random spots and be killed by this combo.


After 4 Deplete Silo, Drokk will say Initiate Shockwave and start casting Suppression Wave, an interruptable 1.5s cast. Whoever is remained tethered need to break off tether immediately. If you can interrupt this Suppression Wave (2 interrupt armor so 3 interrupts), you can cut down on the later phases by a lot.

  • You can dodge Suppression Wave the same way as Deplete Silo except the wave only reaches the middle of the room rather than all the way to the edge.


Phase 7 (Chase Phase)

This phase is similar to phase 4 chase phase except Bombshell Constructs will spawn alongside Destructo Constructs, making this phase much harder since parts of the room are no longer useable. Once tracking beacon has being applied to three player, this phase ends.

Phase 8

During this final phase, Drokk will keep casting Suppression Wave and you should be interrupting it as much as possible to give your group Moments of Opportunity to burn him down. Bombshell constructs will also spawn and try mess with you. Tethers will also be going out on random players along with red circles.


Trash before Forgemaster Trogun

Voreth Beastmaster & Warhounds: 2 interrupt armor.

  • Has a cast called Release the Hounds that will send the two warhounds on someone. The warhounds run slow so just have them kite it. Warhounds will also chase after meats thrown by the beastmaster which buff their damage.
  • Interrupt Pulverize since it is a large telegraph that deal tons of damage and does knockback.
  • Ignore the Warhounds and just focus your burn on the Beastmaster.

Voreth Blinded Slaver: 2. Interrupt Conflagrate as it drops a bunch of AoE circles if not interrupted. Interrupt Motivation if you can since it buff the slaves.

Voreth Darkwitch: 3 Interrupt armor. Also run a cleanse.

  • Interrupt Impending Doom ASAP – Targeted laser attack at a random group member that stuns them with circles that follows the player.
  • Interrupt Rupture if possible, it is a frontal cone that can be avoided otherwise.
  • Cleanse the DoT from her as it ticks for a good amount of damage otherwise.

Forgemaster Trogun

  • HP: 1.2 Million
  • Interrupt Armor: 4 during Volcanic Strike

What To Interrupt: Volcanic Strike.

Quick Mechanics

Phase 1 (100-50%)

  • Interrupt Volcanic Strike, tank should always dodge incase interrupts don’t go through.
  • For Forgemaster’s Call, divide the tank & DPS into quadrants to gather orbs with healer backup

Phase 2 (50%)

  • Go back to the forcefield and dodge the buzzsaws that are coming out from the forge

Phase 3

  • Keep interrupting Volcanic, beware that buzzsaws will also join in when you have to collect the orbs.

Video (Esper Healer PoV)


Phase 1 (100-50%)

Exanite Weapon

You cannot attack Trogun for the first 17 seconds of the fight so just avoid the red circles until he finishes channeling Exanite Weapon


Volcanic Strike

Volcanic Strike is a massive hit on the tank that should be interrupted. Since this cast requires 5 interrupts and is casted fairly often, your group may not get every single one. The general rule is interrupt the first cast and then dodge the second cast. If one lands right after the collecting orbs, then tank should dodge that as well since DPS may not be quick enough interrupt it due to running back.


Forgemaster’s Call

This is the collecting orbs phase. You should split the room into quadrants with tank & DPS getting each quadrant while the healer top off anyone taking damage and act as backup in case anyone dies. The goal is to not get him get any green orbs as this will buff him greatly.


Depending on your DPS, you may get phase 1-2 times.

Phase 2 (~50%)

Exanite Weapon

At 50%, Trogun will return to his forge and call down “buzzsaws” that rain down from the stairs. Everyone should run back to the force field and just dodge the buzzsaws by running left and right. You can probably take 3-4 hits before dying if you fail to dodge them. Due to the forcefield blocking your view, you will need to zoom in your camera. Make sure to also disable tap to dodge as it ca cause you to dash into one of the buzzsaws.


Phase 3

This phase is very similar to phase 1 except for the modified Forgemaster’s Call. During this collecting orb phase, buzzsaws will also spawn from the boss, making gathering orbs much more dangerous.


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Espers and SS can hit in the first 15 seconds….just stand at max range and free cast. Aggro seems to reset once he comes out so it isn’t an issue where the tank has to catch up.

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