Galactic Strongholds SWTOR

SWTOR Galactic Strongholds Tours and Unlock Pricings

SWTOR Galactic Strongholds unlock prices and tours for each of the four apartment introduced with Galactic Stronghold expansion. Updated August 2 with guild stronghold unlock prices.


Unlock Prices compared

Personal Strongholds

Stronghold Purchase Price Cost for all expansions Total Max Hooks Max Occupancy
Kaas City 5k or 50 CC 1.44 mil or 3500 CC 1.445 mil or 3550 CC 300 50
Coruscant 5k or 50 CC 1.44 mil or 3500 CC 1.445 mil or 3550 CC 300 50
Nar Shaddaa Free* 6.5 mil or 6825 CC 6.5 mil or 6825 CC 425 75
Tatooine 2.5 m or 2500 CC 7.0 mil or 7500 CC 9.5 mil or 10100 CC 500 100

Max hooks is the maximum number of decorations you can place with all expansions. Max occupancy is the max number of players that can be in your stronghold at once.

Guild Strongholds

Stronghold Purchase Price Cost for all expansions Total
Kaas City 50k 4.32 mil 4.37 mil
Coruscant 50k 4.32 mil 4.37 mil
Nar Shaddaa 2 mil 26.75 mil 28.75 mil
Tatooine 15 mil 16.6 mil 31.6 mil

Legacy Bank

Tab Purchase Price Slots
1 Free 80
2 350k or 750 CC 80
3 750k or 750 CC 80
4 1.5 mil or 750 CC 80
5 2.5 mil or 750 CC 80
Total 5.1  mil or 3000 CC 400

Kaas City Apartment

Personal Stronghold Unlock Prices

  • Price to Unlock: 5000 credits or 50 cartel coins
  • Total cost to unlock all 9 expansions: 1.44 million credits or 3500 CC for all expansions or 1.445 million and 3550 CC with apartment unlock price.
  • Default occupancy: 5, Expansions: 9. Max Hooks: 300. Max Occupancy: 50.
  • By default you get 2 rooms on the first floor and a hallway. You can add 9 more expansions (5 rooms, 2 staircases, a garage and a balcony) for a total of 7 rooms, 2 staircases, a garage and a balcony.

Expansion Unlock Price Max Occupancy Max Decorations
Garage 250k or 750 CC +5 +50
East Stairway 10k or 100 CC +5 +20
West Stairway 10k or 100 CC +5 +20
Balcony 1 mil or 1250 CC +5 +25
Main Room 25k or 200 CC +5 +50
Living Quarters 25k or 200 CC +5 +25
East Room 40k or 300 CC +5 +20
West Room 40k or 300 CC +5 +20
South Room 40k or 300 CC +5 +20
Total 1.44 mil or 3500 CC +45 +250

Guild Stronghold Unlock Prices

  • Price to Unlock: 50k credits
  • Total cost to unlock all 9 expansions: 4.32 million credits for all expansions or 4.37 mil with apartment unlock price.
  • Default occupancy: 5, Expansions: 9

Expansion Unlock Price Max Decorations Max Occupancy
Garage 750k +50 +5
East Stairway 30k +20 +5
West Stairway 30k +20 +5
Balcony 3 mil +25 +5
Main Room 75k +50 +5
Living Quarters 75k +25 +5
East Room 120k +20 +5
West Room 120k +20 +5
South Room 120k +20 +5
Total 4.32 mil +250 +45

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Coruscant Apartment

Personal Stronghold Unlock Prices

  • Price to Unlock: 5000 credits or 50 cartel coins
  • Total cost to unlock all 9 expansions: 1.44 million credits or 3500 CC for all expansions or 1.445 million and 3550 CC with apartment unlock price.
  • Default occupancy: 5, Expansions: 9. Max Hooks: 300. Max Occupancy: 50.
  • By default you get 2 rooms on the first floor and a hallway. You can add 9 more expansions (5 rooms, 2 staircases, a garage and a balcony) for a total of 7 rooms, 2 staircases, a garage and a balcony.

Expansion Unlock Price Max Occupancy Max Decorations
Garage 250k or 750 CC +5 +50
East Stairway 10k or 100 CC +5 +20
West Stairway 10k or 100 CC +5 +20
Balcony 1 mil or 1250 CC +5 +25
Main Room 25k or 200 CC +5 +50
Living Quarters 25k or 200 CC +5 +25
East Room 40k or 300 CC +5 +20
West Room 40k or 300 CC +5 +20
South Room 40k or 300 CC +5 +20
Total 1.44 mil or 3500 CC +45 +250

Guild Stronghold Unlock Prices

  • Price to Unlock: 50k credits
  • Total cost to unlock all 9 expansions: 4.32 million credits for all expansions or 4.37 mil with apartment unlock price.
  • Default occupancy: 5, Expansions: 9

Expansion Unlock Price Max Decorations Max Occupancy
Garage 750k +50 +5
East Stairway 30k +20 +5
West Stairway 30k +20 +5
Balcony 3 mil +25 +5
Main Room 75k +50 +5
Living Quarters 75k +25 +5
East Room 120k +20 +5
West Room 120k +20 +5
South Room 120k +20 +5
Total 4.32 mil +250 +45

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Coruscant and Kaas apartment shares identical layout so I used the Kaas layout to save time.



Tatooine Homestead

Personal Stronghold Unlock Prices

  • Price to Unlock: 2.5m or 2500 CC.
  • Total Cost: 7 m or 7600 CC for all the expansions. 9.5 mil or 10100 CC with homestead unlock price included.
  • Default Occupancy: 10, expansions: 7. Max Hooks: 500. Max Occupancy: 100
  • By default you get a free balcony and a free hallway on the second floor. Most of the open areas on the ground floor are free too. You can add 6 more rooms and a docking bay.

Expansion Unlock Price Max Occupancy Max Decorations
Cliffside Room South 800k or 900 CC +5 +50
Cliffside Room North 800k or 900 CC +5 +50
Docking Bay 1.8 mil or 2000 CC +10 +100
Room 1 900k or 950 CC +5 +25
Room 2 900k or 950 CC +5 +25
Room 3 900k or 950 CC +5 +25
Room 4 900k or 950 CC +5 +25
Total 7 m or 7600 CC +40 +300

Guild Stronghold Unlock Prices

  • Price to Unlock: 15 mil
  • Total cost: 16.6 mil  for all the expansions. 31.6 mil with homestead unlock price included.
  • Default occupancy: 5, Expansions: 9

Expansion Unlock Price Max Decorations Max Occupancy
Cliffside Room South 2 mil +50 +5
Cliffside Room North 2 mil +50 +5
Docking Bay 3.6 mil +100 +10
Room 1 2.25 mil +25 +5
Room 2 2.25 mil +25 +5
Room 3 2.25 mil +25 +5
Room 4 2.25 mil +25 +5
Total 16.6 mil +300 +40

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Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace

Personal Stronghold Unlock Prices

  • Price to unlock: Free for subscribers who are subscribed by a certain date. If you missed it, you need to pay 250k or 500 CC to purchase it. 
  • Total Cost: Subscribers who were subscribed by the defined date and get 5 expansions for free still need to pay 6.5 mil or 6825 CC to unlock everything.
  • Default Occupancy: 5, Expansions: 9. Max Hooks: 425. Max Occupancy: 75
  • Subscribers who subscribed by May 11 get 5 expansions (Northwest, Northeast, Vestibule, Main Room, East Staircase) for free. Subscribers who subscribed by July 15 get 3 expansions (Northwest, Northeast, Vestibule) for free. Rooms in the lower level and balcony still need to be unlocked.

Expansion Unlock Price Max Occupancy Max Decorations
Northwest Room Free* | 450k or 650 CC +5 +25
Northeast Room Free* | 450k or 650 CC +5 +25
Vestibule Free* | 350k or 500 CC +5 +25
Main Room Free** | 2.25 mil or 2200 CC +5 +75
East Stairway Free** | 250k or 425 CC +5 +25
West Stairway 250k or 425 CC +5 +25
Balcony 2.25 mil or 2200 CC +5 +25
Antechamber 1.75 mil or 2000 CC +5 +50
Solarium 2.25 mil or 2200 CC +5 +75
Total 6.5 mil or 6825 CC +45 +350

* Subscriber by May 11 or July 15 to get them for free

**Subscriber by May 11 to get them for free.

Guild Stronghold Unlock Prices

  • Price to unlock: 2 mil. 
  • Total Cost: 25.75 mil for all expansions, or 27.75 mil for all expansions and the unlock price.
  • Default Occupancy: 5, Expansions: 9

Expansion Unlock Price Max Decorations Max Occupancy
Northwest Room 1.35 mil +25 +5
Northeast Room 1.35 mil +25 +5
Vestibule 1.05 mil +25 +5
Main Room 4.5 mil +75 +5
East Stairway 750k +25 +5
West Stairway 750k +25 +5
Balcony 6.75 mil +25 +5
Antechamber 3.5 mil +50 +5
Solarium 6.75 mil +75 +5
Total 26.75 mil +350 +45

Video Tour




Special thanks to Haruss for these maps with prices.


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290 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Strongholds Tours and Unlock Pricings”

It’s more limited than I expected.

Hooks are ok for me. But… on this kind of layout you can only place these… and at the wall these… it may be look stupid, but why not put a mount at the wall!?

Something to get creative (in a better way than my example with the mount at the wall).

I kinda miss the fun in housing.

I think I already get a bit bored.

It’s as we said; 5k for initial purchase, 1mil for balcony.

Oh joy………
It does make sense though, from a certain point of view; new players can afford the 10k room, and the 40k room,s and for the balcony, you need to be a 55 with lots of time on your hands.

No prizes for guessing which rooms in Nar Shadaa are unlocked for subs.

The Tatooine stronghold seems a little pricy; I mean, Guild Flagship 50 mil, Homestead 9.5mil, DK (and prosumably coruscant) 1.5mil each…….it’s like they /want/ us to spend more time in their game, like some bloody totaliterion sect or something.

Remember folks: your wife/hubbie/kid/siblings will ‘kill’ you for forsaking your family duties in this gigagrind.

P.S. Why should guild stronghold prices be much larger? I mean, they have the same layout, no special fatures, it makes no sense.

Wait a minute, are you saying that BW people want us to actually spend time in their game and ‘play’ it???? What sorcery is this?

I’m fine with guild flagship cost, but the Courscant/Kass Balcony is over-priced from a f2p perspective. Honestly, I think even causal subs can have a hard time saving up to unlock all the strongholds and their rooms. Just Tat, Cour, and Kass together cost roughly 10 million credits, and that’s not even considering Nar Shadda stronghold or deacration costs.

And don’t even get me started on the 60 million fully-unlocked legacy bank…

My point: A lot of causal people, which we all know Bioware is leaning to, won’t have enough money to get most of this in the near future.

Not to put too fine a point on things, but SWTOR is a sub game with a F2P option. Subs will always have the easier path. That said, you can unlock all but one room as Preferred and all of them with a couple of escrow transfers.

But causal subs, in my opinion, won’t be able to afford this immediately. Not a lot of people have 10 mil in their pockets for just max unlocks for 3 of the strongholds.

And who says everyone should have all 4 strongholds fully unlocked on day 1? Does nobody want to work for anything anymore?

Yeah, no wonder they gave us five free rooms with no issue for Nar. Just pick the tiniest, and bump up all the other rooms’ prices. I just think this sucks unless you’re uber dedicated. It won’t bring back old players nor enitice new players because it isn’t ‘casual’ enough. Tatooine has the biggest bang for your buck and yet 2.5mil takes about, what, a week and a half of dedicated dailies. Also the achievement trophies are a joke. You want to celebrate, here’s a photograph. You want good furniture, play it again, and again, and again. (And I bet the drop rates are tiny).

Oh well, Destiny awaits.

Prices for rooms are a bit too high, considering the fact you also gonna expend a lot in decorations

Guild flagship is unbeliable expensive, even 10millions would still be a serious thing when creating a guild. For instance, 10 people investing 1 million. 50 is surreal.

It’s a *flagship*. A guild’s own version of the Ziost Shadow or Gav Daragon. It should be expensive to obtain.

Are you implying that only the richest crowded guilds should attain it?
What about a guild focused in 8-NM with a small roster?

50m isn’t a lot, especially when you break it down, unless your guild literally just has 8 people. Even then it’s achievable with some focus. I know a lot of guilds that have been running “Guild daily” nights where ten or more people group up to knock out dailies and deposit what they want into the bank. A personal run can net north of 500k. Multiply that by multiple people on multiple days and boom, within a couple of weeks it’s all taken care of.

the guild im in is relatively small. There is a strong core of about 4-5 players, and have been around since launch. Saving up since launch has gotten 40 mil. The guilds worked for it worked for it, and dont want it to be low so it requires no work.

It say’s max occupancy is 5. Does that mean only 5 or your characters will be able to live there, and If you have more, you will have to purchase another stronghold to house them?

I think a good part of the reason for guild flagships having such a lofty price is the potential in-game functionality they’ll have that’s been hinted at so far, with guilds getting special buffs for ‘conquering’ planets and so forth.

Does that suck for the smaller guilds? If they care about that, yes, but I don’t think a small guild will stand much chance of winning out over a large one in this case so it’d probably be a waste of their time and credits to do it in the first place?

Also – with a decent lvl 55 you can do CZ-198 and Black Hole dailies both in about an hour or so total – and that’s solo – and make around 100k to 150k credits – so nearly a million in a week. A bit of grinding, but with a group that’s faster and better paying, so not really prohibitive at all.

Okay, the Legacy Bank is free with more tabs able to be purchased – that makes me feel a lot better.

GEting credits can be quite easy at end game. But it does require a certain comitment. The prices ARE high, but not unatainable. If you put your mind to it, you can gather more than 1 mil creds a week just by doing dailies and HM FPs. If you also decide to work the GTN (selling mats or high level crafted mods) that amount can go up a lot.
Now, just because a player can obtain the necessary creds to fully unlock strongholds and help his/her guild buy a flagship with relative ease (as in not hard, just takes time) doesn’t mean the pricces aren’t high. And i believe there is a reasoning behind it.
Check your servers GTNs and look for the 180 rating relics and mods. In my server (Jedi Covenant) one of those relics can set you back arround 5 mil. A 180 rating guardian hilt goes for 3 mil. Somethings have even more outrageous prices, like the walker mount going for more than 20 mil (yes, twenty). So i think this is deliberately a huge credit sink with the objective of removing money from the economy of the game (any money not sent to another player basically evaporates). Even a casual player can make hundreds of thousands of creds a week through daylies, literally making money appear out of thin air and injecting it into the game economy. Reducing the amount of money going arround on the GTN (through strongholds, flagships and even the casino event) is a way of bringing prices down, making the market more acessible and increasing the value of the credits.
At least, that is what I believe to be the reasoning behind the prices.

Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes, english is not my native tongue.

Hmmm, while you’re correct in that credits are fairly easy to come by, I highly doubt their reasoning behind these prices are so benign. Reality is, they want you to use Cartel Coins to unlock, rather than credits, since that makes them money. So yes, they set the prices relatively high in terms of credits, create credit sinks like the casino event, so that, when the time comes, people decide to spend Cartel Coins because they’re impatient and want the unlocks immediately.

Just letting everyone know that there are NO decorations available from the Collector’s Edition Vendor, the Security Vendor (on the Fleet), or the VIP Vendor. The light and dark side vendors have a stronghold title each (Jedi Academy and Temple of Darkness on Republic) and a “Circular Sign” each.

Im gonna assume unlocking things for Coruscant will be the same as Kass. I wasnt very interested in Nar Shaddaa in the first place, but Tatooine seems pretty expensive. However it is on a non-faction planet.

Oricon is going to be so dense now with people doing dailys to save up… too overpriced for the causal sub.

Fair enough. The pricing will make it where folks can’t burn through the content, you know, actually feel like a reward instead of a handout. Plus, I hope this credit sink would make it easier to remove the ridiculous armoring/mod/enhancement removal taxation.

And to think I still have to get the Rancor from the Nightlife event.
But looking at the price of the Strongholds here, and the amount of people who are playing the slots…

Overkill, Bioware. Overkill.

They did that on purpose. All of these people saying they were using the casino event to “lower the prices of goods on the GTN” couldn’t be more wrong. They released the event so people would burn through their credits so that when Strongholds released, they would use Cartel Coins to unlock additional rooms and storage instead.

And seeing the credit prices here, knowing most people would be dried completely of credits, is why I think it’s overkill.

Overkill, but for the company, it’s sure to be a goldmine. SWTOR probably only has a couple more years left in it, so EA and Bioware are trying to milk as much cash from it as they can.

I do think that most of the stuff is highly over priced. It wouldn’t be so bad if we knew that the decorations were going to cost but I have a bad feeling that the decorations will be over priced as well. When Bioware releases new content like this it should be designed to bring more players in, not push them away. If I were a new player looking to play this game and I saw the price of this content I would immediately say “no way is that going to happen for me” and I would look for another game. It just seems to me like Bioware doesn’t want players to access to credits that you earn. Yes, I do dailies on a regular basis and I save my money for items that I want to purchase on the GTN or from other players, but this stronghold content seems to to push players out and not bring them in. I think that they are trying to get wealthy players to spend all their money in order to drive the prices down for other items on the GTN but we all know that idea was a giant failure when they did the Nar Shaddaa event. They wanted players to spend all their credits on the event in order to drive prices down for other in game items. It didn’t work. If anything it drove prices up. I was really excited for the strongholds but after seeing this I am very disappointed. Hopefully Bioware will get all of this feedback and decide to listen to their customers but I highly doubt that will happen.

How do we know the casino event wasn’t positive? It isn’t over.

Also, I can think of how this would keep new players away. You can get a beginner apartment for next to nothing.

The was a complete and total failure. After one day everyone stopped playing it for one of 2 reasons. 1 they won the item they wanted and left. 2 they spent the whole day in that money pit and decided to cut their loses. I went back a few times to purchase legacy gear after the first day and no one was ever there. That event was a complete and total failure.

And concerning the new player comment. Yes you can buy the starter “room” for next to nothing but think of when you first opened your account. How long did it take you to get your first 100k? For most new players it takes a while because they do not understand all of the tricks the experienced players have. No new player will walk into the game and say yeah 1.44 million credits to open my stronghold will be easy. Give me a break

like i said in a previous reply to you, new players should actually level up instead of getting lv 15 and complain about how they dont have credits to purchase stuff. Also the event wasn’t a failure as ive seen people constantly at the even day in and day out. also should keep in mind things are different on each server

You can try justifying the event all you want. The event was a complete flop. It was boring, a credit pit, and the rewards were mediocre at best. I have yet to meet someone who actually “enjoyed” the event. Yes some peopled liked getting a rancor but no can say that the event was fun for them like the Gree or Rackgoul events. The NS event sucked and I hope that if it ever comes back that they make major changes because a huge majority of players will not be going back to it.

You should learn to read in the context and not out of it. Nowhere in my post I said it was fun, enjoyable. But yes I’ve come across people who said it was. So not because you haven’t ment someone that said it wasn’t doesn’t mean there aren’t people who enjoyed it. Imo yes the rewards were medicor at best. But what I said was about you saying the event was failure, meaning no one attended or really gave it attention and my reply to that was, that it wasn’t as I’ve constantly seen people going back and forth to the event there have always been people on the casino platform as long as it lasted and u can bet your self that when and if it returns people will go back to it regardless if it’s a credit sink in the hopes that people will be broke and buy stuff they want with cc

Complete flop!! dunno about that I’m ENJOYING my Rancor, legacy saber & pistol, and all that for 400K,

Then you and I have complete differences on the idea of a successful game event. Just because people show up on opening day does not make it successful. Getting players to return to the event everyday while the event is running is my definition of a successful event and the NS event was not a success. Everyone showed up the first couple days and the got bored or frustrated with it and left. Having a couple people attend the event after the first couple days means it is a failure. You wouldn’t call a real casino successful if they only had one or two customers come in a day. So I am sorry to say dude, but the event was a failure

I’m sorry not picking a fight here just comunicating but do you really read when someone writes, I’ve stated multiple times that I’ve seen people returning day in and day out. Not just opening days, and the event last from June 10 till august 19 and I still see new and same people going to this event over and over. Even on the article dulfy wrote about the night live event u can even see the comments where people constantly talk about going back to it. Successfull doesn’t have to mean fun, exciting or whatever. It means having people constantly visiting and spend money on the items ans slots as people are still doing now.

Success to you and me and allot of others would mean it was fun I enjoyed it , I got good rewards and fun with other people.

Success in this matter is that it constantly have people spending credits wether they have fun, liked it or not they keep spending their credits on it. Like I said in other post it’s a credit sink so that when the gsh come most will be broke are close to it , that’s what bw is hoping so that people will use cc to purchase gsh. And yes it is not over yet so can’t say that it was a failure yet

Just stfu you fockin idiot. Don’t like the game, don’t play it, as simple as that. What are you implying is that new players are supposed to get more shjt which is not the point since an mmo is supposed to be grinded out in order to get rewards. Go hang yourself, it is your kind who are ruining the fun of mmo gaming.

Who the fuck are you to tell me how to think? Go back to sucking your dad’s tiny dick you cum guzzling asshole

You get 2 rooms and a hallway on DK/Coruscant for 5.000 credits.
VERY affordable for any new player.
And more than enough to use as a home for a new player.

There is no reason a completely new player would think that they would be able to buy all things in the game immediately.

If that’s how you are in games, then you are a moron.

Who the hell wants 2 tiny rooms? Uh no one. And I didn’t say that new players should be able to walk right in and get all the cool items and rooms. I am just saying that this is a terrible business plan to try to get new players and to get old players back. This content seems to be designed only for current wealthy players, which I am one btw. Players like me and my guild mates will not have too much of an issue getting what we want but trying to get new players to bite on this stuff will never work. And forget about the former players. They will take one look at the prices and say “screw that.” At least when the Star Fighter content was released, everyone started at the same point.

“Who the hell wants 2 tiny rooms? Uh no one” sorry, didn’t gave u my vote to speak for the whole universe. Secondly its a start, specially for DK and CS those rooms arent too much of overpriced, seriously any new player, given they taken their time to actually level up to max level to easily get all of those rooms unlocked up to 40k. Also don’t forget CC options which allot of players are a sucker too, seen one guy here on form who spend over 200 or 400 dolor in a month on those things. But lets say CC is out of the option. then still DK and CS are affordable. Nar shadaa which is free for everyone is a plus. Just dont know the prices yet for the room that are listed free, which only applies to subs that, subbed before a certain day, The only Stronghold that is a money sink would be tatooine.

And yes f2p should do stuff to draw new player in but if u think that the housing system is what should draw new players then sorry, everyone would leave as soon housing got boring. The class story is what should get them interesting to join in first place. Housing is more meant for current and returning player who already experienced more before.

Well your responses do make it seem like new players SHOULD be able to walk right in and get all the cool stuff.

A new player can get two strongholds with 2 rooms and a corridor each for a grand total of 10.000 credits.

And then they’ll see the unlock prices and realize that “oh I can unlock more rooms when I get more money”.

You seem to think that people will run away from the game if they see an unlock cost of 1 million (the highest for a room in DK/Cor).
But you forget that they’ll have already been on the GTN and seen mounts and outfits with pricings of over 10 million.
If that didn’t cause them to run away screaming, then this won’t either.

And you forget that if they priced this alot lower so that it would be “accessible” to new (or returning poor) players, then the “rich” players (ie. just regular players who aren’t new) wouldn’t have anything to spend their money on.

But by the time that new player gets his first character to lvl 55, he’ll be able to unlock nearly the entire DK/Cor stronghold (I have 800-900k credits on my chars when they reach 55).
That’ll make him realize that the rest is within reach if he just works. And by the time he figures out what dailies are, he’ll be fine.

FYI, it still doesn’t tell us the price per room, but supposedly the first five rooms in Nar Shaddaa have a combined value of 4 million credits.

“Subscribers as of May 11th now receive FIVE ROOMS UNLOCKED with the Nar Shaddaa Stronghold (a value of 4,000,000 credits)” –

Overall I think I’m okay with the prices. I’m definitely not going to go all-out with multiple strongholds from the start, but I guess that gives me long term goals to work toward. Guess it will depend on how much the decorations will run. At least some of the “cool” stuff will be based on achievement/operations unlocks. As long as it’s not crazy expensive for chairs and beds and tables I’m still looking forward to this.

Anyone happen to know if there’s going to be a CC option for buying Guild Strongholds? I know they aren’t doing it for the Flagships, but I’m holding out hope that we have a choice regarding the Guild Strongholds at least.

That’s strange, I thought Musco said the Guild leader could on one of the livesreams idk for sure but I thought it was an option.

Looks like I’m gonna have to stop actually playing the game and just grind dailies for the next six months. Those legacy bank prices are obscene. And only 5 tabs is a little disappointing, I need to store crafting mats for all 6 crafts.

On the other hand, the Cosruscant / Kaas costs are very reasonable. I guess that’s where most people will start out if they haven’t been granted the Nar Shaddaa rooms for subbing.

It’s not like there’s anything else to really do at this point. They haven’t released any decent story in a long while.

I’ve only levelled 10/16 advanced classes. I have lots left to do. It’s also why none of my characters has billions of credits to throw away.

The only thing I don’t like in new expansion are the lagacy bank prices. Surely it should be costful, however 50M for all are too much.

It’s a convenience feature and you get the first tab free. Nothing is stopping you from mailing items between alts. If you want the convenience of more tabs, then you have to pay for it.

Ofcourse you can live without, we have for years, but it would have been so nice for crafting, but with unlocking even three tabs (pretty much a minimum for crafting use) costing more than unlocking all rooms in all four houses, and about 30 times more than legacy wide storage bay unlocks cost, they might as well not put it in at all.

Let’s all be thankful this is the PTS, and on Monday, the devs are going to see all of those threads on LB price and lower it drastically.

Think you should take your time and read something propperly. 50 mill total. Each tab has it’s own pricing so it’s not like u have to spend 50 mill in one blow, unless u want to.

Please explain why someone who doesn’t have an extra 50 mil laying around needs to unlock 400 slots of legacy storage.

Anyone who crafts. There’s about 210 different mats, so if you have all crafting skills across alts, storing a single stack of each takes 3 bays.

Not 50 million, but 15 million is still pretty excessive, these’s nothing in the game currently (outside gtn which is player driven) that is even close to as expensive.

It means about 100 hours of running dailies or $40 in real money, just so my alts can share crafting mats. That’s a bit disappointing.

That’s true. As a crafter myself, there’s a ton of mats that I very rarely if ever use, so those I would probably withhold from the legacy bank. And you get the first tab free. It IS expensive to unlock all 5 tabs, but it costs 5m just to unlock a GTN on your ship as well.

Forgot about the ship GTN, unlocked it ages ago. But iirc that one was rather cheap to unlock with cartel coins, nowhere near 2500 CC.

With the new prefab kits for housing using all grades of materials except grade one, the ‘need’ to have all levels of mats on hand is bigger than ever. Still, I’ll manage with one or two bays if I have to, but I’m still hoping they’ll make the pricing a bit more reasonable. Something like 1 mil, 2 mil, 4 mil, 8 mil would still make the last tab more expensive than anything in the game, including a fully unlocked Sky Palace, but it would make 3 tabs reasonably attainable.

With the huge hooks on Tat, raised the question if there are decorations that can only be used there and not in the other strongholds. Any info on this?

I did some playing around on the PTS. Some interesting tidbits:

The cost for an Imperial (non-agent) character to visit an unlocked Coruscant stronghold is 1,000 credits. You do have to pay this fee *every* time you travel there. I assume it’s the same price for Republic (non-smuggler) character to visit the Kaas stronghold, but didn’t test.

There’s a new stronghold button at the top menu. From there you can quick travel to any unlocked stronghold. It looks like you can do this from anywhere (though I didn’t try it from inside a flashpoint/op). Once in the stronghold, when you want to leave you have the option to 1) return where you were, 2) the corresponding planet where the stronghold is, 3) the fleet, or 4) your ship. The latter two options didn’t have a cooldown as far as I could see, so it looks like owning a stronghold will make the need for a fleet pass/personal ship transport obsolete, so long as you don’t mind jumping to your stronghold to get there. Pretty nifty!

The pricing for *basic* decorations is decent. Chairs and tables are 250 credits, tables/sofa 500, beds 1,000, and 2,500 for a “lounge” set, which is basically a couple large sofas surrounding a table.

There’s a bunch of flavor npcs available for cartel market certificates, bartenders, dancers (both genders), jawas, etc. They’re 1 certificate each. There’s also some “luxury” furniture for 1-2 certificates. NPC guardsmen are available for 200 warzone commedations.

Beyond that there’s the achievement unlock stuff, and then around 100 items (fancier tables/chairs/beds and wall decorations and other things of all kinds) you can get from crafting turn ins. Doesn’t seem too bad, though you’ll need some skill diversity on two or more characters to craft everything yourself. As an armstech crafter, there’s a lot of things that require scavenged compounds, scavenged metals, color crystals, researched compounds, luxury fabrics, and sliced tech parts. Craft list was pretty similar for artifice. Not sure how different is from, say, a biochemist’s standpoint.

There’s also one crafted trade token that requires 3-6 exotic crafting materials (which if I recall comes from operations). I think the only thing that uses that token at the moment are some of the full sized starships (copies of the player ships).

Looking a little closer, there are also gemstones and researched compounds required for certain tokens. So you’ll need Underworld Trading for luxury fabrics, Slicing for sliced tech parts, Treasure Hunting for gemstones, and Investigation (?) for researched compounds. Materials required include mostly blues, but some purples. Grades 2 through 9, depending on which level of token you’re crafting.

I also noticed there’s one token type my artifice can’t craft, and a different one my armstech can’t craft.

In general there are 4 main token types: Fabricator Crystal, Fabricator Design, Synthetic Prefab, and Industrial Prefab. Each has 3 different grades (MK-1, MK2, and MK-3), which each higher grade requiring higher level materials. Then there’s a 5th Universal Prefab token type, that requires one of each of the other 4 tokens of the same grade.

To craft everything yourself, looks like you’ll need two different crafting professions, two gathering professions (between armstech and artifice I need scavenging and archeology), and four mission types (everything but diplomacy).

doubt that the price are only meant for non agent non smugglers. They said in one of the streaming that if you go to en enemy faction stronghold you will pay a price, regardless what class you are

I heard rumors that you will finally be able to click and sit on seats/sofas now. Is this true or not? 😮 Can anyone confirm this?

They added a /chair emote that does a sit animation without generating a chair. No right-click functionality, unfortunately.

/sleep also has an animation now.

I know there is a lot to get through but will you be covering ops and FPS drops? Curious how those will work (how many per ops any difference per difficulty)

Here’s a full price breakdown for Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace. I wasn’t a subscriber on either May 11 or July 15 so I had no rooms unlocked and was able to get the exact prices.

thank you for that mate, i was just wondering what the prices are. Although you have 3 free rooms, which indicate that you were a sub at the July 15.

“July 15th is now the new deadline for Subscribers to qualify to receive the THREE ROOMS UNLOCKED with the Nar Shaddaa Stronghold (a value of 1,500,000 credits) “

No, the 3 green rooms are part of the initial 250k unlock. The rooms included in July 15 promotion are Northwest, Eastwest and Vestibule (combined value exactly 1.5 million including 250k initial purchase, as advertised previously by Bioware)

Also u had a post about people on ptr stuck on loading screen, can’t really find it anymore but when did you say the fix would be ?

50 mil for LB really sound way to much. Also why dont they make each addional tab more expensive so that the first 3-4 tabs are much cheaper than 5 mil each.
But still i really dont understand all this angry post about the 50mil for all 10 tabs its NOT like they disable the cargo bay. so please keep your crafting crap in your cargo bay. or do u really have to have all crafting mats in the LB because u have the same crew skills on every character?

The legacy bank only has 5 tabs, not 10. So the first one comes with the bank unlock and then the 4 remaining tabs cost, 5, 10, 15 and 20 million progressively. That’s how it gets to 50 million for a total of 5 tabs.

oh damn, i really should have read that more closely.
still, who wants to replace his cago bay completly has to pay his price. maybe not that high.

hmm seems bioware needs to make adjustments to the f2p/prefered players credit cap since everyone gets this expansion for free, the cost seems a bit to high if bioware aims for everyone.

the guild ship price sounds about right but again the restriction on guildbank for f2p/prefered players doesnt make sense if they want to contribute to it

the legacy storage is just insane i mean 50million for just 5 bays total? its nuts but its EA so i think they wanna make all use reall money/cc to buy this

Legacy bank is a convenience feature. You’ll still be able to mail items between alts and you get 1 tab for free. If you think it’s too much for additional tabs for the convenience, then don’t buy it.

They won’t raise the credit cap for preferred. If those players want the unlocks, they have to pay for them, whether it’s by subscribing to the game or paying for the unlocks with cartel coins, BioWare will make sure they get paid.

And, as I predicted, even the subs got the short end of the stick.
Why are we paying them, again?
Only reason I’m here is for ops, that’s it. And the so-called “benefits” don’t add up to much.
I mean, the unlocks we did get, we subs could have gotten in our sleep.

Heck, even Apple has a better marketting model.

I can understand the concern for the high prices coming with the latest patch (Strongholds themselves, Guild Strongholds though no pricing released yet, Guild ships & legacy bank) but don’t forget we (at least me) are here for the long haul.

Remember the first toon you started and you seen a level 50 cruising on their cool mount with kicka** gear……Would’ve you started a toon knowing it would take 6 months to be that level 50 rocking columi and 37 wipes on LI HM to get your Aratech Ice, bet your a** you did!!!

If Bioware had this at launch I would think most guilds would have their Ship & Stronghold and players would have their own fully unlocked Stronghold and a legacy bank with 2 or 3 tabs. These things are not unachievable just to be worked towards and eventually the rewards will come.

To think where SWTOR could be in 10 years time………. BAM!!
I do think the prices are a bit off thou IMO.

Well… For tatooine, I suppose you could fence off a remote patch of sand for bio needs? And hope it doesn’t attract a sarlacc…

The price unlocks are just straight outrageously expensive. I’m only unlocking Nar Shadda and that’s it.

You mean outrageously cheap right? You can fully unlock all 4 homesteads for less than 19 million credits – that’s a bargain. One fully maxed out house should be 20 million by itself, and even then I’d say the price is reasonable. I could buy everything listed here and still have hundreds of millions of credits left over (and no, I’ve never bought or sold credits or bought cartel packs or other cartel items to sell for credits).

For you, its cheap, but not for me. I’d prefer buying that palace with CC’s instead of wasting precious time accumulating credits to buy a GSH. Price not reasonable. End of story.

What’s reasonable is subjective. Obviously you don’t think the pricing is reasonable, and BioWare does. They have numbers and know what players are able to afford.

I’ve got 7 level 55s, been playing since launch, and I find the prices retardedly high, outrageous even. I can’t afford legacy storage bays! The people that are cool with it are the lifeless kids that just sit at home charging butt loads of cartel packs on mommy’s credit card and selling the crap on GTN, or spending all day every day doing loot box runs on all 5 instances of Makeb. So tired of the half-dozen “rich” players that don’t hardly even actually play the game telling me how I must be a piece of shit because I don’t have a bazillion credits.

I can assure you that there are rich working adults who play this game too, not only “rich” kids. I don’t have a billion credits either so since I can’t afford the Tatooine SH, which is the only SH I really like, I’ll just not buy it. Don’t need to hate on those who can afford it.

Another thing, swtor would never have made it that price if it weren’t attainable by actually playing the game more.

So… your possible solution is….remove GSH or reduce total price costs of the GSH’s. your comment kind of gave me away on your next comment.

You have set me on tears with those beautiful words, even though I can’t believe you can’t afford GSH’s either. It takes an eternity to afford one

Price not reasonable.
But there is NOTHING in this world that would make me pay $20 for that Tatooine homstead. End of story

Of course not. Your solution…..Is patience. It becomes golden once you get enough currency to purchase. But you might be old-aged by the time you get enough<——lol.

Screw you man. Not all of us are that rich. I’m happy if I can keep 500k in my pocket. You’re in the minority.

I have to send my cash over to another toon otherwise I end up logging out with 250K (if I am lucky) I managed to get 1 million credits once, apparently looking at all this, it is not a lot!

Hahah this is ridiculous. I’ve been doing dailies with 4 toons every day last week and I have managed to acquire 5 million credits. Spending 19 million credits to acquire all strongholds is just ridiculous. You may have a lot of free time to play, but you can’t say it’s cheap.

I don’t think they’re that bad. Dromund Kaas without the balcony is 440k, that’s pretty cheap. And this is content that’s supposed to last a while, the average player isn’t expected to fully unlock one house on day one, let alone multiple ones.

I’m planning to just unlock the second staircase in Nar Shaddaa (can’t live with the asymmetry), but leave the rest locked until I’m done decorating the part subscribers get for free. With hunting down all the furniture etc. that might well take half a year, by which time I’ll unlock another room. That way, unlocking will cost maybe 500k a month, which means a few dayly runs.

I meant the total price overall, not the parts of the expansion. I can’t be spending time on GSH. I got more important things to do on my alts such as lvling and doing op groups.

basically the only thing I found I could put in the legacy bank was crafting material since if it is bound like most things you hang onto the legacy bank will not let you put it in there. On a postive note if you copy a char with a lot of achivements to the pts you can see how it works and most of it besides being an item and money sink seems pretty well done. The only thing that is kinda of weird is you can mix and merge some of the smaller blocks to move the bigger layouts around.

I highly doubt a level 10 that cant afford 5k which most likely means they are a new f2p player would spend real money on a game they barely know

There’s also a Legacy level requirement that’s not specified, but shown in the screenshots. It’s quite possible that new f2p players, or even very old lapsed players (like myself) may not have the legacy levels required for these)

So are there guild strongholds on pts yet? If so how much is the cost on there? Any news when we’ll have official info on them?

Wow..I’ve always loved the Tatooine Homestead from previous trailers, but with this latest info, I know this will be my one and only SH out of the 1st 4 coming out. Too bad you couldn’t trade in your ‘FREE’ SH, or subs wouldn’t be able to choose which SH they get free..Prices seem reasonable, will probably unlock rooms one by one, especially since the Tat homestead comes with a huge customizeable area for free.

But yeah, LB tabs seem a little too steep. And from current info, Not being able to place your own ship is a big pile of BS. Friggin Docking Bay already cost a ton(esp for tat), that really seems a bit greedy already.

At 2.5 million to unlock, I was going to pass on Tatooine. But looking at it on the PTS, it’s really cool. Instead of a small condo where you unlock additional bedrooms/staircases/garages one at a time, Tatooine gives you a huge area to play around in.

I don’t have nearly as many credits as some folks (though certainly more than others). I can see myself unlocking Tatooine and just one or two rooms. I can always pretend people are living in the other buildings and leave them locked.

I don’t see much of a problem with the prices on the Legacy Storage, since 80 slots to start with is quite a bit and only hoarders will need more than a couple of them. 🙂 My problem is with the price of the Tatooine stronghold, which means I can’t get the only one I was really wanting because it’s more than the cap on freeplay. Oh well, guess I’ll have to find someone who has it and move in with them. Haha.

80 slots is crap, I have 7 characters that each have at least 2 bays of their storage full of BTL gear, crafting items, cm pack items, resources, schematics, crafting missions…. and just when a centralized storage container comes along it’s f***ing so expensive you can’t afford it. RIDICULOUS

I figure Tat’s price probably has something to do with the fact that you start off with a lot of space to begin with the initial purchase, with all the unlockable rooms being somewhat small (with the exception of the hangar which is much larger.)

There are around 210 different crafting materials in the game. If you have all types of crafters, just storing one stack of each requires three tabs, and hardly qualifies as hoarding.

Legacy storage expansion prices are f***ing ridiculous, end of story. I couldn’t care less for any of the rest of this “expansion”, but this is the one thing I’ve wanted forever. I’m sorry, but their scaling for legacy storage pricing is RETARDED. Not everyone is freaking sitting one a kajillion credits in this game. It is quite obvious that BW has decided that they are going to create an elitist class of rich kids that just run around loot farming and reselling cm items all day every day, and those are the only players that can have the good features from this poor assed excuse for an “expansion”

True words … so sayed we all … but on the other side, playing swtor is a hobby I still like, and when looking at such ridiculous prices, well, why not spending some real money besides the subs, just for once? Hail to the gold sellers on ebay 🙂

Drommund Kass/Coruscant total cost is 1.5 million, thats affordable without much effort. Others require questing dailies/crafting+selling GTM or buying CCs, that is fine for me. I will not spend money in CC and still get all SH with nearly 60% unlocked (10million saved)

It’s not about the housing, it’s about the storage. I’m not dropping $50rl for legacy storage. Totally outrageous. TBH, I couldn’t care less about the housing at all outside of this feature.

Many of us are working class toons. And many of us have RL jobs that do not allow us to cred farm for hours on end, day after day.
BW might not even be getting my sub much longer, after this stunt they pulled.
There wasn’t much draw left for me, for this game. I held out for housing… with a faint hope it might be something worthwhile.
I was wrong to wait.

From looking at the prices, both for strongholds and for guild ships, this isn’t about giving players personal and guild housing, it’s a Rolls-Royce MT30 gas turbine hooked up to a suction fan to try to hoover as many credits as possible away from the level-capped characters with tens or hundreds of millions of credits while paying lip service to making it ‘obtainable’ for characters at level 15-16.

If you unlock DK with an imperial character and then you switch to a rep one, can you visit the DK stronghold? The devs said it could be done IIRC, is it implemented yet?

Can anyone explain the Max Occupancy? That means only 5 people are allowed in the strong hold at a time to begin with? Then each room gets you 5 more?

Extra legacy bank tabs are obscene in cost. It’d be nice and I have the credits, but have no plans to even get the second tab at that price.

Legacy storage is a little price for it’s no more than it can do.

Nar shaddaa extra rooms are a little over priced Vs the other places. Probably done because so many will get invested in nar shaddaa since many of it’s rooms were given for free. Bw’s thoughts I’m sure was to over price the rest of the rooms and gouge the gamers out of coins or credits since that’s where you will initially get invested.

Oh well, sadly it’s just turning out to be mediocre due to pricing.

I agree, Disqy.

It’s all incredibly over-priced for no more than it is, or does. Either gouge the CC purses, or rob us of far more creds than they’re worth.

WoW style economy is not fun in any game, and now the devs have joined the gougers in full suit. And they should be ashamed with this little stick and carrot tactic they pulled on subbers with the NS apt. Free, but then nail you on the cool expansions. I think they must have all been used car salesmen at some point.

IMO, it’s a pale comparison to SWG housing. I’m not even going to bother with it.
It’s not like this game has anything near the social atmosphere of it’s predecessor.
Not going to waste money of trinkets like this. Just here for the gear.

I love how the most expensive thing in DK is a balcony, but it rains all the time. fun for those with S.A.D. (are there awnings?)

I am wondering what is the occupancy score for ? Visitors possible at the same time ? Max numbers of characters in the legacy who can claim the place as home ?

Looks like there is a typo on the unlock price compared chart. For Tatooine it lists 2500 CC + 7500 CC = 10100 CC total. At least one of those numbers is wrong (extra 100 CC somewhere).

It’s actually listed as 2500 CC+7600 CC, which does add up to 10100 CC, although idk where they got 7600 CC from.. such a weird number..

The 7500 is listed in the chart at the very top of the page, should be corrected to 7600. It is listed correctly in the Tatooine sub-section.

So basically for the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace the whole first floor is free except for the vestibule for 5 room subscribers?

can someone give me a few more details on the “Reactivate cost” does it stay the same after buying additional Rooms with credits/CC?

what if you buy the stronghold with creds and the rooms with CC,
what if you do it the other way around

i know it has no purpose yet since there are only 4 Strongholds at the moment but can you deactivate&reactivate Strongholds to see how the rooms you bought with creds and CC react.
is it even possible to deactivate strongholds atm or did they skip Testing that since it’s not needed atm?

thank you in advance.

I believe that if you buy the stronghold with credits, the reactivation fee is the same amount of credits to buy the stronghold in the first place (As in you will have to pay 250k to reactivate Nar Shaddaa if you bought it with credits). Buying the stronghold with Cartel Coins will make it have no reactivation cost. Buying unlocks with either credits or cartel coins will have no effect on the reactivation cost.

Well, this looks good to me. I see free to subscribers, so I’m good. I’m not really that interested in the whole “HOME” thing, so I don’t see me pouring out any money for the homes. 80 free slots for the legacy bank is cool with me. I just want it to store my legacy gear in so that changing characters is easier.
I’m more concerned with the guild things. We’ll see how much drama unfolds due to that subject.
On another note, the Gree event was a success for me. I would like to thank all of those folks out there who chose to kill be in the free for all area. Happy to meet you all even though if it was to kill each other in a spree of destruction and chaos.

Anyone know anything about Guild Strongholds yet? How much do they cost on pts each? Have the people on top announced if they can be gotten with CC? How keys work with them? Any details about unlocking decorations for them? Can we put companions in them?

They’re 13-15 million to turn a stronghold into a Guild Stronghold. Basically, they’re the “We can’t afford a Guild Ship” option.

@dulfy:disqus , I am not sure how valid this rumour is, I have not verified this on the PTS myself (haven’t been able to find a guild to do it), but some sources indicate that Guild Strongholds are 10x more expensive; for instance, Coruscant apartment Balcony is said to cost 10 million credits.

I’ll be on the PTS in a bit and will try to confirm on my end.
Thanks for the service and updates,

Yes, guild strongholds are considerably more expensive than player strongholds. My GM and I unlocked a full Coruscant SH on the PTS and clocked it at 13.5m – and, yeah, 10m was for just the balcony. As the two are essentially identical, you can expect the same price tag for a guild stronghold on Kaas.

I kinda like that Dk and Coru are more expensive for guilds. I figure every player will have those two, or at least one, since they’re cheap. I’d rather see Guilds on Nar or Tat, so those prices work fine for me. Any word yet on a CC cost for each Guild Stronghold? Last I heard they are still allowing that.

Guild stronghold prices are now up. 3 times more expensive for coruscant/dk, 4.4 times more expensive for nar shadda and 3.3 times more expensive for tatooine if you unlock everything

Hello Dulfy, I noticed you have +20 listed for # of decorations unlocked on the Nar Shadda staircases. I think it might be 25. Screenshot attached!

This is a proposal (based on PTR runs) on how you should prioritize spending your limited money:

1º) 2 MILLION BUDGET (3 SH, 1 fully unlocked, 2 half unlocked)
– 1.440k credits into either Drommmund Kaas or Coruscant. Why? you get a full palace to start with
– 600k into the opposite one. Why? Cheap
– 0 in Nar Shaddaa (upper floor) Why? Free

2º) 2.5 MILLION EXTRA BUDGET* (a 4th SH, 1/3 unlocked). *TOTAL: 5.5 MILLION
– 2.500K credits in Tatooine homestead unlocked.
Why? It is iconic and big enough alone to be worthy.

Here extra things becomes fancy, so buying more rooms becomes a much less efficient return XD
3º) APROX. 2 MILLION EXTRA BUDGET (2 options) *TOTAL: 7.5 MILLION / 9.5 MILLION (both)
a) 2.250k credits into Nar Shaddaa Balcony. Why? Cause an attic must have some outdoor views
b) 2.000k credits into Tatooine Hangar. Why? Because the Hangar is pure SW Ep IV

– 6.250k credits into Nar Shaddaa lower palace (MainRoom+Antechamber+Solarium)
Why? because it is different to the rest, looking like a private VIP bar

My recommendation is to forget about any unnecessary small rooms until the end…

Personally i am gonna go for 1&2 and likely choose 1 in 3.

What do you think??

bit off topic, don’t understand why our companions of other characters have to be holograms. Just stupid there bioware!!

hey dulfy
amazing work thank you, just one question:
to get the free stronghold u need to be a sub at july 16 AND continuously till the patch goes live (more likely option) or just be a sub at july 16 and if cancelled that doesnt matter?
thanks for the answer in advance 🙂

Barring any more changes to prices(still hoping it would go down a bit for Tat, but not too bothered), Final plan is totally skip Nar Shadaa(hate the place, hate it more that it’s what we get free and not a choice between it or tat) go straight and Unlock Tat SH and get the Docking Bay and that’s it for the start. Free area to decorate for Tat SH is so huge, the extra rooms are all kinda fluff really. I will probably unlock the rest of the rooms on tat maybe once a month, depending on the inflow of credits, if I haven’t spent too much on decos. Or maybe not if I’m already happy with the look i get from the free area. ;P

Thanks Dulfy for all your great work! 🙂

31.6 Million for Tat…What the frick, guys? As if all that work on the flagship isn’t pricey enough. Can’t we keep the Guild Strongholds under 20 mill total? There had better be a CC option for buying guild strongholds or I’ll seriously consider unsubbing. I’m not okay with these crazy high prices for everything guild related. I may just be a casual player, but I pay each month and I buy a goodly number of cartel packs. I’m so unspeakably ruffled over having to farm 31.6 million credits for a vanity item. Seriously, please let us use CC to buy these for guilds.

I doubt that would work out to be a fair price for it though. It would take a lot, LOT, of hypercrates to add up to thirty million credits, and why when the Tatooine Guild Stronghold isn’t any better than the personal one. It would end up costing like 300-400 bucks probably. The pricing on this stronghold thing is practically criminal. Most of us pay real world money to play a game, where they insist we grind like crazy and/or give them a butt load of real world money. They oughta lower the darn things credit cost and give people a reasonable CC cost for it. The whole thing isn’t worth more than 100 bucks. It’s an overgown fancy moister farm digital hangout place. It’s not worth that sort of effort. Being a subsrciber and being willing to throw a few extra twenties at Bioware and playing four hours or more a week entitles consumers to a positive experience. Personally it doesn’t bother me if some people have 100 billion credits saved up, and it shouldn’t bother the devs. Their game is fun, if they make a whole bunch of llustrious credit sinks, the only people left playing will be those 100 billion creds guys, and I doubt there are all that many of them. Seriously though why is the initial price for the damn thing like skyscrapper high compared to the others. If the Kaas one is going to be about 4 mill total, make the Tatooine one 16 mill total. That’s still like two or three extra hypercrates worth of real world money.

It would cost 80 dollars to buy it with cc’s as an individual player, so if they did put a cc price tag on guild strongholds, with the trend increase that credits have, it would cost over 250 dollars

Lucky my guild got billion at guild bank…lol, and dont worry mate! If you expect swtor got no CC option buying these really expensive junk. Then you must be drunk or dum. And i highly suggest everyone wait for it till they got discount…see the packs they are selling right now? Some even 66% off…WTF. Bet bio got only cash in their empty head.

Wait…so these sorry asses threw in the towel on Guild Flagships and there lazy sack of bleep Devs are just throwing Guild Allowance over the fail Player housing they took way too long to create and are giving us that instead and calling it Guild Bases??? I gotta tell you….I was blaming EA for years on all the shortcomings of this game, but at this point I think Biofail is equally if not more at fault. Nickel and dime as to death for a new “expansion” that actually isn’t even really new content. Pathetic…

Wait…so these sorry asses threw in the towel on Guild Flagships and there lazy sack of bleep Devs are just throwing Guild Allowance over the fail Player housing they took way too long to create and are giving us that instead and calling it Guild Bases??? I gotta tell you….I was blaming EA for years on all the shortcomings of this game, but at this point I think Biofail is equally if not more at fault. Nickel and dime us to death for a new “expansion” that actually isn’t even really new content; just a bootleg version of the Sims added on to what we currently have. Pathetic……

It looks like legacy bank tab prices dropped with the new patch. The 1st 3 are only 375k, 750k, and 1.5mil.

My question concerns the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace. I’m a preferred player but I’ve begun saving in order to unlock a few of the rooms like the Balcony and Solarium. My question is, would I have to buy the Antechamber first before I can purchase the Solarium?

i fear that they can make payment by credits available only to subs like in inverntory modules

Considering most people f2p, this could be the worst decision Bioware can make. Let’s hope you’re wrong.

Questions I haven’t seen anyone ask: do you have to buy the personal stronghold for each character in the legacy to get each of them access to legacy storage? Are room unlocks/decorations shared across the legacy, or every stronghold is essentially isolated to a character?

The Legacy Storage prices have changed. The 2nd tab is currently 350k, 3rd is 750k, and 4th is 1.5mil. Not sure what the 5th costs since I didn’t have the cash to purchase it.

does legacy have be a certain level to say buy coursant also can any toon buy an addation to house or decorate it

Not exactly, you can change the owner of the stronghold to one of your character’s in your legacy. However, you can acquire stronghold labels that are like titles for your strongholds as well

Well at least that justify the full unlock price of them. 🙂

Hache-Moncour u mean fee something like when u travel across the planets with ur ship?

Will these strongholds have (or have the ability to unlock) things like mailboxes, training dummies or GTN terminals in the same way your ship did?

Where do you go to buy the strongholds? Is there a terminal somewhere you have to click on? Or is it in your legacy unlocks tab?

Also, are all furniture items strictly for looks? For example, if you get a GTN or an appearance kiosk can you use it to sell stuff and change your character looks or is it non functional? Are any functional? I think as a minimum, your stronghold should support all the same unlocks that you can get for your ship and a way to get directly to your ship.

Stronghold – go to stronghold and crew skills section of the fleet, get a quest and buy stronghold. GTN/appearence kiosks can be interacted and are fully function.

Awesome, thanks for the info (I don’t know how you stay on top of so many games) and glad to hear they aren’t just shells.

If your toon has quests on the world your stronghold is, can they leave stronghold through a front door or do they have to teleported somewhere and then return to planet

There are several way to leave, such as elevator and the “exit area” button. AFAIK they all bring up the same thing, which gives you the options of:
1. exiting to whatever planet you are on
2. returning to where you were when you “transported” to your stronghold
3. exit to your ship
4. exit to fleet.

You cannot have one home for one faction and then have one for the other? Also is there a fee for a stronghold for a whole shared by both factions.

You can have as many as you want. But both of your factions can visit all of them. Theres a travel fee (smugglers tax) if you visit a cross faction stronghold (its like 1000 credits)

My guild doesn’t have a Guild Stronghold, so I don’t know the prices there, but I had one of my Imp toons dance a jig on Coruscant just because I could :-). The smugglers fee was 250 credits for that. Again, that was a player stronghold, not a Guild Stronghold.

Sorry to put a third post what is scheduled release date for strongholds, one website had August another says October.

I was wondering if guilds could purchase cross faction strongholds? Can a Pub guild unlock the Kaas City Apartment, and vice versa?

I laugh after reading some of this. So the price for all of this crap is high. Stop complaining. No one HAS to get any of this. I really don’t plan of getting any of it because I do not see any need in it. If it’s too much for you, then just move on to the rest of the game and have fun with that.

It is high but only if you are buying everything out right. If this was a feature at launch then I think everyone would be happy with the concept of buying a room here and there as they acquire junk from bosses. The only thing that annoys me is the bonus the strongholds gives players for conquest. It is a lot of credits (or cartel) in order to get a bonus so you can play the game a little less and still get rewarded. I don’t have the time to play the game as much as needed to get the conquest rewards, it is very disappointing. (And the items are not exactly great)

Everyone seems upset by the prices, but I don’t think they look THAT bad. Sure, if you want to just buy everything up front they are kinda pricey, but this seems like something you can work on over time to me. That adds something to do in-game! I think it will be very fun myself.

Dang it. I actually like the Tatoonine Homestead better than the Nar Shaddaa one. Guess I’m going to be forking over some cash.

I do have to ask since I don’t play on the PTS. Some of the hooks have light beams coming from them. What are those for?

I thought that’s what those big pink areas were for. Oh well….

There’s so many folks on fleet now and crowded around the vendors, you can’t interact with them. Guess I’ll try again in a couple of hours.

If I buy the hanger bay on Tatooine, do I still have the buy my ship from the starship vendor on the fleet to add it as a decoration? Or does my personal ship work?

If you mean the standard cargo hold, yes – 3 universal prefab mk2; for the GTN, it’s either 3 universal prefab mk2 or mk3, depending on if you want the wall unit or the kiosk. You get them from the Utility vendor on the fleet

For Tatooine the default unlock on live servers has a maximum of 200 hooks, with each cliffside room expanding the cap by 50 hooks and the Docking Bay adding 100 hooks (making it 300 additional hooks for a total of 500 again).

It’s perhaps a niggly thing, but I became seriously annoyed this weekend when I discovered the asymmetry of the Nar Shaddaa stronghold. I was going to put one of the “Basic Metal Couch” decorations with its back to the window in the narrow hook right in front of the window on each of the ground-floor landings… and discovered that the hook layout for the two landings is _different_. The eastern landing has a big hook with the nine small hooks in the middle of the area, and then a narrow hook between that and the window; the western landing has the big hook with the nine small hooks pushed right up against the window, with no narrow hook between them.

However, those two landings are more visibly different than any other area I’ve seen. The eastern landing ( — bad camera angle cut off the narrow hook at the top) has a pair of small hooks flanking each door and the staircase, a large hook in the middle with two narrow hooks toward the staircase, one toward the first-floor room, and one toward the balcony; the western landing ( ) has two small hooks flanking the staircase, the large hook in the middle with two narrow hooks toward the staircase as on the other landing, but with a narrow hook on each side of the large hook, and a small hook on the balcony side of _those_ hooks. Two fewer hooks, and all but the staircase pair of small hooks are positioned differently.

The Tattooine Homestead isn’t a homestead. It is a freaking palace. You could probably have put 5 of Luke Skywalker’s homes in the place.

Hi Dulfy, thanxs for the coverage.

I’d like to ask two things :
first : Is the guild stronghold also increasing stronghold conquest bonus?
second : Is it possible to get 2 or 3 guild stronghold or change the location of the guild stronghold?

2. A guild may have a Flagship and a stronghold active at the same time. (E.g. Ship and Kaas)
You canNOT have two planet strongholds at the same time. (E.g. Kaas and NarShad)

If you want to change guild location, you must mothball the original first, and because you can’t buy guild strongholds with CC, there will be a hefty reactivation cost if you want to go back. Works nearly identically to personal ones, just harsher costs.

Tatooine Homestead total hooks number and costs are off.
Total hooks: 500.
Cliffside room north .8M 50 hooks
liffside room north .8M 50 hooks
docking bay 1.8M – 100 hooks
room 1 .9M – 25 hooks
room 2 .9M – 25 hooks
room 3 .9M – 25 hooks
room 4 .9M – 25 hooks

Would’ve been nice if *something* other than “Headquarters: guildname” differentiated the guild stronghold from the personal one. I mean, you’d think that (up to) 10 times the price for unlocking
would’ve garnered *something* extra or special or even just different!

1. Multiple Gold Keys (Co-op Decorating!)
2. Automatically accessible to all guild members.
3. Persistent when public. (Personal strongholds require account to be online to display in listings.)

Also, I know that flagships can be renamed. I suspect headquarters can be as well, although I’ve never tried it.

If you pay for the stronghold, you don’t get any of it FREE !!!! What you get is included in the purchase price. Gaaahh!!!

I love these strongholds but there should be an Alderaan one or even a Mannan, dulfy, contact bioware and tell them to do this!

I’ve tried looking for this info but couldn’t find it. Could someone confirm if there’s a limit to the number of keys you can give out? I’m hoping there isn’t a limit but if there is one I’d like to know. Thanks

Hey, Dulfy!
Any chance you will add the Yavin stronghold to this detailed list, with the ingame map, room unlocks and their costs?

Not sure when they got updated in-game (I kind of vaguely remember something in a patch note a while ago, but cannot be bothered to search for it), but the Coruscant and Dromund Kaas strongholds now have 350 decoration hooks, Nar Shaddaa has 475, and Tatooine has 900.

Hi Dulfy, just unlocked Manaan for guild use:

15m – Initial unlock cost which opens outside area and first room up to and including the elevator

7m – “Interior Expansion” which is a medium sized room
+10 Occupancy +200 Hooks

2.4m – “Rooftop Garden” which is tiny area with invisible wall so you can’t access the rest of the roof
+5 Occupancy +50 Hooks

4m – “Deepwater Sanctuary (South)”
+5 Occupancy +75 Hooks

4m – “Deepwater Sanctuary (North)”
+5 Occupancy +75 Hooks

Total Occupancy is 30, hooks is 650, unlocks is 4 and final cost is 32.4 million credits

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