GW2 Ley Line Weapons Gallery

GW2 Ley Line weapons gallery. Ley Line weapons are added with the Entanglement patch and available to purchase with Black Lion tickets.

Ley Line Sword


Ley Line Hammer – Modeled by Feranox of [POOF]


Ley Line Longbow


Ley Line Shortbow


Ley Line Axe


Ley Line Dagger


Ley Line Greatsword


Ley Line Mace


Ley Line Pistol


Ley Line Rifle


Ley Line Scepter – Modeled by Emannyv of POOF


Ley Line Staff


Ley Line Focus


Ley Line Torch


Ley Line Warhorn


Ley Line Shield


  • asd

    Anything on the new skins from Dry Top?

    • Puch
      • Robin des glands

        wow dat sword πŸ™‚

        • Sir Pure

          and this one is new? destroyer scythe

          • Luckeh

            WHERE TO FIND

          • Derek Wilson

            Where is it from?

            • TXMarine

              Nothing yet uses the skin. Here’s the chat code for it [&C3sTAAA=]

          • Witte

            they should add twohander axes aswell as scythes en throwable spears
            would be awesomely new possibilities =D

      • kina

        the dagger and the axe *.* i like it very much

  • anon

    these look awesome

  • Aurora

    Wow, I love these! I first looked at them with lowest graphic settings and thought they were ugly, but when I turned up to full graphics I suddenly can’t decide which ones to get because I love them all! Just wish they had the same glow on lowest settings as well.

  • Jasa

    I wish the solid portion of the skins were a bit darker in color, but all in all they look pretty good. Anyone else think the staff looks similar to bifrost?

    • Syreadisa

      Better than bifrost πŸ˜‰

  • x3n0n

    where is my katana ?

  • kina

    ley line staff looks so much like legendary staff. i bet they are using the same model.

  • guest

    There is a unique sound effect when draw these weapon. (at least for staff…)

  • Some Body

    Very ugly.

  • Pipra

    Holy cow! That’s a big bow.

  • cheese

    I got the dagger and shortbow for my thief, now I regret it cause the colors don’t match my character at all. I made a extremely impulsive decision and now I’m a little upset with myself, oh well I’ll live. lol

  • cheese

    These are really nice though <3

  • Wheezy11

    I like em!

  • Blazed

    LOLILOL , saison 2 = cash shop again !!!

    • Yes that’s how Anet makes their money.

    • Abkurus

      and? you still can buy all this for ingame gold , i don’t see any trouble here=) And this episode was really cool.

      • Guest

        The problem is the “horizontal progression” isn’t being tied to challenging PVE content. If all you want from the game is to farm the same thing repeatedly then trade your gold for skins, well, that’s the state of the game right now. Expect nothing, receive nothing.

  • shodannet

    Still think a lot of the daggers nowadays are ridiculously huge…

    • nopikam

      Exactly. I want a rather small dagger for once. I like that new armbrite dagger’s shape but it could be smaller…

      (if anybody has ever played WoW – I liked starting, common=white daggers)

  • commentor

    You may say it’s a matter of taste , but I lower my standard by 99%, but these are still effking ugly.

  • Rawrakai

    They look so awesome! How do you guys not like this? The shortbow/longbow are probably the best in the game

  • Michael Clarke

    Holy smokes! Those are some REALLY fugly weapons skins… Anet’s gonna have to do WAY better than THAT before i use my plastic with them, again…. I, for one, would like to see the return of some of the skins from Guild Wars, again, made with the new game engine and graphics Also, the return of the Draconic Shield skin would be utterly fantastic!

    • Witte

      Chaos Axe + Ghostly Shield <3

      • Jordan Dixon


        • Witte

          haha yeah that bow was great.

  • The Spirit Molecule


  • Shinokata

    I find most of these to be rather unattractive, but I actually like the short bow.

  • tinnic

    I think these are not bad but I don’t think these would go with most looks. I think my Guardian can probably make the Ley Line Focus work. But that’s about it.

    • Shaggy Anubisllol

      that does seem to be a consistent problem, doesnt it? if they make the weapons too normal-looking, people complain they arent flashy enough. but if they make them flashy, people complain theyre too flashy or dont go with their characters. they just cant win, i suppose. i think they should do at least one round of more realistic-looking ones just to break the trend. there are ways to add details without making it glow or shaped unrealistically.

      • tinnic

        I don’t really have a problem with the flashiness but more the heavy stone look of them. Most of my characters have a delicate look about them. So it doesn’t really make sense for them to carry around heavy looking stone weapons. I guess what I am saying is that these weapon look made more for plate wearers then cloth or leather wearers. At least that’s the vibe I get from them but it may just be me.

        • Shaggy Anubisllol

          i do like that they are keeping with the story stuff for the weapons, but i think it would help a LOT if they released armor sets to match em, especially when the designs are so unique like this.

  • Iris Nguyen

    The unique sound of this weapon set is what make them worth their weight in gold.

  • commentor

    Anet’s lack of creativity strikes again. I swear, one weapon set to another, What’s with the obsession with unconnected floating parts that are somehow glued to one another?

  • Pureblade

    Does anyone happen to know if the focus has a sound effect when Ray of Judgment is used on Guardian? Other weapons seemed to have sound effects trigger on projectiles too, wondering if Ray of Judgment is included.

  • Kate B

    Wait, y’all are serious? You think these are ugly? I think they’re absolutely gorgeous. Different tastes I suppose.

    • Shaggy Anubisllol

      people always complain about the skins in this game, regardless of whether theyre decent or not. i think thats why anet’s designs are all over the place- the players complain no matter what they do.
      i think these are really cool designs, but personally im not a fan of flashy so i probably wont use them. unfortunately thats what most people want so thats what anet will try to do.

    • Halcy

      Different strokes.

      I still think more or less that the entirety of the Phoenix set is perfection.

      And as Shaggy points out, people will always complain.

  • The long bow is huge

    • davidyell

      Agreed. It seems to be a theme at the moment the the long bows are getting bigger as are the short bows.

  • concernedPoorGuy

    why does the shortbow not have a draw sound? anyone submit a bug report yet?

  • Archi

    Does anyone know if all ranged attacks get a sound effect when these skins are equipped? Clearly the rifle has special sounds. And melee attacks? Do they get sound effects? I have some BL tickets and I might buy a couple of these for myself if they have extra sound effects past the loud draw effect.

    • No special attack for melees

      • Archi

        But yes for ranged?

        • Only for pistol/rifle

  • Jelly

    The warhorn sound in the video is wrong. It actually has a unique boomy, bassy sound. The video just has the standard warhorn sound.

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