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Wildstar Mid-July Class Balance Updates

A number of changes were posted on the forums for the various Wildstar classes and their upcoming class updates in the future.



Hey everybody,

I wanted to give a quick update on the Engineer. These are some of the things we are currently working on or investigating for future updates:

  • Bot AI – In the short term we will continue to resolve bugs as they come up. For the long term we have developed a plan that should greatly improve pet behaviors.
  • Performing audits on all spells in order to address issues that are not obvious but are negatively impacting gameplay.
  • Looking into Revisiting Mortar Strike and finding a place where it could really shine.
  • Cleaning up interaction of spells and AMPs that key off of the 30-70 Volatility zone.
  • General Tank damage output and threat pacing.
    • We’re looking into ways to increase damage output of all tanks and normalizing threat generation.
  • DPS balance across all classes is something we’re actively reviewing and have some major changes in the works.

Generally, the Engineers are in a much better spot now than they were at launch. However – we will be keeping up the work in order to squash bugs, improve bot behaviors, and introduce more quality of life improvements.

Thanks all!


Hey Spellslingers,

I wanted to update you all on upcoming changes to the Spellslinger, and provide some insight on the direction for the future. But first, an introduction:

The name’s Tranagram.  And I’ll be taking over as the principal designer of the Spellslinger. This change is a result of Meerkat assuming new responsibilities, and having to pass on some of his current workload. That said, Meerkat remains the principal designer of the Engineer (and Aodz is still the Class Team Lead).

As for my background, prior to joining Aodz and the Class team, I was working with Timetravel and crew on Dungeons and Raids.

Now, the update you’ve all been waiting for (which will come in a future patch that still has a date TBD)…

  • Spell Surge will, once again, be castable while casting
    • We’ve spent a lot of time working on the back-end of spells to make this happen and we believe it will really help to smooth out Spell Surge’s usage.
  • As a result of the change to Spell Surge, we have also been able to clean up a number of issues with AMP proc events.
    • This will include fixes to AMPS such as The One, Surge Damage, and Healing Aura.

What to expect after the above changes:

  • Going forward, we are going to be looking into improving certain aspects of the Support spec.
  • As Meerkat has mentioned previously, all AMPs and Abilities will continue to be improved upon – our primary goal being to make underused AMPs and Abilities more desirable.

That is it for now, I look forward to reading your comments and working with you all to improve upon the Spellslinger’s gameplay experience!


Hello Stalkers, I wanted to take a minute and go over some recent changes as well as those that will be coming in the future.

With the recent patch we addressed quite a few things to help with issues Stalker’s were seeing in PvP:

  • Overall range increase on attacks
  • Impale Tier 4 armor penetration was increased
  • Movement speed was increased in Stealth
  • Reduced the resistance penalty while in Nano Skin Lethal
  • Tactical Retreat no longer shows a smoke trail when used and it also makes the Stalker harder to detect while active

What to expect in the future:

  • CC Breaker
    • We are working on adjusting an ability to have it be a base CC break that is more usable by both Tanks and DPS
  • Nano Skin: Agile
    • We want to make this stance a more viable option
  • Neutralize
    • This will have its cost increase stack cap reduced by 1
  • Impale
  • This will hit 2 targets up from 1
  • Bloodthirst
    • This will be a more valuable utility ability at the base tier
  • Bug Fixes
    • We have more bug fixes on the way to resolve various issues
  • Stalker Tank
    • Currently the Stalker tank is performing well in Raids and Dungeons but is a little stronger than intended in PvP and we have slight balance changes prepared for an upcoming patch

We also have plenty of changes planned for underused Ability Tiers and AMPs. Like the Esper, these changes are a work in progress and as we get closer to these changes going live I will update you with what you can expect.


Hello Espers, I wanted to take a minute and go over some of our plans for the Esper in the near future and beyond.

In the very near future:

  • Soothe
    • We are working to get a fix in as soon as possible to address the bug that is causing the telegraph to be “stuck” on.
  • Crush
    • We are working to get a fix in as soon as possible to address the bug that is preventing the Animation and FX from playing.

In the not-so-distant future:

  • Spectral Form
    • This will become castable while moving
  • Telekinetic Strike
    • This will become castable while moving
    • The Tier 8 bonus will only requires 3 Psi Charge stacks, down from 6
  • Concentrated Blade
    • The hit delay will be reduced to 3s, down from 4.4s (t0-t3) and 3.4s (t4+)
    • The Tier 4 bonus will be changed to refund 2 charges per 10sec
  • Blade Dance
    • The channel time will be reduced to 2 seconds, down from 3 seconds
  • Psychic Frenzy
    • The initial cast GCD will be reduced to .75s, down from 1.25s
    • The Tier 8 bonus will only requires 3 Psi Charge stacks, down from 6

What to expect after the above changes:

  • As mentioned before, we have changes planned in the future to improve underused AMPs and Ability Tiers. These changes are a work in progress and I’d hate to mention something that we don’t end up delivering. As we get closer to these changes going live, I will update you with what you can expect (similarly to the changes mentioned above).
  • While we are moving away from forcing Espers to be immobile casters, we do not want to completely kill the playstyle for players that enjoy the concept. In the future you can expect to see some AMPs and Ability tiers that will reward players based on the amount of time they spend stationary.


Warrior Tanks,

We have heard your complaints loud and clear and are working to resolve the issues you are facing. I wanted to drop in and give a quick update on Warrior Tanking changes that will be coming in the future, timeline TBD.

*Disclaimer: These changes are going through testing and may not make it to live exactly how we describe them here.

  • Menacing Strike
    • This will gain additional threat generation per tier. T8 will be changed to be less RNG but with a cooldown.
  • Jolt
    • This will be transitioned into a Kinetic Energy generator. It is likely that it will lose its charges and gain a straight cooldown. T8 will be re-designed to be focused on threat burst.
  • Plasma Wall
    • This will lose some mitigation to gain bonus threat. T8 will be re-designed to be focused on personal damage mitigation.
  • Atomic Spear
    • This will now also be triggered when the Warrior’s attacks are deflected. Additionally this will be castable while casting Plasma Wall.
  • Bolstering Strike
    • The cooldown will be increased and healing will be increased so that this will be used for burst shield healing rather than having to spam it.
  • Polarity Field
    • This will gain additional threat per tier. T8 will be re-designed to increase the fields effectiveness on enemies who are taking damage from both fields.
  • Expulsion
    • Cooldown will be increased, will only cleanse 1 debuff but gain bonus threat. T4 will be changed to deal additional damage at higher energy levels.
  • Shield Burst
    • Replace Jolt as the Warrior’s second Energy Restricted ability.
    • Energy Generation will be removed
    • Shield Healing will be removed
    • Cooldown will be reduced
    • Will no longer require the Warrior shield to be depleted to be used
    • Damage dealt will increase based on the Warrior’s current shield level
    • Will gain bonus threat generation and bonus threat generation per tier
    • T4 will be re-designed to focus on threat generation.
    • T8 will be re-designed to debuff enemies and enhance the Warriors tanking abilities.



I wanted to drop by and give a quick update on Medic changes that will be coming in the future. Some of these will be in for Patch 2 and some of them will be coming in soon after Patch 2 drops.


  • Gamma Rays
    • Range will be increase to 20m from 17.5
    • Target count will be increased to 3 from 1
    • The T4 will reduce GR’s cast time by .5 seconds each cast and will reset after every 3 casts (1.25 seconds, .75 seconds, .25 seconds)
    • The T8 will be updated so that having 1 or 2 beams miss or be deflected will still grant a chance to generate an Actuator
  • Quantum Cascade
    • The size of the second tick will be increased by 25% and the third/fourth ticks by 50%.
  • Atomize
    • This will become castable while casting other spells and will have a 100% chance to generate an Acuator.


  • Reboot AMP
    • This will be modified to trigger on targets below 30% Shield rather than with zero shield.
  • Dual Shock
    • Like Atomize this will also become castable while casting.

AoE Healing and Interrupt Armor

Specific portions of the Medic’s AoE healing kit are currently over-turned and will be adjusted. Additionally, the durations of Interrupt Armor are going to be reduced across the board and the Medic will start to see these changes first.


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Finally some buffs to Warrior tank threat generation. That will be very handy if/when I turn my sub back on.

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