GW2 The Dragon's Reach Pt 1

GW2 Mini Scruffy and Home Portal Stone in Gemstore

GW2 Mini Scruffy and Home Portal Stone in the gemstore with some images and video.

Mini Scruffy – 500 gems

  • No special idle animation, just a golem rekin



Home Portal Stone – 900 gems

  • Does not work inside dungeons, WvW, works inside sPvP area (Heart of the Mists)
  • It will port you to your home instance entrance and then clicking it again will port you back to where you were. There are merchants inside your home instance so this helps with selling stuff I guess and daily gathering if you brought the nodes


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20 replies on “GW2 Mini Scruffy and Home Portal Stone in Gemstore”

If you zone into the city (out of the home instance) and back into the home instance, does it still allow you to return to the “original location” ?

Yea but… I doubt it ports you back to the same map IP address you were before :/. So if you are doing world events in Orr and want to leave the area for a moment to sell stuff etc., you may end up in an empty map instance where not enough people are around to help with the events. Worse cases: Tequatl, Triple Wurm instances.

with tequatl, youve at least got that karma/heart merchant nearby that’ll let you sell stuff (so long as she’s not involved in an event)

So if you use the Home Portal, then use the Royal Terrace Pass (or the Airship Pass) and then use the Home Portal again- does it port you to the original location or back to the home instance?

I’m also assuming this is one stone to share and not for all characters like the HOM stone. Nodes are once per day so the convience really seems low for that purpose. WvW or EOTM is free to travel to access merchants and takes you back to where you were. I do on occasion use the Hall of Monuments stone to safely AFK when out in the world so I can pop back to where I was but avoid having been overrun while gone, but this Home stone is a pretty pricey way to AFK.

Once they offer a way to add a storage bank to my instance, I’ll buy it. Until then, just can’t see the worth.

Are you kidding me? I finally have easy access to watch the orphans as they are forced to mine the ore nodes placed at their orphanage in Divinity’s Reach……….well, if only. lol.

Finally a good idea, but you need to pay, and for each char, and there is really nothing to do in your home instance, so why pay for a free feature that can there since the begining ?


Meh, I already have my mule parked in Divinity’s Reach to harvest the nodes each day. If the Home Instance got updated so that it also has all the amenities (Black Lion post, Bank, Guild Bank, and crafting stations), then I’d consider getting it so I don’t need to take up a spot in WvW Home Borderlands for that instead.

GREAT idea with the home portal stone, if our home gets more stuff as the game evolves, and if we could get 1 for each character for just the 900 gems. For now though… not GREAT except for mining your stuff daily without parking an alt by your home.

There are vendors in Home instance? For all races? Because I’ve searched all around in applied development lab (Asura Home) and couldn’t find any vendor.

Well it looks like mini Scruffy can swim and he will follow you no matter what 😀 too bad he is as slow as any other mini out there

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