Wildstar Carbine talks about Itemization and Crafting Nerf

Wildstar developers have posted several responses to itemization in Wildstar, including an upcoming crafted items nerf.

Assault Power/Support Power:

We’re looking at adjusting the way AP/SP scales per budget point, scales from Primary Stat, and is gained from Runes and Imbuements. The most generalized summary of this will be that AP/SP from Primary Stat will go up for some classes and pure AP/SP per budget point and from runes will likely go down, such that Primary Stat will be more valuable in some circumstances and pure AP/SP will be more valuable in other circumstances. We will have more information on this when it is closer to being released (and tested on PTR).

Runes and Runecrafting:

I’m not gonna lie. This system needs a lot of rework. We’ll be looking into in the next couple of weeks focusing mostly on the following major issues.
1) Random Rune Counts suck. This directly affects the items actual power level. And generally is just a very bad thing balance-wise. We’re looking at reeling this in heavily.

2) Random Rune Colors also suck, but less so. We’ll probably keep a lot of the random variance in rune colors but are looking at ways to mitigate this as much as possible. We’re considering potentially adding ways to reroll colors and/or adding new runes to fill in gaps where certain colors are either extremely valuable or woefully unwanted to some players.

3) Runes are fairly expensive and replaced too quickly in the leveling experience to be worthwhile. One of the ideas we’re tossing around is potentially adding a “weakened” version of the basic runes to a vendor. These would add less bonus and be much cheaper, basically be throw-away runes, and would be more of an incentive to participate in the rune system and actually rune your items as you level up. Definitely not a final plan, just letting you know we’re actively thinking about it.

4) Rune Sets (and Item Specials, and also Gadgets) can vary from basically the best thing since individually wrapped cheese slices to something closer to a wet paper towel. We’re looking at balancing a lot of these out in the next few patches and adding new ones where we feel we are lacking options for certain playstyles.

AMP/Ability Points and Trigger Fingers

So, this one I will actually apologize for, again. Yeah, it was a bug and bugs happen. But, it was a pretty impactful bug to a lot of people. I’m sorry it took us as long as it did to find and fix those two.

Hmm, what else? There’s a lot of other things. We’re taking a few weeks now, after we’ve gotten ahead on new content implementation for future patches, to work exclusively on exactly these types of issues – fixing bugs, auditing our systems, and making QoL improvements. It’s … a very long list.

Please continue to give us feedback, with slightly less flames. Unless it’s directed at me. Because I can take it. Because I’m not a hero. Because I’m the Itemization Lead Wildstar deserves.

Crafted items

What about adventus crafted items being BiS until almost datascape gear, is that working as intended?

It is not. Our goal with crafting is that it should be very good, potentially (with overcharge) the BIS for that tier and that tier only. It should not be better than items a tier above it. There are two issues causing this that we are looking to address.

First is that crafted items have no minimum threshold for turning down stats you don’t want so you can turn up stats you do. Non-crafted items do have a threshold. It’s about 10% of the total budget (usually between 12-20%). So you can dump a ton of budget into the ‘better’ stats and make the crafted item better than intended.

Second is that crafted items are currently rolling way more Runes than intended. We are looking at adjusting these to something closer to:

Greens: 0-1
Blues: 2
Purples: 3
Legendary: 4-5
Artifact: 6

This is not definite, yet. But you will notice two big things:
1) There is almost no variance in Rune Count. (Rune elements are still mostly random, but each item’s total power is static)
2) There is no overlap between quality tiers. (A purple is always better than blue is always better than green)

The bad news is, this actually nerfs quite a bit of items IF we go forward with it (it won’t actually affect your existing items; so if you have, say, a blue item with 4 Runes, congrats, your item is OP!). The good news is, itemization balance will be much cleaner and there will be much less RNG and many more meaningful options and choice. We’re still working out the details on exactly what changes are coming to Runecrafting and I’ll be sure to have a thorough write up and explanation when we lock everything down.

Artifact Weapons

Also you need to fix the item levels of artifact weapons. The artifact weapons have about 300 less item lvl than the best legendary weapon.

They actually aren’t. I’m not sure why the item level addons say they are. We are looking at a change to tooltips to display the true effective level without the need for an addon.

You can actually verify this yourself by adding the inherent AP/SP values together on each item and comparing. The highest tier Legendary sword is 1200, I believe, while the Artifact ones are 1244. Also, the Artifact weapons get all their stat contribution from Imbuements which are always slightly overbudget. So they are both higher effective level and overbudget for their level. Plus 6 Omni slots.

Source: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/100786-itemization-and-stats-in-wildstar-whats-being-done-about-it/

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