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GW2 The Dragon’s Reach Part I Begins July 29

GW2’s third episode of Living World season 2, The Dragon’s Reach, will begin July 29. Arenanet has released a short trailer.



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nah thats the bloodstone. the ghosts are there cause of adelburn’s sword. rytlock’s sword is the “sister” sword to his and has similar properties. Queen Jennah has doric’s blood which can unlock the blood stones.

Its a bit complicated.

It is said that if either Magdaer or Sohothin returns to Ascalon City in the hands of rightful king of Ascalon, then the Ascalonian spirits will finally be put to rest.

It does not say he needs to be of human origin and i dont think that queen Jenah its some how reated to rurik. I thing logan is closer in line for the throne of ascalon since his parents were ascalonians.

the true king of Ascalon is Duke Barradin and Rytlock is in his grave so he is returning the sword to its true king

weren’t the charr the true people of ascalon before the humans drove them away? and now the charr rule again over ascalon. so… who is really the true king of ascalon? 😉

Well the curse was made by King Adelbern, who hated the charr with all his mind and body. It would make no sense that a charr could break the human made curse. Plus the fact Charr doesn’t have kings, that doesn’t fit in there politics.

curse was made from sword, not from king, so if you have that sword, you can remove curse, I am not sure, if you MUST have king bloodline in veins.. Queen Jennah gave this cursed sword to Rytlock to show, that humans are no longer enemy of charr

That’s right. Barradin was the next in line but Adelbern took the throne. Also Adelbern was of King Dorics bloodline and not a ascalonian noble. That’s a reason why royalists tried to overthrow Adelbern and why Rurik was supposed to marry Althea, Barradins daughter, to calm the people…blablabla… 😉

They technically cant, because in the long run it would involve killing a minor, which is a big no no in videogames. So if she ever gets corrupted, we would somehow find a plot device cure for it. Drag her off to that one dungeon path in Orr to cure her of her corruption if anything.

I hope for most our sakes none of the old or new hero generations get corrupted… I can’t stand the idea of killing off these heroes I find so fascinating to fight alongside by…

Imagine having to kill a corrupted Logan. He will constantly dodge your attacks by…running away while whining about his Love problems. Worst Boss fight ever.

I’d love to skewer them with as much delight as when I did with that annoyingly righteous and talkative Rurik.

Well Rurik wasn’t bad in my opinion. Just hopelessly optimistic. His father on the other hand was a total jerkward that I’d wish I had the chance to run him through.

Can anyone tell me how to go back and play the achievements. I have played through all the instances and am complete, but I have no idea how to go back and play the achievements for Gates of Matguuma or Entanglement.

You go to journal and you can select episode 1 or 2 from there. The second time the achievements are unlocked for you.

you must finish whole living story first, after this you will get window, where it will say something like “you have living story unlocked” then go to your jurnal and there will be in living story category button “replay living story”, then you will got your own purple star on map (it will be where was first green star from LS starts)

So, aside random toons doing random emotes, the only thing that is a bit informative about this trailer is the slamming of the sword into the ground.

no? you don’t seem to know very much about the back story and speculating besides being a “commentator”

I don’t like a Charr free the humans ghosts of the curse, but well, i miss too Underworld, FoW, i hope in any moment they think in take it back, i hope Kormir become evil like abaddon, i wish so much destroy her…

Has anyone else noticed the part of the Dry Top map that is still hidden or covered in fog/mist? I’ve personally been there and scouted the area via air jump near the Vine Bridge WP. (Sorry, was not able to do some screenshots then.)

Anyway, do you think this area will be revealed during the next patch? If so, will that bump up the current max level of the Favor of the Zephyrites to Tier 6? Kinda sucks if that happens though… Gonna lose some major geode discounts on the recipes…

I hope the term “Free the ghosts from the curse” will not mean :
– You stay ghosts but are no more linked to Ascalonian Lands.
If, yes, Rytlock has been lured by Dragon’s Servants and we will find Ascalonian Ghosts everywhere.
Just becaus we do not know which Curse does he talk about. (to be Ghost, or to be linked to Adelbern)

Last 3 update, and those before are just a joke…1 month to see a half map…with not even an interesting story, and the rewards for achievement are the worst compare ton saison 1, not even a skin…the game is sinking…wake up anet plz

I’m mostly just hoping they don’t take another critically important Personal Story location and think ‘you know what would be great? If this place was in ruins’.

I’ve generally found it kind of hard to take the leveling story seriously at the best of times. The last thing it needed was to have significant representatives from the three orders of Tyria be completely obvious to the giant frikkin vines all over their demolished camp.

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