Stronghold Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Stronghold Pack Reputation Vendor Items

SWTOR Stronghold Pack Reputation vendor items. This new reputation vendor for stronghold packs have several weapons, a mount and some companion customizations.[toc]

Newcomer Standing

Talos Drellik Customization 9 – 15k credits


Aric Jorgan Customization 5 – 15k credits


Torian Cadera Customization 9 – 15k credits


Kira Carsen Customization 9 – 15k

Kira Carsen 9 FrontKira Carsen 9 SideKira Carsen 9 Back

Friend Standing

Stylish Defender’s Goggles – 2400 Credits


Rectified Brawler’s Armor Set – 1 Cartel Certificate and 9-16k credits per piece, BOP


Hero Standing

Stronghold Defender’s Assault Cannon – 12k Credits, 1 Certificate



Stronghold Defender’s Blaster  – 12k Credits, 1 Certificate


Stronghold Defender’s Blaster Rifle  – 12k Credits, 1 Certificate


Stronghold Defender’s Sniper Rifle – 12k Credits, 1 Certificate


Stronghold Defender’s Lightsaber – 12k Credits, 1 Certificate


Stronghold Defender’s Saberstaff- 12k Credits, 1 Certificate


Champion Standing

Amended Mystic Armor Set – 1 Cartel Certificate and 9-16k credits per piece, BOP



Legend Standing

Imperator’s Hoverchair – 6 Cartel Market Certificate, 120k credits


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49 replies on “SWTOR Stronghold Pack Reputation Vendor Items”

The chair kinda pisses me off. This is the first hover chair I’ve seen that doesn’t have the issue of clipping when you are wearing robes like in the command thrones, but yet it’s only available through a cartel reb with legend standing.

Thats the way the always look in the preview window. This chair will have the same clipping issues in game as the rest of them. The preview mode uses a setting where robes do not have physics enabled.

Those sabers are pretty smexy – can’t wait to hear them. But it looks like you’ll have to earn the reputation for it by spending cartel cash? Which is too bad for me. I can afford to sub, but that’s it really.

Still though, those look mighty nice.

No, you can buy the cartel packs off the GTN for in-game credits, but you’ll still have to buy at least a hypercrates worth to get to legend… probably 2.

True, but given the usual prices those things go for on the GTN, it’s unlikely I’ll be getting them that way either, especially with all the other stuff coming out soon that will be competing for my credits…

Maybe some will be cheaper for a bit while people are desperate to earn guild strongholds, but I sort of doubt it.

Ok, so people are outraged that guild ships are 50 mil credits and legacy storage is 50 mil credits.
But nobody is outraged that these unique weapons are locked away by a cartel pack vendor?

No, because everyone knows that you can get them from the GTN a few days after the packs are opened.

Well honestly, people who buy enough packs to get champion/legend deserve some extra stuff in my opinion.

Well I do agree with that to an extent. But I don’t agree with having unique models as rewards.
And trust me, I’m one of those “people” who buy enough packs to get champ/legend.

I also somewhat agree with you, but it’s nothing new from Bioware. Every previous pack reputation vendor had unique items/models for example elite regulator, resplendent crown of avarice, combustion set, opulent triumvirate, and a couple unique mounts. I like your youtube videos by the way!

Yes, but this time all of them are unique… in the other ones it was just one or two items that were completely unique.
The rest were the stuff from the packs with maby some added stuff.

you dont know if they are unique completely yet since they just came out.. what happens if someone burns their wallet to legend standing with rep and three months later theyve recolored it and put it up for direct purchase for 1500cc due to public popularity of the item, who knows wat theyll do.. kingpin rancor is unique to me but ive spent over 5 mil in attempts ive given up it just doesnt seem worth all the despair when who knows about what lies ahead, those KP rancors wouldnt be sht next to say – a GUNDARK mount am i right.. i think about it every belsavis load screen lol. all in all just be patient maybe work some overtime or something at a job to fatten your CC stash, its wat i do ocasionally.

Thing is tho, only one of the items that have been placed in reputation vendors that were unique have ever been released in another form (and that was the corellian outfit in it’s “sexy” form).

I once bought packs (credits and cc) to get reputation, for one item I really wanted. I will never do this again.

Do you have an estimate of approximately how many hypercrates it takes to reach Legend standing? That hoverchair is nice…

Depending on your luck at getting purple/blue rep, and how many cartel certificates you get instead of rep, it would take anywhere from 3-6 (or more with really bad luck) hypercrates to get to legend.

All the weapon models are awesome (cannon lost me with the tesla like electrodes on top), If these had laser sights I would buy packs and destroy the contents just to get the rep items. As it stands I will look forward to getting these at a slightly less frantic pace as the new packs come out.

that issue has been appointed at the cantina, it’s a bug and will be fixed soon so maybe they will clip now and look good later 🙂

I’ll say it… Stronghold defender’s weapons. Our houses are called Strongholds. Does this mean the weapons are for shooting trespassers?

I haven’t seen this posted yet anywhere, but is the weekly rep for this lower then normal? I used two large and two or three small rep tokens and I was already max for the week. Maybe just a glitch but I haven’t been back on since it went live.

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