SWTOR Legacy Storage Explained

Eric Musco went on the forums to explain the Legacy Storage feature coming with the upcoming Galactic Strongholds expansion.

Legacy Storage? | 07.15.2014, 08:41 PM

Hey folks,
I know there are a few questions surrounding Legacy storage and although I can’t answer everything here are some of the bigger answers:

How do I get Legacy storage?
You will get Legacy storage for free with the completion of the “Introduction to Strongholds Mission” upon acquiring your first Stronghold. Legacy storage will also be craftable and is possible to appear on the Cartel Market. (In both cases this means it would be available on the GTN for credits as well)

If I add another Legacy storage to my Stronghold, does this add more storage space?
It does not. Adding more Legacy storage “units” will simply add another access point, similar to how the cargo hold works right now. You can increase the size by adding more bays (more in the next answer).

How big will it be?
Legacy storage comes, by default, with one bay unlocked. That bay will have 80 slots in it. You will be able to purchase additional bays with credits or Cartel Coins.

Can I transfer Bind on Pickup (BoP) items through my Legacy Storage?
This is still being worked on/decided in development. We should have an answer on this soon™.
I hope that answers most of the bigger questions you have.

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If they can be transferred they’re no longer BoP. They would actually be BoL. If you want all items to be BoL then just ask for that.

That is exactly what I was thinking; if BoP is allowed to be xferred in this way, just remove the BoP tag outright and replace it with BoL. I personally hope they leave BoP intact.

Only two questions left-

How many bays can be bought total?

Can you put crafting materials in the LB and use them across your legacy in crafting? (Like the cargo bay for each toon)

I believe this is the whole point for legacy storage. We will be able to put crafting mats in the legacy storage, and all of the crafters In our legacy will be able to share those mats. At least that’s what I’m hoping we will be able to do. This will eliminate the constant mailing of mats ( 8 at a time ) between our toons.

He means use the mats directly from legacy storage rather than having to remove them from our legacy bank and drop them in our cargo bank.

yes, crafting mats will be able to be pulled directly from the legacy hold upon crew assignment to craft.

Yes, I think I’m gonna use that as my signature on the forums. Bioware really needs to smooth out its content reveals so he can stop saying that.

So basically the only thing people want an answer to, they didn’t have an answer to. Good job Bioware

Have some faith, they’re trying to sort it all out. Same reason we don’t know anything about Conquest and Guild Flagships.

Wasn’t this supposed to out already in the original plan? And they’re still “developing” it? I thought this extra time was for testing and bug fixing?

I’m kind of concerned that they haven’t fleshed out the details of how legacy storage is going to work when it’s supposed to be on live servers in a month. Normally it would be on the PTS already or about to go on the PTS in the next couple of days. And they were already 2 months behind schedule. What are the chances GSH, Guild Ships, and Legacy Storage are all ready to go live August 19th??

I don’t see why BoP items can’t be stored. You’re able to mail them to anyone on your legacy already… so what difference does it really make?

you can’t mail ear, implant or relic among other things. This is probably the conflict they’re having.

With this change you could have a 55 and instantly have him in full 180s (likely 186 if you’re doing nim) including relics. You’d also get to skip all of the easier operation content as well as being instantly geared in pvp, screwing newer players

You can do that now if you use legacy gear… and every character has 4 free sets of that. If you have all 180 gear, you can get by with 168 implants and earpieces long enough to earn them on another character.
However, imo, all items should just bind to legacy rather than to the character when they bind.

It sounds like: “Adding more Legacy storage “units” will simply add another access point, similar to how the cargo hold works right now.” means that you can craft additional access points for the storage. But since only the stronghold is modifiable by us, what’s the point?
“Yay, I have legacy storage in this room…. and in this room…. and in this room….”

Maybe the initial access point in the stronghold is free, but to have it say, spawn like a mail droid or on your ship you would have to get the crafted/cc market ones. I would love if we could access legacy storage in a mobile fashion.

Maybe if you want to have Legacy storage in more than one stronghold, you’ll have to buy it for the other strongholds.

yea after you do a mission , which is prolly some thing real short like twert was . which makes your question valid ? . if you can craft it then sell it . but you get it free after a mission why ? all i can think is that is for the F2P , there most be limits using it the legacy the way , and buying it has no limits.

Storage itself is free, so you can access legacy cargo using any access point box you find (in another player’s stronghold for example). Though, if you’d like to access it at your own place, you must purchase (craft) an access point box, just as any other decoration item.

they really ought to just make all BOP stuff BOL instead. there is so much legacy gear that most people just rip mods and mail them to alts as it is. but for more casual players, that 10k+ per slot gets pricey quick. most people are still going to do it thanks to all the cool CM armors. but if, say comm gear, were bol, it cuts that price in half.

There is so much inflation in this game already, cutting out a large credit sink will make it so much worse. Sure, GSH as a whole will be a huge credit sink, but I think it will go the same way as the ‘casino’ did; a large up front credit dump but no long-term sink.

Not everyone has a kazillion credits burning holes in their pockets. Maybe if crafters weren’t so freaking greedy we wouldn’t need credit sinks to empty out their bank accounts.

Me to . The only problem i see is if they don’t allow bop’s how will that effect legacy gear can we still use legacy gear how we do now ? can we put mods in legacy gear and then store it ? . If we can’t then what use will it have ? . they did say once that was one of the reason for legacy so we could give our alts gear we would not other wise use. the 9 th is not that far off i can wait .

It doesn’t make sense really… LEGACY cargo should store items bound on LEGACY (and unbound ofc). Items bound to character, go character’s cargo. Simple as that.

Yes, legacy bank would be pretty great. Mailing money around gets just as old as mailing legacy armor around.

This might be the best idea for the legacy bank that I’ve heard so far. However, if they address this (Which they probably won’t), they will probably give some excuse that their framework can’t handle such a thing, despite the fact that a similar feature has been in mmo’s for over a decade (I believe EQ had plat in their shared bank around ~2004)

“This is still being worked on/decided in development. We should have an answer on this soon™.
I hope that answers most of the bigger questions you have.”

Oh, thank you, Eric. You answered 3 questions no one was asking, and didn’t answer the one question everyone wants to know. :p

This, really. I like the dark lone-wolfpack athmosphere of the ship.

I would hump musco’s leg, if we’d get the option to customize the spaceships interior once all companion missions and dialogues with cutscenes inside the ship are done. 😉

On the other hand – maybe I’m just worried about even more loading-screens. ^^

Not sure about BoP items. On one hand it would be great if I could put my main toon’s elite comms to use and kit out newbes but on the other hand it might just encourage ninja looters.
Maybe stuff you buy from vendors should simply Bind to Legacy instead?

I hope I can make crafters use ressources stored in the legacy bank. That would REALLY be usefull. That and credits. The rest… meh.

I don’t like the idea of removing BoP at all. Like someone else said, the list of BoL great is getting pretty ridiculous as well. Legacy storage should be for mats and unbound/BoL items.

I am pro BoP pieces into Legacy Storage. If they want to be more catholic than the pope, they can limit it to armor and not implants and ear pieces, which I really don`t see why not.

The logic behind it is simple: On the toon that has the comms, we pull mods out only once, so this will insure that we will pull mods only once universally, not adding one more via Legacy gear, for comms that were earned nonetheless, in the time frame that was used anyway.

Right now I have a retired character that is dedicated to holding items that I might send to any of my other characters. I am very happy that they will be adding this legacy storage as it will make my management of these items easier and more convenient. I might start crafting my own stuff now!! 🙂

I do not think BoP items should be able to go into legacy storage. If they can then they are no longer BoP. They be a new “bind on legacy until equip” type and I don’t think that is needed.

I think this storage is going to be as great as a Personnel Guild Bank, and please on the BOP also

Yep, just read on the Dev Tracker that you can. It says it has a crafting material pull priority order of Inventory, Cargo Hold, then Legacy storage. This is awesome news.

It will be a day of epicness if I can give my alts all these old named columi/rakata weapons as well as the gear I’ve collected from drops or companions. Plus I finally say FU to all the people who thought I was stupid holding on to all this old bound stuff =)

i can’t see any bound Cartel Market items being allowed in legacy storage as it would mess up the collections system. Bound to legacy, Bind on Equip, Bind on use and mats would be my guess. BoP im not sure on. AS long as its not in collections I guess it would be fine /shrug

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