GW2 Kites from Buried Chests in Dry Top

Videos and images of the three new kites added to the Buried Chests in Dry Top. These kites give you 5% speed increase and 33% during sandstorms. Special thanks to Old Sayid for helping me with the kites!

Run speed increase: 5% normally, 33% during sandstorms. It stacks with Swiftness but you can only use utility swiftness skills since your weapon skills are blocked while using the kite.

Acquisition: Buried Chests during sandstorm in Dry Top. Can be also brought on the TP but kinda expensive atm (20-50 gold)


Ventari Follower Kite


Crystal Shard Kite


Prosperity Mine Kite


  • Kenud

    Are these account bound or character bound ?

    • Account bound

      • Kenud

        Yéhé ! Great news ! Thanks a lot 😉

  • insanelyapple

    You lucky devil :P…

  • jonabalona

    Will old kites work the same way?

    • Nope, only these new ones

  • Kelvin He

    Hi do you know whether this kite can be converted to a guild kite?

    • Akuni

      They cannot… sadly.

      • Kelvin He

        ok thank you very much!

  • Phantasm

    So those are basically a super expensive IMS during which you cant use your weapon skills…. yeah seems worth to buy

  • Gnarl

    Does the buff stack with signets that increase movement speed?

  • narg

    is it any difference between prospect waley and upland in items from burried chest ? for example, that kit is droped only in uplands etc ?

  • GhostLight

    And of course I wasted my precious gems on a completely useless kite right before these show up =’D
    At least mine is prettier I guess…

  • Movi

    you get the movespeed only in dry top or anywhere?

    • Movi

      nevermind i watched the video 🙂

      • Delete your comment when you get the chance.

  • Arno

    hey thx a lot for all dulfy !!

    i’ve seen a msg for the buried chest in previous post

    Map isn’t complete but there’s an interactive map with buried chest location here:
    it help a lost, there’s some place i don’t go anymore (mine)

  • Cub

    The kite is tradable unless you open it.

  • Aaaaa

    These kites do not stack with swiftness AT ALL. Trolled into wasting 40g, good job I guess assholes.

  • der_RAV3N

    i am really sad, that i bought a kite for 500gems and 15 gold and he doesn’t increase movement speed anywhere.. i think we should send out angry tickets^^

    • Lord


      Dulfy said the kite were those in the dry top CHest.
      The previous kites do not increase speed.

    • Sty

      I agree that all the existing kites should increase run speed like the new ones. Anyway, adding functionalities to cosmetic items is a good idea.

    • It’s how Anet drain your money.

  • Nope

    The kites DO NOT stack with swiftness.

  • Thistle

    I think the reason they don’t add functions to cash shop items is to make gameplay a little more even for everyone. And personally I like it that way, we wouldn’t want GW2 to turn into one of the games where he who was the most money wins.

  • terra spradling

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