GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Ambrite Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Ambrite weapon skins gallery. Ambrite weapons are the new crafted weapons added with the Entanglement patch.

Note: Each weapon’s Ambrite Fossile is taken from dr_ishmael’s post on reddit.

Lepidoptera – Axe – Ambrite Fossilized Butterfly


Blattodea – Dagger – Ambrite Fossilized Termite


Spirobolidae – Focus – Ambrite Fossilized Millipede


Scorpiones – Greatsword – Ambrite Fossilized Devourer


Diptera – Hammer – Ambrite Fossilized Grub


Hymenoptera – Staff – Ambrite Fossilized Hornet


Odonata – Longbow – Ambrite Fossilized Dragonfly


Blattellidae – Mace – Ambrite Fossilized Cockroach


Apidae – Pistol – Ambrite Fossilized Bee


Mantodea – Rifle – Ambrite Fossilized Mantis


Latrodectus – Scepter – Ambrite Fossilized Spider


Coleoptera – Shield – Ambrite Fossilized Beetle


Vespidae – Short Bow – Ambrite Fossilized Mosquito


Cryptopidae – Sword – Ambrite Fossilized Centipede


Lampyridae – Torch – Ambrite Fossilized Firefly


Orthoptera – Warhorn – Ambrite Fossilized Cricket


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

120 replies on “GW2 Ambrite Weapon Skins Gallery”

These are all named after orders of insects (and other arthropods). Coleoptera are beetles, Odonata are dragonflies, Orthoptera are grasshoppers, etc.

Bugs creep the shiz out of me so I don’t think I’ll get any, but… these are super original. Nice work Anet. 😀

I’m still waiting a descent new staff skin, since first halloween or kasmeer, otherwise, i hope anet will change their designers hurry !

The Crossing
The Bifrost
second haloween staff
kasmeer’s staff
ascended (condition damage main or celestial)
Final Rest (the scythe staff)

From your list only Bifrost and Ascended really fits a guardian 🙁 Both super ex.

For me the only ones I like that I can afford for my guard is Mistforged and Ebon Vanguard (and is what I’m using)

matter of taste. bifrost is funny but doesn’t really fit to necromancers and I don’t like the scythe staff. well ascended is fien but they are so expensive >.> luckily I have the skin of the first halloween staff.

anyway we need more interesting staff skins.

The weapons can be crafted. Recipes can be bought in Dry Top with a tier 4 favor of the zerphyrites (400 or 300 geodes). Each weapon also requires a specific token, which can be bought at the first centaur camp with unidentified fossilized insects. I don’t know yet where you can find these fossils.

flam·boy·ant (flm-boint)

1. Highly elaborate; ornate.
2. Richly colored; resplendent.
3. Architecture Of, relating to, or having wavy lines and flamelike forms characteristic of 15th- and 16th-century French Gothic architecture.
4. Given to ostentatious or audacious display. See Synonyms at showy.

All the weapons they keep putting out are just too pretty. With the exception of a few that came with the game at release, I haven’t seen any gritty or dark weapons added to the game. It’s fine if this is what people want and are willing to pay for, but personally I want something that looks like an actual battle worn tool used to kill, not pose for the camera.

People like shiny things. And I think it’s more fun to design a glowing sword than some rusty blade.

I think those are the reasons we get more pretty stuff.

There is a huge difference between battle worn and rusty. No self respecting warrior would let his weapon get rusty. However, scratches, dents, stains, etc. are expected side affects of fighting. Also weapons shaped like weapons would be nice for a change. And they can still be somewhat flashy, like the Ghastly Greatsword for example, or the Tier2/3 Norn greatswords. Anyway, if people like shiny crap and it sells, then whatever… but it’d nice if at least once in a while we got something different for a change. I guess at least it saves me the trouble of bothering to get any of the crap they’re putting out.

oh wow, these look great. glad they aren’t flame themed and as always the ones that look great to me are the shield, great sword, and long bow. thanks for linking how they look.

Can I please point out that Hymenoptera does not include mosquitos., but wasps, bees and ants. Mosquitos, as well as flies and gnats, are part of the Diptera order.

Boring skins just put a yellow blob with a drawn insect on a weapon… why not shaping the weapons like the insects? In normal game-play all u can see is a dark gold weapon with a blob…

It could be Diptera, flies also have grubs. Yet I see your point. If you wanna be fancy sciency get your facts strait.

grrrr… I dont get it, My friend got 2 Unidentified Fossilized Insect in like 5 chests, and I open like 30 of them and NOTHING.
How is that even possible?
Some people are saying the change to get this is high, well not for me -.-

I know your pain man XD I get crappy drops too

Every dungeon run i’ve been on since the start of this year at least 2-3 party members get an exotic

last time I found and Exotic weapon was last septembermy Magic find is 158% btw lol

I feel sorry for you, thats pretty bad.
Did you did anything to Anet that made them nerf your account? xD

Nah it’s not just me either
i’ve seen a few people complaining about it on the forums and stuff but overall it’s just bad luck really

I’ve not really played Gw2 much since the start of the year though but I’ve always felt my droprate was pretty crappy
I get plenty of rares these days but Exotics and rare unique drops are very uncommon for me and normalyl require a crapton of farming or grinding which im just not willing to do tbh

UPDATE: After 50+ chest I got 1 Unidentified Thingy 😀
Well at least I already have one weapon, 50+ more and I get another one I guess xD

I don’t know why they made them account bound, anet are such fucking jerks sometimes, screw this RNG stuff just stop it ANet. After opening 42 boxes and still nothing the excitement stops fast.

It’s a security thing
if stuff was not account bound and your account got hacked then the hacker would make off with a lot more cash by selling your stuff

although I do think account bound should be something you add yourself like soulbinding in other games

sell it or keep it and bind it.
that sort of thing

I think this unidentified stuff SHOULDN’T be account.

Imagine this weapons only go for this 2 weeks then they disappear, cause of the stupid RNG some people, if they are unlucky has I, will not get this weapon and they will be extremely sad and think its unfair :c

I think in this living story, in the end chest of the living story, they should have offer 1 of those stuff to people so in the end they would have at least 1 weapon to show off.

Yea, we have 2 weeks but the picks cost Geods and Geods take time that means you really need to grind events to get them.
I dont mind that but other people that come to this game that thought there would be no grinding or the people who really dont have much time to grind will be sad.

Who said this stuff will be there for just 2 weeks? For me it looks like permanent content… The Map will be perma as link to the map with the Dragon and the sandstorms will be perma too. so why should the drops be limited for 2 weeks?

“Imagine this weapons only go for this 2 weeks then they disappear” Read my stuff right. “Imagine”, I was making an assumption.
About the chests and events, who dont know if they are gonna take it or not. The map might stay but the rest you dont know

would be stupid to remove the events on the map and keep the map. that’s like a death sentence to the map because nobody will bother going there if there’s nothing to get. so it’s more likely that the map AND the events stay.

We’re talking about Anet, so i will not be surprise if this would become like Southsun Cove, that means it will only be like the rat queen and giant events as bosses and the others will go away.

The logic way is staying with this events UNTIL the living story ends, and when I say ends im not talking about this 2 weeks, im talking about everything, the map and the dragon and the other stuff..

Now, the unidentified we dont know if they are gonna disappear in the next patch, like we dont know if they are gonna stay.
2 weeks its enough if you play a lot and get lucky, but if you dont play a lot and dont get lucky its hard.

Like I said, people will be sad if they dont get the weapons cause of the rng.

You need to think about all the possibilitys, they might or may not remove stuff.

while you are right to not trust arenanet how about we wait until it is at that point before we jump to conclusions?

Im not saying it will happen, Im saying its a possibility.
We need to think ahead, is that a problem? Geez
Not taking any conclusion, just thinking of the possibility’s, dunno whats wrong with that.

I dunno though most of this stuff seems local to Drytop as a map and not directly related to the living story..

I think these geodes and things are gonna stay
if anything I bet the Zepherites will accept that their ship is gone and turn prosperity into a new home
rebuild it somewhat and settle there for a while
this could result in the Centaurs becoming part of the allied forces and a long shot from that a candidate for a playable race… wont get my hopes up on that though.

but I think the drytop map is going to be more or less perminant as are its events and contents
The second seasons of living world is perminant and can be replayed as much as you like too so that also has to be taken into consideration so the area can’t change that much due to conflicts

Anet clearly stated that all the content of LS Season 2 will not be removed and will still be accessible and playable via Story Journal into your characater sheet. So, if we stick to your logic (Quote : “The logic way is staying with this events UNTIL the living story ends…”), the end would be “never” 🙂

On the other hand, events are quite easy to do now with alot of people on map, but in a month or two, that would be not so easy (and the event that require to kill the skritt queen would be a pain in da ass…)

1º – I never said the LS would be removed, I was talking about the events not the LS. (When I said ENDS, I meant when they released everything)
2º – The LS can stay but that doesn’t mean the events will, since I recall, you don’t need events to do the LS.
3º – Anet said the LS would be playable about the Story Journal, so of course its permanent, we cant discuss that, but I don’t know when they say ALL content, If they mean the events too.

I know events are easy too do, you received like what, 200 Geodes per tier 5 run/1h? I’m really not sure, but it might be close to that (or 150). So you can farm them, example, If you farm 2h per day you can farm the recipe easily in one day and 20+ picks per day (If were taking about the 200 Geodes average).

The problem here is the rng, we all know it, not everyone likes it. If people are unlucky and they want the ambrite weapons they might not get the Unidentified stuff to do the weapon.

Look at me, I only got my first at 50+ chests open xD while some other guys got 4 per 40 chests. Well at least I got one, cant complain about that.

We’re can only say, may the rng be with you xD

Oh and BTW, one way to solve this is if they hadn’t put the unidentified account BUT still put the weapons account on acquire and put the recipes with more geodes.
Thats more time to farm geodes and less time being sad thinking you will not get a weapon cause of the RNG.

Wow those weapons look beautiful I gotta admit 😀

I hope I can get one but so far these fossils seem to have a near impossible drop rate
Nobody on my server has managed to find one yet according to Mapchat

I got one in my second chest yesterday. Chatted with someone else this morning who already had 2. I don’t think they’re terribly rare.

I really like the longbow and the axe. If I get lucky enough to get a fossil, I’ll definitely go for the longbow. I mean, I do have the Jade skin and the ascended skin but change is good!

So here is my bow. I actually ended-up getting another unidentified fossil but I don’t have the geodes for a new recipe and besides, I am not sure what to get. I mean, I like the axe but I have both the jade axe and the zodiac axe skin. So maybe rifle or even pistols. Only thing is that my Asura is the only one who uses the rifle and she’s so tiny!

is there a guide to the sandstorm treasure locations? i seem to only find one or two at a time. not very good when you have 10+ keys and just hoping to find a fossil.

Mosquitoes are in the order Diptera with flies not Hymenotera which include bees, ants and wasps. I also is irritating that they just grabbed at any scientific classification regardless if it’s order, family or genus name. The weapons themselves also look ugly to me.

This is quite challenging for an unlucky player. All geods go to chest keys. One can just hope for a little lucky break…after which the grind for the 400 geods won’t be a problem. I really want that rifle.

I found the 400 geodes actually took longer. It seems to be a low but not crazy low drop rate in the chests, probably around 5-10%. Took me about 20 chests to get one, but I still need more geodes.

I had to spend far more than 400 geods to get the keys first. I stopped counting at 70 chests. I did finally get it. I still don’t like that there is no other way to get an insect.

THE STAFF IS WRONG and my husband is pissed and just logged out because your guide was wrong and he got the wrong insect before he could afford the recipe. THANKS.

“Note: Each weapon’s Ambrite Fossile is taken from dr_ishmael’s post on reddit.”

Maybe your husband should have done a little research before he got upset over some pixels and maybe you should both chill the fuck out instead of getting pissy with someone who takes the time to even write helpful guides.

Perhaps you should not take your frustration, born from your own impatience, out on someone who has done their best to serve the GW2 community. What Dulfy posted was not intentionally false, it was using what information she and her contributors had. You trusted that information because it is often correct and now you want to throw a fit? Don’t use Dulfy anymore. You are more than capable of finding the information on crafting and all the new features of a ptach yourself so do it. If you can’t handle the risk of using information that is posted alongside new content then wait.

I took the info from dr_ishmael, who also manages the wiki and is a trusted source. They made a mistake on the staff and I didn’t verify it as I didn’t had time to due to doing other guides and stuff. My apologies.

Chill, it’s only a game. -_-

If you folks rage to this extent over a game, I can’t imagine how you’ll be like dealing with RL frustrations.

Dulfy has already apologized, so just let it be.

If it wasn’t for Dulfy many people will not do they’re stuff easily or even had half the stuff they have, you too inclusive.
So don’t treat Dulfy like that, she made a mistake, she apologized, the end.
Everyone makes mistake so don’t bash her.
There are other ways to saying shes wrong without bashing her.
You should be thankful for her work.

Uh oh, your husband is pissed?! Is he like wrecking the place or your face or something? Should we call the police?

@ dammit dulfy: Use your in game nickname coward so I know who to put on my in game block list. The name of your childish husband too please. Thanks in advance. Furthermore I highly sugest do to some Yoga and never use this very helpful homepage again. Just do some research by yourself next time. Problem solved. In fact I guessed you would be embarrassed after thinking about your stupid post but you already reposted without any sense. Take a deeeeeeeep breathe and stop harassing other people that neither want to harm you nor did anything wrong.

You don’t have to trade in the fossil right away. Buy the recipe before hand and you can see in the crafting menu which insect it requires and get the appropriate one then.

You can’t always blindly follow something and expect everything to go perfectly, things happen. Take matters in to your own hands.

Send in a support ticket…Anet updated the fossil names to not be as confusing to what you may need. They honored mine and did a switcheroo. Just be nice when you write them if you haven’t already done so.


these are really cool, i really like the aesthetic, but…
they dont really fit with any of my characters. i feel like id make them just to mount on the wall.

nice change of pace from the overly flashy stuff theyve had recently though.

One question I have is, are the orange Amber/Ambrite parts actually transparent with a preserved insect inside them, or are they just painted on top of the orange parts, if that makes sense? Thanks in advance 🙂 .

A fast way to get keys is to do all the LW stories with all your characters (if you have multiple characters). I assume that the next chronicles will also give a few keys.

Otherwise, you can farm geodes and buy keys when the favor is high enough (lvl 4 or 5).

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Am I the only idiot that accidentally got the wrong one? :$ And I haven’t been able to find another fossile since, even though i opened up to 40 chests over the past days… Felt so stupid when i got the recipe and noticed xD

I know you posted this 4 days ago, but I just recently got the wrong fossil for the weapon I wanted to craft and I sent in a support ticket to ANET and they honored it by switching the fossil that I wanted. I got mixed up from pre-patching from all of the scientific buggy names, and just yesterday noticed that the fossils are now the generic bug names. When I saw that, I realized I got the wrong one when I was about to craft my weapon.

In case people are wondering, if you send a support ticket to Anet, they will honor your request at making a fossil exchange if you accidently got the wrong one. Not only did this guide (at first post) confused me, but the Fossil Vendor originally had the long scientific names of the insects, and that threw me off and since the icons are too small, I went ahead and picked the wrong one. When I went to craft yesterday, the Fossil Vendor’s labeling switched to a more generic name for the insects. That’s when it dawned on me that I had the wrong one for over a week. Just write nicely, and I hope that Anet helps you out! 🙂

Can the weapons (once made) be gifted? I know the fossils themselves aren’t so I don’t have high hopes, but I’d like to give one to my hubby since I have two and he doesn’t have any.

Hi, it’s Midnight Fire & Redemption. I got them as drops ages ago and they go really well together ^.^

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