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Wildstar The Nexus Report Sabotage Q&A Notes

Wildstar The Nexus Report Sabotage edition with Kevin Lee, Lead PvP Designer.This Nexus report focuses on the upcoming battleground Daggerstone Pass with some Q&A.

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Q: What is the goal of Daggerstone Pass?

  • A: Destroy your enemy’s Fusion Core at their base. You can do it via two methods. Either capture Uplinks in the middle of the map to do airstrikes (more capped, more frequent airstrikes) or take bombs from your base and bring it to the enemy base to plant them next to the Fusion Core. It will take multiple airstrikes/bombs to destroy the Fusion Core.
  • There are 3 distinct areas: Mines, No Man’s Land, and Bunker so you can tell your teammates where you are.

Q: Are there announcement for when uplinks are captured?

  • There are multiple notifications including color change on an uplink when it is being captured and sound notitfications once the uplink is captured. The UI also tell you which uplinks are captured/under enemy control.
  • There are stealth detection buffs as well to prevent stalkers from stealth capturing

Q: Do bombs have friendly fire options?

  • If a bomb explodes while being carried, it will kill the carrier and enemy players. If a bomb is dropped and explodes, it is a neutral bomb and will kill all nearby players.
  • There is a timer (~80s) on the bomb so the carrier will know exactly when the bomb explodes. The timer starts as soon as you pick it up.  You can drop the bomb (movement abilities will also drop it) and if you get near an enemy fusion core it will automatically drop the bomb as well.
  • Enemies can pick up bombs near their fusion core but the timer does not reset.

Q: Are you happy with DPS medics?

  • That is a class balancing question.

Q: Are the devs working on a map that is a sport? i.e. Huttball in SWTOR

  • No sport map at the moment

Q: Is there any other change coming to PvP gear other than the PvP stats to make a leveling playing field?

  • The requirements for getting gear has been spread out a bit more and are lower (i.e. 1200, 1350 instead of 1500, 1800 etc)

Q: What level is this battleground accessible at?

  • Level 30 and again at level 50.

Q: Are there any buffs on the battleground?

  • Stealth detection buffs. Enemy/friendly bomb carriers will also appear on the minimap and you can mount in this battleground.

Q: Current stats of rating leaderboards? Will it be out for drop 2 or drop 3?

  • It is being worked on and it is coming (just can’t say when)

Q: Can you run with the bombs or do you have to walk?

  • Currently you can run, sprint and dodge. We might consider disabling sprint.

Q: When will drop 2 come live?

  • End of the month, last week of July

Q: How hard is it to fix PvP related ability issues without harming the PvE side of it?

  • It is a delicate balance, changes are not easy. It is not we can just press a button and fix it.

Q: How do you plan to balance the pvp queue issues? (i.e. 1200 rating player get matched with a team of 1500-1800 rating players)

  • We are doing something to prevent players from getting 1500/1800 rating gear and then tank their rating to get matched vs lower rating players. The upcoming PvP gear change will also help.

Q: Any plans for PvE/PvP battlegrounds (i.e. kill a boss first and then PvP)

  • Warplots

Q: Can you disarm/pick up the bomb after it is placed at your fusion core

  • Yes you can pick it up, but the timer keeps going and does not reset so you can potentially do a suicide run to save your fusion core

Q: How long did it take to create a map like this? From the first sketches to finalization?

  • Probably about 6-8 months. There is a lot of iterations and playtesting. There is internal playtesting within the company and then external playtesting on the PTR.

Q: Maximum number of bombs carried at same time?

  • Potentially a max of four bombs in play at any one time, depending on which players pick up the bombs

Q: As PvP seasons go, as older ranked gear become unranked gear?

  • We are not sure how we are planning to go with the season gear yet.

Q: What are you most excited about on this map?

  • Potential for strategy in this map is really high. Teams can break up into small groups and feel effective.

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