GW2 Entanglement New Hairstyles in Makeover Kit

GW2 new Entanglement hairstyles added in Makeover kits. This is a work in progress[toc]



































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Why do I feel like the humans CONSISTENTLY get better hairstyles than most other races? Once in a while someone gets something good but I don’t think an update has gone by when humans didn’t look all-around fabulous.

It’s like the first time, we sylvari get anything good, so I couldn’t agree with this more. Charr and most norn new hairstyles were a joke, always. Asura too, but since they seem to fit well with “joke” category hairstyle (I mean it actually looks really good on them!), that’s not been a problem. Humans however get all the fancy and actually real, natural looking hairstyles that are elegant and not a mess like norn. LOL norn should have the most detailed stuff with all the viking civilization heritage in their design.

Asura females have received several new looks I love in past updates. I love the ponytail and pigtails from the first update in particular.Human female hairstyles have been mostly ‘eh.’The only new human hairstyle I’ve liked from updates has been the Kasmeer, but as with all medium to long hair styles, clipping has been a problem. They finally gave us a simple ponytail, but the long bangs on the side ruin it for me.. Norn females received a side pony last time I liked enough to remake mine despite hating the voice. I’d never dream of putting hair on my charr female. She looks like a mountain lion and wears a helm that conceals the horn and consequentially hair anyway. Males of all races have been hit or miss.

What does and doesn’t look good is subjective. I’m more curious why everyone but human and norn females have hair representative of other races. Quite a step back from the original GW which introduced other looks in the expansions. We shouldn’t have had to wait for an expansion to this game to see the same diversity here, especially since descendants of refugees from Elona are present in Tyria.

Finally long hair for sylvari that doesn’t actually makes you some random dragon ball character!

Also, why does that *second male sylvari make me think of Puck and the *third of a depressed Oberon? xDD Maybe it’s the horn/antler look….

*edits cause I missed the first pic

The fourth hairstyle you showed for the Sylvari (male ponytail) was in the last hairstyle addition.
Great work on all of the others, though! 🙂

Eeeya that human female ponytail. Much <3! Probably won't update right away though…. everyone and their cousin will have that right now…

Those Asura hairstyles (female)…. oh my… I don't like any of those personally…

i really like the female charr hair, males on the other hand not so much. first one is silly, 2nd one is a typical lion main so its the best male one, 3rd one made me face palm: now theres gonna b DBZ charrs

Why do only the male sylvari get to have antlers?! Can’t females have antlers semi-concealed in the leaves?? Because that would look quite cool!

oh my god that’s adorable, what armor are you using on her? (aside from the scarlet shoulders and gloves)

Even when they seems to receive better hairstyles every time, humans consistently keep their place as the most dull race in the game. So sad for them. :S

They have all of the armor sets tailored to their body type while the other races have to deal with hideous stretching and clipping. So Anet gives them boring hairstyles to compensate. 😉

Man, all the new weapons and hairstyles this patch are pretty darn good. And we have some more gender-specific Sylvari ones! Yes!

Nice glitch on the first female human hair, at the forehead. Also, I like how they come out with more hairstyles, please keep it up! But, a few things… when will they FINALLY let us have HAIR with our hats/helms? Tired of being bald when I put on a helm. Second, WHY can we NOT customize the colors of our hair bands? You get a few choices… but it’s not enough! I wanna be able to change a head band or clip, to match my armor in game… Come on anet!

wow the last charr style. somebody of arenanet is addicted to dragon ball it seems. I mean there are a few for the other races already but this one is basically 1:1. not that I don’t like it though 😉 wouldn’t use it myself but looks funny 😀 too bad I don’t want to use a kit yet because a few look really cool

At first I thought I liked the 3rd Asuran female hair..but the more I look at it, the more it reminds me of the Predator….

Dear goodness the last male charr one is the funniest thing I have ever seen WHAT IS THAT THING ANET seriously what are you guys on

Everyone was so busy with the male charr DBZ hairstyle, nobody noticed the male human Sokka from Avatar hairstyle! xD

Probably because that actually is a plausible hairstyle in the world of GW2 and doesn’t look like as if its owner had to use a barrel of magical asuran antigrav hair gel on it every morning to make it look like that

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Human Female: All awesome, especially #2
Human Male: All terrible. Too “Backstreet Boy”, and “Alternative-Lifestyle Vampire”

Norn Female: #1 & #2, Terrible. #3, Awesome
Norn Male: All terrible. None fit, whatsoever. Also WAAAAAY too plain

Sylvari Female: All terrible, especially #3…If i wanted to remember a character, that should never have existed, I would look up “Fred” on youtube >:/
Sylvari Male: #1 & #3, Terrible. #2, Awesome

Asura Female: #1 Too African-y for my taste, but, still pretty awesome. #2, Terrible. Too “Padawan Lesbian”. #3 Most awesome yet. Next to Taimi’s hair, of course 😀
Asura Male: All terrible…#2, for the same reason as the “Female Asura #2”.

Charr Female: Always terrible. Charr hair is pretty bad, as a rule. Not their fault, though.
Charr Male: #1 Terrible, #2 Terrible, but, at least it looks like a mane. #3 Terrible….Did nobody tell Anet?… never go “Full Troll-Doll” >:/

i agree with you on everything (especially the awesome female human hairs that make up for previous terriblechoices), but the Charr males. come on, man!! #1 – kind of meh, but #2 as a lion’s mane with the right coloring is awesome. and #3 is absolutely perfect for my all pink-wearing, mad scientist ele charr. seriously, the full troll doll on the largest charr in bright pink (or dark cotton candy, as it were) is the funniest thing EVAR. as a bonus, it’s so bright and big, i can never lose myself in a zerg again!

you sound stupid especially saying a hairstyle is too “african” or “lesbian”. you’re a whiney little brat

And as previously stated, these are “you” problems. Instead of getting sand in your peehole, try NOT being an overly sensitive pansy. It works, trust me.

This is what happens when you let asians dictate artistic style… Everything looks like anime / final fantasy queerbos.

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