Guild Flagship and Conquest Patch 2.9 SWTOR

SWTOR Planetary Conquest Vendor Items

While the Planetary Conquest stuff isn’t active on the PTS yet, you can get a sneak peak at some of the items you can gain access to with Guild Conquest. Items includes an air strike ability and walkers.

FA-1 Command Walker (Republic)

  • Crafted with 10 Dark Project MK-1
  • Only useable on the planet your guild have control over. Reduces incoming damage by 15%


Images submitted by Ninian of Ebon Hawk


GZ-4 Command Walker (Empire)

  • This is the Empire version, same requirements and costs.



Flagship: Starfighter Flyby

    • Crafted with 1 Dark Project MK-1
    • Only useable on the planet your guild have control over


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65 replies on “SWTOR Planetary Conquest Vendor Items”

Orbital Bombardment!
Give me two!

This is the ONE and ONLY thing that I am happy about with this expansion.

P.S. I wonder, can I one-shot a 10-stack Dreadtooth?

Hmm, I would think daily areas like Section X would be unavailable for planetary conquest. Yeah I know that would seem stupid for it to not, but smart decisions are not common in updates.

Actually Section X is listed in the achievements as one of the planets a guild can conquer, along with Black Hole, CZ-198 and Oricon, course that could change before live

I’m pretty sure that the Bombardmant’s sole purpose is to remove the 6-hour shield on the Named commanders. There’s a 1-hour cooldown on it.

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Lets just look at the “Conquest” this way. Assuming only one Guild can “Conquer” a planet at any given time and your ability to Conquer a planet is based upon your guild resources, ie how much you spend on your Flagship etc. Then won’t the big guilds on the servers just hold it continuously? Leaving all the smaller guilds wanting these buffs therefore resulting in Big guilds getting bigger and small guilds getting smaller?

Honestly the dev team is going to have to be extremely careful how they implement this, if done incorrectly it could mean an end to developing or small time guilds with limited resources

exactly, like I said, they must be careful in how they implement, make conquering an achievement but not inter guild competition

That still seems dumb, like every 2500 square feet is controlled by a certain guild. Whats next we have to pay a fee to the guild to just enter that area, unless we bomb that area? Like seriously.

You know, there are several thousand Jedi Knights who all managed to be the “one” who killed the Sith Emperor. It could be that your guild must choose a planet that they want to “conquer” and put their stronghold on. Once you’ve conquered it then you get whatever advantages, like described here. That said, many guilds could “conquer” an individual planet in that sense. Besides while they do say your guild must control the planet they certainly never said the guild must have exclusive control. Let’s try to avoid jumping to the sky is falling conclusions without more info.

Are those cockpits as small as the Recon Walker?? WTF Bioware!? This isn’t a mount for Treek and Blizz!! *sigh

I never heared that part of the Jedi Code…
There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no cockpit, there is a chair.

Well, at least those infernal walkers have weapons this time

I still absolutely detest them, though – way too “open” to be a practical scout walker, in my opinion (I can still picture Gorinth Canyon being littered with the things with trained Snipers just picking off the hapless pilots…)

Wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of those for much the same reason.

What makes me prefer those, though, is that the “join” twixt neck and legs were at least covered by an overhanging section of the ‘head’ which contained the weapons; in order to sever the head from the legs, you’d need to be behind or to the side, in which case attacking the pilot would be easier and this would additionally yield a free vehicle for use.

Here, though, this join is uncovered and thus a potential weakness; an extremely well-placed rocket or light-turbolaser blast from any direction could easily spell doom for the vehicle and its rider if it were to connect with that tubing.

Maybe I’m being overly-critical. I don’t know; it’s just what springs to my mind when looking for strategic weaknesses.

I don’t believe it! A fellow strategist, realist and person
with some knowledge of physics on the internet!
Glad to have made your acquaintance. I was beginning to despair.

A firm agreement on all the points. Say, if you ever wish to
furiously agree on something, look me up.

So what do these walkers actually do? Are they just mounts? They stop 15% of incoming damage. Does that just mean it is harder for you to get knocked off them? If so how does the 15% compare to mounts that now claim to make it harder for you to get knocked off? Or are they something you can fight from while riding? Not sure how that would work but who knows.

Conquering planets will probably be more of a quest for your guild do to, or perhaps a list of objectives. This way, several guilds can “conquer” the same planet. It would make absolutelly no sense for only one guild to be able to conquer a planet at a time or to divide the planet in areas to be conquered. That would make it a competition dominated by only a handfull of guilds with no chance (and therefore no interest) for the vast majority of guilds.

No, it will be divided. No point in having these event and have multiple guilds conquering the same entire planet. What i’ve seen so far is that a planet is divided in in areas to conquer. if you are in a guild and you exist or enter a area that can be conquer you will get a message like the one i just received. And how do you know a majority wont like these sort of stuff. Guilds want to stand out, Showing up that they conquer a planet or majority of the planet and continue to hold it under its hold. Other guilds want to show off that they can take anything they want regardless which guild has control over it they will go on an all out war. There is nothing wrong with competition, i mean its an mmo after all.

And before anyone want to debate that multiple guilds can control a sector, the message clearly says and no guild, as in one guild, not plural. BW also mentioned guilds will be fighting to take control over a planet. If multiple guild could control 1 entire planet or the same sector then it wouldn’t be conquer anymore but rather just sharing.

I imagine conquest to be a phased thing in cloned instance of original planet with own objectives…Or they will add new planets just for conquest… Also i think walkers can shoot like movable turrets (turrets from colicoid flashpoint)

After the message i received in Dromund Kaas about no Guild controls this sector i decided to run around and see which part of the Map can be controlled by Guilds, and i mapped it as the best i can. Certain Sectors are very smaller then others.

Each Green circle/Oval w/e represent each sector their is on Dromund Kaas. The black one i havent been to yet as the weather is driving me crazy to be behind this laptop any longer.

The way > I THINK < conquest works are like weeklies for each sector with certain objectives. Any guild with a Flagship can participate and lets say if 10 guilds participated on each objective per section on DK then the ones with the most points per sector gets to control it for maybe a week or a few days and then it starts all over again. If a guild who decided to join in after all the 10 guilds did their weeklies and they top the most points on all the sector then they replace the current guilds per section.

I also think a guild can also control multiple planets. all of these are assumptions so dont take these as facts.

The conquest goal seems to be conquest of the planet. I am guessing that the planet is conquered sector by sector. Conquest gear / abilities such as the walkers and the star fighter flybys only seem available to the guild that has conquered the planet. I can think of just two ways to rationally conquer in such a system: One guild controls all the sectors on the planet or it controls a majority of the sectors. Either way, if there is a reset at fixed intervals, long periods might go by with no guild actually conquering the planet as several guilds end up splitting the control of sectors with no guild controlling enough to have conquered the planet.

The apparent fact that conquest gear / abilities such as the walkers and the star fighter flybys only seem available to the guild that has conquered the planet implies that the guild that conquered the planet in the last iteration of the assumed cycle will be the guild “controlling” the planet in the next cycle and thus have use of the conquest gear / abilities. Otherwise such gear / abilities would never get used. Assuming the conquest gear / abilities actually confer some advantage the guild that finally does conquer a planet has a better chance than other guilds of continuing to hold it.
All of this is just speculation of course since a number of other schemes are possible. But it is fun to speculate.

Maybe it will be that the guild which controls the most % of the planet will be the “conqueror”, and maybe antoher abilities and mount and items for others.

I did wonder about this too, and after Tuesday it’s fairly apparent that the whole planet has been conquered by a single guild — the popups just seem to be a way of displaying that as you moving around without having the whole thing in your face all the time.

Members of the Conquering guild show up as “Strong” mobs, and have “Conqueror” in the description when targetted. (Possibly only those that actually hit their personal contribution mark, I haven’t checked on other characters yet).

It also appears as if a Planet will stay Conquered until someone else conquers it during the appropriate Event, which might be a pretty long time for some of them.

I believe it will be like the Reputation system just for guilds. There will be dailies/weeklies and the guild will have to work to get conquered status.

Are they trying to break smaller guilds with casual players apart? My guild is formed by bunch of ppl who like to play together and run ops and other stuff but have families and all (usually 20 ppl online in evenings). All I see is big guilds with ppl who are constantly online taking over everything…this will no longer be swtor…

They aren’t trying to, they just ARE breaking them up. Welcome to Big Guild Monopoly. It doesn’t matter how much you play or how much you pay, only big guilds get a say nowadays apparently. Get ready to shell out your 50 mill for a flagship, then 100 mill more probably to make it functional, and then of course another 30 mill if you want a pretty guild stronghold. Wooh so much fun grinding all day every day. Grind Grind Grind Grind Grind. You know I used to be excited about this expansion, and it’s already just about killed my guild. The thing isn’t even out yet and I’m loosing members.

Too much complaining, not enough understanding. Different Guilds will reach the “End-Goal” at different times depending on the commitment of it’s members. If you’re needy and HAVE TO HAVE a fully decked out Stronghold at launch, then yes you’ll have to join a bigger Guild. If you’re okay slowly working up to the “End-Goal” with your current “smaller” Guild, then good for you. Nobody is forcing you to do either one, but demanding that both be mashed together would take the merit away from the larger Guilds that have saved since launch in the HOPES that Guild Ships would emerge at some point, even though they flat out said Guild Ships would NEVER happen earlier this year.

Also for Eriame,
If all you do is run 1-2 ops per week you shouldn’t expect to have automatic access to a Flagship. The game is made up of much more than just end-game OPs, and everything is already based on earning credits to use most of the functions in game. Thinking this is suddenly worse because it’s a higher threshold to save up to, even though multiple people can contribute to it, is erroneous on your part.

Complain about no new content, then complain it’s too hard to conquer the new content they give you. Start being more positive, because Bioware has shown significant improvement and has finally given us something to be happy about. I guarantee you’ll start enjoying the game and your life a lot more if you do. 😉

The thing i really dont like about this expansion is that it effectively excludes all f2p guilds from having a guild flagship or stronghold, since the members cant even deposit or withdraw money from guild bank …. or did they announce they plan to change that ?

If you are losing Guild members, then they weren’t worth having in your guild to begin with. The essence of a guild should be brotherhood and camaraderie, not what pretty toy or feature the guild can offer.

What exactly do you think the alternative is?

Just give everyone everything and than there is no reason to play at all?

You aren’t forced to buy a guild ship or do conquests. You can skip them entirely and still have the exact same game you’ve been playing.

This is all optional content.

Your complaint is idiotic. “Grind grind grind”, that’s your choice to play that way. You should be playing and doing things you enjoy, and skipping the stuff you don’t.

Will you please get over yourself?! My guild is less than 20 people and we managed to get a Flagship & a stronghold. It isn’t the numbers, though it certainly helps! Its the people! If you are loosing members, get new ones! Or find a new guild for yourself!

20 people online per evening isn’t a small guild. My guild is about the same and we made 50 million in a month with dailies, raffles and donations. You should have no problem with this. Just get to work. Small guilds can still do it, it will just take longer.

Well when we are online we are not there to grind dailies over and over. We get together for an op or 2…and on hm and Nim you don’t make much money when it’s progression lol

Wow. My Guild rarely has more than 6-10 people on at a time. Yet we CONSTANTLY land in the top 10 Conquest Board, we run Ops, FPs and PVP. And none of us are real life friends, all met through the guild. So, this answer is just untrue.

Ninian from Ebon Hawk, wanted to give you a live speeder mount. Not sure if this is a good picture location. Let me know if these pictures work. I made a quick imgur account to give you multiple pictures to choose from. If you want different lighting or angles let me know. I didn’t want to crop it in case you wanted to match your empire one.

honestly i think that the walker is way too overpriced considering the fact that you can only use it in certain areas not to mention just one dark project mk-1 would cost 300k on the gtn

I just don’t understand why. There are a whole lot of mounts to choose from, why work so hard crafting 10 dark projects for a mount that ONLY works when your guild won 1st place on conquest and only on a single planet. It doesnt even shoot, nor do anything special that the cheapest most ugliest mounts can do. It’s a mount that does not perform as well a mount you can buy for 15k off the GTN. It’s a broken mount that doesnt work the majority of time, while youre logged on. This mount isn’t worth more than a single rubat crystal. Of all the mistakes one can do on SWTOR this appears to be the top one.

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