SWTOR Galactic Stronghold Decorations List

A list of SWTOR Galactic Stronghold Decorations and how to obtain them. Special thanks to swtor_miner and Exile at tor-decorating for their help.

Last Updated: Nov 4, 2014

Note: If you don’t know how to obtain Prefab kits, check out this guide here.

Intro Quest Rewards

6 Basic Metal Chair 4 Basic Junker’s Light
4 Basic Metal Couch 1 Mailbox
2 Basic Tools Shelf 2 Simple Merchant’s Rug
2 Basic Metal Bed 2 Banner (Imperial): Large
2 Basic Ceiling Light (Yellow) 1 Legacy Stronghold Storage



Decoration Achievement
Circular Sign: Agent  
Circular Sign: Consular  
Circular Sign: Hunter  
Circular Sign: Knight  
Circular Sign: Smuggler  
Circular Sign Sorcerer  
Circular Sign Trooper  
Circular Sign Warrior  
Master Exhibit: Dark Datacrons Galactic Datacron Master
Master Exhibit: Light Datacrons Galactic Datacron Master
Trophies (tons) Kill various flashpoint/operation bosses in various difficulty modes
Trophy Art: The Voidstar 500 killing blows
Trophy Art: Novare Coast 500 killing blows
Trophy Art: Huttball 1000 killing blows
Trophy Art: Ancient Hypergates 500 killing blows
Trophy Art: Alderaaan Civil War 500 killing blows
Trophy Art: Kuat Drive Yards Kuat Drive Yards

Rare Drop

Decoration Location
Starship Fuel Tank Tonvarr Pirates in Ilum (Gree Event)


For datacrons, you have best chances with heroic missions bosses/lockboxes. Master Exhibit Datacrons can be found under achievements

Decoration Location
Dark Datacron (Aim) Ilum
Dark Datacron (Cunning) Nar Shaddaa
Dark Datacron (Endurance) Makeb
Dark Datacron (Presence) Corellia
Dark Datacron (Strength) Tatooine
Dark Datacron (Willpower) Belsavis
Light Datacron (Aim) Hoth
Light Datacron (Cunning) Quesh
Light Datacron (Endurance) Voss
Light Datacron (Presence) Taris
Light Datacron (Strength) Balmorra
Light Datacron (Willpower) Alderaan


  • Drops in both storymode and hardmode, usually bonus boss have a high chance
Decoration Flashpoint (alphabetical)
Ancient Burial Urn Athiss
Power Transformer (Imperial) Black Talon
Computer Desk (Republic) Boarding Party
Rocket Propelled Missile Cademimu
Manned Blaster Turret Colicoid Wargame
Czerka Data Core Czerka Core
Banner: Czerka Sunrise Czerka Labs
Mentor Processing Core Directive 7
Power Transformer (Republic) Esseles
Statue of The Emperor False Emperor
Rakata Stasis Chamber Foundry
Mining Cart: Asteroid Rocks Hammer Station
Large Crystal Formation (Purple) Ilum
Large Field Generator Kaon
Statue of the Ancient Slave Korriban
Orbital Power Monitor Kuat Drive Yards
Cryogenics Tank Lost Island
Computer Desk (Imperial) Maelstrom Prison
Selkath Solar Sculpture Manaan
Starship Medical Tank Mandalorian Raiders
Shattered Sith Artifact Red Reaper
Science Station (Field) Taral V
Statue of Cowled Man Tython


  • Higher diffculty mode have higher drop rates, some drops from trash exclusive, others are from bosses
Decoration Operations (chronological) Comments
Rakata Energy Pylon Eternity Vault Trash mobs
Rakata Herald Statue Eternity Vault Bosses
Rakata Mind Trap Eternity Vault Bosses
Flag: Dangerous Hutt Karagga’s Palace Trash mobs
Portrait: Gold Plated Hutt Karagga’s Palace Bosses
Statue of Karagga Karagga’s Palace Bosses
Firebrand Tank Explosive Conflict Bosses
Massive Anti-Aircraft Turret Explosive Conflict Bosses
Mine Cart (Baradium) Explosive Conflict Trash mobs
Stormcaller Tank Explosive Conflict Bosses
Hypergate Irregularity Terror from Beyond Trash mobs
Reconstructed Hypergate Terror from Beyond Bosses
Shielded Data Core Terror from Beyond Bosses
Cannister of Isotope-9 Toborro’s Courtyard  
Bazaar Lantern Scum and Villainy  
Krayt Dragon Skull Scum and Villainy  
Statue of Ancient Horror Scum and Villainy  
Shady Merchant’s Banner Scum and Villainy  
Dreadful Altar Dread Fortress Bosses
Holocron of Fear Dread Fortress Trash
Statue of the Burning Skull Dread Fortress Nim Brontes
Dreadful Throne Dread Palace Bosses
Holocron of Dread Dread Palace Trash
Statue of the Oriconian Warrior Dread Palace Nim Council

Reputation/Flashpoint Vendors

Note: If you don’t know how to obtain Prefab kits, check out this guide here.

BBA Reputation Vendor

Decoration Reputation Cost
Flag: Bounty Brokers Friend 1 Completed Bounty Contract
Carbonite Bounty (Kingpin) Hero 1 Completed Bounty Contract
Carbonite Bounty (Rogue) Hero 1 Completed Bounty Contract
Carbonite Bounty (Smuggler) Hero 1 Completed Bounty Contract
Weapon Rack: Bounty Brokers Champion 10 Completed Bounty Contract

CZ-198 Reputation Vendor

Decoration Reputation Cost
Czerka Logo Hologram Friend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Info Screen: Dromund Kaas Friend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Info Screen: Tatooine Friend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Map of CZ-198 Biomes Hero 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Painting: Abstract Rectangles Hero 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Arrangement: Executive’s Desk Legend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3

Gree Reputation Vendor

Decoration Reputation Cost
Gree Light (Blue) Newcomer 2 Gray Helix Components
Gree Light (Orange) Newcomer 2 Gray Helix Components
Gree Light Pillar (Blue) Champion 4 Gray Helix Components
Gree Light Pillar (Orange) Champion 4 Gray Helix Components
Gree Data Terminal Legend 4 Gray Helix Components

GSI Reputation Vendor

Decoration Reputation Cost
Seeker Droid: Underworld Friend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Seed of Rage Champion 1 Universal Prefab MK-3

KDY Reputation Vendor

Decoration Faction Reputation Cost
Starship: Imperial Bomber Imperial Legend 20 KDY Construction Kit
5 Universal Prefab MK-2
Starship: Republic Bomber Republic Legend 20 KDY Construction Kit
5 Universal Prefab MK-2

Korriban/Tython Flashpoint Vendor

Decoration Faction Reputation Cost
Sith Academy Obelisk Imperial None 25 Recovered Relics
10 Universal Prefab MK-3
Holocron of Ancient Masters Republic None 25 Recovered Relics
10 Universal Prefab MK-3

Makeb Reputation Vendor

Decoration Reputation Cost
Flag: Mercenary Veterans Champion 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Topiary Tree (Cone) Champion 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Statue of a Noble Beast Legend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3

Manaan Flashpoint Vendor

Decoration Cost
Potted Plant: Manaan 2 x Manaan Research Data

Oricon Reputation Vendor

Decoration Reputation Cost
Sith Mantlepiece Champion 1 Universal Prefab MK-3

Section X Reputation Vendor

Decoration Reputation Cost
Pottery: Bronze Bowl Friend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Pottery: Rakata Bowl Friend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Pottery: Bronze Vase Hero 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Pottery: Grey Vase Hero 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Pottery: Bronze Artifacts Legend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Pottery: Grey Artifacts Legend 1 Universal Prefab MK-3

THORN Reputation Vendor

Decoration Reputation Cost
Planter: Glowing Cave Fern Friend 5 Rakghoul DNA Canister
1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Planter: Glowing Plague Bulbs Friend 5 Rakghoul DNA Canister
1 Universal Prefab MK-2

Voss Reputation Vendor

Decoration Reputation Cost
Ancient Voss Sarcophagus Champion 1 Universal Prefab MK-2

Fleet Vendors

Collector’s Edition

Decorations Cost
Statue of Eternal Grace 50k credits

Utility Decorations Engineer

Decorations Cost
Appearance Modification Station 2 Universal Prefab MK-2
Cargo Bay 3 Universal Prefab MK-2
Galactic Trade Network (Kiosk) 3 Universal Prefab MK-3
Galactic Trade Network (Wall) 3 Universal Prefab MK-2
Guild Bank 5 Universal Prefab MK-3
Item Modification Station 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Legacy Stronghold Storage 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Mailbox 1 Universal Prefab MK-1

Industrial Fabricator Droid

Decorations Cost
Ammunition Cannisters 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Arrangement: Merchant Stall 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Basic Imperial Chair 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Basic Republic Chair 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Bomb Shells 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Computer Station (Planetary) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Computer Station (Starship) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Diagnostic Console (Galaxy) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Diagnostic Console (Medical) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Diagnostic Console (Orbital) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Diagnostic Console (Power) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Generator Ceiling Light 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Heating Vents 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Holocall Kiosk 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Laboratory Ceiling Light 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Matrix Converter 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Merchant’s Work Table 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Munitions Storage Crate 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2
Networked Lamp (Blue) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Plasteel Crate (Single) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Plasteel Crate (Stacked) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Plasteel Tech Barrel 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Power Station Console 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Scaffold Lighting Array 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Ship Computer: Imperial (Base) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Ship Computer: Republic (Base) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-3
Shipping Crate (Single) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Shipping Crate (Stacked) 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Underworld Light Node 1 Industrial Prefab MK-1
Weapon Rack: Blaster Rifles 1 Industrial Prefab MK-2

Universal Fabricator Droid

Decorations Cost
Ancient Library Archive 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Arrangement: Vendor Stall 1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Barraks Bunk Bed 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Elegant Park Bench 1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Fountain: Jedi Temple 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Fusion Generator (Huge) 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Hutt Lounger 1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Jedi Temple Chairs 1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Luxurious Rug (Blue) 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Networked Light (Blue) 1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Networked Light (Orange) 1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Networked Security Monitor 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Painting: Abstract Colors 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Painter: Executive’s Shrub 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Science Station (Large) 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Sign: Full Gate (Purple) 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Sign: Full Gate (Red) 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Small Café Table 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Starship Booth 1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Starship Chair (Tan) 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Voss-Ka Bed 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Voss-Ka Cabinet 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Voss-Ka Couch 1 Universal Prefab MK-2
Voss-Ka Desk 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Voss-Ka Highback Chair 1 Universal Prefab MK-1
Vossk-Ka Table 1 Universal Prefab MK-2

Synthetic Fabricator Droid

Decorations Cost
Alderaanian Throne 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-3
Ambient Sensor Device 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Cantina Stools (Fancy) 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-1
Chipped Burial Urn 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Corellian Zoo Sign 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-1
Desert Peddler’s Rug 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-1
Highback Padded Chair 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Holo Sign: Corellia 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-3
Holocron Data Node 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Holoprojection Device 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Hospital Bed 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-1
K’lor’slug Eggs 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-1
Killik Eggs 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-1
Market Canopy (Blue) 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-3
Poster: Separatist Forces 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-1
Potted Plant: Brown Shrub 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-3
Potted Plant:Sea Grass 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Potted Plant: Weed Flowers 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-1
Refuge Camping Kit 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-3
Researcher’s Desk 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Senate Podium (Crystal) 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-3
Senate Podium (Lamp) 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-3
Senator’s Desk 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-1
Senator’s Lounger 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-3
Sign: Resort (Blue) 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Sign: Resort (Orange) 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Temple Archive Chest 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-2
Temple Standing Lamp 1 Synthetic Prefab MK-3

Fleet Cartel Market Certificate Vendor (Personnel Agent)

Decorations Cartel Market Certificates
Bartender (Male) 1 Certificate
Jawa Scrap Peddler: Hadir 1 Certificate
Jawa Scrap Peddler: Izzar 1 Certificate
Jawa Scrap Peddler: Mnek 1 Certificate
Medical Droid (Imperial) 1 Certificate
Medical Droid (Republic) 1 Certificate
Serving Droid (Astromech) 1 Certificate
Twi’lek Dancer (Female) 1 Certificate
Twi’lek Dancer (Male) 1 Certificate
Waitress (Female) 1 Certificate

Fleet Credits Vendor

Decorations Credits
Arrangement: Basic Lounge 2500
Basic Ceiling Light (Yellow) 1000
Basic Civilian Table 500
Basic Junker’s Light 250
Basic Metal Bed 1000
Basic Metal Chair 250
Basic Metal Couch 500
Basic Tools Shelf 500
Simple Merchant’s Rug 500

Fleet Cartel Market Certificate Vendor (Cartel Market Decorations)

Decorations Cost
Circular Sign: Cartel Coin 1 Certificate
Equipment Locker: Fancy 2 Certificate
Flag: Beneficent Hutt 2 Certificate
Luxurious Rug (Red) 2 Certificate
Luxury Bed (Orange) 2 Certificate
Market Canopy (Red) 2 Certificate
Octagonal Light Node 1 Certificate
Potted Plant: Green Bush 1 Certificate
Potted Plant: Large Fen 2 Certificate
Potted Plant: Autumn 2 Certificate
Red Cushioned Chair 1 Certificate
Senator’s Rug 1 Certificate
Topiary Tree (Gumdrop) 1 Certificate

Fleet Starfighter & PvP Decoration Vendor (Empire)

Decorations Cost
Banner: Imperial (Large) 200 Warzone Comms
D5-Mantis Patrol Craft 5 Dark Project MK-1
5 Universal Prefab MK-3
Flag: Imperial Hologram 200 Warzone Comms
Flag: Imperial Standard 200 Warzone Comms
Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor 5 Dark Project MK-1
5 Universal Prefab MK-3
Hypergate Ring 1250 Warzone Comms
Imperial Guardsman 200 Warzone Comms
Imperial Crate (Single) 200 Warzone Comms
Imperial Crate (Stacked) 400 Warzone Comms
Imperial Transport Shuttle 5 Dark Project MK-1
5 Universal Prefab MK-3
Propaganda: Imperial Scout 150 Fleet Comms
Propaganda: Imperial Striker 150 Fleet Comms
Propaganda: Starfighter Kiosk (Imperial) 250 Fleet Comms
Starship Imperial Scout 500 Fleet Comms
Stronghold Label: Imperial Sanctuary 1000 Warzone Comms
Stronghold Label: Starfighter’s Lounge 500 Fleet Comms
X-70B Phantom 5 Dark Project MK-1
5 Universal Prefab MK-3

Fleet Starfighter & PvP Decoration Vendor (Republic)

Decorations Cost
Banner: Republic (Large) 200 Warzone Comms
BT-7 Thunderclap 5 Dark Project MK-1
5 Universal Prefab MK-3
Flag: Republic Hologram 200 Warzone Comms
Flag: Republic Standard 200 Warzone Comms
Defender-Class Light Corvette 5 Dark Project MK-1
5 Universal Prefab MK-3
Hypergate Ring 1250 Warzone Comms
Republic Crate (Single) 200 Warzone Comms
Republic Crate (Stacked) 400 Warzone Comms
Republic Guardsman 200 Warzone Comms
Republic Transport Shuttle 5 Dark Project MK-1
5 Universal Prefab MK-3
Propaganda: Republic Gunship 150 Fleet Comms
Propaganda: Republic Striker 150 Fleet Comms
Propaganda: Starfighter Kiosk (Republic) 250 Fleet Comms
Starship: Republic Scout 500 Fleet Comms
Stronghold Label: Republic Sanctuary 1000 Warzone Comms
Stronghold Label: Starfighter’s Lounge 500 Fleet Comms
XS Stock Light Freighter 5 Dark Project MK-1
5 Universal Prefab MK-3

Fleet Dark Side Vendor

Decorations Cost
Circular Sign: Dark Side 5k Credits & Dark V
Lightsaber Forge (Sith) 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Stronghold Label: Sith Academy (Empire) 10k credits & Dark V
Stronghold Label: Temple of Darkness (Republic) 10k credits & Dark V

Fleet Light Side Vendor

Decorations Cost
Circular Sign: Light Side 5k Credits & Light V
Lightsaber Forge (Jedi) 1 Universal Prefab MK-3
Stronghold Label: Temple of Light (Empire) 10k credits & Light V
Stronghold Label:Jedi Academy (Republic) 10k credits & Light V

Cartel Market

Decorations Source
Imperial Walkers Cartel Market
Republic Walkers Cartel Market
Statue of the Agonized Cartel Market
Thranta Trophy Cartel Market
Infected Tree Cartel Market
Arrangement: Executive’s Lounge Gatekeeper’s Pack
Arrangement: Underworld Bar Gatekeeper’s Pack
Banner: House Rist Gatekeeper’s Pack
Carbonite Bounty (Slicer) Gatekeeper’s Pack
Corporate Lobby Rug Gatekeeper’s Pack
Czerka Ceiling Light Gatekeeper’s Pack
Czerka Coffe Table Gatekeeper’s Pack
Czerka Corner Office Desk Gatekeeper’s Pack
Executive’s Loveseat Gatekeeper’s Pack
Flag: House Rist Gatekeeper’s Pack
Grand Statue of the Emperor Gatekeeper’s Pack
Gree Sphere Lamp Gatekeeper’s Pack
Holographic Tree (Blue) Gatekeeper’s Pack
Holo Sign: Bith Musician Gatekeeper’s Pack
Imperial Voss Embassy Sign Gatekeeper’s Pack
Jukebox: Underworld Classics Gatekeeper’s Pack
Justicar Propaganda: Every Blaster Counts Gatekeeper’s Pack
Kolto Barrel Gatekeeper’s Pack
Office Chair Gatekeeper’s Pack
Oricon Standing Torch Gatekeeper’s Pack
Planter: Oriconian Stalk Gatekeeper’s Pack
Republic Voss Embassy Sign Gatekeeper’s Pack
Selkath Chair Gatekeeper’s Pack
Selkath Console Gatekeeper’s Pack
Selkath Couch Gatekeeper’s Pack
Selkath Kolto Tank Gatekeeper’s Pack
Small Statue of Ancient Horror Gatekeeper’s Pack
Starship: Republic Striker Gatekeeper’s Pack
Statue of the Spearman Gatekeeper’s Pack
Tuk’ata Research Table Gatekeeper’s Pack
Arrangement: Tribal Camp Constable’s Pack
Banner: House Alde Constable’s Pack
Computer Terminal Constable’s Pack
CZK Sandcrawler Constable’s Pack
Diagnostic Monitor (Medical) Constable’s Pack
Decorous Hotel Rug Constable’s Pack
Desk Computer Constable’s Pack
Droid Engineer’s Workbench Constable’s Pack
Engraved Reliquary Constable’s Pack
Executive’s Couch Constable’s Pack
Flag: House Alde Constable’s Pack
Gigantic Crystal (Cyan) Constable’s Pack
Holo Sign: Falcon Constable’s Pack
Holo Sign: Lounging Dancer Constable’s Pack
Imperial Voss Embassy Sign Constable’s Pack
Jukebox: Core World Classics Constable’s Pack
Landscape: Gold Plated Hutt Constable’s Pack
Minefield Marker Constable’s Pack
Networked Lamp (Orange) Constable’s Pack
Painting: Abstract Lines Constable’s Pack
Planetary Sign Constable’s Pack
Planter: Voss Shrub Constable’s Pack
Reliquary Vase Constable’s Pack
Sensor Console: X1-74 Constable’s Pack
Server Monitor Constable’s Pack
Ship Wall Locker Constable’s Pack
Slicer’s Planning Table Constable’s Pack
Slot Machine: Smuggler’s Gambit Constable’s Pack
Starship: Imperial Striker Constable’s Pack
Temple Chandelier Constable’s Pack
Tribal Chest Constable’s Pack
Altar of Skulls Seneschal’s Pack
Arrangement: Tribal Campfire Seneschal’s Pack
Banner: House Thul Seneschal’s Pack
Battle-Worn Imperial Placard Seneschal’s Pack
Battle-Worn Republic Placard Seneschal’s Pack
Cage of Tormented Seneschal’s Pack
Computer Station (Emergency) Seneschal’s Pack
Flag: House Thul Seneschal’s Pack
Fountain of Blood and Fire Seneschal’s Pack
Hunter’s Planning Table Seneschal’s Pack
Industrial Fire Pit Seneschal’s Pack
Market Kiosk: Neon Lights Seneschal’s Pack
Massive Anti-Air Turret Seneschal’s Pack
Merchant Stall Seneschal’s Pack
Metropolitan Bench Seneschal’s Pack
Oriconian Lantern Seneschal’s Pack
Planter: Blood Razor Fern Seneschal’s Pack
Round Patterned Rug (Gold) Seneschal’s Pack
Shackled Crystal Sconce Seneschal’s Pack
Small Holo Table Seneschal’s Pack
Starship: Republic Gunship Seneschal’s Pack
Statue of Revan Seneschal’s Pack
Statue of the Throned Sith Seneschal’s Pack
Topiary Tree (Hedge) Seneschal’s Pack
Tribal Blade Totem Seneschal’s Pack
Underworld Light (Orange) Seneschal’s Pack
Voss-Ka Street Lamp Seneschal’s Pack
Anti-Personnel Defense Turret Architect’s Pack
Arrangement: Café Table Architect’s Pack
Banner: House Ulgo Architect’s Pack
Carbonite Bounty (Hutt) Architect’s Pack
Corellian Rug Architect’s Pack
Electroblade Rack Architect’s Pack
Emergency Ceiling Light (Red) Architect’s Pack
Equipment Locker: Sleek Architect’s Pack
Flag House Ulgo Architect’s Pack
Fountain: Sculptural Architect’s Pack
Holo Sign: Cantina Dancer Architect’s Pack
Holo Sign: Champagne Glasses Architect’s Pack
Holographic Tree (Green) Architect’s Pack
Jukebox: Soothing Melodies Architect’s Pack
Krayt Dragon Skeleton Architect’s Pack
Merchant Stall: Armor Architect’s Pack
Networked Security Monitor Architect’s Pack
Octagonal Computer Station Architect’s Pack
Office Divider Architect’s Pack
Planetary Holo Map (Ilum) Architect’s Pack
Planter: Glowing Spores Architect’s Pack
Planter: Large Mushroom Architect’s Pack
Potted Plant: Luminescent Mushrooms (Blue) Architect’s Pack
Security Camera Architect’s Pack
Segmented Lights (Purple) Architect’s Pack
Statue of the Serene Pilgrim Architect’s Pack
Arrangement: Cantina Lounge Cantina Bundle
Casino Table (Large) Cantina Bundle
Cantina Bar Cabinet Cantina Bundle
Cantina Bar Set (Small) Cantina Bundle
Cantina Loveseat Cantina Bundle
Cantina Stools (Basic) Cantina Bundle
Holo Sign: Cantina Cantina Bundle
Arrangement: Spacer’s Lounge Spacer’s Bundle
Dejarik Table Spacer’s Bundle
Starship Chair (Black) Spacer’s Bundle
Spacer’s Couch Spacer’s Bundle
Spacer’s Kolto Tank Spacer’s Bundle
Spacer’s Supply Locker Spacer’s Bundle
Spacer’s Wall Lights Spacer’s Bundle
Decorous Café Table Luxury Bundle
Luxury Bed (Black) Luxury Bundle
Luxury Café Table Luxury Bundle
Luxury Hanging Lamp Luxury Bundle
Luxury Highback Chair Luxury Bundle
Luxury Hutch Luxury Bundle
Luxury Loveseat Luxury Bundle
Luxury Wall Sconce Luxury Bundle
Holographic Weapon Display (Rifle) Underworld Bundle
Huttese Wall Sconce Underworld Bundle
Underworld Starship Chair Underworld Bundle
Underworld Starship Couch Underworld Bundle
Underworld Supply Locker Underworld Bundle
Underworld Traveler’s Rug Underworld Bundle
Imperial Medical Bed Imperial Essentials Bundle
Imperial Supply Locker Imperial Essentials Bundle
Imperial Wall Sconce Imperial Essentials Bundle
Imperial Work Table (Alert Status) Imperial Essentials Bundle
Imperial Crate Pallet Imperial Essentials Bundle
Imperial Dignitary’s Rug Imperial Essentials Bundle
Engineer Access Panel Republic Essentials Bundle
Republic Starship Couch Republic Essentials Bundle
Republic Supply Locker Republic Essentials Bundle
Republic Wall Sconce Republic Essentials Bundle
Ornate Merchant’s Rug Republic Essentials Bundle
Republic Crate Pallet Republic Essentials Bundle
  • brittishcoal

    OMG. I love you dulfy….

  • mhonde

    Oh great Dulfy! Have some sleep hahaha

  • bleeters


    ‘Hey, remember those seeds of rage we dug up? Stolen by the Dread Guard, planted on various plants around the galaxy. Turned local wildlife into corrupted monstrosities? Gave them to a Jedi and he fired them into a sun to destroy them once and for all. That whole thing.’
    ‘I remember’
    ‘Yeah so apparently GSI still had one. Figured it’d make an awesome apartment decoration. I put it over there with all my pets and a republic soldier I hired’
    ‘You what’
    ‘So what do you think? Goes pretty well with the carpet, I think’

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Hero of Tython and Master of the Jedi Order.

    • mhonde

      Clearly you are not a botanic 😀 such seeds could be inviable now, making no threat to the galaxy but a nice relic… 😛

    • Kind of explains why all these dark madness things keep coming back. People like souvenirs too much.

  • Ezra Khan

    Which achievement is that Voss shrine from. I keep looking for it hand have no clue as to where it is.

  • Kero

    How do you get datacrons on your Stronghold? Like the ones on the staircase when they were streaming on Coruscant Stronghold.

    • Kero

      I have gotten 69/69 datacrons and got the Datacron Master Title.

      • Vendrimair

        i’m pretty sure it’s glitched, i can’t get my datacrons either

        • TJWoo

          Check your achievements on the PTS. Usually the achievements don’t carry over correctly to the PTS.

          • Ajay Madhav

            No, it seems they are bugged. For the display, you need each Light or Dark Datacron decoration first. There is basic info regarding the source, such as the Light Datacron (Presence) has a source listed as Taris. However, not sure what this means. One post on PTS forums pointed to these datacrons being FP drops.

            • Kepalicus

              The datacron decorations appear to be rare drops obtained either via mobs or the item crates sometimes awarded by quests, not via the actual datacrons we’ve already been collecting. For example, I was testing out False Emperor earlier on the PTS and was given commendations and a single blue (cannot recall the item level) crate; when I opened the crate, it awarded me with one Dark Datacron (Aim).

              The datacron tables acquired via the light/dark vendors on the fleet require you to have, I believe, one of each datacron variation (i.e. every stat), but I was unable to verify if will allow you to buy the table if you’ve already added the datacrons to your decoration wallet.

              • p4v7

                So these Dark/Light Datacrons are actual drops which I can either decorate my house with or sell them to a vendor to get the datacron table? I guess I will spend most of my time in the evening running through FPs to get enough copies of datacrons to use them in my stronghold and spend the rest for the table. Oh, and I will also need to play Manaan flashpoint to acquire the awesome weapons. So much stuff to do now, nice 🙂

        • AriesCZ

          It is either glitched, or BioWare massively screwed up. We were told by producer of the expansion that the table is a reward for collecting all datacrons.
          Now, sure, have them as drops for extra copies, but players with the Datacron Master achievement should get one of each datacron and the table for free.

  • zenight

    Crap, I can’t get my twi’lek strippers without Cartel Certificats?

    My Nar Shaddaa stronghold is gonna be sad ; (

  • Johnny Wright

    Will we need to re-run FPs/Ops for achievement based decorations? Such, if we already have the achievement for completing EV, will we automatically get the EV based decorations, or are the decorations rewarded from entirely new achievements that we will need to run the op again to get?

    • Kero

      Good question

    • Nope, all the achievements give you trophies which are retroactive. You do have to rerun the ops/fps for the drops though.

      • Kalzeth

        are drops guaranteed, are they same on HM vs SM?

        • You get it when you get the achievement for killing that boss so yes. The trophies are all relatively similiar. They are just a small pic of the boss with different borders for storymode/hardmode/nightmare

  • BH1

    You’re the best Dulfy! Thanks!

  • Miss_defied

    There are like…very, very few PvP items. 🙁

  • Aps

    It looks like we will have to work really hard to get those things… I was really excited for this expansion, but now I just feel tired about one thought of how much I will have to do to even get items to put in my house. Sure, I will get a lot from achievements, but I see a lot of items (for example Twi’lek dancers) that are only available from Cartel Certificates which is really annoying, because I refuse to gamble with packs…

    • KingThane

      What packs have those cartel certificates?

    • bleeters

      I wasn’t hugely excited about basic faction flags and such being pvp rewards either, but at least those aren’t random rewards from real money boxes.

  • Stefan Hurst

    So I have a couple questions. 1. Once you buy an item are you able to use it more than once or do you have to continue to buy it over and over? 2 I could not tell the difference between the achievement decorations from raids and drops from raids. Which is which? 3 Are all decorations bind on pick up or can you sell/purchase them on GTN or from other players?

    • 1. You have to buy more if you want more. Once a decoration is placed, it is gone and cannot be placed again until you pick it up. 2. Achievement stuff from raids are just trophies – pics of bosses in a frame. The drops are actually different decorations 3. Most decors are bind on use so you can trade it I believe.

      • KingThane

        What packs drop the cartel certificates?

        • p4v7

          I believe every pack drops it. It’s just a rare drop.

          • KingThane

            thnks,ive seen one drop from any of my packs,so I wasn’t sure. Hopefully the coming packs will have better drop rates

            • KingThane

              *never seen one drop I mean

        • Unoshi

          Yes all of them drops, Cartel Certificates, although it isnt a 100% but let say you buy a grand pack of 24 then you will mostly get 15 out of it, at least thats what happened with me when i bought a few grand packs, all above 10 dropped for me

          And they are also Bind on Legacy

  • AshlaBoga

    I like “Temple of Darkness.” Perfect for a DK StrongHold.

  • Driler

    Awesome. Thanks for compiling all of this!

  • The Flashpoint Operation sources, I assume they are drops? if so, what drops them and how frequent?

  • David Fox

    Appearance Modification Station?

    • Acer

      A personal copy of the station in the cartel bazaar on the fleet. It lets you change you redo your facial appearance, though the prices are pretty high.

  • PancakeGirl

    So the Holocron Tables do not require a LS / DS rating?

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    It’s pretty dumb that you have to craft your ships that you already own.

    • Decalvatus

      I agree.. should come from achievements instead.

      • Kylmc

        It should come with the achievement that says you finished your story line on the capital world.

  • Argaria

    Need to craft my own ship?


  • Areneth

    Gonna buy a lot of imperial soldiers… There is nothing to buy except this for wz comms 🙁

    • Acer

      The Republic/Imperial banners are fairly impressive looking. You’ll probably want a few of them, which are also purchased with wz comms.

  • Unoshi

    BTW anyone know if we can buy different types of soldiers, like different body size, helmet on/off etc?

    for the Ancient Master holocron or something and the imperial version we need 25 x Recovered Relics each… ouch….. how i’d wish id did more runs 🙁

    • No the soldiers are all the same

      • Unoshi

        sigh, there goes variation. Thanks though

      • Jha

        U think they would’ve offered droid guards as well as regular

  • Nozyspy .

    The livestreams led me to believe that ‘if there is an achievement for it, theres a decoration for it’. Im slightly disappointed with how you get some of these, I had hoped certain things you might get from obtaining lore entries or completing certain achievements and such.

    What they need to do is have bits of certain decorations (like an ancient statue) scattered around a planet or around several planets and you have to go find all the pieces, like a treasure hunt or archaeological dig. There were certain things in SWG where you had to do that to unlock them like the Tatooine landscape painting, if i remember correctly you had to go to certain beauty spots around Tatooine and find all the beauty spot markers.

    • Unoshi

      But you do? they also stated NOT all will be achievement related. Some will be Crafted, Some will be sold by vendors, Some will be drops and some will be from cartel market.
      Datacron Master Achievement by collecting all Datacrons, give you all the datacrons as decorations. So its lore and achievement related in one. The treasure hunt is a nice idea, you can suggest that in the swtor forums but with ancient statues already being on the list, think its a lil late for that but none the less if you have an idea put it on forum. Maybe you might be lucky and they implement it

      • mhonde

        None are actually crafted

    • Aurhia

      Actually, they said the opposite of that. If there’s a decoration that comes from an achievement, if you already have the achievement, you’ll automatically get the decoration. Not that all (or even many) achievements would have decorations. In fact, so far boss-kill trophies are the only ones I see that come from achievements.

  • Lord Zalla

    Here’s hoping there are some mandalorian NPC’s you’re able to put in strongholds *crosses fingers*

    • Unoshi

      And i was just thinking the same. Lets hope so buddy

  • Tyrannesius

    Now… The operations decoration drops. SM/HM/NiM ? Or can it drop on any of them?

  • Stefan Hurst

    I have one more question. Are the three different items for the raids for SM HM and NM?


    Hi, I have a question. Is the decoration database legacy wide or character specific? i.e. if I purchase 1 item with toon B can toon A place said item in my stronghold?


    • It is legacy wide

    • Rhiss

      Speeders, Pets and Companions are not legacy wide, you have to be on the character who has the speeder to be able to place it and so forth for the other items.

  • Robert

    They’re trying too hard to make crafting relevent. The prefabs are cool and I like the idea, but items that require high reputation should be that and creds only, making us use prefabs for reputation items makes crafting mandatory rather than merely useful.

    • Robert

      BW is being really pushy for a subscription based game, making things cost tens of millions of credits, making crafting obligatory

    • Rydarus

      Crafting should be removed from the rep items and just have a credit cost.

      • Khepra

        In this case, I’d agree. There is no crafting, just these pointless player-made currency tokens. However, I wouldn’t worry about it. Instead of a new market for decoration items on the GTN, you’re going to have a billion currency tokens on sale for less than the mats to make them, because you can’t have anything resembling competition or competitive pricing when there’s only 3 possible items on the market….. so you’ll be able to get them cheap.

        I wouldn’t try buying any in the first day or three tbh. The first people to make some will put them up for incredibly stupidly high prices. But as soon as more than, like, 10 people are posting them, the price will crash through the floor. I’ve never seen an in-game economy quite like swtor’s. People undercutting by 50% percent or more when there’s only three items for sale, it’s amazing. Think about what happens to the cartel pack items when they unbind. Within a couple days, 10 pages of “rare” (lol) items flooding the market, and unless they are super unique or unusual in some way, you can get them for nothing. The kits will be like that, except forever; because unlike the cartel pack items, the supply will never stop. It will only increase.

        If you could make actual items, well, if the market for one item gets flooded, make something else for a while. You can spread out supply. You can choose what to make. But if your only option are these currency tokens, you can’t compete. They will be completely meaningless.

        This is not the system I was expecting when Bioware said “some decorations will take crafted parts.” I should’ve realized, with their track record in the last few years, than not saying “will be crafted” was a big red flag.

  • Rydarus

    Dulfy is the Flashpoint drops guaranteed or not? Didn’t see a manaan fern drop in the flashpoint.

    • TheMaster

      I soloed False Emperor sm twice today, but only got one statue of the emperor. Also I got the statue on the bonus boss.

      • Averzaath

        got it on the bonus boss aswell

  • Scorch

    So your companions are free decorations, right? So do they work like the mounts ie you can put one per stronghold? So I could have T7 at both my Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa stronghold at the same time?
    Also, can the items purchased with cartel market certificates be placed on the GTN?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      You cannot place more than one of each companion. If you were to place T7 in Stronghold A, you would not be able to place him/it in Stronghold B.

      • Konoha the Wiper

        what if i have 3 jedi knights, because i have 3 jedi knights

        • aswlp

          I have two smugglers and can’t place additional companions. The first char placed his, and thats it. They are also the companions of the second char.
          But they change the armor.


          • mhonde

            The issue generated surely comes from preventing to have 2 of the same comps in the same place (multiuniverse paradox?).

            Solution: Nameable Companions, they can look and act differently, why should be named always the same? I have 16 char, one per advanced class, with, for instance, 2 opposed Azsharas, I wish to rename one!!

            Please support this and request companion naming customization!!!!

            • Unoshi

              Also using different customization for the same companions on different chars could also help allot in not seeing the same comp everywhere

        • Unoshi

          Also lets say the character who you bought the stronghold with is the owner (You can switch owners in the GHS tab) Then if the owner places a Lord Scourge somewhere and you log other alts you will see him as a Holo image. But if you are again on the owner and you have Lord scourge as active companion then he will be replaced by one of the other two Lords Scourge from your other Jedi Knights you have and appear as holo image. And if you only have one, he leaves his spot untill dismisses

      • Khepra

        Do they just stand in a corner and play statue, or can they be stationed at something, like a computer desk or lab table or something..?

        • aswlp

          They just stand there.

        • Unoshi

          yes they just stand there, but you can place them where you want, so can put them behind a bar, in front or guarding doors. not sure if companions can sit but in one of the live stream decorations, i think it was from DK that 3 Npc’s were sitting on a balcony. Maybe we have the same option for our companions.

      • Hefe

        Just like speeders, I was able to place T7 in my other Stronghold as well. The “limit” refers to the fact that despite multiple Knights, you only get one T7 (and one HK and one Treek and one Ship Droid) per Stronghold. But, you can drop them again in a different Stronghold.

  • Khepra

    Damn i wish Bioware would just be honest, it’s not like we won’t realize we’ve been had. Not a single thing actually gets crafted. Nothing. Each crafter toon will learn TWO “new schematics!!” for a total of THREE currency tokens to sell to other players. Brilliant. I was hoping the list would prove that wrong, but nope. We don’t make decorations, we make currency tokens. THREE of them. How, after 3 years, does Bioware still not understand economic basics? Yes, the Cartel market, go crazy, very successful. But there’s still a place for putting a damn effort into crafting that won’t even slightly reduce the profitability of the cash shop. I was really looking forward to this – instead I will be cranking out boring currency tokens for my own use, and most likely not even bother selling them in the flood as they are the only item any crafter can make for strongholds. Bah.

    • Unoshi

      still trying to stay optimistic that they might add an actual schematic of a decoration that we can make, but as it seems so far, we’ve pretty much just had a slap in the face. What we craft so far is not decorations.

      • mhonde

        I agree. This is best sorted through a formal petition in SWTOR forum where every crafter supports the issue.

      • dodgerfn

        I agree, really disappointed. I thought Bio was finally going to throw crafters a bone here. Well at least I can get rid of some useless cloth I been hanging onto forever.

    • Sean

      And it looks as if all of the prefabs are designed to be consumed at a high enough rate to suck mats out of people’s storage; whether this sucks enough resources away from crafting gear to drive the prices of crafted gear up out of most people’s reach, or whether the proliferation of adaptive gear has already depressed the market for crafted gear enough that it will just restore prices to where Bioware wants them.
      That said, I think GTN prices would be controlled better by two small changes to the GTN: first, your listing fee is based off the price you list the item for, not its “value” (eliminating the 1cr listing fee for CM items), and second, the listing fee pays the GTN for putting the item up for sale; you don’t get it back if it doesn’t sell. The two together will choke off relisting items for absurd amounts week after week hoping someone will want them bad enough to pay your inflated price.

      • Khepra

        Hmm, you mentioned something I hadn’t considered: if the rate of consumption is really high, it may mitigate the flooding effects… at least a little. But having three currency tokens to “craft” instead of actual things is still boring as smeg, and still too limited to base a market around.

  • Jha

    Hey Dulfy,
    Do the decorations from flashpoints & operations drop from bosses or randomly?

  • Desius

    I did 10 runs of Athiss earlier, on the PTS. Didn’t get a drop of the item from there, so either they’re bugged or the droprate is hiddeously low.

    • Bobby

      I hope it’s not HM only, that would be extremly lame but not surprising given how the rest of this new content is going.

      • Stephanie

        A friend was farming story mode Athiss for decorations, he got the burial urn after a few tries.

        • Desius

          What dropped it? Is it bosses, or standard mobs?

      • cookster

        i got one first run of sm athiss but havent got one since

  • Rint

    Just looted the Dark Datacron (Aim) from a champ on ilum.

    • King Thane

      where are these dark/light datacrons found and does anyone have a link to a site that shows their locations.

      • Rint

        The preview says they come from planets so I started running around ilum killing champs, random mobs and opening security chests. The Aim one dropped from a champion in one of the daily areas. My guess, have not tried this yet tho, is that its a rare drop on the planets each one is listed to be at and you can get it off anything but since the rare drop rate is higher on champs that lets you shoot thru the drop list a bit faster. It was a blue light btw, not the standard white-ish light, if that helps.

        • King Thane

          haha so pretty much go kill everything,go it. i’ll go kil anything that moves,does it have a specific name?

    • Mumakil

      I’m curious if it is tradeable

      • Rint

        It was Bind on Use, and stackable, so it’s like a consumable.. I’m assuming that if you want the big datacron display you need to save them and not just eat it for the deco. I ate mine since I wanted to see what the singles look like.

    • Terrorus

      Wait a minute, you get Dataacron decorations as mob drops?! What about, you know, FINDING the real darned things on planets?!
      I have collected all the datacrons (except fleet) and that is not gonna earn me even a single datacron decoration??
      That feels very stupid!

      • Unoshi

        Actually no its not stupid. The fact that we cannot loot the datacrons that gives us lore what so ever, and will also not be able to stack, there for we wouldnt be able to get multple datacrons as deco or even the bigger version with all of the datacrons on display. yes they said if we collected all datacrons, lore wise, that we would get the datacron as decorations. But i have to agree on BW with this one. It would be impossible to get multiple versions of same datacrons. Otherwise people would be spamming the same datacron constantly

        • Terrorus

          Actually, you get mutiple of the same datacron by finding them (multiple as in the same stat). I get your point, but so far i have seen no mention of geting datacron decorations from finding them. And since you can only activate each Datacron once, you wouldn’t be able to spam decorations from as single one.

          • Unoshi

            yes same stats but once u got all you cant like i said and you said it as well, cant spam it. So the solution is let them drop from mobs. like they are doing now on pts so we can get multple datacrons till max stack and if we use all then we can get more again.

  • Schramme

    Hey Dulfy (or anyone else for that matter!), have you been able to get an image of the Mercenary Veterans’ Flag from the Makeb vendor yet? Thank you!

  • Elfa

    I played around in the strongholds and I lost interest in twenty minutes.

    • How fascinating! So glad you could take time out of your busy schedule to inform us thusly. Please keep us apprised on any updates.

      • Elfa

        Update: I read your response and lost interest in twenty nano seconds.

  • Khadan

    In regards to all the Flashpoint and Operation decorations… are those drops or through achievements?

    • Zhen

      I got the Statue of the Emperor from the False Emperor, the Rakata Stasis Chamber from the Foundry and the Computer Terminal from Boarding Party. In all cases decorations were dropped by the staged bonus bosses on standard difficulty. But it is worth noting that the decoration did not drop when I fought the SM bonus boss of Battle of Illum, so these drops may be randomized to an extent or that particular decoration may follow different rules.

      • KingThane

        Is this on test server or on live server?

        • Vodorlo

          Please tell me your joking… Is Strongholds on live yet?

          • Kingthane

            ya realized after I said it, its on post servers. everyone talking about the drops got me confused

        • Zhen

          This was on the Public Test server. So far as I know, early release for strongholds is still Aug. 19 for the normal servers. I apologize for the confusion.

          • KingThane

            not your fault,4 some reason I was thinking the decorations were already out

      • Khadan

        Was it one drop? E.g. the group had to roll for it? I can solo all the non-55 FP’s, but I really don’t feel like burning all the ops to right over a decoration lol.

      • Averzaath

        the difference might be that the BoI bonus boss is not part of any achievements, while the other 2 bonus bosses are.
        NOT saying this is tied to achievements, just saying they might be viewed upon differently by bioware or sumthin’

  • Desius

    With the drops from FP’s comming from bonus bosses, what drops the items from the FP’s that dont have bonus missions, like Red Reaper?

    • Vendrimair

      I got the Red Reaper decoration from Ikoral, although i ran twice and it only dropped once.

      • Desius

        Ah, i’ll have to make more attempts. I did it twice and didn’t get any drops.

  • Kero

    I know how to get the datacrons as decorations now.

    • Care to elaborate?

      • Unoshi

        Need to kill mobs on different plannet. Makeb, Correlia, Ilum etc. There are 6 or 7 different ones and can stack. Aim, Willpower, Strenght etc

        • Vendrimair

          i’m not sure how i feel about that.. i’d personally like it if they made it so you get 5 or 10 datacron decorations for each datacron you collect. That would probably drive role players mad though.

          • Unoshi

            Knowing BW, they will want you to work for it.

          • BrianDavion

            not really, roleplayers would just go out and collect em. if they can reasonably get an item with a bit of work, RPers will do it

        • Are they just random rare drops?

          • Unoshi

            Yes, totally random. And probably rare. Only saw one drop when i was in group with another guy and he won it

          • Unoshi

            Also like to note, they added a Revan Statue in the list. Its too large to preview to the fullest, could only see from the feet till the middle but it looks like the one SPOILERS ALERT…..

            When you are imp player and you need to do the qeust on DK for the revanites and they want you to die to be reborn in a cave wich has a statue of revan as well. Precisly that one

      • Kero

        You get them from Standard Prototype Storage Box by completing +2 Heroics on the planet of the Datacron.

        Ilum has the Aim Datacron so I did the “Darkness on Ilum” and choose the blue box and open it and voila the Aim Datacron.There is a certain percentage of getting it from the box so may have to keep trying.

        • Okay thanks! 🙂

          • Kero

            My pleasure Dulfy

          • Kero

            This is what i got so far

            Ilum — [H2]Darkness on Ilum — Dark Aim Datacron
            Nar Shaddaa — [H2]Blood Money — Dark Cunning Datacron
            Tatooine — [H2]Down the Hole — Dark Strenght Datacron

            I’m asuming you get Dark Datacrons on your Republic character because I’m being the hunting with my sage.

            • Are you dark or light aligned though? That might be affected by it

              • Kero

                I’m light III on my sage so alignments has nothing to do with it I believe.

              • Kero

                Scratch what i said about Republic players only getting Dark Datacrons.I just got my first Light Datacron on Alderaan.

                Alderaan — [H4]Special Delivery — Light Willpower Datacron

              • Kero

                So you can get them inside of a Standard Prototype Storage Box or Reinforced Prototype Storage Case.Still testing so I’ll keep you updated.

              • Xilat

                We did Ilum on dark side with a light aligned player in our group and all of us got the Aim Dark datacron

            • Kero

              Hoth — [H4]Prisoner Extraction — Light Aim Datacron for the Gilded Prototype Storage Case

              • Kero


              • Kero

                Corellia — [H2]Concierge — Dark Presence Datacron from the Ancient Protoype Storage Box

        • Kero

          However, I used the “Past/Future” method to get the Datacron much faster.Instead of doing the missions over and over again daily or on different characters.I went on the Live Server and left my character in front of the turn in NPC.Then I copy that toon X times and go to the PTS and keep opening the blue boxes until i get a Datacron

          • Kero

            So basicly choose any different planets that the Datacron are on and do a Heroic Mission that gives you a blue box as a reward and open it.Like i said there is a good chance to get random loot so that’s why i use the Past/Future method so i can keep spamming my turn ins until i get the Datacron.Test it out and you will see XD.

  • y2z

    So there’s 12 datacrons? Light and dark version of STR, WILL, AIM, CUNN, PRESENCE & END?

    • Unoshi

      yes, and u can either have them as a stand alone or in a combined version representing dark or light

  • mhonde

    (After PTR Experience) Oh yes, Oh yes, My own Tatooine Homestead, Oh yes, Just Awesome!


    Oh Wait, Manaan, oh, Manaan, ohhhhhhhhhh KOTOR

    PD: Sorry to say this, as I actually also enjoy it too (when they deliver content), but… IN YOUR FACE WOW, IN YOUR FACE!!

  • EleniRPG

    I remember seeing a huge fountain in one of the live streams. I think it was something they placed for a few seconds before replacing it with something else. Does anyone know what that decoration was and where to get it? Or do you remember which video it was in so I can go back and find it again? I don’t think it was the Tatooine live stream, but I can’t remember which it was.

    • EleniRPG

      Never mind, I found it in the Nar Shaddaa episode. It is Fountain: Sculptural, and it says the source is Vendor: Crafted (Industrial Prefabs). So is it simply not available yet from the vendors on the PTS?

  • Sivis

    Anyone know if its worth saving lockboxes now, from various planets? Or if the datacron deco’s will be hardcoded into lockboxes that drop -after- the patch is applied?

    As I’ve no idea if BW code the RNG loot tables to work before you get the lockbox, or after.

    • Interesting question, never thought of that, but it might be worth saving them. Worst case, they don’t drop decorations and you’re no worse off.

      • Sivis

        Indeed, just starting to lack cargo room now on my chars, with all the crew mats taking up residence there 😀

        • Can always make a new lvl 1 alt and mail them there, assuming you have a few legacy-wide bays unlocked, and aren’t maxed out on chars.

  • Eriksonix

    All this talk of storage boxes /lockboxes means that f2p wont be able to get alot of the decorations?

    • Sivis

      Most lockboxes are blue (from normal planet heroics) so F2P are fine there. However, the ship and shuttle deco’s require operations/purple lockboxes/GTN, so that part they may be limited.

      Tbh, like everyone else thinks, they shouldn’t be forcing people to craft a ship taht they already own.

      • Iron-Clad

        I think what Eriksonix was getting at is that f2p players typically can’t choose/receive boxes as rewards from quests, so while they can technically open them, they will be forced to purchase them on the GTN rather than acquire them from questing.

  • panther1fan

    Ok, so what constitutes a light and dark datacron. I do have the Datacron Master title for legacy. But then how do I really get the item at the light side/dark side vendor for decorations.

    • Jha

      From my understanding they are new individual datacrons dropped from champ mobs in H2 missions. But may change when SH’s goes live.

    • Sivis

      All BW have done is split them into 1 per (most) planet :

      Light Datacrons


      Voss (endurance)

      Taris (Presence)

      Balmorra (Strength)

      Alderaan (willpower)

      Quesh (Cunning)

      Hoth (Aim)

      Dark Datacrons


      Belsavis (Willpower)

      Ilum (Aim)

      Nar Shaddaa (Cunning)

      Makeb (Endurance)

      Corellia (Presence)

      Tatooine (Strength)

      They have different looks and obviously glow the same colour as the stat they represent. And in order to get them, visit the mentioned planet, do the heroics, grab the lockbox as a reward and voila, you ‘may’ get one drop. They stack and can be used as a standalone deco, or on a table.
      source: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=754248

  • mhonde

    I must say that Manaan FP is absolutely awesome (no spoilers) but I really hope there is more to do in the planet, maybe an instanced heroic mission 2H+/4H. So much potential to use…

    • Iron-Clad

      I’m really hoping that they will gradually expand Manaan as the story progresses. It would be easy for them both lore-wise and programming-wise to simply rise additional structures to the surface of Manaan as they become more accepting of outsiders.

  • Areneth

    Isotope 9? I dont get it. I thought we had isotope 5 in game… No?

  • ZakarosTarsus

    I actually just had a theory – what if Maanan could have the next Stronghold location. Think about it – when you go there – you see structures in the distance that don’t seem to serve any purpose. What if the tops of those are entrances and downstairs is an underwater stronghold. Just a thought but could explain why there is so little to do over there right now.

    • KingThane

      I would be very happy if it was, have a room with a beautiful view of the ocean and some giant progenitors jumping around in the water,i’d buy it in a heart beat and pay tat’s stronghold prices

    • mhonde

      It makes sense, Manaan alone offers underwater views, that fits perfectly for a new SH

      But i do hope they also add some dailies too, the flashpoint is awesome, lets re-use these designs

  • Crafty McCrafter

    Has anyone seen anything on the length of time for crafting the different prefabs? Just doing some preplanning 🙂

    • 10-12 minutes each, not very long. Dark projects take a couple hrs I think.

  • Seph

    Anyone know if you crit while crafting a prefab, do you get 2?

    • Yes you do!

      • Seph

        Excellent, thx! Have my mat’s ready to go for all my crafters, nice to know I’ll get a bonus 🙂

        • sedremier

          Yeah, I am stacking on all materials myself. stp, cloth, metals, medicals… stacks upon stacks.
          Good thing that come strongholds the first thing to get to will be the legacy bank. That first tab is going to be worth it’s money (yes, I know it’s free :P)

  • Revanite

    Any word on where/if that Revan statue actually drops?

  • Bobby

    How many credits does it take to unlock those wall trophy pictures for a Guild Stronghold?

    • Jack

      10,000 looks like for SM. Idk for HM or NM.

  • yellow-power ftw

    any idea if all those will be BOP or BOE???

    • They are all BoE so far. However beware with reputation items that you cannot place them if you do not have the rep.

  • Neliev

    With the new patch they changed the costs of:
    “Stronghold Label: Starfighter’s Lounge” from 5000 Fleet Comms to 500 Comms

    • Neliev

      To be exact, they lowered all the Fleet Comms cost on that vendor.

  • Neliev

    The Gree Lights now cost 2 Grey Helix Components, the Pillars and the Data Terminal sell for 4 Helix Components.

  • Robert Hindy

    FYI, most of the Reputation Vendors have changed what is required to purchase stuff from them. Most of them take their event currency now instead of Universal Prefabs.

  • EleniRPG

    Ugh, I wish we could know what the reputation and resource requirement will be for the THORN decoration items so we know how much to grind during the event this week. I really want that Glowing Cave Fern. Hero? Champion? Legend? I kind of wish the glowing bulbs weren’t the green plague ones (in the Rakghoul tunnels you can see cyan ones that would match the glowing ferns–I like those better).

    • They are friend reputation rank

      • EleniRPG

        Oh cool, thanks 🙂 I see now that the link says you buy them from Jeelvic, which is why I didn’t find them on the THORN reputation vendors in Nar Shaddaa. I wonder if we’ll have to wait until the next Rakghoul event to buy them, then. That would be sad.

  • Ezra Khan

    The statue of eternal grace now comes from the CE vendor, right now it says the Constable’s Pack ;).

    • Bobby

      Wonder if it’ll be BoP. I’d kinda like to be able to see them sold on the GTN. I suppose it’d make them less special and all, but it’d be a neat little advantage for the CE peeps to be able to set the prices, particularly with all the expensive stuff out.

      • It is indeed BoP, just checked 🙁

        • Dan

          Ah that blows, particularly since so many none CE folk expected to be able to get it originally. I wish they had an option to upgrade to CE without having to buy the box from ebay or something. Although I suppose it’s be awesomenif they released it in a pack and kept it in the CE vendor, it’d be a neat perk for CE folk but still attainable for others if they pay.

    • EleniRPG

      Aw, I was looking forward to buying it whenever the Constable’s Pack gets released 🙁

      That said, it’s about time that they have something on the CE vendor that makes those of us who didn’t get the CE a little bit sad. It was so expensive, and so far they haven’t had anything that I was interested in at all.

  • aswlp

    Gree an T.H.O.R.N. decorations are too expensive. BioWare is nuts!

    • Jake

      Gree event is chump change, could make that in less than an hour. Each wb and xeno, wouldn’t even need to do any dallies. I hate that Thorn takes prefabs too though, they should be cannisters only.

  • Is there any item like a Jukebox?

    • Bobby

      Yep, a couple of them. They are called juleboxes. CM and conquest rewards mostly

  • And the operations/flashpoints decorations are rare random drops or they are 100% chance for drop one for operation/flashpoint? Thanks 😀

    • Bobby

      The flashpoint decorations seem to mostly drop from bonus bosses when possible. They seem to always drop from HM, bu

      • Bobby

        Aren’t that rare in sm either.

        • And the operations decorations? They are a 100% chance of drop?

  • Robert Hindy
  • James

    So a few of the tour videos showed the hanging voss ornamental chandilier things but I haven’t seen a decoration for them yet from pts, what’s up with that?

    • EleniRPG

      Oh I hope we get those soon. I always liked the Voss lights.

  • Benfynyn

    Any word on the NPC limitations? Was that just a PTS bug or was it an intentional change?

    • Sivis

      Intentional, due to “server constraints” sadly.

  • Bob

    Have they fixed the comps at all? Made the holos keep cusomizations or made them keep clothes?

  • joeshmo

    It’s getting close to time, and most all my questions have been resolved with lovestreams, but what about Jeelvic? Is he going to pop up somewhere in the interim? Are his plants now on the Thorn Rep Vendor? What’s up with it all?

    • Telanis

      Jeelvic is not back until the Corellia Rakghoul Resurgence, likely sometime next year, unless they decide to put him somewhere.

  • Xedilian1

    Does anyone know how to get “Light Datacron (Cunning)” on Quesh? is it from Champion mobs? Or perhaps the WB?

    • These are the most likely candidate to drop it. Since Quesh have no heroic missions and the accompanying lockboxes your best chances are killing mobs it seems

  • Unoshi

    Im still concered about the NPC we can place in our strongholds, besides the stupid limitations on NPC’s we can place in our stronghold. What about the Varietion of NPC’s. Specially seen in the Nar Shadaa video http://dulfy.net/2014/04/30/swtor-nar-shaddaa-sky-palace-video-trailer/ . Do Hope we get to see them soon

  • SnowMeow

    I’m hoping Bioware adds a decoration so I can place cartel associate 0U-1FY in my stronghold. I promise a good window seat and no rude companions crowding the desk.

    • Sadriel_Fett

      She can sit right next to the Library Database.

  • Areneth

    So what exactly these datacrons do? Give stats to anyone who use it? Or useless trophies?

    • Just for decorations

      • Areneth

        That’s really sad…

  • darkfather

    I cannot find the blasted Twi’lek Dancer from any of the Cartel vendors.

    • Sayaendo

      The vendor’s not in the Cartel area. The vendor is near the Stronghold directory area.

  • Ry

    The items in the operation list, are they drops or achievements?

    • Drops, can come from trash mobs as well

  • Unoshi

    Anyone getting lucky with collecting Datacrons? No luck here with opening 6 Ilum Boxes, No luck with 3 hours long killing elites. Please tell me these aren’t like legendary rare drop rates

    • Hmm on the pts they were really common. I got most after opening 2-3 lockboxes. Exception was Makeb which I had to open 50-60 lockboxes to get one

      • Unoshi

        Either im super unlucky, or they changed drop rate allot when they went from PTS to Live

        EDIT: I rather be super unlucky, then having these drop rates really low imo

        • Lovembee

          you’re probably just unlucky i dont know about all of them but I’ve been running through Hoth and the light aim datacron dropped twice you dont even have to look for elites i got one from a silver mob

      • darkfather

        I have been farming Ilum myself and not got one single drop. I did Heroic+2 Poisonous with the bonus and boss. Sat forming the Elites all this time as well as rechecking one of the lock boxes. Nothing. This is ridiculous. This is why I hate random drops. An hour utterly wasted.

    • Telanis

      Got 2 datacrons from killing about 200 regular and silver mobs on Alderaan and then another from the blue lockbox at the end of the Bonus series.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    No Mandalorian banners? Blasphemy!

    • Unoshi

      i hear ya, you got my support. Lets hope for some mando npc’s as well

  • Azulaalwayslies

    Hi Dulfy, I have a question:

    If you have sufficient mats in your legacy storage, are you able to craft the item without removing said mats from your legacy storage? Or do you have to remove the mats from the legacy storage in order to use them for crafting purposes?

    I could see my entire horde of alts sitting in my GSH just chugging away if it’s the second option. Gotta build those Prefabs!

    • Don’t need to remove the mats, it take them from it automatically like your cargo hold. Priority is inventory > cargo hold > legacy bank

      • Azulaalwayslies

        Thank you very much Dulfy!

        Well now this is wonderful :D! This is going to save me SO MUCH TIME!!

        Do I need to have the exact mats amount in each location in order to craft an item or is it able to draw mats from multiple locations for only one item?

        • Don’t need to have exact amount, game is pretty smart and able to basically combine everything in your inventory, cargo bay and legacy bank into one giant pool and decide if you have enough or not.

          • Azulaalwayslies

            I appreciate it Dulfy! I’ve been trying to contact you via your gmail, could you take a look at my message I sent to you and respond at your earliest convenience?

  • Unoshi

    The Republic Voss Embassy Sign seems to be working incorrect. I had three of those but when i want to preview it, it shows me Justicar Propaganda: Every Blaster Counts . Even after i consumed it, it shows as Justicar Propaganda in my decoration collection. So for those who want to use the Republic Voss Embassy Sign, id advise to wait, till they fix it.

    • Ardidaj

      They’ve said that it will go on vendor for 1 credit in an upcoming patch

      • Unoshi

        for every item that has been labeled as something but appears entirely as something else?

      • Astyra

        The Republic Voss Embassy sign? Anyone know for sure and if so what vendor?

  • EleniRPG

    So for the personnel you can “hire” with cartel certificates from the personnel agent, I would imagine the Jawa scrap peddlers and medical droids can actually be interacted with, and will sell you stuff. I would imagine the dancers, on the other hand, don’t sell anything. But does anyone know if the bartender and waitress can be interacted with, and if they sell anything (e.g. chilled Corellian cocktails, peppered bantha steaks)?

    • Den

      I bought the Waitress and can’t interact with her.

      • EleniRPG

        OK, thanks.

    • gog

      Same with the bartender, he doesn’t sell anything either.

  • Per

    Is there any info on how to get the class-emblem circular signs?

    • Kitaree

      That’s what I would like to know! The only achievement related items I had were the trophies.

    • Kitaree

      Also, do jukeboxes work or not.. anyone bought one?

      • They work, play music etc

        • Kitaree

          Sweet! That’s one thing I’ve always wanted our starships to have.. now to be lucky on those cartel packs..

  • Lovembee

    are the bundles the same as packs with a drop rate or do they actually contain all those items?

    • Bundle contain all the items and in multiple copies

      • Lovembee

        thanks Dulfy!

  • darkfather

    Been on Ilum for an hour farming the baddies for the Aim Dark Datacron in the Heroic + 2 Poisonous (as well as did the Heroic with bonuses) area. No drop. Really not liking this random drop garbage. Anyone get one and know where?

  • Lori Kimbrell

    so when an item or decoration is “unlocked” does that mean i can craft it with the droid crafters? (and will the droid crafters learn more items to make?) or do I need to keep buying multiple items from the vendor? and when something is unlocked…besides meaning I bought it. what else does it mean?

    • Unlocked means when you used the item in your inventory, which then the item disappears and is in your personal decoration list and can be placed. You still need to buy multiple copies if you want multiple

      • Lori Kimbrell

        grrrrr thanks you are the best! =)

  • Wonn

    Anyone found a generator node? (technological- machines page 2) it says source- vendor warzone comms but the one on the fleet doesn’t sell one.

  • Telanis

    The Holocron of Fear dropped for me from trash in DF.

    • Thanks, I will add it in

  • Lostris

    We ran the weekly on HM S&V 8m last night and got a banner drop that you don’t have listed here. It’s called the Shady Merchant’s Banner and take a large wall mount for placement.

    • Cool ty, I will make a change

  • Unoshi

    Question: On PTS the way to donate decorations to guild was by purchasing a copy from your decorations to the guild decoration tab right? cause now in game it seems to changed. Or does it only count for certain decorations you can donate by purchasing a copy from your personal decorations tab

    • Gtruen

      I was just wondering the same thing. I was running around a friend of mines Guild Ship and I kept seeing items that would bind to me on pickup etc. It would be nice if BioWare gave us some sort of users manual.

      • Unoshi

        It would be nice to have both options available. For the more regular decorations, just donate to the guild for the more rare decorations for example you would want Dreadful Throne for your self but also for the guld you can just use it for your self and donate it to the guild with cash.

    • Only mounts/pets/trophies can be purchased a copy, rest are donated via guild bank. It was like this on PTS as well.

      • Unoshi

        ah, hmm must have missed it then, oke thanks

  • Guest

    I see that the link is not up for Mentor Processing Core. Submitting photo of the decoration.

  • bogey2230 .

    Saw there was not a link to the ‘ Mentor Processing Core ‘ from Directive 7. Submitting image, dropped off bonus boss

  • DakotaDoc

    I notice there is no mention of the Dark Willpower Datacron. What planet, Oricon possibly?

  • michael furious

    I’ve see the question come up a few times, but never saw the answer – what achievement do you need to get to get the Circular Sign: Knight and similar for other classes??

    I’m having a hard time believing I haven’t unlocked most of those by now…

    • Not really sure. Might be for a future achievement

    • I believe you get them by getting a class to level 50.

    • Yunikorn

      Found it thanx to gamerlady:

      “Open your Legacy window (Y), then look for Achievements –> General –> Click on Chapter 3. Select any classes whose Chapter 3 missions are complete and you will see the rewards for those missions in the lower right. Right click on the Item Reward icon and you will see a yellow system message confirming the addition of the sign to your decorations. You can right click up to 50 times for each class sign, if you feel so inclined.”

      • michael furious

        That’s weird then, because I’ve leveled several toons up to 55 – 60, and so far only my sorc has earned that sign. I’m beginning to wonder if most of them have skipped something along the way, and puzzled, because I KNOW MY SORC basically ignored Ilum entirely…so if anyone SHOULDN’T have it, it would be her.

      • Yunikorn

        Sorry, slight correction on where to find these:
        Achievements > Location > General > Chapter 3

  • claude1864

    Does anyone know exactly what drops the dark datacron (endurance) decoration on makeb? I have been in a 4 man heroic and didnt get one to drop

    • Pick the lockbox option when selecting your reward. It is a rarer drop though

  • Bloody

    Shady Merchant’s Banner & Bazaar Lantern drops from trash mobs on S&V

  • J’oe

    just soloed False Emperor (SM) on my operative healer – with HK51 along for the duel – and got the Statue of Emperor from the bonus boss. And when i opened the lockbox from the mission reward, got the Aim datacron.. couldn’t get better, right?

  • Ambrosia Pinkmist

    Question… For items on the T.H.O.R.N rep vendor as stated above on your chart, where exactly is this vendor? I have found 2 on Nar Shadaa but neither sell the plants…

    • Jeelvic in the tunnels, not accessible till next event

      • Ambrosia Pinkmist

        Thanks Dulfy, as always you have great info =D

  • Rob Allison

    Anyone have a good site that has a list of all the mats for the various crafting supplies? I’m trying to sort through all of my characters and see what they have and would be nice to have an excel sheet so I can highlight what’s important for the new kits.

  • Uriko

    Got the Statue of the oriconian warrior from DP NiM Council the other day here are some images of the scale of it from the guildship.

    • Holyfrog

      I hate you 🙂

    • Looks amaziiiiing and big congrats for having the statue and taking down Nightmare mode Council 🙂

  • Apharul

    I would very much appreciate a guide to the utility crafting decorations if that is possible, and thank you very much for what you do 🙂

  • Jimbone

    Why can’t preferred player’s buy cartel market certificate decorations from vendor? I have over 20 cartel certificates and it says I cannot afford. Will I be able to on Sept.19? I was trying to buy some decorations to sell on GTN.

    • HadesClutch

      Preferred don’t have access yet. If you have $30 and don’t want to wait, go out and buy some game time.

    • Joseph Long

      You also need to have them on your person. In your cargo won’t do.

  • Unoshi

    @dulfy:disqus you can officially add the statue of Revan into the list from Seneschal’s Pack

  • IO10

    Typo: “Painter: Executive’s Shrub” must be “Planter: Executive’s Shrub”

  • Rikacha

    Statue of the Burning Skull and Statue of the Burning Skull only drops from the last bosses on Nightmare mode, chances are lower on 8man while it’s almost a guarantee drop on 16man.

  • Holyfrog

    Why is the diagnostic monitor medical in the constables pack? You can already get it from the industrial prefab droid. Is this what we can expect from the next pack, repeats?

    • Seene

      The one in the pack is a wall console, while the one in the industrial prefabs is a ground console.

      • Holyfrog

        Ahh didn’t notice that. Thx

  • SpideyBry

    Thank you for putting this list together, Dulfy!! I can sit here at work and think of what I want to get next. 😀

  • Astyra

    So, there aren’t any specific requirements for the Jedi Lightsaber Forge besides 1 Universal MK-3?

    • Malice

      No, I’m fairly sure it also requires Dark V.

      • Astyra

        Just looked, it only requires Light I, Dark I for the Sith Forge.

  • Astyra

    Wanted to note, the Hypergate Ring is 1,250 WZ comms instead of just 1000. Awesome list though, thanks Dulfy 🙂

    • ratewis

      It’s 1000 WZ comms for subscribers. Preferred status players and F2P players have 25% increased prices.

  • Guest

    anyone else think that Bioware has taken the decoration thing a little too far? I mean there are so few decorations that you can just grind to get; most are only available in the cartel market. Great, it makes them money, but how many people are actually PLAYING the game & instead just jacking off in their strongholds?

    • bunnycore

      I know I actually play the game for the drops but I like achievements versus putting up the creds for it.. I am cheap..

  • I can’t seem to find Large Hook to fit Arrangement: Basic Lounge in any default Layout
    setting or even after checked all other layout settings from the layout
    tab. So how can i put this into my Apartment a.k.a Stronghold ? Planning
    on using it in Tatooine Apartment.

    Friendly regards: Terry

  • Steve

    Is there any decoration I can buy that will let me buy crafting mats from it instead of me going to Fleet and buying them by the trainers? Just curious here. ty

    • Yunikorn

      Not a decoration, but the Field Repair Droid through Legacy sells all crafting mats.

      • Steve

        thank you.

  • Sharon

    Am i the only one that finds the price for “holocron of ancient masters” (the huge one) completely unreasonable? I’ve done the Korriban and Tython many times (never actually farmed, but still more than 20 times each and that is a conservative estimate) and only got 2 “Recovered relics” so far.
    At this rate i will need to live and breath these damned tactical FPs, which are not so enjoyable in the first place, or spend +/- 10mil on GTN to get them.
    I know these are supposed to be rare decos you are not supposed to have a huge amount of, but at the end of the day, it’s just sitting there looking pretty and having 0 function, i don’t think it should take me weeks to farm for just 1 one of these.

    • Popo

      I just found other ways to make money and bought them off the GTN because the drops are too rare to farm 25 of them. Cost me about 5 mil but it was worth it. Didn’t take all that long either.

  • Meh

    So this dropped from the bonus boss in Legacy of Rakata Hard Mode and isn’t on the list. Odd thing is the window says its from a pack.

  • simurgh559

    Is this guide going to be updated soon?

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