GW2 Entanglement Story Achievement Guide

GW2 Entanglement Story achievements guide. Entanglement is the second living world release in season two. Achievements for all 3 instances are now available.


How to activate achievements: Incase your forgot from episode 1, you have to do all the stories in this episode to get the Entanglement episode achievement. Then press H and go to your story journal and play through it again to do the achievements. You can do any of the instances in any order.

Discovering Scarlet’s Breakthrough

The achievements in this instance are all fairly easy. The only catch is that you have to this instance twice to get all 3 achievements.

Fire for Effect – 5 pts

  • Kill 5 inquest with one barrage from Scarlet’s turrets

You shouldn’t have much trouble getting this one. Just fire the cannon at a thick cluster of Inquest and you should get it. The cannon does take a few seconds to kill the Inquest so you may not get this achievement immediately after you fire. Just keep firing.



Mess with the Bull – 5 pts

Not a hard achievement either, just spam skill #1 when you are inside the minotaur and #2 when Inquest are close. Avoid red circles and you shouldn’t take too much damage. Can just relog once you get this achievement so you can restart the instance for No Tricks


No Tricks – 5 pts

For this achievement you need to play the story instance a second time without using the cannon or the minotaur. The inquest are not hard to kill but they are fairly numerous and annoying. You can die or downed and still get the achievement. This achievement is awarded at the very end of the instance, on the very final step so you do have to listen through a good 2-3 minutes of dialogue.


Dropping like Flies – 5 pts

This achievement is very tricky to get as a solo player as the last part require you to protect NPCs both inside the Fort and outside the Fort. It is much easier to do it as two players since one can guard the Fort while the other go out and guard the NPCs outside the Fort.

The key with this achievement is killing the Thrasher mobs first because they can deal a ton of damage with their spin that throw out conditions. The Thrasher mobs won’t trigger until you (story owner) approach their spawn area so you can take your time with them. The exception is the third Thrasher outside the Fort.



Step 1: Kill the two wolves that spawn a bit distance away from the fort.


Step 2: Approach the area before the fort, kill the Thrasher that spawns right away. Take care of the Husk next and then the tentacles.


Step 3: Enter the fort, deal with the second Thrasher that spawns right inside the fort. Clean up the fort of tentacles.


Step 4: Divide and Conquer, one player stay inside the fort and kill the tentacles that spawn. The other player go out the back gate and kill the tentacles near the door. There is a pair of Husk and Thrasher in the very back but if you kill the tentacles quick enough you may not need to engage them to get the achievement.


Time Waits for No One – 5 pts

For this achievement, you need to clear Concordia instance within 10 minutes. This achievement is very doable, as long the last event (Securing Goldenlight Hallow) doesn’t bug out. On average it will take you about 4 minutes to secure Fort Concordia, about 1 minute or so for NPCs to go back to the fort and start the lengthy conversation. This give you 5 minutes when you exit the fort to head to the Magister and rescue them inside the cave.

After you rescued Magister, follow her but do not run ahead of her. This may cause the final event (Securing Goldenlight Hallow) to bug out and many of the tentacles to become invul. If the event doesn’t bug out, it should only take a minute to secure the area, allowing you to finish the instance in 8 minutes. This give you 2 minutes for mistakes/screw up/low DPS.


On Swift Wings – 5 pts

As of a recent patch, you can no longer rezz NPCs at the end of the instance. Instead, you need to rescue the NPCs at the marked locations right after you rescue Magister Lindsay inside the cave. None of the NPCs can die or you fail the achievement. If you approach Goldenlight Hallow before finishing rescuing all the NPCs, this achievement automatically fails as well. If the NPCs are in combat, you must defeat the mobs attacking them before telling them to retreat.

  • This step scales up. If you do it solo, it is only 7 NPCs you need to rescue. However, this number increases with more players in the group.
  • Note: This achievement is buggy since the fix, you may not get the achievement.
  • Arenanet said they will fix the bug on July 29 patch (source)


Fort Salma

Timely Arrival – 5 pts

  • Don’t let any member of the stranded Seraph Squad die

You can head straight to their location after defeating the two mobs at the entrance. They are invul so don’t bother attacking them until the instance trigger the prompt (it will be after Belinda’s speech). You want to have some crowd control abilities (i..e knockbacks, knockdowns, fear, blind) and high DPS. You want to use your crowd control abilities right after they become vulnerable and then burn them down fast. The wolves tend to jump on you pretty quick but the husk may still be on the Seraphs so you may need an extra crowd control ability.

It may take a couple attempts. If you can’t get it, try group up with another player to make it easier. If you have consumables like ember, ogre pet, etc you can use them as well for added DPS.


Butterflies and Viscera – 5 pts

Your goal here is to make sure none of the Bone Fiends die due to the Mordrem Wolf or Jungle Tendril before they can reach the Mordrem Thrasher boss and blow it up. This achievement is fairly hard to solo and a bit RNG dependent but it is fairly trivial if done in with two players. Make sure to bring crowd control abilities such as knockback, knockdown, fear, blind, daze etc. They will help to prevent the wolf from killing the bone fiend.

  • The minions seem to spawn so fast that a second minion would spawn before the first one even reached the boss, giving you very little time to DPS on the boss.
  • Sometimes a minion can spawn all the way on the other side, totally screwing you over unless you can get there fast enough and kill the wolf before it kills the minion.

With two players, you can have one player focus mostly on killing the wolves and tentacles that damage the minions while the other player focus on damaging the boss when the shield is down. You must damage the boss if you want the achievement as doing damage just on the wolves/tentacles isn’t enough to grant you the achievement.


Sheltered from the Rain – 5 pts

Fairly easy for the most part. Just don’t stand in red circles or dodge into them. You might be able to get it at the same time as Butterflies and Viscera. See video above if you want a video guide.

By Dulfy

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103 replies on “GW2 Entanglement Story Achievement Guide”

I tried for No Tricks, but I didn’t get it. I didn’t use either of them, and I killed all the inquest myself, but even when the instance ended, I still didn’t get it. Why is this?

could be a bug, you DID finish ALL story missions first, right?

you can never interact with the consoles, that breaks the achievment chance.

I finished all of the story missions. I already got the other two, then left the mission and started it over to get no tricks. I don’t even close to interact with the consoles, and yet, I didn’t get the achievement. Maybe this is a bug with the ability to get achievements on alts? Because this was done on my second level 80.

pretty sure if you use an alt you have to do the first part of the story again then go for the achievements.

Someone stated on reddit that this time you *can* do the achievements with an alt that hasn’t finished the episode 2 story (but, as that person has stated , while playing with that alt., you don’t see the little icons indicating the achievements – but they are indeed validated all over the ride).

You need to secure the console first without/before killing the inquest at the bottom of the valley. Otherwise, it will be bugged.

On Swift Wings
I thought you have to save the NPCs before goldenlight, because when I reach that step my acheivement icon on my buff bar disappeared.
If you can still get it after entire instance is done, that sounds like a bug to me.

it seems that each npc has a certain invuntime. once you talk to the caravan in the cave, enemeis randomly spawn and attack. the instance host has to talk to every one of the npcs(over 12 locations with several in most of them) before any of them loose invunrebility and die.

it appears the invun time is different for each npc, my party of 5 just got the achievment by keeping the ones with low invunrebility alive (a lot of luck i think) until the host made them retreat

I think Anet change the achievement “On Swift Wings”, now you must find 12 NPC. After choose Braham path help him to find the caravan then quickly follow this path to find all 12 NPC, for the first 3 you need to fight a small group of Jungle Tendril

Yes I was in party, 2 member, but if only one of the NPC die I lost the icon of the crow that indicate I can do the achi

I can confirm Ermete’s post. We had to find them before we they “died” and there were twelve all over.

Hmm, I only had to find the 7 at the end. This was a solo instance though and at the end of the events. Didn’t have the buff for the achievement, but got it anyways.

The number of NPCs increases as the size of your party increases. The map below shows the approximate locations of the 17 you need to rescue with a 4-player group.

Note that, as far as I can make out, those 17 NPCs include all those needed for party sizes below 4.

I thought they fix “On Swift Wings”. Now NPCs cant be rescued and the icon disappears when one of NPCs died. So the best solution is to rescue 7 NPCs as soon as possible before they are killed..

thats so weird. I cant rescue them either before or after completing the instance. I also used the warbanner on them and still no work. Finally I finished the achievement by helping them before they die. But still thx for verification dulfy 🙂

The NPCs might not be able to be revived if you try to defend them and fail. Just head straight to Goldenlight Hallow after rescuing Magister and don’t worry about saving them at all.

If you just head straight to Goldenlight Hallow after rescuing Magister achievement icon disappears, sometimes some NPCs disappears too or can’t be ressed. It is safer to talk to them straight after cave event (they appear then).

On “On Swift Wings”, I tried going straight to GoldenLight Hallow but it didn’t work, so I think, if you don’t help them in time they die and if they go to GoldenLight Hallow they die from the monsters that are there so to fix this I suppose that you need to be 2: the instance leader go to GoldenLight Hallow to kill the mobs and the other one save the NPC’s.

My Bad, I just saw in the video that is passive dissapear too, so I should be fine, thaks for the tutorial!

I did the achievement for 3 guild parties since yesterday and going
straight to the end of the instance made us fail instantly (as a group).
However, having the party leader saving the NPCs with the shortest
“adrenaline rush” buff in the correct order works 100% of the time. Each
NPC has a different invulnerability buff, if your party runs around without saving the NPCs to tell the party lead which NPC has the shortest timer left, it’s piece of cake ^^ (the guys at the south tend to have much shorter timers so start there). If you’re not the PT leader it’s useless saving NPCs with long adrenaline timers, only pt leader can talk to them and mobs will respawn. Just after release it took us 5 runs to realize the NPCs had different buff timers on them xD

Oh and by the way, the NPCs DO spawn as dead after the end of the instance, but as a group, when we did that the achievement was already failed (don’t know for solo). We rezzed them and saved them but didn’t get any achievement.

intresting note: if you go for the dropping like flies achievement, you can do the first part at the door, make the inistance owner never enter the camp, and make the party members kill everything thats inside, those are only vines (no threat) and will respawn, so you can fill the bar without dealing with anymore of those flying mobs with big dps or husks and get the achievement the cheesy way 🙂

Thanks for the guide!

The strategy for the “on swift wings” described in the guide did not work for my group. We rushed to Goldenwing Hallow without interacting with any of the npcs, but the icon related to the achievement disappeared during the last fight. We had to deal with the npcs just after saving Lindsay to complete it (at least 16 npcs for a party made of 5 players).

Here’s a tip if you want to go have dinner/a shower/out for a beer 🙂

The “No Tricks” achievement can be completed nearly entirely AFK. The Destinys Edge 2.0 crew WILL, albeit slowly, eventually take out all of the Inquest to complete each event without you touching or event getting near the consoles.

For “on swift wings”, as said in an earlier post, and as Sty and many others wrote, the achievement icon does disappear when you get to the end. However, rezzing the NPCs and saving them like in the video DOES give you credit in the current version even if the icon says it’s failed. No need to have studied at Harvard to realize this is clearly a bug exploit though…

i have done the ‘On Soft Wings’ as told and shown. no achievemnt given. as soon as magister reaches the lab the achieve icon disappears and the npcs appear dead. so no chance at all to complete it

p.s. was the same in group or solo

i just killed everything before going to lindsy – though some enemies respawned- soem remained dead (hehe) many of the NPCs werent even fighting when i got to them for rescue 🙂

“Fixed an issue in The Concordia Incident in which the On Swift Wings achievement could be earned after the instance was completed.” QQ

So i did the achievement “on swift wings” saved all 7 people (ran it solo) and combed the area non stop and made sure there was non missing. I waited like 5 minutes to make sure they walked far enough or w.e. and then the second I get close enough to trigger the next stage I loose the achievement..

I’ve tried “On Swift Wings” multiple times now.
2 times Dulfy’s way, at least 3 times I went after rescuing the Magister, found and talked with all 7, went even further looking on the route for 12 in case something changed… and did not get it.
I think it is bugged for some people.

Butterflies and Viscera was kinda “easy” solo as ranger. Used a mix of Knight/Berserker armor with longbow/shortbow. Just make sure you switch immediately to the wolves and send your pet at the wolves, too.

And I’m not entirely sure but I think the spawn locations are always the same. At least in the 3 runs (story, this achievement and the “don’t get hit” achievement… yes I fucked up and had to run twice >.>) I made it never felt like I was running around randomly but always to the same points. Might be wrong though. I really don’t know it for sure.

“On Swift Wings” fails as soon as you go near Goldenlight Hallow. Even if you have talked to all 7 NPCs before and they got to the exit, they will die as soon as you close in to Goldenlight – achievement failed (NPCs lieing dead near the Portal in the back).

Yeah, this happend to me aswell its definatly broken. We’ve got to wait for it to be fixed.

Just did on swift wings with 5 people and we got the achievement. you need some good coordination though.

sorry it took so long to respond. We split up 1 person at the tower npcs, 1 person at the cave/river npc. 1 person to the south east corner npc and 1 person north east.

Our party leader cleared the cave alone then went to the river npc north of the fort. then he came to the npc west of the fort. from there he went cave. Once he went cave the player watching the cave/river went east to help protect.

From there the driver went to the tower and tlaked to those npcs and then headed east.

It was easy after that we had eveyr npc covered and he just kept going one after another to them and we got it.

On Swift Wings is still bugged, just tried soloing it, rescued all of the npc before they died, talk to them, wait 1 min for all of them to reach Goldenlight, still failed the achievement.

Maybe it only works for groups?

I just helped a friend get on swift wings. there is like 17-20 npcs total. i am not sure the exact number but u need a full team and people constantly moving. there are tons of npcs

Note that you only have 7 NPCs to revive if you doing this instance SOLO, if you do it with another player or with a group this scales up.

you can NO LONGER revive the npcs for credit they fixed this and then broke it. if you do not have a fully party currently you can not get the achievement it seems.

You don’t understand why I put this don’t you? Its not the revive part its the SCALE PART.
Of course its 17-20 in a party, its cause you have more than 1 person doing the story.
Cause if it was only 1 doing it, just like dulfy said, it would be like 7 npcs.

yes and when i did it solo the achievement was not working. it was not until i got 5 people in my party and we saved all npcs that spawned ( yes i can count that number is higher than 7) that the achievement popped. I saved all 7 and triple checked multi times threw solo and the achievement still did not pop.

for On Swift Wings, dont let the npc die or it will fail the achv
ignore securing Goldenwing Hallow when you are doing this achv
talk to them to retreat before the minion spawn or attack them
if they are in battle, help them then tell them to retreat
easier to do it SOLO, bcz you only need to tell 7 NPCs to retreat

Did exactly this way. Secured all 7 npcs and waited them to get to goldenwing before joining them. As i got close to goldenwing the achiv disappeared anyway

Wasn’t able to complete “On Swift Wings” using the method above, however, I can confirm that I was able to complete it just now solo by rescuing all of the NPC’s before following Lindsay to Goldenlight. Immediately upon rescuing the people in the cave I ran out and went back to the tower and saved the 3 there. Then I circled around Concordia clockwise rescuing people as I went, ending back at the cave again where 2 more NPC’s had spawned while I was gone. As soon as I told them both to retreat I got the achievement.

I did with this method, but i just saw 7npc (the same that Dulfy talk) and i save them with talking but didn’t have achievement….

Tried it twice in a row just today… no achievement for “On Swift Wings.” Going for third and last try.

Does anyone have an idea as of to why Wurm Kleptomaniac would not trigger even after I picked a bottle up multiple times? :/

Do NOT forget the third person on top of the tower when you try On Swift Wings! I solo’d it a few days ago, and it wasn’t broken, I simply forgot that NPC to talk to.

Apparently “On Swift Wings” was only partially fixed. I don’t even know what i have to do anymore to be honest.
Do i have to rez those NPCs or do i have to save them from dying? That’s the big question now. When i did the latter the icon just disappeared –> no achievement whatsoever…
Another time the icon just vanished after i left that little cave. I never reached that point where i actually have to rez people once in, what, 10 rounds maybe?

I hate swift wings so much, before the patch, failed 4 times, after the patch, I just failed 3 times in a row.

And why do I have to redo THE WHOLE STORYMODE if I want to try to do this achievement with a different toon ? for fuck sake arena what r u thinking ? = _ = ”

errrm… achievements are per account, not per char?!? you can re-do the instance with a toon, not the achievement… nevertheless, I hate it too. Can’t make it with either class I have.

Done it right now. What i can say it’s pretty luck dependable. Done it in such order. 3 npc at tower > guy near fort > guy at river > 2 near cave. Guy at river have like 1 immunity so i think you are can save hem last one.

Thank you so much for this map. Fyi, if done with three people, there are 14 survivors…an asura that is sometimes with golems just north of the two blue dots that are together and a human miner way south, north-northeast of the “s” of the label Gyre Rapids.

I hate achievements that you can´t solo. It is extremely annoying to look for people that have`t got the achievement after a month of release of a living story.

It’s a few months after the fact, but I just wanted to add that the npcs for On Swift Wings only spawn after you finish talking to Magister Lindsay, and the dialogue window doesn’t close if you move away from her. I talked to her once, ran out to where the three are by the tower, completed the conversation and immediately killed the mordrem that spawned. After that, I was able to tell the caravan guard next to Concordia and the two priory npcs up near the cave exit to retreat before anything even spawned to fight them, and had plenty of time to run to the last remaining Vigil crusader fighting in the river.

I just completed On Swift Wings today. I used Glyph of Renewal to revive all the npcs that died. Once the NPC’s died, there was no “Revive” option on them, however Glyph of Renewal worked regardless. Hope that helps.

Just finally did the On Swift Wings achievement today Sat. July 18th 2015. With a group the numbers were all wrong on the amount of people you have to rescue, there is no reviving involved (anymore?), we would rescue the supposed 12 (there was actually 13 we’d find) and once you get near that next area the achievement would disappear. Finally we gave up and all did it solo and you could rescue the 7 and get the achievement. Hopefully this will help anyone else who is the saame problem. Lesson learned, when doing the On Swift Wings achievement, do it solo.

on swift wings found only 6 survivors there were only 2 outside of cave that starts event. Others in locations marked on map. Is this a new bug?

On swift wings can be done solo with a necromancer, signet of undeath will rez downed survivors who you dont reach in time also noticed that DS 4 transfusion heals dead npcs too and your able to rez them that way, just do not approach Goldenlight Hallow until all npc have been rez’ed and told to retreat

For those helping guildies or doing these late…make sure the person that needs the achievements opens the story or it might bug on you. Could not get no tricks until person who actually needed achievements opened story.

The Achievement – On Swift Wings is a bit tricky, i tried to do it alot times, until i found guide that show the order they need to be rescued, with that i made it on first try.
Thanks to AyinMaiden. (This comment for anyone have trouble with that achivment.)

Seems that if you did it once a long time ago, you’ll have to do story all over again a second time b4 cheevos activate for your 3rd run through 🙁 So Fn stupid.

Incase your forgot from
episode 1, you have to do all the stories in this episode to get the
Entanglement episode achievement. Then press H and go to your story
journal and play through it again to do the achievements. You can do any
of the instances in any order.

So if you already did it once a long time ago you have to do it all over again a second time and then the 3rd time through achieves will activate? Anet needs to fix this.

Hey, guys, it’s me again coming back in 2021 to provide additional information to try and help all the new people getting through the achievements.

“No Tricks” – Apparently can only be done if the instance owner doesn’t have it already. If you don’t have it, everyone should be able to get it, but if you do have it, have someone else enter the instance.

“On Swift Wings” – I would highly recommend you do this with multiple other players. You may get more NPCs you have to keep safe, but with the power creep if all your players are spread out, they can help defend the NPCs. Big thing about this achievement is the instance owner has to be the one to talk to the NPCs to get them to retreat. You will also know when you found all the NPCs because the achievement will complete the second you get the last ones.

“Butterflies and Viscera” – Cannot be carried through. The players that need it need to both hit the boss AND the wolf attacking the bone minions if they’re going to get it. One of my players only got hits on the boss and did not get the achievement until they also hit a wolf. The first minion/wolf also seems to consistently spawn in the same place, which is on the road that leads to Queensdale.

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