Wildstar Weekly Sabotage Livestream Q&A

Wildstar Weekly Livestream Sabotage edition with Q&A about the upcoming Daggerstone Pass featuring Kevin Lee, Carbine’s Lead PvP Designer.

Twitch link: http://www.twitch.tv/wildstar/b/550789846

How long are these Daggerstone Pass matches?

  • Usually 15-20 minutes, could be as short as 10.

Do absorb shield or interrupt armor help capturing objectives?

  • If you take any damage while capturing, it will prevent you from doing so.

Any plans to make warplots more accessible?

  • Looking to drop the requirement to 30 players so you can do 30v30.
  • Also ability to queue as mercenaries.

Why is this battlegrounds for 15v15 instead of 10v10?

  • We just wanted to design a larger battleground without being too massive. We tried this with 20v20 but 15v15 felt better.

Since Daggerstone Pass seems longer than other battlegrounds, is the rewards scaled up?

  • Yes, we have adjusted the rewards and may scale it up more in live if needed

When are the PvP arena ladders added?

  • Until we can get the official one up, we might just have weekly posting on the forums of the top players.

What is being done about win trading?

  • When you decline a match, you will lose rating and get deserter buff
  • Also we changed the rating formula so those who got to 1800 and tanked their rating won’t be matched with new players
  • Also changed the gear progression so reduce the rating requirement.

Will the bombs show up on the map?

  • Yes on the minimap you can see all bomb carriers. When a bomb is dropped it show up as a grey flag.

Can you see if a bomb is about to explode without picking up the bomb?

  • Only if your team is carrying the bomb. Otherwise you cannot see the timer without picking it up.

Can you plant two bombs at the same time on the enemy location?

  • Yes you can. If you can kill the enemy bomb carriers, you can even plant 4 bombs. Very unlikely but there is a potential for it to happen.

Will ratings be reset with this drop?

  • Nope, they will not reset

Do mount speed increase factor into the battleground?

  • Yes, if you have faster riding skill you will go faster in the battleground

Will you do more PTRs with boomboxes?

  • Not sure, probably. Firm maybe.

Honorary titles in PvP? Something only the best will unlock

  • Yes that is something down the road we like to do.

New gear sets with improved stats as the season progresses?

  • Yes there will be new gear sets with improved stats

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