Stronghold Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack

SWTOR Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack Previews. Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack updated with ingame images and videos on Oct 14, 2014.


Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack


Vrook Lamar’s Armor Set



Feral Visionary Armor Set



Mandalore the Indomitable’s Armor Set


Relaxed Tracksuit Armor Set



Resolute Protector Armor Set



Subversive Armor Set


Series 616 Cybernetic Armor Set




Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Cresh


Antique Socorro Blaster Cresh


Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Cresh


Antique Socorro Rifle Cresh


Antique Socorro Lightsaber Cresh


Antique Socorro Saberstaff Cresh



Walkhar Prophecy


Caravan Uxibeast – 240 CC to unlock



Tirsa Paramount


Rark K-21 X


Ikas XK-13 (60 CC to unlock)


Tobus Alderaan Cruiser



Czerka EW-94 Probe


Model SpearPoint



Color Crystal: Sea Green


Regen: One Handed Handstand – 240 CC to Unlock



Emote: Thrash / Emote: Handstand Heel Click (240 CC for unlock)


Customization: Nadia Grell Customization 9


Stronghold Label: Market Cantina

Dye Module: Pale Blue and Pale Pink


Dye Module: Medium Green and Deep Purple



Alternative view:

Altar of Skulls Seneschal’s Pack
Arrangement: Tribal Campfire Seneschal’s Pack
Banner: House Thul Seneschal’s Pack
Battle-Worn Imperial Placard Seneschal’s Pack
Battle-Worn Republic Placard Seneschal’s Pack
Cage of Tormented Seneschal’s Pack
Computer Station (Emergency) Seneschal’s Pack
Flag: House Thul Seneschal’s Pack
Fountain of Blood and Fire Seneschal’s Pack
Hunter’s Planning Table Seneschal’s Pack
Industrial Fire Pit Seneschal’s Pack
Jukebox: Stellar Hits Seneschal’s Pack
Market Kiosk: Neon Lights Seneschal’s Pack
Massive Anti-Air Turret Seneschal’s Pack
Merchant Stall Seneschal’s Pack
Metropolitan Bench Seneschal’s Pack
Oriconian Lantern Seneschal’s Pack
Planter: Blood Razor Fern Seneschal’s Pack
Round Patterned Rug (Gold) Seneschal’s Pack
Shackled Crystal Sconce Seneschal’s Pack
Small Holo Table Seneschal’s Pack
Starship: Republic Gunship Seneschal’s Pack
Statue of Revan Seneschal’s Pack
Statue of the Throned Sith Seneschal’s Pack
Topiary Tree (Hedge) Seneschal’s Pack
Tribal Blade Totem Seneschal’s Pack
Underworld Light (Orange) Seneschal’s Pack
Voss-Ka Street Lamp Seneschal’s Pack

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168 replies on “SWTOR Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack”

Still wondering why the hell they continue to keep giving female characters cropped/belly shirt armor, when it’s clear some of the NPCs/enemies in the game don’t have them with similar armor. UGH!

The Feral Visionary Set is exactly like it’s copy (Old Sorc/Assassin Tionese) including the belly

Oh great, I’m sure everyone was dying for the Sage Tionese/Columi/Rakata armor to reappear in game. The fan head, the ugly shoulder plates, the inexplicable oven mitts… It was the best thing ever when I got the campaign gloves and didn’t need to wear those ridiculous oven mitts ever again.

Keep in mind not everyone dislike them. So please dont take your i dont like this item so everyone dont like them as well so never put them here attitude and bring it here. Keep an open mind. There will always be people liking. Stuff you don’t like

I’m just speaking from my own experience of how guildmates and I felt back when we had no choice to wear them. Not having any choice (if you wanted your set bonus) may have added to the dislike of the outfit, so at least that wouldn’t be present here. Anyway, we recognized that it was in line with some of the more extravagant outfits that Queen Amidala, for example, wore, but the giant hand plates in particular seemed unwieldy for battle. I didn’t mean to suggest that no one had any interest, though I suppose I did imply that I expect the demand to be low. Who knows, I guess we’ll see when the pack comes out. If you can make the outfit work for your toons, then more power to you.

thats true, at launch you didn’t had much options regarding swapping out mods in other gear, also that the bonus set wasn’t tide to armoring but the gear it self. But i was more referring to the fact according to you no one was looking forward to those set. Although like you said yourself that you wasnt really trying to go that direction but yes, still an unknown people are looking forward to it. I always say, there will always be someone that likes something even though 99% of the world population dislike it. Me my self wasnt so fond of that set either, with the head gear and such. But atleast we arent forced to wear certain gear now, so cheers to that 😀

I really liked the T/C/Rakata endgame gear for Agents. Part of the reason why I rolled sniper as my main. I was pretty bummed when they removed the gear, but I also thought my set would be a unique look in a few years. Now with these re-releases I am seeing all the other classes on fleet in this gear, and it just takes the piss right out of your sails. I don’t care that it is back in the game, but I am bummed that so many other classes are using it. I still have a hood down version which is still unique, but the hood up is just cooler.

I know, for certain characters i’d wish i had them but at the same time the unique-nes will be gone as well

Don’t forget that guildmates are more likely to have the same tastes as you in general since one usually guilds up with likeminded people.

Next time you are able to, check the movies and specifically the scenes on Coruscant: The Senate, the opera house, also Amidala’s official attires. Check also some Clone Wars episodes.
So if someone wanted to have a look similar to that, then the Sage set is one of the few matching possibilities.

Forget bellies, I want cleavage!!! And together boobs variation, not fixed like we have them now (yeah,
the look nice indeed), and a V cleavage would be awesome.
Still wondering… why the hell they continue to keep making recolored gear!
I guess we guys who spoke on the forums don’t count as much as their players info, coz
clearly they make tons of money by still doing this.
Anyhow, the new Manaan weapons are awesome, gg BW.

Agreed, especially when dye modules let us put together our choice of colored cartel gear. Why they do that, and package it like “Check out new cartel items” is beyond me

Maybe treek but blizz ..I think the PvP dual barrel pistol hits the nail on the head for jawas, although a single barrel might look/fit better on his waist

Best Blizz pistol IMO is the Bounty Broker’s carbine. I don’t like it at all- it’s too big and looks dumb being held like a pistol. But in Blizz’s case I make an exception.

Its size combined with the way he holds it, it looks like he has a shotgun.

some people might like it for fetish purposes… or getting stuck in doors…
(feeling lucky his inquisitor wasn’t around when this was the best there was)
#hands out flamethrowers

Waiting with you, and on my Atris Robes aswell.

Still waiting.

(And on my Togruta, Kel Dor and Nautolan.)

I’ve been waiting for the Ceremonial Armor Hat as an adaptive armor piece. So my Sniper and Scoundrel can wear it!

i bet all these weapons have awesome blaster sounds just so people are like “Ew those guns look like someone literally pulled em outta the toilet dripping. . . well they sound boss so i guess ill buy it” ..EA tactics do still exist even with all this new stuff their dishing out, keep a keen eye out for PHONIES! lol

These guns look like the ones the Gormak have on Voss .Not exactly the same , but if you have the patience , have a look 😉

Nice to see the old Tionese/Columi/Rakata Sets again, this time the Assasin set (the sorcerer had a different hat)…

And the other armor looks like a Bounty Hunter T1-T3 Set…

I’m Kind of disappointed they are only re-releasing these older armor sets from the cc market. I think they owe it the player base to make these re-acquirable in game like almost every other mmo. I’d rather see completely new stuff from the cc market.

so anyone else thing the Trophy Hunter’s Mask
will go good with savage hunter armor, if the wet will not have a helm?

I categorize masks to go with hooded chests since the hoods cover the mostly featureless back of the head pieces that fit. I feel a little underwhelmed with Mandalore the ultimate head for example, rear is very bland considering that’s what you’ll be looking at most of the time as opposed to Mandalorian clansman helmet with scope/antenna/fin/etching etc ..absolutely love the savage hunger chest though, I can’t wait to experiment with dyes on this.

Does anyone know the name of the gloves Dulfy has in the Lightsaber pictures? The tan one with the black bone-like spikes?

Statue of Revan should be included on the decorations list. You can preview it in the game from the decorations menu and it says it comes in the Seneschal’s pack.

Well yes… it’s been designed months in advance in most cases and it’s not like they’re gonna throw away that hard work and replace it with something else just because they aren’t popular.

I doubt we’ll see that type of design again in the future tho.

Naah, they’ll always keep experimenting to some degree. And we haven’t really had weapons like that before.

It’s a reskin of the older Tionese and Columi armor sets. They have been releasing certain classes periodically over the last few months. Pay attention, it’ll save you from having to read these sort of comments and me from having to type them.

Yoyur comment doesnt make it look any better you know? shitty gear was as shitty at launch as now. Btw, there is a internet tip that you should learn, type an answer is not mandatory anymore , so complain about need to type something is dumb as this set. You are wellcome.

I’m loving the headpiece on that one 🙂
I’m gonna use it on my sith inquisitor since she’s the type of person to wear highly ceremonial nobleman outfits like that 🙂

Watch out! Having been in the rakata gear so long ago, I know that the headgear causes serious speeder drag. It’s not good for the neck… 😛

Bah! My inquisitor doesn’t lower herself to riding speeders. She glides at a leasurly pace on a pleasure skiff or rides one of her many exotic animals. 😉

there are a lot of people who wanted that armor back though, I agree that it wasn’t to my taste but BW’s mistake was actually removing it

except if you visit the fourms there’s a suprisingly vocal group of people asking BW to bring that armor back

Well I want the Revan Statue, Feral Visonary, and Resolute Protector. The Uxibeast looks neat but I would be afraid people would want to milk my mount everytime. Got Milk?

In the past they have told us that armor sets have months of lead time on them. The cyborg series of armors were probably already to far along in the production pipeline to replace them with something else, so they just got left.

I know man, I dislike these new cyborg versions of the set. I’m better off with the old Cyborg sets before the new ones arrived.

They seem to still be operating under the premise that quantity is more important than quality. If they would avoid that, they wouldn’t need to do so many re-skins. I’d rather see a little less in packs, so I get more of what I want. It’s dumb to have to buy a hypercrate and barely have a shot at what I want. There’s six things per pack now, I think. That’s 144 items, and I rarely get what I’m really hoping to get. I usually have to go get gouged by some other lucky punk who is only in it to turn money in to credits.

The more decorations I see the harder it is to wait for these packs to be released. I want that stuff now!!!!! Sorry I was channeling my inner 8 year old there. It’s like waiting for Christmas.

Bioware has reskinned that trooper helmet OVER AND OVER. Seriously don’t understand why they’re so in love with that shit so much.

You’re thinking of the mandalore helmet dude…
He’s talking about the republic trooper helmet.
And the reason it’s been “reskinned over and over” (which isn’t true) is because it’s a popular helmet.
It’s only been reskinned twice tho… It was part of the old end-game sets and then it was added to the Oricon reputation vendor, but this is the first time it’s appeared in the cartel market.
If you don’t believe me, look here:

I don’t like the Socorro weapons design, they have too much bulk in the design. And the color is pale green, even worse.

It’s pretty obvious from the GTN that the majority of people don’t like them.

Hopefully we’ll never see that design again.

Got an add e-mail from Bioware saying that the Sensechals pack is coming out this Tuesday (October 14th). Time for some people to stock up on Cartel Coins…

So I guess BioWare didn’t like the idea of getting enough coins to buy a pack in one $40 purchase, so they have bumped the price closer to where it was before the stronghold packs. On top of that, this pack has a ton of decorations that are “rare,” which is unfortunate given that it has most the stuff for DK in it.

I still think they cram too much into one pack. I get too much stuff that I can’t sell for even 100 credits. It’s annoying, and really, it should be a clue to BW.

my guild was theorizing that the reason they bumped the price back up was because this is very much the “dark side goodies, decoration pack” and it’s pretty well known that a slim majority of people play imp

Marketing sets the price points to see how many people buy at different prices. If more packs were sold at $45 and the total revenue generated was greater then the $65 price, than $45 will likely be the price of them in the future. As I said above, think about that before you click ‘BUY NOW.’ If you enjoy paying $20 more for junk, buy, click, get excited, feed the beast. I’m not.

Yeah, I was all set to buy a hypercrate, but not at that price. And, as you pointed out, not with all the possible Socorro items.

^This. Nothing about purchasing a digital junk crate for $40-60 should be annoying. I HATE all the crap armor, boost items and other junk they stuff into the cartel packs that fill up your inventory and then you practically have to give away. I have a touch of OCD that makes me want to keep my inventory organized and sensible. Having all this nonsense makes that extremely difficult.

I’d so much rather buy stuff a-la-carte. But that would mean they’d actually have to start making more quality digital items instead of reskinned junk nobody wants. So, doubtful that will happen.

Dulfy, please show the walking animations on mounts as well as some of us only walk with them, and sometimes they are very different (like the rancor).

Thanx 🙂
For the moment, can you tell us if the Ux walks like the Bantha does?
They seem to share the same animation.

loved the thrash as a sith pure win. and the handstand regen item is priceless too. i useit on my sorc that its wearing very little pants and yell ‘look no panties’

Did anyone get the Fountain of Blood and Fire yet? I bought four hypercrates and got most other stuff (except for a few rare mounts and armors), but didn’t get the fountain. Didn’t get Statue of Revan, Oriconian Lantern, Tribal Blade Totem, or Voss-Ka Street Lamp Either, and except for Revan, these don’t seem like things that would be extremely rare. :S

Fountain is pretty rare I think, didn’t get one after 4 hypercrates (+3 from my friend) but a guidie got lucky and got it. Oriconian Lantern is also fairly rare. I did manage to snag the revan statue though.

I hate when they make things that would look best when you have many rare. Like lanterns and stuff like that. One lone lantern will just look weird. :/
However I was lucky to get two massive anti-air turrets! 😀

One hypercrate. One or two oricon lantern 3 tormented cage and one crystal light thing… Smh really wanted a lot of those crystal lights and two sitting Sith on their throne chair

Yeah, it’s messed up that stuff like lanterns and small wall lamps are rare. You need a lot of those to make it look good, so they’ll be sought for and worth a lot even if they’re less rare – maybe even more if they’re less rare!

I bought 2 crates no shackled crystals or Revan 🙁 I got the fountain though. Its kind of a weird piece, its the size oh a medium hook like the Jedi fountain yet you have to put it on a large hook.

I got the fountain but damn is it small. Kinda like the cages, thought it was going to be at last the size of the Jedi fountain since it uses a large floor title, but it’s tiny.

I would say it’s smaller yes. My character is body type 3 and I feel he taller than the fountain. The perspective in that shot might be the issue, will try and take a screen shot tonight.

Medium Green and Deep Purple. Srsly, do we really need color combinations that only five people in the world want to use!? Whats wrong with the people at BioWare who decide about dye modules?

What is with them having a cybernetic armor set in every pack? Is it like a running joke over at BW? And is anyone actually using these antique weapons? The ones I’ve seen from previous packs on the GTN are selling for like 5 credits.

And lastly, disappointed to see the price back up to 6,480 vs. the 4,536 for the same amount and type of items in the previous pack. I’ll express my displeasure by not purchasing any packs from the CM this round. I’m sure marketing is testing how many people buy at the different price points, so think about that before you click ‘BUY NOW.’

Yeah, same here for the price change, bought 2 or three crates of each of the others due to the nicer price, this set I’ll just buy what I want off the GTN, save myself an inventory full of anime moo cow & derpinetic armor sets I won’t be able to -GIVE- away

i wish that bioware would let us sell the armour srts to trash vendors cause i have too many of that cybernetic armour and no one wants it. all im doing is deleteing it

i baught 2 hypercrates of the seneshal’s stronghold packs and i didnt get the alter or the uxli mount not happy jan

i thaught id buy another one cause i was after the mount and alter got neither so i just baught the mount off the GTN

Any reason why this pack is 300 cartel coins vs the Constable and Gatekeeper prices? Other than the decorations, just not seeing a lot to make me bite at the higher price. 210 sure, 300 I’m having second thoughts.

I’ve been away for some time and just recently returned to the game so i’m asking this: Why the Uxibeast mount says it needs 240 CC to unlock? Doeas it mean that if it drops from a pack you’ll need an additional 240 CC to use it?

No it means you need to spend 240 CC if you want it to unlock it in the collections for everyone else in your account to use it. The character who got it can use it without costing anything.

Thx for the reply but isn’t that the case with all the Cartel Market mounts? Or you’re just putting the prices just for those that you know of atm?

If you need unlock prices for anything that’s not from the Stronghold shipment, I can supply. I’ve got everything from all other shipments – and a lot of Cartel Market stuff too. 🙂

Absolutely love the hunters planning table. You can click the center device to turn the holo globe on or off, I like interactive decor definite win for the decor designers.. Next table they make should cycle different holo each time u click like: globe – ship – galaxy – alien head – etc.

Is the Tobus Alderaan Cruiser super rare or something? I haven’t seen anyone riding it or any on the GTN on the Harbinger server.

Cant wait for this pack to be embargoed. Aside from relaxed tracksuit for females and Mandalore armor, i can only use these packs for rep lol. Next please…

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