Stronghold Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack Preview

SWTOR Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack Preview. This pack was released on August 19, 2014.



Malak’s Shadow Armor Set



Mantellian Privateer Armor Set



Reaver’s Armor Set



Advanced Slicer Armor Set



Satele Shan’s Armor Set



Exar Kun’s Armor Set



Series 614 Cybernetic Armor Set




Antique Socorro Blaster Aurek



Antique Socorro Blaster Rifle Aurek



Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Aurek


Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Aurek



Antique Socorro Lightsaber Aurek


Antique Socorro Saberstaff Aurek



Hyrotti YH-99


Tirsa Victor


Tobus Cruiser



Canyon Bantha


Fawn Orobird


Irakie Hawk


Walkhar Auspice




Model SGS-S1 Condor


Imperial LE-34 Miniprobe


Carbonite-Frozen Kowakian Monkey-Lizard



Arrangement: Executive’s Lounge
Arrangement: Underworld Bar
Banner: House Rist
Carbonite Bounty (Slicer)
Corporate Lobby Rug
Czerka Ceiling Light
Czerka Coffe Table
Czerka Corner Office Desk
Executive’s Loveseat
Flag: House Rist
Grand Statue of the Emperor
Gree Sphere Lamp
Holographic Tree (Blue)
Holo Sign: Bith Musician
Imperial Voss Embassy Sign
Jukebox: Underworld Classics
Justicar Propaganda: Every Blaster Counts
Kolto Barrel
Office Chair
Oriconian Standing Torch
Planter: Oriconian Stalk
Republic Voss Embassy Sign
Selkath Chair
Selkath Console
Selkath Couch
Selkath Kolto Tank
Small Statue of Ancient Horror
Starship: Republic Striker
Statue of the Spearman
Tuk’ata Research Table



Regen – Vending Machine



Emote: Whats Up 2 / Emote: Clawbird Kick


Title: Gatekeeper

Title: Galactic Warden

Stronghold Label: Vacation Retreat

Customization: Ashara Zavros Customization 4


Color Crystal: Advanced Gold Core


Color Crystal: Advanced Blue Outline

  • Bloom on (left), Bloom off (right)



  • White and Medium Gray Dye Module
  • Black and Meidum Orange Dye Module

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

187 replies on “SWTOR Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack Preview”

I think it’s a good indication of how lame the strongholds and expansion will be, It seems like this game has entered the stage that many other EA games have entered… Re-color and re-use old content while charging a high price until no one is left to play the game. Seems like its the beginning of the end for swtor… time to start pumping out Cartel Coin stuff (ex. strongholds).

Step 1. Look at Manaan.
Step 2. Play Manaan flashpoint.
Step 3… I dunno, Profit maybe?!?!

The point is the actual story content for Forged alliances has been pretty good, Manaan looked amazing (plus Theron likes your flirting), so if that is any indication, the xpac is going to be awesomely good. I’m glad that the CM is getting less attention.

A few new flash points with drag and dropped recolored content from old areas of the game does not excite me. The CM is actually getting more attention now than ever before. Every new feature Bioware has released has had massive CM hooks (ex. GSF, Strongholds). Then there are the items that are just re-colors of old items that were once rare. Swtor is moving into the phase that EA pushes most of its games before the player base completely drops. I would rather see all the money they are sucking out of the player base actually go into the game’s development rather than some ceo’s bank account. The “development” for this game consists of “what stuff can we grab from old areas to re-arrange/re-color in a ‘NEW’ area for these suckers?” Once new content is finally released, its full of bugs and it took forever to release.

Most of Manaan’s architecture, maps, furniture, heck, even down to it’s kolto chambers, are entirely new models and spaces. So are the rewards.

Agreed, and the manaan flashpoint is difficult enough that i feel a hard mode would be very challenging. In an enjoyable way.

reaver and satele shan`s sets are great, rest meh

P.S. Fire the guy that did Ashara`s Customization

Mounts are meh. Armor sets are mostly meh. And the lightsabers look like dildos.

I like that blue crystal though.

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That Carbonite-Frozen Kowakian Monkey-Lizard is something odd. Don’t know if I want one following me around, but I’m happy to see a less conventional pet added.

Well it can be placed floating above the floor like any pet, I’ll bet. Though it does beg the question, why would anyone freeze a monkey-lizard?

Waiting for remake of old rakata trooper armor. And still nothing. There is a second BH remake but still no trooper, WHY, BIOWARE?!

The section x legacy armour looks like the vanguard (supercommando/demolisher, can’t remember what the dps set is called) version with electrical wiring running across the shoulders and chest. And the skirt won’t colour (also it’s the wrong helmet).

The commando (Med-tech, eliminator’s or is it boltblaster?…) version didn’t have any of that wiring, it was just a clean armoured plate. Look this up on Tor fashion.

Agent’s had something similar with snipers and operatives with the hood being up and down iirc.

If anything I’d like the commando version back because it looks helluva spiffy.

Wow, this was pretty unimpressive.
At least we got Sateles set.

And I’m really really hoping those blasters are placeholders (but I doubt it)

I’m pleasantly surprised, even more because it looks great on both the dudes and the ladies. If only my Jedi Shadow was male (rerolled because of that voice and all the skirts). I wonder why they’re doing so many redyes of the lore sets. Mira’s, Handmaiden’s, Malak’s.

It makes the lore armors more accessible
People that don’t play much can’t afford them with credits, so they will get a chance to buy them with CC.

sorry, but Malak, Mirra’s, Handmaiden were also in packs which were affordable with CC so no point really. Even Revan set was in CM packs, before u know it, it might show up as a recolored version of some sort. really lazy work BW, just milking the shit out everything

but if u meant that these version might be cheaper then the orignal ones, then hmmf dont know about that yet. could be, but then again, people could really overpriced the hell out of it

Not everyone was playing swtor when those CM packs hit the market. The old packs rarely return to CM and only in the form of x24.

Sad that the Warrior Battlemaster is going up, one of the nicer items that take slightly more work to get BUT I am kinda glad more classes can use it and it’s adaptive.

really…… Malak’s shadow armor set… really…

So despite the fact that we could use the dye system to actually make it black as well, they will do it them self and put it in a cm pack? oh boy the originality.

even Mira set is all the sudden recolored and called differently. oh boy BW such cool stuff.

only thing im remotely exited for is the Battlemaster set for warriors, grindded too much of my chars to get to rank 60 to wear those set.

Hmm Satele Shan set? Where is Satele herself? Why there is no story about characters from trailers?
Also a lot of retextures… -.-

She is physicaly present for the mission briefings for the whole Ilum battle though. Together with Dr Godera from the JK line and General Garza.

She also as a hologram during Black Talon, advising the imp players to stand down as her warship is about to make space debris soup of yours (in a Jedi kinda way ofc).

She’s present (albeit in hologram form) in the beginning and end conversations of the Republic Makeb quest and seen in the end conversation (again, hologram) of the Imperial counterpart.

Apart from that, no “direct” appearances since then – Theron watches a hologram of her after Part I but it’s only so brief and not at all of note.

Good to see that they spent so much effort and time into recolouring Mira’s clothing into Mantellian Privateer Armor Set.

I just Want Sateles set for the boots, I’m afraid to even guess what the unlock price will be for it though!

Agreed its somewhat of a lighter pack in terms of anything new but its not a complete write off either. The Satale set has been much desired by players since launch and I’m always pleased with more darkside oriented armor sets. (Exar Kun’s). But what has me really pleased is the inclusion of a more darksided Ashara customization. Been wanting that for the longest time. Thanks BW!

Also to note the “Reaver’s Armor Set” is actually what Darth Marr is wearing. Remember the Battlemaster for Sith Juggernauts dont have a hoodie, only the medium version for Marauder have. Everything is Juggernaut set and the hoodie from Marauders have been added with it. Juggernauts Marauder Darth Marr

You are going to see that set A LOT!
I still think it was wrong for them to put class-sets without class restrictions on the CM. It just… destroys a lot of the feeling in the game. But on the other hand, I’d rather see a Jedi Sage in this than another one of those ‘oh look – I’m fat, pink and naked’ dudes that seem to think they are funny and/or original…

Glad I’m not alone in this. I hope they start doing a bit more class specific stuff in the future. Because in the long run: watering a game down will make it boring. I doubt that will happen, but one can hope. At least MOST players seem to have an interest in ‘looking their class’.

Yead Idd imo i think that seeing a agent running around in a sith warrior gear or jedi knight always seems a bit off for me and doesnt fit the class really well. but people will always pick and choose, if it matches or not

They threw the idea of class specific looks away the moment they came up with adaptive gear. On one hand, I agree with you, it would be nice to be able to loook like your class, and to be able to identify the class of another player just by looking at them.
On the other hand, class specific gear limits cutomization. My Jug wears a Jug oriented chest, an Inquisitor oriented (adptive) legs and belt, for example, whithout looking like an Iquisitor. I believe that the chest piece is the one that trully sets the tone of the look.
And class specific sets narrow down the customizations options for companions. Jaessa can’t wear Inquisitor only gear, Ashara Can’t wear warrior only gear, and so on.
Bottom line, I’d rather have more cutomization options than limit the visual identities of classes. Why can’t my Sith Assassin tank wear gear that looks like armor? Why must he wear robes that don’t look like they offer protection at all?

I agree with what you are saying on both counts.

I know I get bummed out seeing a bunch of Sith/Jedi (lightsaber wielding, not race) wearing the old Rakata Operative set now. Seems like a ton of folks wanted that set for their “Glow-bat” toons.

I also made sure that I purchased the schematics for all the Battlemaster & War-Hero gear planning to make some creds crafting that once the gear was removed. Aaaand EAWare pissed all over that too.

But what can you do? Those guys are gonna cash in as much as they can with their “real world money” sinks.

Hmmm… reading all these comments… Appearently I am the only one who likes the new pack. I love the brown orobird, I quite like these new wepons and I’m very happy they putting in these armor sets again that are no longer obtainable (without paying millions of credits for individual pieces on GTN).

Satele Shan’s armour looks good, will probably get it of GTN (maybe I’ll trade Temple Guardian set). I really like Tobus mount, rest looks very meh. With one exeption: Ashara customisation… Ash is (IMO) the nicest looking character in SWTOR and she’s got the UGLIEST customisation. Terrible.

Nothing else interests me in this pack.

I think the Ashara customization looks very sithy!! Looks like she has been effected by the dark side….

Ah, it’s Exar Kun’s armor that we saw in one of the stronghold preview videos (Coruscant, I think). I don’t like the legs, but I can work with the top. I like Satele’s armor, too, and I’m excited to have another bantha and orobird.

This is my fault guys,…. I KNEW as soon as my mara reached Battlemaster status the armor set (sans bare midriff) would be available in a pack and make the achievement irrelevant. Sorry bout that!

The Reaver armor is not the same as the Mara Battlemaster armor, the chest area is different. The Reaver armor is a recollor of the Darth Marr armor, which is a “hood up version” of the Juggernaut Battlemaster armor.
In my opinion, the MAra version looks better than the Jugg, so i’m still hoping it is going to pop up in a future pack.

i know what u mean. Its like having the old “tionese inquisitor set”. With the upcomming identical set the unique feeling will be gone. Still, im really looking forward to put the reaver set on my assassin+sorcerer now. At least i hope the set will be “adaptive”

Please tell me that the boots on the Satele Shan set are full and not two pieces (boots+pants) together.

Not surprised not many good reviews about the pack but i do like the Reaver’s set. The BM Mara armor dissapoints me a bit and the jugg one has no hood (up). That’s just about all I’ll be buying from this pack, was looking forward to new weapons…but…wtf did they put in here? Looks horrid.

I like the new design for Malak’s set, reaver set is nice too. But this pack is nothing but a huge rehash :/

Right when i saw the first set named “Malak’s shadow”, i can see what you saying. I like the reaver and advanc slicer sets, and the Socorro saber aint bad either…

Asharah Zavros for the win ! And more Bantha ! The rest – well… I have seen that stuff somewhere before, but well, less CC to spend on unlocks. Overall.: medium nice

Nice to see another Asharah skin, but I sure do wish I could get something new for SCORPIO! Zero options for that companion. Even the ship droid has more customs.

Seeing as they are adding another Darth Malak Set for whatever reason gives me hope that BioWare will add a proper Darth Revan Set that comes with the Cape and everything from Knights of the Old Republic and am i the only one really dissapointed with the terrible design of Exar Kuns Outfit? needs more work to look like this:, also would of love seeing his other outfit that really looks sick.

id spend all my creds and use revans proper armor on all my toons. lol.. the classic caped version :]

Looks like there are 2 sets missing from previews, still. Fingers crossed for something that looks like it is from Star Wars.

Really… hm. They don’t really convince me as being very starwarsy. Looks more like… Quake. Maybe the lightsabers sound nice? Haven’t heard them, yet.
We’ll see.

Still not sure where I’ll go once everyone is running around in Battlemaster++ set (yes, that version does look better than the ‘real thing’). I should start stacking my dye modules. 😛

They definitely have, though i am very pleased with the armors lately it seems this time around the director or EA rep or whoever was like “WAIT! I just got word that people are having too much fun, I need u to make the weapons look like sht . . . . .no seriously make em look like poo” and have their drop rates 65% chance in a pack” -closes door and flies away on a witch broom

I want the rest of Nihilus armor, like serious Shadow Malak armor!? Also, Mantellian Privateer armor is just a reskin of Mira’s armor. I like the Ashara custom. and the blue crystal tho

Thanks for the correction. Its been probably close to 20 years since I read that series, but I have always loved that armor on the cover!

That blaster pistol screenshot really emphasizes the bad 1h pistol animation on female body types 1, 2, and 4 that STILL ISN’T FIXED.

The weapon models are horrible in general. With the exception of Satele’s armor there is nothing good in the coming packs. It is as if they have run out of ideas. 🙁

Ive always loved that helmet, its got amped hearing units on the sides for sneaking ..very clever design and imo %100 star wars

Yeah, it stuck out to me as something I’d actually see on some classic Star Wars era character.

Can’t say that about a lot of the armor in this game.

Wow, Reaver? I’m done with this. I spent way too much time farming for the BM set only to have it pop up on the CM months later.

It’s not even the BM set, though. At least not literally – it’s Darth Marrs set.
Independently, rank 60 isn’t exactly special anymore and anyone can buy a full BM set for like 300k on the GTN.

Reaver = Battlemaster/War Leader Vindicator recolor w/ hood up
Darth Marr = Champion Vindicator w/ hood up

Even with the use of dyes, it’s not possible to make Marr’s armor using the BM/War Leader Vindicator or the Reaver armor. Different areas of Marr’s armor are colored, while these armors won’t let you color those parts, but they color some parts that are not colored on Marr’s (i.e. Marr’s colored shoulders & colorless sleeves). Also, Marr/Champion Vindicator doesn’t have the lights that the other sets do.

However, even if someone gets the orange sets off the GTN, they can’t be completed because the belt and bracers can’t be crafted. The Reaver set can fix that. 🙂

I like this set simply because I can use it on a character I don’t plan to PvP with and it’s already colored the way I want it hahaha

Exactly. With the Reaver set you get a complete set (belt & bracers) & you don’t have to PvP for it. 🙂

However, you can now “cheat” and have hood up/down with this set. And luckily for me its my favorite armor. Will sadly have to ditch my champion chestpiece now though.

This set cannot be dyed to match Champion Vindicator. Preview dyes before making any hasty decisions.

Read what I wrote once more. I said I have to ditch my champ armor. I am well aware that the color schemes dont match. The BM ones however do match.

Correct. Personally, I prefer Champion, even if the hood is down. It’s still Marr either way (he used to be hoodless).

I prefer the champion too, its rare and I like the lights and its the one I’ve been using for over 3 years. The BM one however has a better colors. With black/black it actually turns mostly black. While the champion is black/grey with B/B.
But I don’t really care how Darth Marr looks. I just really like the armor style, with some personal changes ofc. Infernal pants + boots and frenzied gloves makes it look awesome. Only shame about orange lights on the infernal boots.

I hear what you’re saying, Pennywise. At least the BM set has two light colors (red & blue), so the orange won’t be very out of place.

Nah that is the BM set. Its reskinned but its the BM set, just with a hood. Don’t delude yourself so much.

Yeah, you can buy it, but unless you have Valor rank 60, you won’t be able to wear it. Sucks my Jugg who’s wearing the BM set won’t be as unique anymore. But hey, a lot of people have been wanting it, so good for them.

It seems as though different peeps like different things. I personally like the Mantellian Privateer Armor Set for one of my companions. It looks a lot like the Mara set. I saw this in the collection only to find that it was from a pack the has been discontinued. Thanks BW, this set will work for me.
All other items are garbage to me. Maybe a cartel power crystal, but those are crazy over priced on the GTN, and I seriously doubt I will get one.
*****On another note, the Gree event was a success for me. I would like to thank all of those folks out there who chose to kill be in the free for all area. Happy to meet you all even though if it was to kill each other in a spree of destruction and chaos.*****

Recolored Mira armor. You can buy the whole Mira set from a vendor in the cartel bazaar if you have the rep and certificates required also. I like the set, but I think it’s a really cheap way to get out of designing new gear.

@ Arby – Agreed with you . If you have enough certificates , you can unlock the whole Mira set , then play with the Dye modules 🙂

A recolored Mira set will work for me. I don’t have or plan on collecting any rep or certificates. I’ll simply wait til the pack comes out, and buy it off the GTN.
I also agree that it is a really cheap way to design new out fits. I have seen this happen with a few of the other sets, and as a result, I have lost the sense of urgency to buy the new set. Why pay out the ass for something that will be remade later anyways.

Satele’s boots look like armored hooker boots. Cannot wait for a version without the armor plating tbh, would look great on my assassin

Armored hooker boots? No offense to you personally but this has got to be the most retarded assertion I’ve seen in quite some time.

Yeah, I can totally see that. The 5-inch high heels, the low cut showing just the right amount of bare skin… oh wait, no I can’t. Because they don’t look like that, not even remotely.
Geez, some people.

So excited about this pack! Been waiting a long time for them to release a Reaver’s Armor Set and my dream came true. Thank you BioWare!!!!

Thanks for sharing this news with us Dulfy 😀

Hey Dulfy, why do you always use Adronikus Revel as the male model? Why don’t you give Talos some love?


This pack has been updated with today’s PTS patch. The Walkhar Auspice now has the proper model. It’s a brand new vehicle model 🙂

Not into the look of the weapons, crystals are nothing new, but the mounts and armor sets arent bad at all. Cant wait for this pack!

Has anyone played with dye on the preview options for Satele’s armor to see how well it takes dye? One of the things about Bastila’s armor that I dislike is the dark brown spots that won’t change color with dyes. Is this set better?

This has bothering me for a while, but what’s the difference between this pack’s Irakie Hawk & the Star Cluster Pack’s Irakie Vulture vehicle. They look the same to me. I don’t think the Hawk is using a placeholder model because it matches the Hawk’s image in the Collection window. Unless they have didn’t engine sounds ingame, then I think we are getting an exact duplicate. Anyone notice any differences between the two vehicles?

Sorry for the typos/lack of proofreading, here’s what I meant to say:

This has been bothering me for a while, but what’s the difference between this pack’s Irakie Hawk & the Star Cluster Pack’s Irakie Vulture vehicle? They look the same to me. I don’t think the Hawk is using a placeholder model because it matches the Hawk’s image in the Collection window. Unless they have different engine sounds ingame, then I think we are getting an exact duplicate. So, anyone notice any differences between the two vehicles?


You still haven’t updated the Exar Kun pics with the current version, which has a shoulder pad.

Is there any indications from these previews as to the rarity of the costume sets?

I assume the Malak / Satele sets are Ultra rare, but I’m hoping the Mantellian Privateer set is only rare.

Reaver & Advanced Slicer had silver icons. I think the Series 614 had a silver icon. I believe all the other outfits had gold icons.

Ah, i see they’ve brought in the BM gear to the cartel market, with the hood up.
I think it’s absolute bullshit how people with the real centurion, champion and battlemaster gear won’t have that option of having the hood up. I’ve been using the Champion set ever since the beginning and have asked hundreds of times to put the hood up as default, along with many other players of that time.
Good job EAware, put everything that people want on the CM so they spend more dollars.

I can see a way this will benefit those who have the BM Vindicator set. If they have the crafted version, they are missing the belt and bracers. Not anymore. Even if they have the original set, they can’t modify the belt and bracers. Now they can have a modifiable version of them. As Anvil mentioned, now they can have a hooded version as well. This armor even dyes the exact same way as the BM set. However, nothing can replicate the Champion set, even with dyes.

Hey Dulfy, do you think you could start listing the legacy unlock prices for items as well?
Some of us would like to know if it’s worth it, before spending the money to buy the items.


(I’m mainly thinking of emotes here, but still)

The only way forward is beating it beating it beating it goooood and then smile when the recursive value approaches stability at .75 return

The droprate on this pack seems to be abnormally high (because I usually have dreadful luck)
My first pack I got White-Gray dye
Second; Tirsa Victor
Third; Vending Machine

The Tirsa Victor is only moderately rare considering how many I got in my crates.
The dye and Vending machine do seem to be rare so your luck held there.

Anyone having really bad luck attaining any of the chest pieces? I’ve opened 3 hypercrates worth of packs to get all of the items, yet I didn’t get a SINGLE satele or exar kun chest, nor sateles boots.

Same with me.
3 Crates and no Chests.
Also missing Kun’s pants and Satele’s boots

I did finish the boxed sets more than once thou so I have a few to sell if the prices are good.

Thats exactly my first impression. Adding the stickers would be the cats meow. The bike is rumored to be a Honda.

These new lightsaber crystals feel too similar to ones already released. I was hoping for something a little more exotic. It’s still something though!

Very curious if the Jukebox of Underworld Classics actually plays tunes. It would be ‘da bomb’ if it actually played songs from original KOTOR.

I *love* the Blue Outline crystal. In-game, it looks like actual teal/cyan which I’ve been waiting for a long time and never thought I’d see. Especially since the Cyan crystal in the game just looks like a bright blue. If there’s around 2-3 items in a pack that I want then I approve of the pack and the blue crystal and Satele outfit make me happy with this one. 🙂

I’m glad I got my purple (artifact) Battlemaster Weaponmaster full medium armorset from back when I pvp’d 24/7 and attained Valor rank 60 to buy it. Along with my Black/Red & Violet crystal sabers. No wonder people keep asking me where I got my armorset now, they removed it ! To make it into a cartel pack LOL. Greedy motherfuckers. Thankfully, I’ll be able to just use it as transmog once I’m level 65 ahah

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