Galactic Strongholds SWTOR

SWTOR Galactic Living Tatooine Homestead Livestream Notes

SWTOR Galactic Living Tatooine Homestead Livestream Q&A notes. Not too many new info in this livestream.

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When is PTS coming?

  • PTS will be coming up tomorrow, not 100% sure. Only thing that is on PTS this weekend is Strongholds (all 4 strongholds), all decorations and all the systems to get decorations and public listing. Guild flagships/conquest and personal conquests are not accessible.
  • Class change will be coming in 2.10 scheduled for Sept 9. Too much stuff going on in 2.9 to implement the class changes. The class changes in 2.10 are not too robust mostly because there will be a ton of class changes in the next expansion pack which is coming soon after 2.10.
  • Guild flagships/conquest will be coming next week.
  • Mannan flashpoint will also be on PTS. It is a flashpoint, not a planet. Again, it is a flashpoint, NOT a planet.

Guild Flagships

  • You must have a guild bank in PTS with 50 million credits to purchase the Guild Flagships. Flagship is required for Guild Conquest but not for personal conquest. You cannot purchase it with cartel coins. If you think 50 mil is too much, post your feedback on the PTS forums.
  • For Guild Strongholds, you do not need a minimal number of players, just a guild (which requires 5 players to create)

Season Two PvP Seasons

  • Announcing them hopefully next week


  • Tatooine has the least amount of rooms but largest amount of hooks.
  • The archaeological node decoration is harvestable.
  • Placeable sandpeople/jawa NPC? There are jawa vendors you can place and Blizz companion.
  • For decorations that are from a planet, are they random drops? Not sure, commendation vendor? Quest rewards?
  • Are the stairs in Nar Shaddaa an unlocked room? I would bet so, it is either a room by itself or attached to a room.
  • What happens if you donate unique items like speeders to the guild stronghold? Do you lose them or can you get them back? We don’t know yet.
  • Can you buy decorations from the various sources and then sell them on the GTN? Probably not, like most things once it is brought from a vendor it is bound to you.
  • Any update on PvP/PvE mission terminals? I still don’t have an answer for that yet..
  • Will there be a guild tax system to cover the 50 million? Nope.

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91 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Living Tatooine Homestead Livestream Notes”

50 million credits? They are making a joke right? Such a sought after feature and they set such an extreme price? No way

50 million is NOTHING, my medium sized guild has people in it with that much money…
I was expecting to spend around 1 million for each member and thats stupidly easy to get.
Quite a reasonable price for a guild imo, plus you have the time to work together as a guild to achieve this amount before it goes live 🙂

Ya 50 million would hurt for one person but its not bad at all for a guild with any real active players
I have better then 20 million and I don’t do almost anything to earn money anymore I have been setting on that amount for 6months to a year going up and down as I buy new pets and mounts that come out

I wouldn’t say 50 million is “nothing,” however, I think it’s a reasonable price considering they have said all along that obtaining a ship is something they want a guild to have to work for. In my opinion 50 mil is an amount that will require a significant amount of work, but isn’t unattainable. I like the fact that they aren’t just giving them away. Imagine how great it is going to feel when the guild pulls together, works hard over a period of time, and is rewarded with something as badass as a ship. If they were to give them away for 5 million credits each there would be no sense of achievement. Boring! Something as epic as a guild ship should require some time and teamwork to obtain. Of course it should!

They will be selling them through cartel coins once they get the credits out of the system otherwise it just promotes smaller guilds to buy credits online.

I think it is too soon to say whether or not we will see it on the cartel market. But I can see an unfair advantage given to those with a lot of disposable income. They can, like you say, buy credits online. And they can also buy cartel market items and sell them for a quick credit turnover on the gtn. I guess it’s up to you and your guild as to how you are going to approach it. I know that the vast majority of guild members in my guild earn their credits in-game. So, at least for me, there will be a sense of accomplishment once the guild ship is attained. How others go about it is their business. If they want to dish out real money, that is their choice.

‘Flagship is required for Guild Conquest but not for personal conquest.’

WTF is personal conquest? You can solo conquer a planet?

Also 50 mil is pretty insane. I thought my guilds 23 mil would be enough for several ships but daaaam!
If they are gonna ask for as much as 50 mil they really need to have had the guild tax system the mentioned 2 years ago.
Also this means that it is basically impossible for F2P to get a guild ship even though they are technically allowed to.

I suppose the reason the price is so high (Other than that they are high-balling and it will be reduced before it goes live) is that crafting guilds like Spark of Insanity used to be have 100s of millions.

50 million is a fucking joke, i am willing to bet 80 % of guilds have no where close to 50 million, don’t make the stronghold an object that only elitist assholes can only get

Who says you have to have 50m today? First of all, you have several weeks until launch. Second, you could work to save it up over a couple of months. You don’t have to have it day 1 you know.

Why do people feel so entitled in this game? The entire point of MMOs is to draw everything out, so that it takes months and years of gameplay to rise to the top. If you get everything you want in a few weeks you stop playing and move onto some other shiny object.

Think my guild of about 20 ppl had ~200 mill in the bank before I stopped playing. Personally, I cross the 50 mill mark over a year ago and just stopped trying after that, saw no pt. Never bought a single CC, never bought credits from farmers. All my credits came from means accessible to anyone: crafting, dailies and “playing” the GTN. When I was actually trying to make money, I spent ~30 mins every two days at the GTN. It’s always easier to blame one’s shortcomings on others. Take a look in the mirror.

What was the point of the Tatooine Homestead stream? Just to show that it’s all the same like Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa, Dromund Kaas. Tattooine has different rooms, thats it.

Nothing really new. They did only show that there is nearly no differnce between the different houses. You can place tables there, and chairs you can’t really sit on. And lamps. Yay, awesome.

Oh yeah, Tatooine has different wall textures. Why would I want to have multiple houses? Just to place the same stuff over and over again?

SWEET can’t wait to run Manaan a couple times around and get bored with it! Should have been a planet imo.

50 mil?
What are they smoking?!?!?
Okay, maybe whatstheirface with ~500 members can afford that, but a starter guild like «Home Front» (which I head) has no way to get 50mil with 3 55s in it’s ranks.
This will throw the guild market into a monopoly headed by the big guilds, as the Flagship will be held as some kind of trophy and prerequisite. Would you believe it, some poeple refuse to join a guild if it does not have a guild bank? My team had to create 3 toons each to bring into that guild of ours to get that blasted first bank vault before people would even start joining up.

Bio-kriffing-Ware, WHERE is your BRAIN?

One more of these royal screwups, and I’m cancelling my sub, and deleting the whole game, and organizing a boycott of BioWare.

P.S. Guild Ship Price? 1 mil. TOPS.

1 mil? Every guild would have a ship. It needs to be an amount that isn’t crazy high, but 1 mil is crazy low. Seriously, we need to have some content that requires work to get to. If everything is easy (Ops, Fps, leveling, etc) then the game has no challenge. Sure you might be glad in the short run to have it, but over long run you’ll get bored since there is nothing to strive for.

This is a game. Not real life.
We strive for things in real life; we bust our asses to get cars, houses, TVs, et cetera.
We should not do that in-game.
If I have to spend more than a month getting a flagship at a casual rate of play (2 hours per week), you know what? Screw this.

Sorry man, but there are enough toys for casual player in this game. There should be something challenging in the game, and there should be something to encourage players to join something bigger than “personal” guild. Some simple mounts sell for 10 mil on GTN. A full-blown Star Destroyer isn’t a simple mount, it should be a thing of prestige and it should require joined effort of more than a few players. The cost of 50 mil sounds reasonable. Please keep it BW. 🙂

So, to the detriment of most of the player base, we should do something to make the wierdos feel special?
And no, I am not talking personal guilds. I am talking about a growing guild.

What makes both of you think you are “most of the player base”? I’m reading through many comments here, on official forums and on reddit. Your voice is rather extreme…

Decent MMO game needs both types of players. Both “weirdos” looking for challenge, and lazy casuals, like both of you. Devs are struggling to deliver some content for whole player base, which means something for both types. We get a shitload of simplified easy stuff lately, and we’re going to get even more soon. There should be at least something challenging dropped in from time to time. Just to keep the balance. I hope they’ll keep the price as it is.

YOU HAVE NO LIFE. THE END. your just one of the mmo casual ppl full of crap. u were once a newbie too remember? or your just playing mmos since birth i guess /sarcasm

Meanwhile i struggle to finally get the fourth buff from a sith warrior/jedi knight. At least I’m at age of 15 and although my gameplay time is very limited I’m doing pretty good in my opnion.

The entire purpose of a Guild is a large collection of like-minded players that play together. Having a guild of only 10 people that can’t afford 50m is your choice. A small village out in the middle-east with a population of 50 people doesn’t look as nice as a metropolitan city with a population in the millions. More people, more wealth, more grandiose ways to show it off.
If you want to have a nice Guild Flagship, Guild Stronghold, and Guild Bank, join a Guild big enough to afford it, or start recruiting more.

Did you hear nothing of what I said?
I said, you can’t recruit people without certain things; you can’t get certain things without people. infinite feedback loop.

But no one made you create a new guild. There are already countless guilds in existence, why not just join an existing one? And when you make a guild from scratch why are you surprised you’d have to actually work to get people to join it years after the game came out? It’s not 2011 anymore.

You know why. At least on my server big guilds are full of bitches and elite ppl who are saying the game is dead but they’re still hardcore playing like its the last day and the guild chat is full of fucking trolls and nobody knows each other. Is that enough?

No problem and while reading your comments I 100% on everything (soulmates)… anyways im staying in my small guild no matter the odds. i enjoy playing with my guildies and we may be poor with credits but we have a real life and we have alot of fun together. I couldnt belive when they gave me in-game birthday present and talking in guild chat doesnt feel like a frustration but its fun and there may not be more than 11 ppl online per day but they are ALL active on guild chat and we do everything together. +TJ if u act like an elite bitch u gonna get hate from me fast *forcechoke*

Good for you guys finding a guild with a close-knit community. That’s what it’s about, isn’t it? But then don’t come on here wondering why people don’t want to join your guild. They don’t know you and you don’t have the perks that other guilds do.

Erm I (Fabulous) didn’t say anything about how little members our guild has. I’m totally happy with the guild 10% ex/rep bonus and community. + I’m in a guild on the rep side that is big but its very hard to get in and there are mostly hardcore raiders in and yeah np with credits since we’re able to buy a flagship and get left with 20mil im just saying that its very very hard to buy one in a pvp guild. get it?

I do. But I don’t think the devs wanted it to be easy. Might take a while if you’re in a PVP guild and for people to step up their contributions. Might also require people to do dailys …. I know, I know… ::shudder::

There’s no problem in dailys etc. but it’s just clear that a pvp wont get a flagship because it would require pve activities and the guild isnt pure pvp anymore. i get your point though i just think the price should be a little lower because elsewise some ppl will /gquit just to slut-join a guild that has the ship. just my opinion 😛

No-one made me?

What about the elitist buggers who say “unless you are lvl 55 and have max valor, you can’t join”, or the buggers who say “unless you give us 100k per week you can’t be in our guild, oh and btw, we’re gonna treat you like trash”?

How about the fact that «Sons Of Liberty» has ~430 members but the last time anyone was on is 40 days ago? How about the fact that when I was in «Diamond Council» only ONE person said so much as “hi” to me?

I could go on for ages.

And some of us are not shameless sycophants who cling to the biggest dog on the field?

No, some of us want to put some work into a functional community where people across the globe can chat while PvPing, or about various non-game matters.

We don’t want to bust our rears, we want to enjoy ourselves and catch a break from dumbos at work.

I honestly think this is not true. Or rather, I think the ‘certain things’ are more or a certain mind-set rather than having certain guild features like banks. When I’m looking for a guild I at least look for how the people in it are and such, and after I like it I gladly start contributing to it. There is not really an infinite loop I think.

So now everyone is like you?
Sure, when I used to look for guilds, I did not give a sith about featues; hence why I am the founding member of about 6 guilds, 4 of which now have over 200 people.

I am talking about the general response I encounter in guild recruitment. “Do you have a guild bank? No? F off then.”

I see, that’s unfortunate for you. And no, not everyone is like me of course, but a large amount of people in my surroundings (and in retrospect, my server) are. I just happen to reflect a bit off The Progenitor as a server I guess.

That being said, I’m sure you wouldn’t want those people in your guild anyway, right? The ones that demand certain features? You would want people who who like the people in your guild.

I understand your frustration, but if I look at the very strong aggression and frustration in your tone in most of your responses here, I’m not sure if I would want to join your guild and commit myself to it.

Of course that’s nothing close to significant, but perhaps it helps function as a mirror for you. Not a mirror for your qualities as guildleader, which of course I have no knowledge about, but just as a conversationalist on here… and perhaps help you in finding some more sympathy for your point. And perhaps indirect support to get BW to lower it through, say, the forums and feedback your fellow players give them? I’m just saying the tone is causing people to defend themselves or miss your point, as it takes away from the weight it may have. 🙂

Thank you for providing me with a civil reply that I can respond to equally civilly.

While it is true that I am a master of aggressive negotiations, I do try to let reason do the talking for me, however I do not hesitate to defend myself, especially when my quality is questioned by those who have no knowledge of it.
Setting me apart in the gaming community, perhaps, is the fact that for me, it is a hobby; a neat little bonus on top of communicating with my RL colleagues and friends, and sometimes as a way to let of steam in a socially-acceptible manner.

I take a dim view of those who seek to force their own views upon me, as has happenned in this — and many other — discussions, and tend to respond to Force with Force (pun intended).
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, if I remember my physics correctly.

Your point is valid, in that I do not particularly want greedy little fellas in my guild who joined just for a shot at the guild bank, however, such fellas can be used in the betterment of the community. They can fill up the necessary places to max the XP and Rep boosts while I find members more dedicated, more willing to help the community grow.
In my guilds, I try to make promotions a matter of personal merrit, and, as such, those who do not wish to help the community out leave in frustration at not getting their Guild Freebies, whereas those who show they are willing to contribute, advance to a rank at which they can partake of the guild’s resources, as I feel comfortable in letting them roam free, knowing that they will pull hteir weight in the end.

Let me make a brief, real-world example.
You are a software engineer looking to join an up-and-coming company.
X Inc. and Y Inc. are your choices.

X Inc. Salary: US$50,000 p.a. Type Z health cover, reachable by public transport.
Y Inc: Salary: US$50,000 p.a.. Type Z health cover, reachable by public transport, on-site parking, coffee machine on every floor.

Assuming both companies get decent responses, as in, their bosses are nice, their workers are happy, you get the picture, which company would you choose?

I’ll guarantee you that all other things being equal, I’d choose the one with on-site parking and coffee machine.

Thus it is also with guilds. Given the choice to join a guild with a friendly atmosphere and maxed perks, and a guild with a friendly atmosphere but few perks, which would you choose?

Even decent members, willing to participate in the community, will seek to do so in a more comfortable environment.

One last example: people firvantly tell me that if I put a little more dedication into it, I’d get all the money I needed, and would have joy for ages to come.
However, it is like telling a double amputee that if he put enough dedication into it, he could run the triatholon on par with un-impaired competitors.
It is unreasonable.

Compared to the sheer vitriolic hatred I receive, honestly, is my “aggression” so unreasonable? When, instead of attacking other people’s opinions, I seek to defend my own?

On another note, I have, actually, started a petition on the official forums.
At this point, the number of unique votes for lowering the price is more than the number of unique votes against it, it’s just that certain people forgot that they can only vote once, and not spam “you are an idiot, /notsigned” six times 🙂

I have also contributed several informative posts, using numbers to back my arguments, on the affordablity, and the time it would take to obtain, flagships. If you so desire, I may provide links..

P.S. See? No agression in your comment, none in mine!

There is no guild of 200 like-minded players. Guilds that big are just tons of little cliques that all wear the same banner under their name. Been there, done that, when you can name every member of your guild without logging into your game, then I’ll buy all the “like minded player” nonsense. Most large guilds guildchat is worse than fleet chat for drama.

I honestly think 50m is a good price for the guildships, and I myself have been a casual player and guildless for some time now. I also know that if some people do dailies together (goes very fast if working together) you can easily gather that 50m without it being a “no-life like waste of time”.

Just work towards it a bit, alright? 1m is something I could get doing an afternoon of dailies, far from a serious effort and it would make guild flagships far too accessible.

Also, I personally don’t think most people are looking certain ‘features’ before joining a guild. Well, at least not on my server. They look for like-minded people. The rest (read: guildfaults, resources, etc) come by itself, in an almost natural way, from that.

Buddy, I did the math. It would take 4 people close to 36 days of nonstop dailies (CZ/SX/BH/Illum and Oricon) to get it.
Thirty-six consecutive days. Close to 108 hours. In perspective: 36 consecutive days = 208 working hours on a paying, fulltime job. 36 days = 864 hours. Job time plus game time = 316 hours (that’s nearly half of your life). Assume 8 hours of sleeep, so you have 260 hours of time for your out-of-game, out-of-work, non-sleeping time. (read: family time).

TL;DR: If you try to get a flagship, your wife will kill you.

Well, why would a guild of 4 people need an entire destroyer-type flagship? Way too much space. Joking aside, the solutions to me sounds like you should have more people in your guild. 🙂

For …… the ……. last ……….. time.
I have 18 people in my guild. Only 4 are 55s.
I am trying to get more people, but they want themselves boosts, 5 bank vaults, et cetera.
The point is not that small guild does not need a cruiser (who says?), the point is that a small guild can’t get a cruiser, and it can’t stop being small without a cruiser.

Not persé more “right”, but if more people are willing to pool their resources together, then I guess that dedication does warrant a bit more of a reward as more hours were “sacrificed” for it.

A small guild could do this as well, if they somehow had literally no life and invested 24/7 in it. We all have the right to something, but not always the means. In this sense a bigger guild has no more or less right for a guildship than a smaller one, they just have more means.

In RL perhaps you have the right to everything as well, but you can’t always buy everything. That is why there is such a thing as Kickstarter, too pool resources together and create something significant, together.

The guildships are just this, a symbol of utter dedication. But perhaps we are not arguing the price of the ships, but the fact we do or don’t like the fact the ships are these kind of symbols/representation to begin with.

If that’s the case, then perhaps we can take a moment and consider this was never about having the right to begin with, and that I never implied such a thing? So I’m not sure where your comment, besides it possibly being a misinterpretation, came from Arby. 🙂

50 Million is not “to much” just because you are in a guild, does not make you entitled to a flagship. So get over it. Light Tempest has been sitting at 40million for quite a while, with anticipation of the Flagships. the next 10million can be raised probably in a couple days. 50million is very reasonable and I will be highly disappointed if it costs any less than 30million

Oh, joy.
Yeah, and some people have 100 mil in their inventory. Does that make us lowly pesents? No, it makes THEM creepy hippies who spend too much time in-game.
The majority of us don’t have 50 mil.
It’s because of whiners like you, who think if you can do it, everyone else should, that there are so many issues in the game, and in the world.

A guild flagship should be something of prestige, something that guilds should work for. It shows the dedication of the guilds members that they could raise that money. Any random, not serious guild shouldnt be able to afford it. Makes the principle of a flagship on your factions fleet less important

You know it then becomes a private feature for larger pve guilds?
There is no way a pure pvp guild, or smaller guild can cough up 50M, even 20M might be hard for most guilds..
Seeing BW wants most/all people to join in, not just 1/4 of all guilds, they should drop it some more..
Btw, it’s easy to be serious and broke, credit farming would count as nonserious imo :p

Nice speech. Have you been practicing, or was this copy-n-paste?

Number one; flagships are instanced, like your class ship. You don’t see a thousand Defender-class corvettes flying around, do you? You won’t see any more Valor-class ships around Carrick station.
So, in other words, people will not even notice by sight.

And, when the whole mess was announced, they wanted “most guilds” to have one.

So much for the “prestige” argument.

And, again, how does a guild become serious if no-one joins?

Please, put aside your book of speechs, and take a moment to think.

Says the guy in the ‘300-member’ guild that has 200mil in his bank and thinks he’s better the anybody in the game. I have a credit card, I could be the richest person on my server, wouldn’t make me or my guild special. Elitists should be banned.

Never bought a single CC, never paid a dime to credit farmers. Over 60 mill sitting in bank. Could be far higher if I didn’t just stop caring or trying after I crossed 50 mill over a year ago. Learn to craft, learn to do dailies, earning money in SWTOR is easy. Not everything should be handed out on a silver platter, especially things that are not gameplay altering but are really just a symbol of prestige.

Meetry you’re awesome. I’m in a small ranked pvp guild but ftw 50mil is too much. That means me and my guildies have to farm 44mil. I’m sure it’ll take no time and we’ll easily get a ship. /sarcasm + I HATE PEOPLE WITH SHITLOADS OF CREDITS. I know a person with 120+mil credits. The fun thing is that he could buy 2flagships himself. And thats why I think money sinks are the right thing. I’m not gonna spend credits on them but hopefully they’ll spend 10-20mil. Besides thats a very small number for them since they can just sell a fucking hypercrate and get credits back. Shortly said: SWTOR’s credit economy and balance is in deep shit.

Fabulous, you’re…..fabulous!
You just made my point.
We really should collaborate on sarcasm and facts a bit more….;-)

P.S. Meetry? That’s a new one! I like it!

Yep lets make a sassy party in an homstead and full-of-credits ppl arent invited. We probablly aren’t in the same server but I’ll make a character wherever your is haha… yeah i’ve thought Meetry is super cute and adorable :*

I’m primarily on the Ebon Hawk, but have characters on all the English-speaking PvP servers for GSF.
Mains are Qar’ika (impside), Meetr’ika and Marucya (pubside), current guild is «Home Front». 🙂

im on ToFN but will try out Ebon Hawk for sure. I’ll let you know when i create a toon on the server kk?


Do you collect a welfare check and food stamps too? Unlike in real life, everyone in SWTOR is on equal level. You cannot blame anyone but yourself for your lack of funds.

Stop hating ppl what is wrong with u??? and for a matter of case i have 8mil in my inventory, but there are ppl with 100+ mil ok? thats not healthy for game’s economy. now stop im done

If you want to argue go somewhere else, I meant it in a nice, sarcastic and non-constructive criticism way. I don’t actually hate them. Now leave me and stop looking for holes in my sentences.

Nice, sarcastic and non-constructive criticism way? That’s one of the dumbest and most contradictory things I’ve ever read. You must be a child.

I am 15 and I have a life and I leave people alone. Now welcome to my ignore list.

Says the person using leetspeak.
Typos are typos, especialy on a wireless keyboard.
There, not a single one! And all my punctuation is in place!

Meetra, you really are a joke. All this about blah blah small guilds can’t afford it is a bunch of bologna. My guild Which has between 20 and 25 active members will easily be able to afford it, and the majority of them PVP. But your approach to everything should be able to be gotten by everybody makes it seem like you have such a sense of entitlement.

I was expressing my opinion as well as many others. It seems that you two go commenting and arguing with everybody who disagrees with you. Gotta love hypocrisy.

If you guys have finished blowing smoke up each other’s arse. I don’t agree with what your saying, guild flagships should take time and effort to achieve. They should be the domain of propper run serious guilds, not some collection of retards who cant scrape a few mil together because they spend all their money on sparkle powder for their marvelous bubble parties. If you don’t have the creds you can give out keys to your sh and pretend its your guildhouse. Cruisers are for real guilds.

50 million is too much. Especially for those who may be in smaller guilds and are not hard core raiders or PVE’ers. That price is only going to entice the gold sellers into selling to desperate guilds. Not all guilds have 200+ members. Even if they did, not everyone wants to sink that much credit into a pixelated house for your BFFs. I’m in a fairly large guild and most of us are well off, but I’m thinking more for those smaller guilds who just doesn’t have that kind of clout or credit. This kind of reeks of the whole WoW guild perks thing. The more members you have – whether you like them or not- the more perks you get.
25 Mil seems fair, hell even 30mil would be reasonable. 50 is just ridiculous.

So much for my “peronal” guild ship. Anything under 10 Million I would have spend without hesitation alone.

Well if there are interesting guild missions I could finally join a guild. Any guild over 10 active members should have no problem buying one at start.

You never know, there’s always a chance they will add a starship style stronghold in future. maybe you should go on the forums and suggest it!

There should be something challenging in the game, and there should be something to encourage players to join something bigger than “personal” guild. Some simple mounts sell for 10 mil on GTN. A full-blown Star Destroyer isn’t a simple mount, it should be a thing of prestige and it should require joined effort of more than a few players. The cost of 50 mil sounds reasonable. Please keep it BW. 🙂

Personally I think 50mil is a fair price. I know some people are arguimg: my Guild only has 5-10 members, I have a job & can’t spend X hours grinding for credits.

Way I see it is: does that make you entitled to a more easily obtained set of 180 or full Ranked Gear. No it doesn’t. Should you be entitled to an easier to obtain Guild Ship, nope.

I think the price should be based on ratio of guild members than just a flat rate. Price reflects the size of your guild, also surely it wouldn’t be to hard to add additional smaller capital ships which could be offered at X pricing to create a guild fleet which would be awesome for guild pvp.

Although it is a nice thought. It will quickly be exploited. Kick members from guild. Buy flagship reinvite kicked members or even make a guild with no members, buy the flag ship for cheap and then sell it for just enough credits to make a proffit but still under the avarage price people would pay

My guild is broke. Not complaining about price. Something we will work on collectively.

Thanx for the info

average joe with 2 50+ alts can easily make 100k daily from, well, dailies
25 members guild takes only 20 days to save up for the flagship
massive cred sink, to be sure…

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