SWTOR Manaan Flashpoint Vendor Items

SWTOR Manaan Flashpoint Vendor Items introduced with Patch 2.9. This flashpoint vendor can be found on the planet of Manaan.

If you havn’t been to Manaan yet, Manaan is a planet you can travel to. There isn’t much there at the moment.


Fira Electrostaff – 6 Manaan Research Data – BOE

  • The blue animated part does not change with your color crystal.



Fira Vibrosword – 4 Manaan Research Data – BOE

  • The blue animated part does not change with your color crystal.



Mana-D5 Submersible – 20 Manaan Research Data – BOP



Shasa Adherent’s Armor Set – BOL

  • Wrist/Waist: 1 Research Data Each
  • Boots: 2 Research Data
  • Lower Robe: 2 Research Data
  • Robe: 4 Research Data




Potted Plant: Manaan Fern – 2 Manaan Research Data – BoE


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Actually it does, but only when the blade is being swung. Normally the lightning color is blue, but it changes to whatever color crystal is installed in it when it is in active use.

Voltaic Strike, Clairvoaynt Strike with that electrocstaff… Yeah, pinwheel of death! I’m so getting that!

the boot look nice too.

Yes, but if you use the lower robe from the set they’re completely hidden. 🙁

I may well use the boots and chestpiece with some trouser-type pieces, and probably the Confiscated Mercenary gloves from Makeb.

how stupid these selkath must be to communicate with SIth, who orbitally bombed there planet and drowned Ahto City

Little bit, but we are dealing with an mmo here. They needed an excuse to share the place with Imperial players.

on Makeb they didn’t need an excuse. That was a “covert” operation, and here they are just trying to play on our nostalgic feelings to KOTOR, having the same experience for Manaan with neutrality and embassies, and even the music. But still, from the script’s point of view it remains stupid.

The lore post by the devs explains it fine. The Selkath are a species that has historically valued neutrality as a tool to keep the peace on their homeworld. The bombing of their planet only occured after they broke neutrality and sided with the Republic, so from a wider historical perspective of cause & effect they think that neutrality is the best way to avoid hostilities spilling onto their planet again. Think of other planets in the SWTOR universe; the ones that chose sides have been broken by war (Corellia, Balmorra) while the neutral ones are peaceful (Voss).

They “broke neutrality” because they discovered Malak’s Sith were shafting them (by indoctrinating their Force-sensitive young into becoming Imperials). So you have cause and effect backwards. From the back-story that’s been published, it’s clear that they offered the same deal (neutrality) to the returned Sith Empire, but the answer they got was orbital bombardment, including the destruction of Ahto City.

So really, from a Lore perspective, I think they’d have realised that appeasement really doesn’t work with the Sith.

I think so, but I do hope, that the drop rate is higher, than the rate of the relics in the Korriban or Tython flashpoints.

Is it really planet, or its small as oricon and czerka?
Also. MUSIC! ORIGINAL! FROM KOTOR! or not. I dont remember 🙁

Dat swirl do. Also KotOR music, and that feel. By far, Manaan is the most beautiful area in SWtOR. (And I love the vibroblade/electrostaff, it isn’t ridiculously gigantic and it has such delicate curves. The Selkath couch and chair are also awesome, though through several runs they did not drop from the Manaan FP, low drop rate and such… I just love everything Manaan related).

How did you access this vendor? When I found it on Manaan, I couldn’t access it when I clicked on it…

Seems to be, at least in this version of the patch. But it would make sense if they leave the Research Data like the Recovered Relics, because they did the same thing with the last two Flashpoint currencies (at least on my server KDY Kits are at 10k, while Recovered Relics cost between 100-200k, so adjusting the drop rate might drive the prices down from 200k for the Data)

So basiclly as it seems , Manaan will be like the Czerka Moon.? with maybe two fp and few mobs outside the fp to fight for rep and such?

Still looks pretty cool though, the memories come floodding back again 😀

One is why there is no longer hard modes, they make flashpoints challenging and fun’ for a while?? Tactical SM is fine, just add HM too…
Two, Why they don’t add in these HM FPs decent gear relevant for NiM operations in the New Flashpoints so everyone wants to grind them to improve their gear a little bit by spending some time on this? /just decent HM Ops equivalent pieces and one better piece in the final boss or something)

At the moment there is FP development, which is good, but very poor usage of them

I would guess it’s because they want to introduce the HM versions of the new Tacticals as Level 60 Hard Modes.

Thats fine then, but still the other issue with pointless gear should be corrected, Flashpoints need to be desirable to grind always, they are the main place to warm up to ops, same way PvP makes you going into regular WZs PVE should mandate you to log in for the daily FP…

That makes a lot of sense – those 3 + red reaper + collicoid war games, and maybe a couple more from the 3.0 expansion, would probably give enough variety for a couple of months.

From what I’ve read, the current Tactical Flashpoints that don’t have Hard Mode versions yet will have them in the upcoming Rise of the Hutt Cartel sized expansion end of year/early next year.

It would have no sense , HM operations are way harder compared to HM fp which you can 2-3 man and honestly you must be a very good player to get into NIM raids, FP gear should be for SM operation

It would be 1piece or 2 per char, not a whole set, 1 is attractive enough reward and helps a little bit on nims

Instead of gear good enough for NiM, and I get you mean NiM DF/DP from a HM Flashpoint, why not at least upgrade it to 168 gear (Verpine/Underworld level) at this point. They already drop Elites, which by 168 gear, why not drop 168 gear too? 162 gear is just a fast steping stone if you farm HM Fps and SM Ops enough, but more people stay in 168 gear longer. Start at least handing it out is all I’m saying

Watching the video made me so nostalgic for KOTOR. I loved Manaan! It looks perfect. So beautiful. Now when do I get a Manaan stronghold?

Make a thread in general forums and cartel market suggestion for Manaan stronghold and get lots of people to support it. Bioware will probably put one in soon.

Looks like they did a very good job with manaan. Looks instantly recognizable if you have played KOTOR and that music brings back some really good memories of the original game.

Will there be a neutral place like in KOTOR where Rep and Sith can’t attack each other like on Voss?

I absolutely love that they use the music from KOTOR on here. I wish they had more music playing continuously in the game, as you play. I end up just turning off the game music because it usually only pops up during big fights, or just landing on a planet, or something. As you’re traveling throughout a planet, the quiet gets kind of boring. This would be awesome if they play this throughout your entire Manaan visit. Looks gorgeous.

now… THIS. this is nice stuff. I really want that submersible (and park it in front of my stronghold on Tattoine )

Those weapons would go from brilliant to spectacular if they would change color based on color crystal.

I know this stuff is BoP, but does anyone know if this stuff is legacy bound? I haven’t seen a mention of that yet.

It’s listed above the various items – the armour (if you can call it that) is Legacy-Bound, the speeder is Pickup-Bound, and the weapons seem, curiously, to be Equip-Bound.
Seems strange, for such elegant weapons, that they should not be BoL…

Yay. Somebody finally answered my question. Oh wait, it’s just a smartass joke about an autocorrect. Disappointing.

They really need to make electrostaves and vibroswords usable by companions that are restricted to techblades and techstaves ..they keep dishing out new ones and im like “that would look great on all my NON-Jedi companions” bc jedi companions wont downgrade from a saber imho it makes no sense. I do understand these are used by many players and not companions but Torian,Akaavi,Vector,Qyzen,Tanno,Yuun & Skadge can only use 2012 weapons – every new non-lightsaber looks as if its made for these guys. Cathar blades, gamorr axe, baton, corruptor blade, CZblade, now more.. anyone else tired of seeing those old gladiator-training-ish techstaves and techblades?

Exactly! How many Electrostaves and Vibroswords do I need? The few that can use Vibroswords or Electrostaves, do. But too many are restricted to Techblades and Techstaves. I would love it if Torian could use the Cathar War Staff and if Skadge could use the Gamorean Axe. I would love it if Qyzen could use the Cathar Honor Sword. Instead they’re all using green quality, vendor bought, moddable weapons because the crafted ones all look horrible.

I agree the swords do like pretty darn cool. I am personally interested in BOL items at the moment. I like their versatility. I am able to use one weapon with four of my characters. This is very nice. Until I get of this, I will not be pursuing these weapons.

The BOL gear this is listed here does not look good. Average at most. Since I already have a few legacy set, I will not be getting this either.

*****On another note, the Gree event was a success for me. I would like to thank all of those folks out there who chose to kill be in the free for all area. Happy to meet you all even if it was to kill each other in a spree of destruction and chaos.*****

On the other hand, it’s the first reasonable Jedi-looking BoL gear I’ve seen for a while (the BoL set from the Tython/Korriban vendor doesn’t really look right either) so I’ll definitely getting at least the chest piece.

Wait, those swords are bind on EQUIP? So I can freely trade or sell them un modded? Huh, interesting idea. Are the research tokens bind on legacy, pick up, or not at all? Still, my assassin may be retiring his lightsaber soon. 😀

PS: No offense Dulfy, but have you managed to get together a guide for the actual flashpoint yet? I’m interested in seeing those bosses.

Hey Dulfy, what are the rewards for finishing Part 2 of Forged Alliances? Like Part 1 gave HK customization kits…

I hope they add more quests to Manaan, it’s my favorite location. I’d also LOVE a stronghold there!

Broken loot table… These tokens no longer drop or are as rare as a
Crate-O-Matic so you can’t buy anything anymore from this vendor. Same
deal with the Korriban/Tython tokens. Obviously they can’t be bothered to fix it.

Is there any way to obtain Selkath droid HK custom for instant 60+ character? Just wanna make another main char. but dont wanna to level up (kinda tired since 2011 xD). And i cant send that custom from my current main coz its bound >< Thanks!

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