GW2 Learned Legendary Llama Locator Achievement Guide

A guide to the Learned Legendary Llama Locator Achievement for Dry Top introduced with the Entanglement patch.

Preparations: Make sure you trait into fall damage reduction before you do this. There is a tricky ledge where everyone tend to fall and with that damage reduction you won’t die and have to waypoint back. Every class has a trait for fall damage reduction.

Location: The jumping part start at the NE end of Treadrock Uplands. Just follow the dotted line to reach there.




The Jumps: For the jumps just follow the video above but I will write down some key points as well.

1) Once you grabbed the second air crystal, make sure you jump from the very edge to reach up or you will hit the rocks above with your head.


2) When you get up top and about to reach the 3rd and last air crystal, do not touch it until you are ready. It only lasts for 15s and you need to make a series of jumps in that 15s. Once you have the 3rd air crystal, you need to run to the edge of the ledge there and carefully drop down. This place is most likely for people to fall to their deaths if they screw up  unless they have fall damage trait reduction


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

4 replies on “GW2 Learned Legendary Llama Locator Achievement Guide”

thanks for the guide, i did die once. though i made it quite easily the second time without the fall resistance. ❤ dulfy

Hehe you found it too then?

im just curious how long it took you guys to find this Llama

Im on the European servers and I managed to Find this around 30-35 mins after the Patch launched
I ended up being a in game guide for about 50 odd people who wanted me to show them where it was XD
was quite fun though ^^ I don’t usually get that sort of attention or praise from soo many people thanking me

Although I only used 2 Air Crystals to get up there since I found a different way up
north of near where you started climbing there is what looks like a rockslide texture and a skrit tunnel
there is another Air Crystal near that which is what I used to climb the rockslide and get on top of platform where the 3rd Air crystal is
personally I think its a much easier way up than your way but it can be done either way
also a trick for the 3rd crystal is to pick it up while running into the wall and edging towards the drop you should drop off and land onto the platform below every time doing that ^^

hope this helps some people out

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