Stronghold Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Constable’s Stronghold Pack Preview

SWTOR Constable Stronghold Pack preview on the PTS. Scheduled to be released on Sept 16, 2014. Updating with various ingame images/videos



Atris’ Armor Set



Intimidator Armor Set



Enhanced Surveillance Armor Set



Fortified Defender Armor Set



Noble Attendant’s Armor Set


Kreia’s Armor Set




Antique Socorro Blaster Besh



Antique Socorro Blaster Rifle Besh



Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Besh


Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Besh



Antique Socorro Lightsaber Besh


Antique Socorro Saberstaff Besh



Tirsa Contender- 240 CC for legacy unlock


Amzab ZB-7


Tobus Balmorra Cruiser – 240 CC for legacy unlock


Onxy Orobird – 240 CC for legacy unlock


Dune Sea Bantha – 240 CC for legacy unlock


Morlinger NG-9 – 60 CC for legacy unlock


Walkhar Harbinger



Model B4-D Legion – 240 CC for legacy unlock


Cartel MJ-52 Miniprobe – 60 CC for legacy unlock



You can see a more visual list of items here:

Jukebox Video


Arrangement: Tribal Camp Constable’s Pack
Banner: House Alde Constable’s Pack
Computer Terminal Constable’s Pack
CZK Sandcrawler Constable’s Pack
Diagnostic Monitor (Medical) Constable’s Pack
Decorous Hotel Rug Constable’s Pack
Desk Computer Constable’s Pack
Droid Engineer’s Workbench Constable’s Pack
Engraved Reliquary Constable’s Pack
Executive’s Couch Constable’s Pack
Flag: House Alde Constable’s Pack
Gigantic Crystal (Cyan) Constable’s Pack
Holo Sign: Falcon Constable’s Pack
Holo Sign: Lounging Dancer Constable’s Pack
Imperial Voss Embassy Sign Constable’s Pack
Jukebox: Core World Classics Constable’s Pack
Landscape: Gold Plated Hutt Constable’s Pack
Minefield Marker Constable’s Pack
Networked Lamp (Orange) Constable’s Pack
Painting: Abstract Lines Constable’s Pack
Planetary Sign Constable’s Pack
Planter: Voss Shrub Constable’s Pack
Reliquary Vase Constable’s Pack
Sensor Console: X1-74 Constable’s Pack
Server Monitor Constable’s Pack
Ship Wall Locker Constable’s Pack
Slicer’s Planning Table Constable’s Pack
Slot Machine: Smuggler’s Gambit Constable’s Pack
Starship: Imperial Striker Constable’s Pack
Temple Chandelier Constable’s Pack
Tribal Chest Constable’s Pack


Customization: Tanno Vic Customization 2


Regen: Rapid Repair Drones



Emote: Punch Dance/Cheer 2 (60 CC for legacy unlock)

  • See video under regen item for emote demo


Title: Constable

Title: Galactic Warden

Advanced Pink Core Color Crystal

  • Yes the bloom and no bloom versions look pretty identical


Stronghold Title: Smuggler’s Haven

Dye Module: Black and Light Brown

Dye Module: Black and Medium Gray

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161 replies on “SWTOR Constable’s Stronghold Pack Preview”

It seems they are running out of lore sets :/

I’m not too happy to see the packs being filled up with recoloured versions of old lore sets 🙁

Yeah, I don’t mind an alternate color of a generic armor set….although with dye modules, not sure that’s even necessary. But re-coloring lore sets like Mira’s set and the Handmaiden set and then making up some new name for them is pretty lame. I like having multiple colors on the mounts and pets as I may not like the color of the first version. But with armor sets and the ability to dye, it seems like they are just filling space in these packs now.

Well to be fair, they have put different/new patterns on the sets.
So even if you dye the Mira set the same colour as this one, they’ll still look slightly different.

Yeah…..i dont mind Intimidator and Fortified defender for males, but this may be least wanted pack yet.

Are all these new lightsabers as ridiculously large on the hips as the past ones I wonder…

One Bantha please, I will “pass” on the rest of the pack. sorry, but this is breathtakingly ugly stuff,

Yea starting to look like lots of recolors and old stuff in the packs anymore. They need new designs not more packs of the same stuff.

You know they have run out of ideas when they reskin the Operative War Hero armor. That was the fugliest armor ever.

The armor was fine. The HELMET, on the other hand, is a piece of shit, just like the original.

Try pairing the Agile Recon mask with the rest of the Enhanced Surveillance set.

Apart from the various decorations that will also be in this pack, I have my eye on that “Norwegian Blue” Orobird…

Anyone know how Kreia’s armor/headpiece will work? I have a feeling the hood is tied into the robe.

do you know if you can see the hair of character with the headpiece on? i would like to see the braindings of traya through the hood

Maybe my eyes are going early, but that Vic customization doesn’t look all that noticeably changed. What’d they do just darken the tone a bit? Change the eye color? I know it’s gotta be a couple things but the devil in those details is subtle.

Vic is not a dark, muddy brown regularly. He’s usually very pale. Either a pale purple/gray or a pale brown.

Haha nice ..on that note next cybernetic set should have Bao-Dur’s power fist that floats in place lol

OK LOLz!! Not out!!

WOW couldn’t find any Fortified Defender sets at all on market terminal. Also no Enhanced Surveillance. Are they that popular? Xoxaan’s pieces are super expensive!!

This Pack will come out tomorrow.

Tait’s quote from the forums: “Yep! The Constable’s Stronghold Pack will be released tomorrow at roughly 11AM CDT (4PM GMT).”

I think I’d be more inclined to buy a hyper-crate if it were entirely full of decorations for the strongholds and nothing else. That’s pretty much the only thing I see that I’d want in these new packs.

Best part in this pack is Atris’ stuff, and sadly, like the Xoxaan and Satele gear, it’ll have a crappy drop rate and exorbitant prices on the GTN.

The Noble Attendent thing is a reskin of Brianna’s set from way back when, and I just don’t have a chracter that fits the “old hag” profile to get Kreia’s.

Hi, Dulfy I was wondering if there was a revan statue in with this constaple pack and why does the grand emperor statue say it comes from all 4 packs but not listed here

It says it is in the email from Bioware. I have one and don’t want another it may take the place in my pack of the giant crystal I want:(

Ah ok, weird cause people opened so many hypercrates and didn’t get an emperor statue might be a rare one still phew

Eliminating your ability to go booming across the landscape screaming “KANEDA!!!”
Oh, and as a note for missing data, the legacy unlock on the Harbinger is 240cc, as is the unlock for the Repair Droids regen item.

I love the blue, perfect for my character. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I would love to see a dye slot on these new mounts, then everyone would be happy 🙂

Despite getting so much of Nar Shaada unlocked for free, I ended up buying on Coruscant because it was a “homier” living space.

Does someone know when prefered players will gain acces to strongholds. Other than that some of the items look cool in this new pack.

I genuinely believe Certificates are more common from single packs.

I bought a hypercrate and got 1 certificate and 3 “good” items.
I bought 6 single packs and got 5 certificates and 3 “good” items.

I don’t believe that’s RNG.

That’s is exactly RNG. To understands stats you need thousands of sample points to get an idea of RNG. My wife and I opened up some hypercrates for the last pack (gatekeepers) and she got at least 20-25% more cartel certs than me

I got 1 Certificate from a Hypercrate. I got 8 more out of 10 single Packs. In the previous Pack i got 3 Certificates out of 2 Hypercrates, but 4 more from 4! single Packs!

I got full sets of Kriea, Fortified, Indomitable, Enhanced with 2 Hypercrates, along with 2 Pinks, a Bantha, a Tisha and a Sandcrawler which is so HUGE!

I could have sworn I saw a red Walkhar mount somewhere. Now, I can’t seem to find it. Did they change it or was I just seeing what I wanted to see?

I know right? I was so psyched for it, I had a friend offer to give me one from the first pack and I had him hold off hoping he’d get a red one instead for me lol 🙁

I hate you 🙂 Seeing as how the giant Emp statue is going for 500-600 k on my server I don’t know if I’ll ever get one of those crystals can’t see spending so much on a deco.

Lots of armor that I won’t use and won’t be able to sell. They really need to make a pack with just decorations. It’s what everyone wants right now.

But then you’ll get more decorations with each pack = fewer pack sales = lower profits.

Want me to recite the odds of a pack with just decorations? They’re not good.

I opened 4 hypercrates. I know I’m an idiot but felt like splurging. Anyway, I got all of the armor finally after 4 crates. The tops on Kreia and Atris were near impossible. Kreia’s helm I only got 1 of. So that looks to be a super rare.

Dyes were pretty sparse for me. So they don’t seem like the bubblegum dye that was like in every pack.

I got plenty of mounts. Orobird, Walkhar, and Tobus are really cool. The weapons are meh at best.

Decorations are great. Got the Jukebox but I will probably sell it. Got lots of Temple Chandliers, signs, and love the Voss Shrub.

I am in dismay about not getting a crawler. The drop rate must be insane. 4 Hypercrates and not a single one which means they need to tweak the drop rate. 4 Hypercrates translates in $150 of wasted money really after this update.

So yes I am again disgusted with myself. Could use the money on other stuff but was looking for the quick fix I guess.

Thanks for letting us know what you got. I was very tempted to buy 1 hypercrate last night, but after reading this no chance I would get a sand crawler. I like the mounts in this pack, and of course the decorations, but I will just be patient and wait for them to pop up on GTN. I will save my coins for unlocks in collections. Sorry you didn’t get a crawler, that’s a ton of RL money you spent 🙁

Thanks for the reply.

Forgot to mention I got 4 imperial strikers. Not that it makes a difference. Unless they sell nice and high so that maybe I can buy other items that I wanted.

Well that right there is the point many are missing about drop rates ..every HC I bought always has enough to make a few mil back depending on how many items u keep and how cunning u are with GTN function ..don’t just list everything for 2 days and walk away someone will undercut your price in minutes especially for fresh release stuff ..u may be pissed that u didn’t get the crawler but u may have gotten several things that no one else has yet.. When color crystals were less common I was pissed that I didn’t get any of the armor I wanted but I did get like 6 hawk eye crystals that each sold for 650,000 at the time.

Nice that they put Kreia’s armor in the game, being Revan was her Padawan and all… Just hope they actually keep the armor in the game to obtain and not make the pack disappear after two weeks.

Revan wasn’t her Padawan – Kreia was in KOTOR 2. The exiled one was her padawan. omg I’ve become that poster that corrects people

Then perhaps you might want to log back in and correct yourself, genius. Revan was Kreia’s Padawan. Kreia was exiled by the Jedi Council because her students followed Revan into battle against the Mandalorians.

“[…] and not make the pack disappear after two weeks”
This pack is part of shipment 5. The two Nightlife packs weren’t part of a shipment – see Collections. They were associated with the Festival of Splendor aka Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event, which is why they were only there for a few weeks. Devs stated those packs were meant to have truly exclusive items, so they’ll probably never return, unlike the shipments.

I’m on Harb and I got 1 but didn’t check GTN for pricing. It’s huge and I’d love to park it on my Tatooine open pad!

It was $9,999,999 on Begeren Colony last night and there were 2 of them.

Also I didn’t see any slot machines nor did I get any in any of my 4 crates.

(Changed my name from 2cents per Calph)


The live version of the Tanno Vic customization looks different. It’s dark purple with tribal tattoos. However, below the neck it is a smooth-skinned 5-fingered basic body with the same covering issue as Scourge, Skadge, & Vector.

Wow I’m not making any money back on this pack, shadowlands and nothing in the entire pack except the 2 beast mounts, 2 robe chests, CZK, and cyan centerpiece are over 100k creds at best and didn’t get any of the items just mentioned in 2 HC’s I’m not complaining about the stuff in the pack, good stuff they’re pushing out but goodbye to pseudo-buying credits.

lol that Rapid Repair Drone item is so lazy! Biounaware just slapped two Electronic Brains (slicing nodes) together with 2 probe pets xD

Open Cartel, then top right is Collection. You can buy those that you have already opened and used in your character and share across with your other characters.

I bought 2 big packs and got 2 pink crystals, a Bantha, a Sandcrawler, Kreia, Enhanced, Fortified and Indomitable full sets. So that’s like a great jackpot.

So it looks like the Sandcrawler is about as rare as the Walker. 6 Hypercrates and no drop. I feel like I made more money when I was opening Gatekeeper packs than Constable.

Well someone on my server pooped out a CZK for 2.5 mil and I snatched it up and I am selling it for profit. I have made quite a bit from these packs after keeping some of it for myself. Namely the mounts. I love those. The armor is ok I guess. I got some of the upper robes so those are going ofr sale as the supply drops.

2.9 mil on my server today, price dropped fast. Still not worth that much to me for something that just sits, and some people can see it when they visit your stronghold. Heck, they already know your rich if you own a stronghold on Tat and have it completely unlocked….well, were rich I should say lol

Atris’ Armor Set an armor as bland as they come, yet still no “Robes Of Nihilus”. Come on Bioware! I’m sick of wearing life day robes with a black/black dye module.

If anyone could tell me how much the adorable Onyx Orobird costs as collection unlock, I’d deeply appreciate it!

Never mind, I scrolled back up and noticed it. I am tired, sorry! Thank you for all the work you do and putting up with people like me, Dulfy!

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