GW2 Coin Collector Uplands Achievement Guide

GW2 Coin Collector Uplands Achievement guide for Dry Top Entanglement Release with maps and locations of all the lost coins. Video guide now available.

Map of Lost Coins (interactive – you can click on a number to quickly jump to it)

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Map of Lost Coins in the Uplands (non-interactive)

Video guide


1. Inside the tunnel of Scarlet’s house that connects to Treadrock Uplands


2. On a rock above the waypoint, use the air crystal to the right of the waypoint to get up.


3. To the right of the waypoint, on the ground level.


4. On top of the centaur village, you will need to to use the air crystal to reach there.


5. West of the waypoint, slightly above the ground


6. Keep going after 5 to reach this.


7. Near the location for the Llama achievement but below it.


8. Up top, use the air crystals to get up


9. Up top as well, on a big plateau with NPC Araxx Strongstride


10. Next to an air crystal, easy to reach


11. Drop down to grab this lost coin


12. Use the air crystal nearby to get up


13. Drop down to the skillpoint to grab this Lost Coin


14. Use a series of nearby air crystals to get up top


15. On the ground inside the river


16. Up a small ledge


17. Use the air crystal below, hidden in a bush to get up here


18. On the ground below the waypoint


19. Go right from the waypoint and drop down


20. Drop down to the big palm tree


21. Inside the Centaur camp


22. In a corner


23. Walk a bit south to find this coin


24. Behind some bamboo structure on the ground level


25. Use the bamboo structure to climb up the rocks to reach this one. Alternatively, you can use air crystal to jump up.


26. Use air crystal to jump up the rock above Cragrock Palace


27. In the corner is another Lost Coin


28. On the left of the tunnel to the Ley Line Lab


29. To get this crystal, you have to wait until the event to kill the Inquest Krewe leader. This will build a light bridge that take you to the other side from coin 25.

  • Inquest Leader event occurs every hour at 5, 20 and 35 minutes past the hr.


30. This one is a bit tricky to get. From the vista nearby, use the air crystal to ping pong between the two cliffs until you get to the very top and obtain a purple crystal. Use the purple crystal to leap over the gap to get this final coin


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62 replies on “GW2 Coin Collector Uplands Achievement Guide”

27 is missing for me nothing there i am stuck on 29 of 30 now. Have tried guesting other servers and re logging to no effect.

Hey guys, something new I just added is the ability to click on a number on the map to jump to a specific location on the guide. Let me know if that is causing any issues and if you like/dislike it.

For 30, you don’t need to ping-pong between the two rock towers (although that was a feat of platforming on your part). From the second wind crystal, go around the ledge until you can jump up. You’ll find another wind crystal guarded by a basilisk. From there you can jump to the lightning tether crystal.

#14 is a bit confusing, it’s actually the 2nd lvl top between the 2 tower. The lower lvl looks similar structure and landscape.

Dulfy, it would be awesome if we have the ability to jump back to the map from the linked coins position. Would make things that much smoother and improve the experience a great deal. Thanks

Ok this doesn’t make sense. While I had found 29 coins, I couldn’t find the last one despite following the map guide, I decide to redo it by step by step on the video (watched where it is located on the video and pause it while I go there myself and unpause it once I’m there). Even doing that I am still missing the last one despite I clearly remember visiting all coins location including that inquest event with the platforms. What the hell?

You can get the coin by glitching inside the rock, and getting it from the inside – jumping and spamming F key will get it.

I spotted one way up higher on a ledge right above #20. How to get to that one? Its not listed here. I finally saw someone up there and they had me go to Repair Station Waypoint then across the sand to find a Zeph jump telaport thing that took me right there. Here is pics.

Did they add more in since this launched? I found one right near #1 up on a wood deck. Use the jump power up to the right of the door, then jump to the vine on the left of the door then up, up.

I just spent like 3 hours running, searching for the final one. Checked all the locations twice, and finally on the third run found it. It was #2.

With HoT released, the achievements page now shows which coins you’re missing. Problem is… the numbers in the achievements panel don’t match your numbers. Any plans to update this (and the other similar achievement guides) to reflect anet’s numbering scheme?

Issue is I have collected them already so they don’t show up anymore and redoing the whole thing on another account is extremely tedious and not soemthing I have the time for right now.

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If i got that correctly.

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These are what I was missing, hope it helps.

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1 1
2 3
4 8
5 9
7 11
8 12
9 13
10 30
11 14
12 16
13 17
14 20
15 28
16 27
17 22
19 29
20 4
21 6
23 24
24 21
25 19
26 15
27 2
28 7
29 26

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