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SWTOR Galactic Living Ep 3 Livestream Notes

SWTOR Galactic Living Ep3 livestream and Q&A notes. This livestream features Eric Musco’s excellent decorating skills with Courtney. There are some Q&A and legacy storage info as well.

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Clarification on 4 stronghold limit

Hey folks,
This thread seems like a good place to clarify the 4 Stronghold limit. At the launch of Strongholds, in 2.9, you will have a maximum of 4 Strongholds. This number does not count the Guild Flagship and Guild Stronghold that a Guild leader can attain as well. This means that you can have all of it without hitting any limits. (I should note that each Guild can only have 1 Stronghold and 1 Flagship)

The reason that we have this in place, is performance. Simply put, we do not know how it will affect game performance to have more than 4 Strongholds until we get in and test it. None of which matters currently unless we add another Stronghold. It is always possible that if we release another Stronghold that we will test it, and it will have no performance hit and that the 4 limit will be raised so players can continue to have all of the Strongholds. We can cross that bridge however, when and if we get there.

TLDR – At launch you can have every Stronghold without issue and should there be a need to raise the 4 Stronghold limit, we will definitely test to see if we can!

Hope that clears things up!


  • Rooms already exist inside a house but you cannot access them unless you unlock them first by interacting with the door of a specific room and pay the unlocking cost.
  • Stronghold items that give you buffs? No items like that. Strongholds do give you rested XP.
  • Fleet chat in strongholds or riot? Our current decision is still planetary chat.
  • Can you become Kephess? Yes
  • All strongholds have massive hooks to fit in ships. Some of them have roofs that may not fit the ship perfectly.
  • Can we choose which room we unlock as the subscriber rewards? No, it is static and same for everyone.
  • Can we have extra gold key to share with other players to help us decorate? Not at the moment.
  • How many rooms does Nar Shaddaa have overall? 9 rooms max.
  • Will guild strongholds have different layout than player strongholds? No, guild strongholds will use the same setup.
  • Harvesting plots in Tatooine stronghold? This is not farmville.
  • Does staircase count as a room? Not sure.
  • Can you place companions of your other characters (classes) while decorating or do you have to be on that class? I think you have to be on that class.
  • How many decorations you get when you finish the starter quest? I will try to get a list of all the items you get.
  • If you have two warriors for example, can you place like multiple companions? I am positive you cannot place multiple copies of your companions but I am not sure if you place say Kaliyo on your agent and if you switch to your warrior and it switches to Jaesa for example.
  • Decoration drops, is it like mounts where only one copy drop per boss? Not positive but most likely
  • Ingame events in Strongholds? Ingame events that come back will have decoration items added to them.
  • Can you rename your stronghold? You can’t rename it but there are some stuff you can do to tie around it.
  • If I place an item in one stronghold, will that item be unavailable in the other strongholds? Yes, you do have a limited amount.
  • New section on the legacy interface for strongholds? No because there is a stronghold interface.
  • Stronghold crafting done by current crafting skils? Yes
  • Is there a giant reset button? I don’t think there is one.
  • Will items unlocked with achievements automatically go 50/50 in terms of item count. I am not sure about this.
  • Features to control the lighting of the room? Not currently, but there are some features you can use to adjust small area of the room.
  • Why would you want to deactivate the stronghold? At launch there is a limit of 4 strongholds active per legacy. If we release more strongholds in the future you need to deactivate one. I am not sure if the guild strongholds count against that but I don’t think so.
  • What is the point of getting different strongholds? All the strongholds are dramatically different and some are more cross-faction accessible.
  • Do you have to be on the character that unlocked the decoration to place it. No, it unlocks into the legacy.
  • Is there a way to preview a stronghold before purchasing? I don’t think so, but I am not sure.
  • Do we get a free emote to sit in chair? Yes it is a free /chair emotes.
  • PvP/PvE terminals? I am not positive if they are in there. I do know there are GTNs, crafting tables etc.
  • Why does limit for the strongholds exist? It is purely a technical limit.
  • Will hooks be added to character starships? Nope. You can decorate strongholds and guild flagships
  • Can I get multiple copies of the same stronghold? Don’t think so but that is a good question.
  • New cartel pack shipment for strongholds? Yes
  • When you deactivate a stronghold, do you loose the unlocked rooms? No.
  • Can I invite F2P players to my stronghold during early access? Yes they can visit.
  • Max number of tabs in legacy storage? I don’t know.
  • Training dummies in strongholds? I don’t know

Legacy Storage

  • When you complete your starter quest for strongholds, you will get a legacy storage unit. It does not allow you to BoP items currently. There are some discussions internally if you can place BoP items in the future. You can place any BoE/crafting components etc.
  • If you want to craft something, the priority is inventory –> cargo hold –> legacy storage
  • Can you store credits in legacy storage? Not sure, need to check.

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65 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Living Ep 3 Livestream Notes”

Legacy storage was pretty much the only functional benefit to GSH. Now it’s useless unless you’re a crafter.
Not gonna lie. This expansion sounds pretty lame.

Did you really expect them to make armor rating a completely useless concept? Oh wait, they did when they introduced adaptive gear.

Armor type isn’t the exact same as armor rating. The armor types have always been for non-cartel gear (Drops and craftables). On adaptive armor, it just means anyone can wear it when they put their mods into it. It would be really horrible if all cartel gear had armor types. Since then you’ll have people complaining about how they can’t wear the special gear they paid real money for because of the armor type restrictions. Which would just be a whole other batch of complainers they would have to listen to.

Yes it does. Heavy armor takes much less damage than light armor.

Now if you/he are talking about the fact that adaptive armor changes armor type based on the person wearing it, I don’t get what the complaint is. You are in favor of less options for customizing your character?

U mean armor type 😛
And this change was purely cosmetical, it didnt affect gameplay, just character looks. While making Legacy Storage able to hold BoP items would affect it. Like ppl needing stuff they don’t need (not that it doesnt happen now, but it’d be seen more often for sure), possibility to FULLY gear and alt without being with it on ops even once (now u can’t send implants, earpieces, relics). It’d also affect economy, as it destroy huge creditsink. U could write about it for an hour.

And i personally dont care bout that for one reason: im too lazy to send(or put in legacy storage) armor back and forth between alts, so each alt i play has its own set of gear (which also allows me to give them different looks), even though i have 2 snipers for example, both equiped with mix of 180 and 186.

Even if they did put in BoP in legacy storage, it would like be the way GW2 does it. Meaning: Only the char that put the BoP item in storage can remove it.

So it wouldn’t be useless.

Useless unless you’re a crafter? If you have some alts, you’ll be happy to store there stuff such as MGGS, empty legacy shells (for transferring mods), stims, surplus WZ medpacks and tons of other things that you may need on alt X and now you’ll be able to get it without being forced to log out and check the cargo bays of alts A, B, and C before locating them. Consequently, you’ll only use your toons’ cargo bays for stuff that is unique-to-an-alt, whereas everything else will be in the legacy storage…

Quit whinning about not being able to put BoP in the legacy storage… I can see why they won’t do it. They don’t want a bunch of people to need on gear during raids when people ACTUALLY need on gear for their character they are doing the raid on.

They already have BoL which can have bound mods put into it, and if you were here for GSF then you already get 4 free sets of BoL gear on every toon you have. If the person is going to scumbag enough to need on gear for their alts then they will already.

So this sounds like it’s not ready to go on the PTS given the number of “not sure” responses. If all this stuff was coded and on the dev test server I would think they would know the answer or could check right then and there. Ex. Q about credits in legacy storage.. let’s walk over to the legacy storage terminal and find out!

And if it’s not ready for PTS we know what that means. It seems increasingly more likely all of the promised features of 2.9 will not be ready on August 19th. Yay for more delays.

Keep in mind that the video presenters are community relations persons and not developers. Musco didn’t even remember how to place rugs until the end of the stream. Even I knew how to do that. =P

True, though I would think they would be showcasing a recent build nonetheless. Not knowing how to do something is different than not being able to check on it because it hasn’t been implemented yet in the build.

I don’t think they will try things out in an incomplete internal build. I presume they have a list of things they can show on the stream, and anything else may well be broken or unsuitable for demo.

For example, the checks for binding may not be in place in that build. So if they ‘give it a try’ it would seem like you can put bound items in the legacy storage, while that was never intended. If they do that on a stream and it’s not in live, people get disappointed. So with this kind of demo they probably stick to only showing things they know are working correctly.

They really need to change it to fleet chat in strongholds or it will make it a lot harder to pug. Also they need to make sure loading in and out of your stronghold does take so long it negates the benefit of a legacy bank.

I noticed “Cartel Market: Constable’s Pack” & “Seneschal’s Pack” as item sources around 9:30 in the video.

Fine, but I’m still disappointed about not being able to order some Pizza Hutt at my Stronghold

“Fine, but I’m still disappointed about nor being able to order some Pizza the Hutt at my Stronghold”

Missed a word there, fixed it for you.

Is there going to be an option for stronghold owners to disable duelling in their strongholds? I know a lot of people want to duel, but there are also a lot of us who would like to put our strongholds on the public listings, but don’t want people duelling in our homes.


Overall, I noticed Constable, Gatekeeper, Seneschal, & Architect Packs as sources.
The Alderaanian standards in Eric’s inventory weren’t in alphabetical order, so maybe their order suggests the Pack release order that I’ve listed above.

Yes not being able to see fleet chat in the house is an issue, I hope they decide that is something they will add. All they need to do is add another separate channel for fleet, and still have the planetary on the other channel.

Making a group for an OP is often done in the fleet chat, it’s kinda needed for Stronghold or people are not gonna stay in them, which kinda defeats the point.

As I posted elsewhere, use /Allies for forming OPS, pretty much everyone does, on every server.

If you don’t know how, type “/cjoin Allies” in your chatbox and hit enter. Don’t use the quotes.

And, I still insist that getting help from fleetchat is like trying to clean a seweage plant with a toothbrush; pointless and disgusting.

P.S. Areneth, true, /LFG exists, but at least on Jung Ma and Ebon Hawk, that channel has died an inglorious death. It’s all /Allies for ops, /Enemies for PvP, /GSF for GSF, and /Guild for any real help.

Now that is a different story.
If I could log onto CZ-198 chat from aboard my starship / inside my stronghold and see if anyone wants to run it, it would make life SO MUCH easier.

I’m kinda sad.. I had some of my most fun in Ultima Online’s housing with gardening. I know its not farmville, but being able to make a flower garden would be nice.

Yay on the clarification. That makes me feel a little better. Not sure I would bother going all-out with all 4 strongholds though. I might keep one slot open just in case.

“just in case” what? If they add another Stronghold you can just deactivate one and purchase the new one.

Yes. Say in 5 months that they release a Hoth Stronghold, and you would rather have one on Hoth then Tat cause you prefer snow over sand. You can deactivate Tat and buy the activate the Hoth one.

“You can place any BoE/crafting components etc.”

Does that mean items that were BoE initially before you equipped them, (and are now just “bound”) can be put in storage?

That’s distinctly different than a BoP item.

You can place anything that is currently labeled as Bind on Equip, once it says it is Bound you can not drop it.

Whats the point of answering questions, if most of answers “I don’t know, I’m not sure…”?
They must know everything about theme, when telling to people information about it…

EA employees don’t play the games they develop or represent. Long suspected. Confirmed with twitch live streams.

Or maybe the community team doesn’t get constant open access to things that are in development, and what they do have access to they aren’t necessarily authorized to divulge every bit of information about…

He said he hadn’t played Strongholds since the last live stream. Not surprising, he’s a community manager, not a dev, so he probably only has access to the dev server when the devs say so, and even so, he’s probably been told before hand what he is and is not allowed to touch.

This Q&A cracked me up hard. I laughed soo much I’ve almost cried. “Can you become Kephess? Yes” why not rofl… bioware made my day + how can’t he know about 3/4 of the stuff isn’t he checking up on design team doesn’t he know what the plans are (cuz that’d be hillarious) wasn’t he in the twitch livestreams? Anyways I’m still laughing at looking back I don’t even care about strongholds anymore for now.

I dont see the point on “the fucking planetary chat”! Why? In other words u cant stay in your stronghold too long.

I wonder if you can access all your companions’ equipment in your stronghold. For example, on the ship you can adjust Malavai Quinn’s clothing(he wears his default uniform, not a Clandestine/TR jacket), as long as he isn’t performing a crew task. Will this be a feature in the stronghold, too? Will we be able to talk to our companions there? Will they continue to send their crafted results to the mail instead of cargo hold/legacy hold? Not sure if it’s been answered yet, though.

Actually, the items your companions craft don’t go to your mail, they go into your inventory space, unless your inventory is full. Then it will be mailed to you. But you do bring up a good point, that would be awesome if the items crafted by your companions go straight into legacy storage, rather than just your personal inventory. That might be a little to much to ask though lol

At 47:15 in the livestream archive the source of the item they have selected says “Flashpoint: Maanaan”

Fleet chat in strongholds or riot? Our current decision is still planetary chat.
Guess they chose riot

Can you store credits in legacy storage? Not sure, need to check.
I just want an actual bank where I can store a bit of cash and not spend it, save it for bigger things

You could just make a new char, name him “Konohas-bank,” transfer credits to him and pretend hes your bank, only logging in to withdraw money when you’ve saved enough for those bigger things.

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