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GW2 Upcoming changes to Engineer and Ranger

GW2 Ready Up Livestream Notes featuring Karl McLain in the Skillbar segment talking about upcoming changes to Engineer and Ranger.


  • Power Wrench: Previously delivered crippling blows with your autoattack and your throw wrench ability. This has been folded to the baseline of your toolkit so now you don’t have to equip this trait to maintain that crippling effect. Instead, Power Wrench has been changed to have a 10% damage increase while using the toolkit. Your combo, your pry bar and your thrown wrench abilities will all have the 10% damage increase.
  • Always prepared: previously only dropped bandages for your allies to pick up. Now we added oilslicks so when you go down you will drop a protective ring of oil slick that will knock enemies off.
  • Elite supplies: This trait no longer grant increased duration while using Elixir S. Instead, you now get 50% extra move speed. Tornado has been changed to a lightning field and now you can launch whirling bolts as it is also a whirlwind combo.
  • Accelerate-Packed Turrets: This trait’s knockback distance has been reduced by 50%. Making it go from a 300 range knockback to 150 range. The intention of this trait is to cause disruption among your enemies rather than controlling the area with massive knockbacks.
  • Rocket Turret: Explosive rockets – velocity increased and rockets now track your target.
  • Flamethrower: Increased damage of the flame jet by 33%. Flame Blast detonate changed to a blast finisher. Flame Blast now delivers strikes on each pulse. Air Blast – increased the cast time by 1/4 of a second so it has a more delay to it with more tell through the effects (more windup).
  • Elixir R – Cast time reduced by 1/4 of a second. In addition to refill your endurance you will also remove immobilize.
  • Elixir C – Number of conditions affected by this skill increased from 1 to 2 for all allies affected by it.
  • Launch Personal Battering Ram – Damage increased by 20%
  • Medkit – Drop Antidote will now remove immobilize if you use it while been immobilized.
  • Utility Goggles – Analyze – this ability now 6s of revealed in addition to the vulnerability it applies.
  • Glue Shot – Increased the velocity of the projectile by 50%
  • AED – We thought this ability was slightly underperforming – will now remove damage conditions when you reach the threshold.


  • Signet of Beastmaster – This signet hampered the way rangers could spec. This signet no longer exists and all the signets have those effects baseline (affecting you and your pet). The trait that now replaced Signet of the Beastmaster is now called Predator’s Onslaught – You and your pet deal bonus damage to enemies suffering from movement impeding abilities (Crippled, Chilled and Immobilize). The damage bonus is 10% for your self and 5% for your pet.
  • Read the Wind – In addition to increase longbow/harpoon projectile velocity, attack speed is also increased (fire arrows fast).
  • Strider’s Defense – Increased the % to block from 15% to 20%
  • Beastmastery trait line – Remove the requirement to use specific pets with some traits. For example, Rending Attacks now bleeds with any pet crit on their basic attack. Stability training will activate with any pet when they are disabled. Intimidation Training now applies Cripple on any of your pet’s F2 skills with strikes.
  • Longbow – Cast times have been tightened up so you are not stuck casting something for a long time.
    • Long Range Shot – short range damage increased by 17%. Medium range damage by 7%. Long range damage unaffected.
    • Rapid Fire – Hard to use as you were stuck casting it for 5s at a time. Cast time now reduced by 50%
    • Barrage – Reduced cast time by 0.5 seconds.
  • Greatsword
    • For autoattack combo, damage of Power Stab (3rd skill in the chain) increased by 10%
    • Maul – Increased the max amount of targets from 3 to 5 while increasing the radius from 150 to 220.
    • Swoop now evades in the attack portion of the ability. You can be still stuck while traveling to your target.
    • Counterattack – Aftercast reduced – now you can respond much more quickly after landing your knockback.
    • Hilt Bash – Stun and daze duration of the skill have been increased from 1s to 1.5s
  • Sic’ Em this skill now applies 6s of Revealed to enemies.
  • Entangled – Recharged of this ability reduced from 150s to 60s. Duration of the roots themselves decreased from from 20s to 5s.
  • Axe
    • Ricochet – Now grant might on hit. 3s base might duration. You want to hit multiple targets for max amount of might stacks.
    • Path of Scars – Velocity of projectile increased by 25%
  • Pets
    • Black Bear’s Enfeebling Roar slightly changed so that it no longer goes through blocks and evades but now delivers a strike.
    • Polar Bear’s Icy Roar has received the same sort of rework.

PVP Tournament reward armor skins

  • Players can get this in the Gamescom tournament.


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55 replies on “GW2 Upcoming changes to Engineer and Ranger”

The first non trenchcoat/skirt medium armor in the game and it is unavailable to 99,9% of the players.

lol arenonet

Sneakthief and a Gemstore skins are already in the game, and T3 human cultural. That being said, the dominance of trenchcoats is overwhelming … and most look really bland and similar on top of that.

On the other hand skirts and dresses are what you get as a heavy and light armor wearer instead. Arenanet does not like pants and regular shirts.

Sneakthief is a long coat, and all Gemstore skins are (again) coats of varied length.

For male characters there’s literally no medium armor with just pants.

well if you mix armor you can actually get one or two options without coat. but It’s indeed a bit annoying that there are so few non-coat-options.

Hmm, sounds like they’re trying to push underused Engineer builds. I don’t know if this will do much for a tool kit build, but I can certainly see flamethrowers gaining popularity (the nerf to cast time of air blast does hurt them a bit in PvP, but they also get a lot more damage to make up for that).

Hmm. Glad they are fixing that signet of the beastmaster. Been needing that done for 1.5 years now… If they could only keybind avoid combat/guard I might consider playing my ranger for more than wbt again.

the ranger changes sound nice. Really curious how Longbow will feel with those. signet of beastmaster change was needed a long time now. I didn’t use the trait but it just didn’t make sense that signets only affected half of your dps(your pet) while other classes had much more benefit from actives.

and the change to beastmaster traits is interesting. I’ll probably still won’t use it because the only cool trait is quickness on pet swap but limiting traits on certain pet groups was just as stupid as limiting signet actives to your pet…

just hoping the changes come like that and hoping that they come soon.

this is really cool, Engineer Flamethrower is, at the moment, unusable on PVE due to its very low DPS and utility compared to the other kit (Nades/Bombs for instance) now that it got a buff of 33% across the board, i’m wondering if now FT Engi could bring a FT kit without getting kicked in a dungeon.

Signet of the Beastmaster is LONG overdue, signet not affecting the ranger without traiting is, to put it gently, bullshit. Also with the streamlining of BM Trait tree, will the BM Ranger rise again in PVP? i sure do hope so.

Hopefully they update Necromancers as well! Being a class that is discriminated against in PvE dungeons seem to go against the gw2 mission statement of being able to play whatever you like and how you like.

I don’t especially disagree, but dungeons as a whole would need a major overhaul if they wanted that mentality to stick. A few tweaks to the least appreciated classes wouldn’t really change much.

^This. So long as the PVE enemies just stand still with exorbitant HP eating up DPS and telegraphing one-shot down attacks periodically, the optimal set up will remain a physical based dps based team.

One change they can at least try is giving certain enemies in dungeons lower HP but significantly more armor (but not enough to break physical dmg completely). That way your team has to at least give condition damage some thought. Another option is to double the allowed stacks of bleeding in PvE since its easily the most readily available damaging condition (some builds can’t even choose not to apply it).

I have been in love with this game since I started playing it, but im not seeing this mission statement in evidence anywhere. I have loved to roll healers my entire gaming life and there is almost no place in GW2 for healers of any kind. Certainly not in dungeons and I repeatedly see them mocked in map chat which makes me have a sad. I don’t run dungeons for this reason, even though I could switch specs for it or bring a non-healer character. It makes me worry that the attitude of those who run dungeons is not as accepting as the general populace.

To be fair though sword is at least a big part of ranger meta builds despite this. But yes it would be nice to actually have some control over your character w/o turning auto attack off and mashing 1 the whole time.

On the bright side sword is kind of getting a buff with the new marksmanship GM trait.

You don’t have to mash one the whole time. You could make a macro map and switch to it when you play your ranger if you have the right device… like I do… To mash one for you.

Then again I love the sword as is and don’t think it’s broken, but hey, I guess I’m in the minority for once.

Do you mean not only winning teams, but also participating?
B/c no shit the winners would get the armor set… ?

no shit indeed… “teams that are not only partecipating, but win the tournament” is what I meant (partecipating AND winning, with a logical and), because ofc the winners must partecipate in order to win 😛

In any case, as it’s labeled “bonus”, I’m guessing it’s a reward for the winners only, whereas the “regular” sets are given to every partecipant (If you get what I mean, I’m sorry for my bad english :/)

100 hours into my zerker longbow ranger built for killing thieves in wvw, anet goes and gives me what will feel like a +50% buff across the board lol.
Read the Wind is op already despite what people think. This and the other longbow changes are going to make me lmao if they all end up going live.
And the frosting, I use greatsword on swap and its deadly if used correctly already too 😉

there is still mess with lb traits which need to be fixes as 3 master 1 grandmaster trait for 1 weapon is just absurd

u must have really crappy theives on your server, u should not even be able to hit them even once, if they arent crap they can evade every hit, especially a slow weapon like gs. Happens to me every fight pretty mutch.

It seems no one knows when anet will release this changes. I guess we’re just gonna wait again for the egg to hatch.

wow, nice changes to my beloved engineer… but why no chage to rifle… the auto attack is crappy as sh*t!

I will definitely say these updates are well needed for both of the classes.. I run both classes as mains and have experience with all classes and i’m not saying that ranger was underpowered necessarily but definitely needed a longbow update and signet update. The cast time on rapid fire took way too long and hit less than auto attack and wasn’t considered a spike unless you used quickness with it. And the longbows auto attack was certainly too slow to fair off in 1v1 fights against a professional level player. Some may bash this comment like all those naturally do but the rangers today are more team dps supporters and could not fair off as equally 1v1 as some classes could. This update will definitely leave them more viable for combat. If you think it’s OP then i’m sorry about ya 😉 And the engineer flamethrower was obviously useless for most part. And definitely agree on knockback on turrets though it makes me tear since i’m a turret user half the time ;(

So this update will force all rangers too spec glasscannon lol builds, with no actual skill needed to play. First of all damage was fine, we needed a survivability upgrade, a major one, rangers is the easiest class in the game to kill currently, only some lol sword users that managed to learn to play with that weapon, which is few manage too survive more then a few seconds against a theif, and theifs know we are the squishiest in game game so u always have one hitting u in the back 100% of the time in fights.

I can just see the complaints about teams of rangers killing everything from 1200 range, while we are still gimped in most situations..

“First of all damage was fine, we needed a survivability upgrade, a major one,”

Are you high? I’m pretty sure the entire Greatsword buff-block was ANet’s way of saying: “We’re so sorry Rangers, here’s some versatility and general badassery to your class.”

Increased damage, survivability, mobility, and CC for the most defensive weapon in the Ranger’s arsenal? Coupled with the Signet rework, last patch’s sigils, and buffed Strider’s Defence?

Add that on top of the fact that Knight’s and Cavalier’s is now a valid stat combo in PvP, and you have a ridiculously strong Ranger meta in the making.

I don’t know how you can think rangers need more survivability. My ranger is by far the tankiest zerker character I have, and the only one I’d dare take to WvW.

When you look at the skills available, it’s not hard to see why. Loads of stability, bow has huge range, lots of cripple and a great knockback, greatsword evades attacks frequently, Stone Signet provides 5 seconds damage immunity, Healing Spring is fantastic condi removal (especially in PvE) and the addition of a pet to knockdown enemies or res you really quickly is a godsend. Rangers have a lot of options for defence and don’t need to sacrifice much (if any) damage to get them.

Rangers are also one of the few who have received an anti-stealth skill (Sic ‘Em), which you should be using if you’re struggling against thieves.

Yeah stability on a 120 s timer is sure great, unless u count the one on a signet no one ever uses. The only defence u mention is signet of stone, yes its nice but in pvp u will still be hit with a ton of conditons or cc:d while u use it, and its still inferior too warriors version of it, they even get a second one from traits. While all other classes have specific defense abilities, theif have tons of evades and blind and overall crazy damage so they need less defense. Warriors have the best regen in game not dependent on healing power either, and highest hps and armor, and better endurance regen then we have. Both guardian and elemantalists have a crazy amount of blocks and damage absorbs, and a shitload of healing. Necros has their form that gives them double the ammount of hps pretty mutch atleast, not too mention as mutch hps as warriors. Anet spent time giving those classes solid defenses, but they forgot about rangers, we used too have really good endurance regen pretty mutch the same as warriors, but it got nerfed, and our pets used to hit really hard, which made up for the bad pathing problems, but it got nerfed too.

So I’m still somewhat confused about Signet of the Beastmaster. They are removing the trait but making all the passive and active effects of a signet affect both you and your pet for every signet now? If so, praise da lawd. I still want to be able to use the active effect of Signet of Stone, but not sure how to interpret how that was put.

No longer have to trait for my signets to be of any use? Major “duh” on A Net’s part this should have been done from the start

Well its about time they have done something about ranger, its been nearly 2 years. all I would like to see now is all those hypocrites that said that ranger’s stink just eat their words! 😉 long lived ranger!

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