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GW2 Entanglement Episode Releases Today

Arenanet has sent press releases to a bunch of press sites for the Entanglement release today, you can read about it below.

Basic Summary

  • Lethal, fast growing vines have begun to spread and trouble is in Prosperity, where Taimi was left alone to research.
  • Players will journal into the new area of Dry Top and search for new secrets, foes, and denizens.
  • Players can collect unidentified bugs to convert into materials needed to craft weapons for the new Ambrite weapon set.

Press site links (they are all given the same story and set of pics)



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17 replies on “GW2 Entanglement Episode Releases Today”

Craft Weapons? YOU MEAN THERE ARE NEW WEAPON SKINS WHICH DON’T REQUIRE BLACK LION TICKETS!?!? Oh ANet, this is a good start to season 2 😀

That isn’t Scarlet. If you look closely, it’s just a random Sylvari with Scarlet’s hairstyle. Given that and the female Norn picture which also has new hair, I think we’re getting new styles this patch!

She is also an elementalist, evidenced by the flame aura on her hand and light armor. scarlet was an engineer.

Talk about in-game awkward though: “Now you too can look like that evil sylvari that really screwed stuff up and killed all your friends!”

Not really, i found it ugly, that’s why we might be able to craft them, for so much money i think lol

If anyone wants new Legendary Llama, its high in the mountains right from

Raptor Prowl POI. U need to collect 3 jump boosters to have the time, then reach the highest shelf starting from one of the skritt holes. After that there is one booster, you need to collect it and insanely carefully jump at the tiny shelf that is a bit lower. After that u need to jump from one pillar to another (3 pillars total) and from last one u need to reach the Llama. Hard as fuck because even tiny mistake at jumping will led to death from falling

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