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Wildstar Carbine Explains recent loot changes to group content.

Wildstar developers have posted some explanations regarding the recent loot changes to dungeons and adventures.

Hey all,

Thanks for the feedback on yesterday’s changes. I thought I’d pull back the curtain a bit and post about the reasoning behind some of these changes alongside some data to push things along.

Firstly, I would like to clarify some of the details concerning the drop rates for superb items in dungeons and adventures. It was not clear that superb quality rewards were not going to be a 100% drop for completing a gold medal run, and that’s on us. In the spirit of transparency, then, here’s the information regarding drop rates and the effects of medal runs:

· The superb item loot table has a 20% chance to be selected to drop from the final boss or event of a dungeon or adventure.

· The superb item loot table has a 10% chance to be selected to drop from each bonus medal loot roll.

· Combined, there’s the opportunity for up to 4 possible purple drops from the final boss.

Bluntly: when you kill the final boss of a dungeon, that boss has a 20% chance to drop one of the previous gold medal purple rewards instead of a blue item. Every extra roll provided by a medal reward has a 10% chance to drop an epic reward. You can and will occasionally get 4 blue items for completing a Gold medal for War of the Wilds. It is also possible, but statistically less likely, to receive multiple purples.

A more fundamental question, though, surrounds why this change was necessary. A bit more detail on that:

· Superb (purple) items were originally intended to be exceedingly rare. So rare in fact that they were designed to be completely unnecessary for starting progress in Genetic Archives. We thought of them as interesting bits to chase for the fully engaged 5 player group audience.

· The primary source of purple items through PvE content was intended to be 20-player raid content, with other sources providing some additional loot opportunities. It was not our intention for them to be commonplace through dungeons and adventures.

Frankly, we were surprised with how quickly gold medal runs became the standard and the resulting impact of that on the group play experience. A “Gold Medal or Bust” mentality developed where players placed more value on purple rewards than on the groups in which they played, and this is something that needed to be addressed. The goals in this change were as follows:

1. Reduce toxic behavior in Group Finder-initiated groups.

2. Ensure that purple items remain rare chase items in the dungeons/adventures, as intended, rather than as a reason to farm gold medals in the easiest veteran spaces.

3. Return the emphasis toward instance completion away from medals, while keeping medals valuable in their own right.

You have been forthright with your concerns about the way we’ve gone, and offered up some interesting suggestions. I’ve been reading many of them while thinking about this, and I assure you that we are not deaf to your concerns over this or other items regarding elder game item balance. Reward structures, in particular, are important and can be divisive, particularly in the elder game.

After we’ve had some time to discuss the feedback internally, I’ll write up another post discussing our plans for this and other issues. As we evaluate the impact of these changes in game on our diverse player base, we’ll continue to adapt and revise the plans when and where we feel it is suitable. We’re always discussing these issues and we encourage you to as well, both with us and amongst yourselves. The devs are listening!

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