Galactic Strongholds SWTOR

SWTOR Galactic Living Dromund Kaas Livestream Notes

SWTOR Galactic Living livestream featuring Dromund Kaas stronghold with some notes and pictures.


  • Doors open up four ways – up, down, left right. When you go into the stronghold and pass through a door, it will remain open until you leave the stronghold.
  • Trophies awarded retroactively based on achievements. Each difficulty mode has a different border and icons. It is basically portrait of the bosses you have killed.
  • Decorations can be purchased with cartel certificates right on the fleet (in addition to credits etc)
  • Question to players: If we were doing another stronghold, where would you like to live? Submit your answers on forums etc.
  • Mounts/Pets – Once you unlocked a mount/pet, you can only put one of them in each stronghold and only one copy. However, placing it in one stronghold will not make it unavailable for others. (i..e if you unlocked Charcoal Dewback on your character, there is one copy available for each stronghold and placing it in one won’t make it unavailable for other strongholds you have).
  • You can only place a mount/pet once in a stronghold even if multiple characters in your legacy owns it.
  • If you want to place companions of other characters, you need to log into them to place it.
  • You can get new labels for your stronghold to display on the public listing via achievements.It is similar to a character title.
  • You cannot name your strongholds, but you can change the owner of the stronghold to one of your characters in your legacy. The exception is Guild Strongholds which you can name it as whatever you want.


  • For Prestige, there is an incentive to make your house very busy and drop decoration on all the hooks since it increases your completion %.
  • Guild Flagship and Conquest are new systems so we want to show them to you rather than just talk to them.
  • Guild stronghold is similar to personal strongholds with the exception that guild members can donate decorations and multiple players can have gold keys with the ability to decorate. They have same layouts as player strongholds.
  • If you transfer servers, the stronghold that come with you will not be decorated. You will get your decorations back and need to decorate it again.
  • If you have two identical classes, you cannot place two copies of your companions.
  • If you visit DK stronghold as a republic character, can you see the DK planetary chat? Interesting question. No answer given.
  • Min level for someone to enter Stronghold – Level 15 or 16, which should give you enough credits to buy a stronghold in DK or Coruscant.
  • You cannot place credits in legacy storage.
  • You cannot have more than one of the same stronghold. However, you can have a personal Dromund Kaas stronghold and a guild Dromund Kaas stronghold.
  • Fleet chat is still on fleet, we don’t want to deplete the fleet.
  • Can a republic character buy a stronghold in Dromund Kaas? Make an Imperial character, level it to level 15, buy a DK stornghold and then pay a fee to smuggle your Republic character over. Smugglers/agents do not need to pay any fee.

Images of Dromund Kaas Stronghold


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108 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Living Dromund Kaas Livestream Notes”

Seems disappointing that the Kaas Stronghold has the same layout as the Coruscant one. The rain is amazing, though.

That’s expected for any MMO, though. Guess they didn’t put in the effort to creating a exclusive capital world layout, would have made things more interesting.

Obviously makes the design cost and time easier, but also cuts down on the forum crying that one faction has a better layout than the other….and you know that would happen.

Mixed thoughts on no fleet chat. They do have a good point that we don’t want the fleet to become a ghost town. Not sure if that will make strongholds feel empty, though. Maybe if planetary chat really lights up I guess it’s fine.

They need to make a stronghold chat or something. Whether they like it or not, Fleet will empty out after this goes live.

Custom chat channel. My server is making one for strongholds, and then you can see chat from everywhere in the galaxy.
Seriously, why is everyone up in arms about this when you can make custom chat channels that are faction wide on the server?

Nonsense. Crafters will love it, and also I am going to put all my stims, adrenals, medpacs, grenades and other such consumables in it so I do not have to logout – login – logout – login when I need to get more on the toon I am running. I’ll just QT to my Stronghold, get the stuff, and QT back to where I was. Probably won’t be using my field mail droid much anymore …

Hopefully we can get a droid of some sort that will give us access to legacy storage wherever we are. Traveling to a stronghold to put mats in or take something out will get old real fast, particularly for those that don’t otherwise care much for the idea of strongholds.

Not to mention things like the MGGS (MGSS?). Log out, try to remember who has it, check a couple before finding it and mailing it back.

I can guarantee you I craft more than you. Even with this storage, I will be logging in and logging out just as much as I do now. The only difference is I’ll be doing it in my house instead of the VIP lounge.

Your example doesn’t even fall into the criteria of crafter use.

Unless you’ve been granted some special exception to be allowed to have all the crew skills on 1 character, you need a minimum of 6 different characters to cover all of the 6 crew skills. Therefore, you currently need to store the appropriate mats with each of those characters who have that particular crew skill.

Its only completely useless if your primary need for it is trying to gear all your alts and companions and alts companions by need rolling on every drop you ever get.

Except you can already do this. Most people will kick you from the group if you need roll on stuff you don’t actually need. But lets just ignore long established mmo etiquette to make a point.

The good news is that you don’t need to use it. Problem solved. Crisis averted. Sorry they aren’t letting you turn everything into Bind to Legacy gear. If you’re that desperate to gear alts, you still have the tried and true method of sending mods through legacy gear. If that’s too expensive for you, then save some credits. It’s ridiculous that anyone thought they would allow people to just transfer bound gear through legacy storage, lol.

The “smuggling character fee” is so stupid to add, and they made it more for RP’ers than anyone else, especially since there is no fee for Smugglers/Agents.

They would certainly make a fee for every class rather than no fee at all. Excluding Smugglers and Agents is just a bow to SW lore, not necessarily to RP’ers.
I’m not a RP’er but I like to immerse into a game world and that idea is okay for me. The whole GS expansion is mostly targeting RP community anyway, so I don’t know why you complain about a tiny detail 😉

You do realize this is an MMO RPG… They try to at least make an effort to keep things themed since it is a role playing game.

Quote: «Min level for someone to enter Stronghold – Level 15 or 16, which should
give you enough credits to buy a stronghold in DK or Coruscant»

Ah, can we please have the drug squad visit SWtOR’s HQ? I don’t know what they are smoking, but it most be strong.

A while back, I did an experiment: I leveled a character 1 to 10 exclusively with GSF, and I leveled a character 1 to 10 exclusively on planetery and class quests. Mind you, I sold all the loot, and did not spend a single credit on gear; I used my crafters for that.
At best, planetary quests gave me 16k-20k (if I killed all the mobs I could find), and GSF gave me, on a good run, (wins, in layman’s terms) ~40k.

These are ideal numbers, assuming no expendature and an experienced player: when I got my first character to fleet, I only had 1k in my pocket.

Unless the Coruscant/DK strongholds will cost something like 50k each, there is no way a new player with a lowbie could get one.
Not if Nalen whatshisname suddenly drops a million credits when you beat him. (If that’s the case, I’m gonna make a lot of consulars).

When Nar Shadaa was being discussed, it was said the stronghold proper would cost 250k.
Devs: FYI, a level 15 Jedi Sentinel WILL NOT have 250k for a stronghold.

No credits in legacy storage. Buggar that. It gets kinds tricky shuffling funds between factions. That is one feature I might have liked in this expansion.
I’m guessing they don’t want to lift the “we have to screw the regular player so we won’t let him mail credits unless he pays us $s.” restriction.

No fleet chat in stronghold? thank the Force.

On one of the comments below: Strondhold channel? They hardly need that, just go /create [yourchannelname].

That about covers it.

I think the lvl 15/16 affordable is only DK and Cor though. Nar and Tat is going to be more expensive. And my guess is it will be unnaffordable for new lvl 15/16 players to unlock extra rooms even on DK and Cor. So pretty much the basic purchase i think

They’ve already said that Nar Shadaa is the most expensive stronghold. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Coruscant/DK are 5k or less, at least for the initial unlock.

Could be, LOL. My guess is 5k for the unlock, 10k for the broom closet expansion. Bedroom will be 50k, and then exponentially up from there.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. Low cost of entry and high cost of upgrade vs. high cost of entry and high cost of upgrade…. I’ll take the former.

Things in games cost money (in game credits) and the good things cost more I don’t get the “Knowing BioWare” comment lol, games have done this for a long time before Bioware entered the MMO market.

Meetra does have a valid point; if you start a brand new account/character, you won’t have many credits by level 15-16. Even if you have enough, how many people will judge housing to be more important than gear/speeders/etc? A 5k-50k unlock fee, while trivial to established accounts, will be keeping a lot of new players out of housing until later.

I think they should just make the coruscant/dk base unlock free; add a slight amount of dialogue to the scene where you get your ship: “we are giving you a ship to go do tasks for us, but we know you’ll get tired so here’s an apartment for you too.” Would take a slight bit of thought to tie it in with the BH/smuggler stories, but they could find a way.

The entire purpose of the low entry cost on coruscant/dk is to get people into housing that otherwise probably wouldn’t bother, and hope they like it and subsequently purchase more rooms/decorations with cartel coins. Why bother with an ultimately trivial purchase price when it will act as a deterrent against those you are trying to lure in in the first place?

A very valid point.
Trivial price would have to come with a trivial unlock, say a foyar.

But, seeing said foyar might diswage many players — except the completionists, but those would pay $ for anything and everything, even a Trojan if it had “Star Wars” in the header text. — they would probably think, “If this 3 square-meter janitor’s closet is an accurate representation of the rest of GSH, do I really need that 500k/$40 balcony?”

SWtOR should never have been made on a subscription model, it should have been a one-time purchase, with additional — worthwhile — “expansions” developed. Then the dev team could accurately judge what the player base liked and what it didn’t by the impact on their pockets.
As it stands now, the only reason I am a sub is for running ops, as such, I’ll get the Nar Shaddaa thing we subs get, and I’ll stick with it “just for the heck of it”. I have no interest in paying real money for virtual cookies, nor of grinding dalies for no real gain.


“You cannot place credits in legacy storage”. So, now essentially all it is for is putting matts in. What a freakin JOKE. You can’t do ANY BOP gear, and now no credits. They really dropped the ball on this one. Pretty let down on how their Legacy Vault works. Very lackluster.

Agreed on BoP items. Why would anyone in their right mind expect anything else, I don’t get it.

As far as credits, running to stronghold just to get shared credits would be far more inconvenient than just mailing them as a sub anyways so I don’t really care.

They have such a stupidly mixed up stance on legacy gearing alts. They know people do it and made legacy offhands to help them, but they don’t want to make it any easier by putting BoP items in legacy bank instead of mailing in legacy gear.
So yeh pretty much useless except for crafting and to save a tiny bit of time mailing things, to spend that time traveling to your stronghold and back instead. Might as well just put legacy banks on the fleet and have strongholds just for people to play decorating.

It looks so ugly. 🙁 I thought there would be huge windows and Citadel overtones, but instead, it looks like a blue aquarium. I think I’ll stick with the free palace for now.

Level 55 Sith Inquisitor with only one quickbar slot… Now I know why Bioware sucks so much in PVP! 😉

Meh I only care about legacy storage so I don’t need to waste time mailing stuff.
I am just going to stick to my free 5 room one us subs get, I just wish it was on a better planet, all the stronghold planets gen chat suck, full of spammers and retards.

Cap planets are the worst for idiotic chat on Ebon Hawk so be thankful our free stronghold is NarShad. I am.

“You cannot place credits in legacy storage.”

Epic fail.

I have no issue with BOP items, these not belong to legacy. But not having shared wallet is shit.

If you have more than 10 chars as subscriber, its pretty hard to remember amount of credits on each char… So its really fail.

Try having 20 chars on two legacies, five of them GTN-traders, four of them with 100 slots active at once. Then we’ll see how easy it is.

I have about 15 characters and I also use the GTN and I don’t have any issues. Also, its your choice to have that many characters, you knew what you were getting going in to it.

If you really don’t have the capacity to keep track of it all, try making a spreadsheet. Seriously you act like this is rocket science or something.

Umm, if you are managing that many GTN traders with that many items managing money will be the simplest thing out of all of that lol. When I sell something on chars I instantly send the credits to my *bank* character, quite simple really. Listing and re-listing 100 * 4 + more items each day or two is far more complex and time consuming than that.

I have 1 alt with all my credits and who sell all my things. All the rest have 50k for repairs if i do something with them.

Not really… just have one character act as the “bank” with the smaller amounts on each character. It’s a bit inconvenient but not hard at all to manage.

I have almost all my creds on one toon. It’s the toon I always log into first and do all my gtn searches on, so if I want something, I just buy it then and send it to my other toon. Shared wallet wasn’t even something I even considered they’d put in and its absence certainly doesn’t make legacy bank a failure. It’s a LEGACY BANK! This is a good thing.

Yes, what we need is for credit farmers to have an easier way to keep track of currency. Let us just skip the whole FTP security system.

Do not judge me, if you don’t know me.

I have a sub for over 2 years now. And lots of alts, 9 of them lvl 55. And I am tired as hell of sending credits back and forth between them.

You’ve mentioned f2p, which is pointless. For example guild banks allow to store credits and f2p restrictions are still in place.

Totally agree. Having all my credits centralized was something I’d have loved – and paid for – to get.

Just a place to stash crafting materials now… meh… ok. I’m not THAT big into decorating, but it might be a nice occupation while waiting for the pop.

If there was at least a panel where you could see the creds and what character they are on… you know: one of the main functionalities of addons like bartender… or titanpanel even in classic wow 2005! 9 years later and millions of users of said feature on… and it’s still not implemented in ANY way. :/ This is actually one BIG let down. For me. Others might care less.

“Question to players: If we were doing another stronghold, where would you like to live? Submit your answers on forums etc.”
In another MMO’s housing system. Seriously, in many ways this is both a copy of, and a major step backward from LOTRO’s, whom is.. what… 7 years old now? The Legacy bank was supposed to be the practical thing that made up for how crappy the rest of GSH was, but.. apparently not anymore.

“If you visit DK stronghold as a republic character, can you see the DK planetary chat? Interesting question. No answer given.”
‘Oh, shit.’ – Fixed that for you,

That whole feature doesn’t even make sense.

“Can a republic character buy a stronghold in Dromund Kaas? Make an Imperial character, level it to level 15, buy a DK stornghold and then pay a fee to smuggle your Republic character over. Smugglers/agents do not need to pay any fee.”
Worst. Race/class trait. Ever.

“Fleet chat is still on fleet, we don’t want to deplete the fleet.”
What is the point of buying a house, if you’re not going to live there instead of on the fleet?

I honestly cannot comprehend how them asking where people would want to live constitutes a step back from whatever LotRO had. In fact, none of your post really makes any sense.

The point is, SWTOR’s housing system is like LOTRO’s, but crappier, because unlike in LOTRO, your house is an instance. You can’t look out a window and see someone else’s house. You can’t step outside and walk over to their house. And because of that, it doesn’t feel like you’re living in a house, it feels like you’ve teleported to a private trophy-room dimension. Or, you can teleport to someone else’s private trophy-room dimension.

LOTRO houses are instances actually. Its linked in neighborhoods, yes, but every neighborhood is instance actually. Same ball viewed from other side, that’s all. What we need thats house system like UO or old good SWG…

LOTRO’s neighborhoods are made up of MANY houses, which goes a long way towards making your house feel like a house.
Now, I realize that LOTRO’s system has downsides. Because houses were not identical (different sizes/layouts/surrounding scenery) some were more desirable than others, and so they had to do something to free up houses owned by no-longer-active players. And so in addition to the purchase fee, you have to pay a weekly(?) rent to maintain ownership. Which is a pain.
Still, I think they could have made SWTOR’s system more like LOTRO’s system without running into that problem, and it would have been a whole lot better.

I don’t understand how you don’t realize how terrible having housing uninstanced would be. Can you imagine how ugly it would be to have other people’s ugly ass houses all over the place?

Besides it makes perfect sense for Coruscant, DK, and NS that they be more like apartments than houses anyways. Just think of the entrance as your elevator to your suite.

How is this a major step back from Lotro? The hook system in Lotro is alot less inituitive. Fewer hooks, with fixed sizes. ALOT fewer hooks.

And Legacy Storage was never announced to be anything other than it is, so it was never “supposed” to be anything. That is all in your head of what you WISHED it to be, wich is a different matter 🙂

“Question to players: If we were doing another stronghold, where would you like to live? Submit your answers on forums etc.”
No, BioWare, don’t create another stronghold. Instead, fix PvP, create an operation or two, and give us a more interesting questline than “Kill X ammount of Y Mobs to get Z ammount of A drops.” or “Click X ammount of blue buttons to save a poor, unfortunate settlement from imminent doom.”

Seriously, that got boring after my second run through Taris.
“What is the point of buying a house, if you’re not going to live there instead of on the fleet?”
Good point. Lets, instead, get a stronghold ON the fleet. That way, I am close to my PvP terminals, you are close to the nuthouse chat, and everyone blasts imps happily ever after.


Second time through Taris? That’s cute; I’m on my 10th time through, you know nothing of the pain….

So you’d rather have quests where you pose as the ordinary mailman of Coruscant, living the sweet life by totally ignoring your true calling as a jedi and just squander away your chances at being special, all while living in a “far-too-fancy” house without any friends and social contacts because you prefer listening to the same old stuff on that same old planet every day, again and again and again…

Seriously, stop looking for realism in a game, quests are grinds if you did them too much, how interesting the story may have been once, it gets old, now, THIS is where you decide if you keep playing or just give up, try enjoying a GAME and stop asking for more REAL LIFE, we already have enough of that in our.. oh, wait.. real life?

As a long time Sub, I just think of the new stuff as extra Sub perks. You can use them or leave them completely alone. The choice is yours.

Yes but if u choose to leave this stuff alone, u are left alone and realize that the developers are spending all their time on extremely overpriced CC stuff and forgetting about content. In BW’s defense, housing and having literal clowns in their armor art department have more or less been the games major complains and they’re responding.. Yet Rakata armor still blows the doors off the armor in cartel market, EA was probably like “hey devs I think we gave them too much with that high detail armor” they pretty much screwed anyone who couldn’t finish collecting a full set. At least wow lets u have a chance to go back and run old raids again w same drops and rates

The failure is not being able to express an opinion with a little more candor than the overuse of the word fail.

The issue is, that EA Bioware cares only about stuff, which can be easily monetized. The QoL stuff lands on “wall of crazy” and never returns. We’d like to have decent legacy cargo, double spec, appearance tabs, cross-server pvp queues. We get crafting cargo, manual re-spec, crude gear system when changing look at lvl 55 costs over 1 mil credits and long waiting time in queues. Still, we should be happy as we’re going to buy rugs for CM certificates.

Honesty, I was very enthusiastic about GSH, loosing interest more and more after each twitch stream. There is still one positive thing though. I will be able to place mailbox next to GTN, which feature was too difficult for Bioware developers to invent.

Try to unlock GTN on your ship. Mailbox is in cockpit, GTN terminal is in cargo hold, far away in the back (especially on Phantom, Defender and XS).

there practically is a mailbox next to both GTN terminals, not their fault you don’t feel like moving a little to reach it.

Where? On the fleet, with lots of nonsense and spammers in chat? We’re talking about the ships, I think. I’m logging in on my Sentinel and Mara characters for GTN trading every day. It’s a tedious run, even with a Rocket Boost and a full 30 stack of Fury converted into movement speed increase. My secondary trading char is a Trooper, and her GTN/mailbox runs are a nightmare. The alternative is the fleet or the Cartel Bazaar, which is just… ugh.

you never once considered hiding the general chat? it’s what I do when I don’t feel like looking at whatever garbage is going on there. It can’t be that tedious, at least on fleet the banks (both guild and personal) the mailbox and both GTN terminals are all in close proximity to one another. On a ship the space would be even less, though the mail box is probably further away from the cargo hold and the personal GTN, wouldn’t know exactly since ship layout is always different for each class and I never bothered to buy that the GTN for my ship.

Mailboxes on ships are near the cockpit. GTN, Guild Bank, Cargo Bay, Ship Repair Droid are all so close on a ship, you can literally stand in one spot and use them. You only have to walk to the mailbox and if you have the Field Mail Droid, you won’t even have to walk at all.

You people are not seeing the big picture here. GSH is being released because it became a fabulous idea for those who wanted it in the game. I don’t see anything wrong on housing characters getting included in our game. I personally think is a good idea since I played Runescape and Wizard101 as little kid, I someday knew the devs would be needed that in our game environment.

Now that we’ve seen a little of all the strongholds, I know I’m most interested in the Coruscant and Tatooine ones. Shame it’s the Nar Shaddaa one I get for free. I like the idea of setting up a jumping puzzle in a stronghold. Could be fun for a guild stronghold, too. I’m not sure it would be possible to get one that connects multiple rooms, though, so maybe it can’t get that elaborate. I also want to make one of my rooms a “petting zoo” with all my animal mounts and pets.

I like that datacron table that they say you get from finding all the datacrons, but I REALLY don’t want to have to do the Makeb Endurance one. Here’s hoping they mean all the datacrons except the Makeb ones…Please? Pretty please?

sorry to burst your bubble, but the achievement for the datacron master title (all datacrons) includes the makeb ones. But albeit tedious, I found it quite fun to do. A bit easier on rep char i would bet since you don’t have as long to go to the starting point when you fall to your death and such

kinda sad, I can mail credits to other characters in my legacy but I cant have a Stronghold storage that keeps credits. wow, would just make it easier.

I hate the mail system. I lost a piece of Bloodguard armor through the mail recently, and CS could not recover the item. And since that was event armor that has come and gone by almost 2 years, I am screwed. The mail system is very disappointing.

I don’t like the way prestige and completion are caluculated. Nothing is stopping players from just randomly placing decorations without any rhyme or reason just so they can top the charts.

In fact, I predict that all of the players with the largest prestige scores will have strongholds that aren’t thoughtfully decorated and instead just threw all of their decorations around just to build their score.

They need to figure out a system that rewards keeping with themes and using decorations intuitively for design purposes.

player voted? Scale of 1-10 and whoever has the highest scores will be on top? Has its faults such as popularity aspects, but that could be easily fixed if they only allow you to rate when going through a random search with owners not being listed. That’s what i would do to keep it classy

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