GW2 Monkey King Tonic

Images and videos of the new GW2 Monkey King Tonic as a rare drop from the Black Lion chests. Special thanks to Stark Aristata of TC for modeling it for me.


  • Cannot be sold once used
  • Cannot do any emotes (i.e. do /dance, /sit, /sleep)
  • No combat
  • Cannot interact with anything, include bank/TP etc
  • Cannot summon pets
  • Cannot use any toys (i..e brooms, kites etc)


Players not familiar with the Monkey King can consult this wikipedia article. He is a significant character in the Chinese folklore.

  • buttplug

    Read all the restrictions 🙁 wow

  • HadesClutch

    The restrictions make it pointless IMO. But I like their rendition of Sun Wukong. Just wish you could actually do things with it.

  • shodannet

    Is it because of GW2 being in china now, or just something out of the blue? If the latter, how far are they going to take this?

    • It is because of GW2 China

      • shodannet


  • Garuna

    ArenaNet should selling this dodge animation to use in combat

    • Crd

      Just dodge jump backwards…

    • Thevos

      Or just make an Asura character.

  • Datenshi

    can it be sold/bought in BL trade post? cos i seriously can’t see it

    • Hachi-chan

      not once you used it

  • Skobie

    I so wish this could be somehow used in combat, I love this take on the monkey king, one of the best I’ve ever seen

  • Kelmen Wong

    now we need the pig, and the cow…

  • Johnny Rage

    Why can’t I find it on the TP?

  • Candysama

    IS CANTHA COMING CLOSER? sry for the caps.

  • Man

    The most powerful man(monkey which can bet god) cannot combat? I am sure if it is a outfit, even cost 2000 gem, a lot of chinese still will buy it. But this one can do nothing, what a waste.

    • Replying to a man

      Did you read the tittle? It’s a TONIC! it’s for appearance only. For 2000 gems they would make a better product stop spreading stupid nonsense, take a moment and READ for once in your life!

      • Empty Headed

        Wow. Such hostility and YOU entirely missed his point. He KNOWS it’s a tonic, that’s why he’s saying it’s a waste because it’s not an outfit instead. Geezus, calm down and take your own advice and read what the guy is saying.

      • It’s Anet evil plan to reduce the game gem rate.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    Why isn’t it a combat tonic like the Watchwork Knight Tonic we got from the Mechanical Scarlet ?

  • Reiko

    You have it listed as ‘Cannot be sold once used’. The chat code for the endless monkey king tonic on wiki brings up an in-game description that says ‘Account Bound on Acquire’. When received from a BLK, is there an item such as ‘Unopened Endless Monkey King Tonic’ that first exists, or is it immediately account bound upon acquisition, thus removing the possibility of selling or acquiring one by any other means? There doesn’t seem to be any listed on the TP yet, and although I understand it may be that the few who have received them all chose to open them, it seems unlikely not one attempted to cash in on the opportunity and post it on the TP.

    • Stark

      I cannot recall whether or not it said “unopened”. I should have paid closer attention. Before I used it, I was able to right click and use the “sell on TP” option which showed a completely empty listing on the trading post. I am assuming that had I posted, it would have been the first for sale. After I used the tonic, any attempts to right click to get options did not allow for a “sell” option.

      • Reiko

        That answers the question of whether we will eventually be able to buy them, so thank you. Out of pure interest, did you happen to get yours on a whim or were you burning through quite a large number of keys?

    • Yoone

      Both items have the same name.

  • Stark

    I posted this on Dulfy’s reddit thread, but there are a couple of issues with the tonic.
    1) I was wrong about pets. Maybe, maybe I was clicking on the pet but it was obscured in the background. I tried to click on a couple of mini pets after the video and I was able to do so.
    2) Most toys don’t work, but using a costume weapon does. However, the Monkey King simply stands still with the staff on his shoulder as the surrounding animation fires off. As an example, using the Executioner’s Axe, I was able to get an image of the whirling scythe attack around me (but my character just stood still with no extra animations). I reported this as a bug, though stealth attacks via switching weapons in costume brawl seems awesome.
    3) I also submitted as a bug the inability to interact with things. I CAN interact with banners and get the buff, but everything else like vendors, quest NPCs and the like I cannot interact with. I tested with a quaggan tonic to be sure and yeah, we could always interact with these NPCs while transformed.

  • NightLord_001

    uggh, another “almost right” item. so close, yet still terrible

  • insanelyapple

    That idle bouncing gives feeling like it was taken from another totally different game.

  • harry

    Another useless item while the real issues don’t get adressed.

    • Filippo Chinello

      you better deal with this routine if you plan to stay in gw2 for a long time, because if it hasn’t changed in past 2 years, i dubt it will change in the next 2

    • Michael Harrison

      You’re pretty slow if you think that the same team that makes these things handles game balance and gameplay issues.

  • Veldara

    Interesting animations, Anet should have saved the assets and instead made a new dungeon with Monkey King as a boss.

  • Metasynaptic

    Future Monk class much? Staff melee?

    • Tellis Argonis

      It’s just a symbolic item for the chinese players to spend yuan on getting Keys, mainly.

  • Soyo

    Is the monkey tonic out for only 2 weeks or is it permanent ?

  • Krystal S. S.

    they have an iconic tonic and they didn’t do animations for him? that’s just beyond silly. there’s no point in keeping the item since it can’t do anything.

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