GW2 Basic Lumber Node Pack in Gemstore

To continue the tradition of meh gemstore updates in Season Two, Arenanet has released a Basic Lumber Node Pack in the gemstore for 800 gems.

This node pack will set you back 800 gems (~80 gold) and only offer 3 trees you can only log once per day per account.

  • This activates 3 lumber nodes within your home instance for daily logging. The trees created provide green, soft, and seasoned logs.



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22 replies on “GW2 Basic Lumber Node Pack in Gemstore”

You wood not be leaf how uninterested I am in this. I hope this doesn’t stick and ArenaNet twigs to the lumbermental problem with this offering. Maybe next update will include something worth pining over.

why game store if it could be some goal to achieve…thing to play for..nope, just flat buy for gems…

That placement of the third tree is AWFUL. >.< Seriously, did the devs not see that the Krait Obelisk was already there when they were arranging it?

Pretty sure trees couldnt be more out of place than in the homestead in hoelbrak. then again, all nodes are out of place there.

I suppose it’s better than the Zephyr dye swatch by itself…that was pretty much a blatant money grab. They took it out, but I wonder if they’ll release another one so people who don’t know better can greatly overpay for a standard dye.

That’s pretty lame for 800 gems. Maybe if they gave 2 logs per chop it’d be sort of worth it.

It’s still better than the Basic Ore ripoff. No iron, much less any ore even used for ascended crafting…

I’m perpetually short on soft wood, and I do make it a daily ritual to visit my home instance, so I may actually pick this up.

If they would just make the darn Mythical Dragon Mini available somehow, I would throw money and panties right into their faces.

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