GW2 Basic Lumber Node Pack in Gemstore

To continue the tradition of meh gemstore updates in Season Two, Arenanet has released a Basic Lumber Node Pack in the gemstore for 800 gems.

This node pack will set you back 800 gems (~80 gold) and only offer 3 trees you can only log once per day per account.

  • This activates 3 lumber nodes within your home instance for daily logging. The trees created provide green, soft, and seasoned logs.


  • As you so aptly put it, meh.

  • Shinokata

    It should really be every variety of wood all the way up through ancient.

  • Immortius

    You wood not be leaf how uninterested I am in this. I hope this doesn’t stick and ArenaNet twigs to the lumbermental problem with this offering. Maybe next update will include something worth pining over.

    • Ayson Currax

      Next time on Crap-we-dont-really-want : A node for crappy starter Jewels.

      • Ferozstein

        It’s already here, with the copper/silver/gold ore node pack.

    • M P

      well played, sir.

  • zaw

    why game store if it could be some goal to achieve…thing to play for..nope, just flat buy for gems…

  • Ice of dragons

    The meh train of stuff wee dont want or need. A guild hall that i would buy.

  • Ares Zax

    That placement of the third tree is AWFUL. >.< Seriously, did the devs not see that the Krait Obelisk was already there when they were arranging it?

    • Sty

      Maybe the placement is better in the other towns. Anybody wants to buy the node to check it?

      • Ayson Currax

        Pretty sure trees couldnt be more out of place than in the homestead in hoelbrak. then again, all nodes are out of place there.

  • Ken

    So now I can complete the daily gathering achievement without leaving the instance.

  • HadesClutch

    800 gems for a basic is pretty darn stupid.

  • Dahkeus

    A deal so bad it even made Dulfy grumpy!

  • Jedsia

    I suppose it’s better than the Zephyr dye swatch by itself…that was pretty much a blatant money grab. They took it out, but I wonder if they’ll release another one so people who don’t know better can greatly overpay for a standard dye.

  • Coldin Torrence

    That’s pretty lame for 800 gems. Maybe if they gave 2 logs per chop it’d be sort of worth it.

  • Adam Armstrong

    Dulfy is getting snarky!

  • Mark A Torres

    Buahahahahaha! What’s next? Food item garden node?

    • Ayson Currax

      By the love of god, dont give them ideas.

      • Mark A Torres

        Hmmmmm well it might be more useful than the wood… maybe…

  • Halcy

    It’s still better than the Basic Ore ripoff. No iron, much less any ore even used for ascended crafting…

    I’m perpetually short on soft wood, and I do make it a daily ritual to visit my home instance, so I may actually pick this up.

  • Ayson Currax

    If they would just make the darn Mythical Dragon Mini available somehow, I would throw money and panties right into their faces.

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