SWTOR San Diego Cantina Tour Flash Drive Assets

SWTOR San Diego Comic Con Cantina Tour Fan Flash Drive contents. Special thanks to Fuzebox from Harbinger for sending me these files.

Manaan Flashpoint


Dromund Kaas Decorations






I also asked during the Q & A why SCORPIO is the only companion who doesn’t have a customization, and they said that was a good question and a great suggestion.  Also asked them to put in Yellow/Black dye into CE vendor. – Fuzebox.

  • Adam-Ali Kanji-Lalani

    I am embarrassed to say I wish Bowdaar was that large. He looks so cool.

    • Zakun

      I see it, kind of. It’s sort of like… Bowdaar is a Body Type 2 wookiee. This fella is a body type 3.

      …God forbid we ever see a BT 4…

      • Firebrand23


      • Adam-Ali Kanji-Lalani

        Then I wish we could have a customization to make Bowdaar BT3. He’s a prizefighter for chubba’s sake. By the by, having played the FP, the droid’s eyes are just as reactive as C2-N2. The whole model is fantastically done. Now if they could just take that and apply it to armour.

  • Haggardbr

    Hmmm…. Selkath and Wookiee as next races?

    • HennaIsn’tMissing

      Why is it every time someone sees a screenshot of races clearly in conversation mode and are NOT playable races jump to the conclusion that they will become playable races. Could someone please explain that to me?

      • Haggardbr

        Why is it every time someone makes a random opinion / comment in a discussion board another someone needs to make a random needless comment? Could someone please explain that to me as well?

        I read some time ago something mentioning both races… that’s just all.

        • HennaIsn’tMissing

          So any time someone makes a rebuttal against any comment you make they must be making a “random needless” comment.

          Ah okay, glad you cleared that up for me. Carry on.

        • Christina

          No, they’re not going to be playable races. At least what we know. They’re NPC’s.

          Unfortunately they’ve said, that races that don’t (normally) speak basic, can not become a playable race. And apparently there are not enough wookiees and sellkath who does. Even though there are a few examples in EU where they both speaks basic

          • Haggardbr

            Yeah I’ve heard and read about the non-basic-speaking-stuff before, but you never know what they’ll come up with in the future.

            • EAisLordAlmighty

              Cartel Packs. Cartel Packs everywheres. And 25$ USD for future Strongholds. Yep, “content”.

            • RidDler2435

              It’s very simple, any race that dont fit the humanoid description regarding gear and basic. WILL NEVER BECOME PLAYABLE. It’s simple illogical and friggin expensive to refit mechanics and gear just for these races. Wookiee’s are just as likely to become playable races as the Gree.

              • Unoshi

                Also, not being able to romance, i don’t how someone can be able to kiss a Selkath without messing up the cutscene and glitching in and out. And that it would look super weird too.

        • Kylmc

          Think the Wookie is the next companion.

        • deathmetalnightmare

          “someone needs to make a random needless comment”

          kind of like yours. but in this case you’re the only one allowed to make needless comments.

  • Luis Rosado

    Geez, when will everyone learn? Let. The. Wookie. WIN.

    • Noroxus

      When everyone learns that it’s Wookiee.

  • Decalvatus

    Wookie for Emperor 2014

    • David Fox

      According Colbert Report: Darth Vader for President

      Darth Vader / Binx for 2016

  • aswlp

    I hope the Great Wookie Hunt begins.
    Want to hunt them down.

  • Areneth

    Republic and Imperial original questgivers (forgot their names) stand together? Damn, i want to know story about that 😀

    • Unoshi

      have you done the first story arc on both rep and imp? should notice how both the imp and rep act suspicious. Also when you as a imp char are trying to retake Korriban back, the imp qeust giver almost begs you to kill who ever is in the Council Chamber. Im thinking that both a few on rep and imp side or scheming together to trying to overthrow their faction or some sort

  • Djedpillar

    Forex doesn’t have any customization either does he?

    • Areneth

      He has.

    • Nick Foster

      They’re pretty limited but there are a couple.


    • michael furious

      Just the two, but you need to have also have a security key attached to your account in order to purchase them from the vendor on Ilum. So for all practical purposes: NO – Forex doesn’t have any customizations.

  • KingThane

    Anyone know if new races will be coming, with the expansion?

    • KingThane

      lol ignore, me I now can see other posts 😛

  • Brianac

    So there are no more other Q&A’s??

  • Skyward

    Wish I could play as a Selkath :c

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