GW2 The Dragon's Reach Pt 1

GW2 The Dragon’s Reach part 1 Achievement Guide

GW2 The Dragon’s Reach Part 1 Living Story achievement guide with written and video guides. Guide is now complete and includes achievements in both Waypoint Conundrum and Foefire Cleansing instances.[toc]

Waypoint Conundrum

There are three achievements here, you will need to do at least two runs of this instance to get all the achievements., One run to get Nary a Pitfall and another run to get Leave No Survivors and Crate Scrapper achievement since getting Leave No Survivors automatically fails you for Nary a Pitfall.

  • Thanks to Varangr Firemane and Falcon who sent me their maps/tips on the achievements.

Nary A Pitfall – 10 pts


Fairly easy achievement. Avoid the trap at location 1 and 2. Then for trap #3 which you need to get Containment Fluid tell Scruffy to Reinforce the Containment Device. For trap #5 make sure you do close generator –> open casing –> deactivate the aetheric field sequence. Then you need to skirt around trap 4 and 6 to get to trap 12 where you just pick the chest that allow you to open it directly without having to move containers (yellow triangle sign in the dialogue box).

  • If you have any doubts about where a trap is, tell Scuffy to do a scan. This isn’t perfectly safe as Scuffy as to be almost next to a trap for him to reveal the trap circle.

You cannot get the achievement until you return to Taimi and listen to all the conversations until the very end of the instance after you have talked to Kasmeer. So once you got all 3 items, keep avoiding traps on your way back to Taimi.


Leave No Survivors – 15 pts


To get this achievement, you have to trigger all 12 traps marked in the map below. It is easiest to do with 2 players as traps 10 and 11 is tricky to get solo.


  • Traps 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are fairly straight, just run into the area and mobs will spawn.
  • For trap 3, you need to interact with any of the containers to spawn Oozes that you need to kill.
  • For trap 5, you have to pick – Turn off the generator –> Open generator’s casing –> Grab the armature off the aetheric field to spawn a portal with Imps. Once you killed it, do it properly to proceed (i..e close generator –> open casing –> deactivate the aetheric field)
  • For trap 9, this is the same crate you used for the Crate Scrapper achievement to spawn the champion Ooze which is actually really easy to kill.
  • For trap 10 and 11, this is a bit tricky. When you spawn the Veteran Assassin at trap 10, the doors at trap 11 will open with some Inquests inside. The Veteran Assassin will you attack and once you get her below 50% she will start running towards trap 11. If you kill the Veteran Assassin before she reaches the door, the door will close and you lose access to trap 11. If you don’t, she will disappear once she is past the door and you lose access to her. It is best to have two players where one camp by trap #11 and kill the Inquests inside immediately once Trap #10 triggers. That player can then run back to trap #10 and help finish off the assassin.
  • You might be able to do trap 10 and 11 solo by triggering #10 and then immediately run to #11 door before the assassin could attack you. Alternatively, you can use Scuffy to get aggro on the Inquest by turning on his defense mode first before triggering the trap and hope she is sticks on him while you deal with #11.
  • Trap 12 is the last one you have to do since if you do this step early you lose access to the achievement. You have to find the chest that require you to Move the Containers with a red crossed sword sign. Picking this option will spawn a wolf that hits fairly hard.
  • Once you completed trap 12, you will immediately get the achievement without having go back to Taimi.

Crate Scrapper – 5 pts

You automatically get this achievement when doing Leave No Survivors as this is just trap #9

Foefire Cleansing

Like the first instance, you need to run this instance at least twice to get all three achievements since two of them conflict with each other.

Don’t Knock Yourself Out – 10 pts


This achievement may take you a couple tries and tend to be easier in group of two since you can have one player focus on damaging the statue while the other deal with everything else. Ranged weapons are favored unless you can time your dodge. Having condition removers will help with chill that gets applied frequently. You need to avoid the knockdown circles from  the Possessed Statue that comes in a huge AoE circle and smaller circles with rocks falling down. The large circle is very easy to avoid if you stay at max ranged but the smaller ones may need some extra attention.

  • If you are really having trouble with this achievement, there is a safe spot posted by Zymosis on top of some rocks to the left of the statue in the comments section below that you can take a look.


In addition to these AoE circles, Spectral Flame orbs will also spawn at back of the room and chase you around for a while before disappearing. If they get close to you, they will do a knockback so your goal is to kite them around.


Other than knockbacks and knockdowns, you will also need to deal with Fear Wards placed on the ground. While they don’t knock you down or back, they can potentially fear you to a bad spot. The other two concerns are the adds you need to kill to make the statue not immune and the menders that spawn every so often.

If you are skilled, you can get this achievement and Not so Buff Now in one go by killing Menders before they can reach the statue while avoiding everything else.

Not So Buff – 5 pts

You can get this achievement at the same time as Don’t Knock Yourself Out by killing the menders before he reaches the statue and heal him. It is a fairly easy achievement and you can do it separately to make it easier.You cannot get this achievement on the same run as Strike’s Over since for that achievement you need to let 3 menders through.

Strike’s Over – 15 pts


To get this power attack, you have to let 3 Menders heal him so he gains 3 stacks of a stacking buff. A few seconds after reaching 3 stacks, he will pull his hammer up and slam the ground, creating a massive shockwave in the middle of the room that make up this power attack.

The trick is basically not do anything until 3 Menders heal him (since they will heal him to full anyways) and stand a bit away from middle of the room and just dodge that shockwave. Once you dodge that shockwave, proceeed the fight as normal and do not let him get healed again.


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I used scruffy to keep the veteran at nr 10 in combat, then i killed the mobs at 11 and returned to scruffy to finish the veteran. The rest works fine

I tried this and the vet assassin immediately went invul when I left, and I couldn’t kill her. Perhaps she was aggroed onto me and not scruffy though.

BTW Do any 1 knows where is the 5th event in Iron Marches for the Achievement Mordern Problems? I’ve done The Gravelash , Champ, entangled Workers and Wolf, but can’t seem to find the 5th Event…

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you cn solo the LEAVE NO SURVIVOR if u find hidden crate and also do the generator part wrong step then it spawn extra mob which help u to skip the inquest part

For “Don’t Knock Yourself Out” if you’re a hunter and have issues with the invincible ghost that knocks you down, just summon a spirit. They’re attracted to it and won’t chase you.

In Order to get the Strike’s Over you need to let 3 Menders reach the Statue, then dodge the following shockwave. It’s sort of like the shockwaves of the Molten Berserker

And there’s a safe spot on the right hand side of the statue. Just climb up the rubble and the ghosts and blue thingies won’t follow you up there.

For “Don’t Knock Yourself Out” I’ve found a safe spot you can’t get hit by spirits at all and it seems fear ward does not spawn near, didn’t even get knocked down by falling rocks (but just in case dodge if you get any red circles underneath you). However you need to have a bit of a damage and range to dps the mender down, it works like a charm with staff ely.

dunno i’ve never got knocked back there, maybe you stood to close to the edge, or anet already hotfixed it

I had to keep moving around on that outcropping to keep the spirits searching for me and then at the end of this last try madly run/dodge out when loads of red circles appeared. The last hot patch was made quite a few hours before you posted this. I think you just got a bit lucky. 😛 I’d say it’s still a decent spot to try from as long as you’re still very careful and vigilant. You can’t go there expecting to just easy mode it from that spot.

well I did about 10 runs to be sure how safe it is, in none of the runs was i knocked back. you simply just stand there and dps and do nothing else. I’ve also posted a video how i did it.

Taht safe spot worked perfectly for me. No orbs and only 1 falling rock that was easy to dodge. Thank you!

The Spectral Flames are highly annoying, it’s true. But my success in getting this achievement actually came from being in melee. I’d tried twice to use range and both times had gotten feared into a Spectral Flame, so the third time I just went right up close to the statue’s side, which is completely safe from its hammer AoE, and rarely sees any other types of attacks. You’ve got a fair amount of room to evade Flames, and you’re far enough from their spawn that you can distract them with pets/turrets/minions or just simply run around them. And being in melee meant more damage, so the fight went a lot faster with less chances to mess up.

Being in close did mean it was tougher to deal with the Menders, so I had to actively move away to kill them before they got too close. But it wasn’t as bad as when I was just trying to keep perfectly at range and the battle was taking forever.

On top of that, being close to the statue is also a good place to be for being prepared to dodge/jump the Power Strike, for when you’re chasing that achievement.

hi, with the update of the Buried Locked Chests, you think it’s possible to have a map dedicated of possible spawn?

How does the “Bottoms Up” Achievement work? It’s under explorer and i fought the Mordrem Champ but never saw any pots on the ground to clear the poison with.

The pot spawn from the Thresher is really strange for a group oriented event. Usually they only spawn once (sometimes twice if the fight takes especially long) but I think an item can only be picked up by one person and its only there for a set amount of time before they despawn. So theres only like 4 or 5 available when it spawns in melee range around the Thresher. It might be a health percentage or timer thing that causes it to happen though. Really frustrating achievement. D:

Believe it or not, this is one achievement that is a *LOT* easier to get solo.

The Nectar Pods tend to spawn as part of attacks that the Thresher will use in melee. The problem is that if the Thresher is focused on a ranger person, the only thing they’ll use is that annoying tendril attack that’s almost impossible to deal with.

Solo, the tendril attack is actually fairly easy, since only one vine will usually spawn, and the attack is well telegraphed (dodge as soon as the Thresher hits the ground after hovering in the air). As soon as another player gets close though, the tendril attack starts attacking multiple times per spawn, so you end up having to dodge multiple times or just get out of range… I’ve no idea how you’re meant to successfully deal with that attack in a big group.

In any case, just continue to bait it at melee distance. There are a few annoying things it can do (knockbacks, AoE circle), but nothing as dangerous as the tendril, and it should use the Nectar spawn pretty quickly if you’re the only one there. If you’re not the only one there, then you have the unenviable task of getting everyone who’s likely to have aggro to close in to help spawn more Nectar.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be poisoned to use a Nectar Pod, so as soon as a bunch spawn, just run and use them.

Makes a ton of sense now that someone mentions its a melee thing. I’ve done the events several times and honestly I’ve seen some instances where its never melee’d, hence why I was so confused on how it spawned.

And I can definitely see that being easier solo. Maybe once the events die down it will be a lot less of a hassle.

Hi, many maps are bugged for “Summit invitations”. Use LFG for working map, but then be careful : don’t rushkill the 3 shamans before they are transformed. AND don’t touch the totem (it is easy to “F” it instead of getting loots). If you do have touched the totem during combat. Deco/reco , you’ll get in a new instance of the map, with untouched totem, you’ll be able to “continue” the quest correctly from there. Have fun

I had the totem bug too. I could fix it by running back to the camo where the event chain started and then running back again. Afterwards I could press F once again.

This spot got ninja patched. You get insta killed now when the purple fireballs spawn if you stand here.

The Inquest can be killed even after the gate is closed. As a necro I just spammed scepter #2 and dagger #5, got the achievement.

While this is possible at times, it requires two things:
1) The Inquest must not despawn. They have a nasty habit of doing so if the Vet is defeated only just before she would escape. You can peek under the door to see if they’re still there, but it’s definitely not a guarantee.

2) The Inquest must not start regenerating rapidly due to not reaching you, or you must be able to cause enough damage to compensate for that.

Honestly, so long as you’re able to trigger the Veteran Assassin but get out before she notices you (you definitely don’t need Stealth for this, but it can help), it’s easy enough to leave her and just deal with the door first.

For the 10th and 11th Trap – how to Solo: I first scanned area with scruffy so I don’t trigger it accidently. then run at the edge of the cliff, just so i can place scruffy there in defense-mode and then i triggered it. I could trigger it without pulling it aggro, rendering scruffy useless but if you do he sure can distract the veteran while u go up and kill the toons at the game. after that you get back and kill the veteran.

Don’t even need to do that. Just get Scruffy to scan the area, run just far enough in to trigger it and run away like crazy.

Waited a few hours for a working Fenris instance, didn’t realize it was a bugged escort quest. If your server/megamap is having issues advancing the event, look in LFG-Living Story. There are usually a few groups open to taxi players to working instances. (It’s how I finally got mine done!)

Best of luck!

hey guys just discovered another safe spot which is 100% safe from all knock downs including the bosses hammer attack after gaining 3 stacks. I have linked a picture but if you cant see its located left of boss. note: you can only get up there at the very beginning before the rocks lift from ground reconstructing the boss. therefore i suggest do it with another player and change turns getting achievement.

Ty for this tip :). The place is still working. Hovewer now u need a mesmer with portal for it. It’s this way, because even if you get on the spot early enough, it will push you out from at as soon as reconstructing the boss will happen. So the best is to make the portal just before talking to the npc after fight with ghost and then wait untill the boss is fully spawned. Worked for me.

This can be done solo with a tele gun. Tele out right in front in baradin as the 2 ghosts spawn in front of rytlock. Once you see the rocks rise, tele back

Thankfully this still works, thanks for point it out.
You can also get up to here just before ghosts start by going over the ruins to the left and swiftness jumping off the rubble.

”If you are really having trouble with this achievement, there is a safe
spot posted by Zymosis on top of some rocks to the left of the statue in
the comments section below that you can take a look.”

I think Arena ninja patched the first safe spot. The purple fireballs just insta kill you as soon as they spawn if you stand there now.

Nope, still works. I did it a couple of hours ago and had no problem with the purple death orbs; they just cozied up to the rubble pile and despawned after a while. If they could still reach you, my guess is you weren’t standing in the correct spot — you need to be perched on the tip of the highest point.
Also note that you still need to dodge the falling rubble even if you’re in the correct spot, though it doesn’t spawn very often — I only had to deal with it once or twice.

Hey guys,

so i found a spot where it was possible to double hit the champ (see pic). This one is perfect for rifle! You can use Signet of Rage -> Rifle #4 -> Rifle F1 and you deal instant aprox. 20k damage with just one shot. It was possible to bring him in phase 1 before the first mender arrived at him.
As he was attackable again i could use Signet of Rage-> Rifle #4-> Rifle F1 -> Rifle #3 -> Rifle AA -> Signet of Fury -> Rifle #4 -> Rifle F1 and it was done!

I dont know if it works on other classes besides warrior.

On trap 10 and 11, you can easily solo it if you use a guardian. Just kill the Inquest at trap 10, then head to the door, switch to staff and start spamming 1 at the door. The inquests will be dead in a few seconds.

Scuffy need to be next to the area for the first item and then talk to him to get the option. If that doesn’t work, click on the middle object and it will tell you that you need to reinforce it and then talk to Scuffy

For Nary a pitfall, i tryed with a group and it has not worked for the other’s. I guess everyone have to do it on their own! (I was the owner, and i had done it already).

Nary a Pitt Fall: I’ve done this several times perfectly to the video and I still can’t seem to get this achievement. Anyone else having the same issue?

Sometimes achievements will bug out for a character and refuse to give credit no matter how many times that char successfully completes it. Try again on an alt.

If You screw up the trap no.11 you can still make it. If you have some way to pull mobs to the door (Mesmer curtain) and than if you have sufficient AoE firepower to nuke em despite their regen due to them being obstructed, it will will count as trap set off and can get achievement.

About trap 11: As others have said, it’s still very possible to do the trap even with the Vet inquest agent dead, solo or not.

You can adjust the camera to peek under the door to see the three inquest agent’s health bars. Using any abilities damage through walls and objects will work – you just need to be able to do enough sustained damage to get through the ‘leash’ regen.

I didn’t find it very difficult at all to kill all three, one at a time, with my zerk engineer bombkit, and some boon uptime.

Trap 11 can be solod on a warrior with a longbow, healing surge/bers stance/sign of fury. Keep using your burst on cd and spam your longbow skills. Easy if you’re zerker.

There was a bug just now for me and my partner for the traps achievement: the inquest assassin happened to spawn inside the wall, and when my partner attacked, she was invulnerable. Despawned mechanically after I took down trap 11. Just a warning.

Sometimes inside the wall, sometimes under the ground. I had to repeat the mission at least 4 times with a guildmate to validate the ‘nary a pitfall’ achievement because of this bug.

Thanks for the tip it really helped. Also, if you do get defeated whilst fighting the wolf wait for Scruffy to revive you rather than starting at checkpoint – saves you running back.

Trap #10 and #11 were really easy. Just set Scruffy to hold aggro on the assassin, and you have all the time you need to kill the 3 mobs inside the door. 🙂

To make 10 and 11 just step slowly on trap with assassing and immediatly turn back, he will not agro u and u get time to kill mobs at gate, when dealed with em, turn back to veteran and bomb him, also drag him as far as possible from doors, cos even when they are closed he / she can escape( or it is bug).

Anyone know if Strike’s Over is bugged?? Tried it multiple times and I know I dodged it. Still don’t get achieve after beating the statue…

Playing a thief you can do the 11th trap even if the door is closed. Get a shortbow and throw Cluster Bomb (2nd skill) to the botton edge of the door.

Well, I must admit that the “Don’t Knock Yourself Out” achievement really took me a lot of tries to get, but I finally got it (solo). The safe spot posted above is no longer safe as the globes will either spawn right on top of you, or come to you and warp up to your high spot, downing you instantly unless you evade.

I spent some time not simply exiting on failure, but running around in there trying to find a weakness somewhere that would make it easier then next time through. The globes for me were the nagging problem. You have to evade the globes, kill the healers, dps the statue, avoid the aoe knockdowns, fear wells, falling rocks and a particular mage attack that can knock you over. Skill-based stability is useless.

But there is a way to win systematically. Bring some fast recharging condi clear to clear the chill. Bring range dps and bring power. Bring skills to slow or halt the healer, to buy you time to evade a globe and kill the healer before he goes invuln and heals the statue. You want to drop the statue quickly. The longer you are in there, the higher the chance of a costly mistake or bad spawn. Stay in the first 1/3 of the room near the door Avoid the back 2/3 completely. I found that the small ramp in the corner (to the immediate right as you enter the room) is a perfect home base. Work from that corner. The reason is that the globes will always spawn in front and away from you. You can dodge down as they approach and circle the 1/3 of the room counter-clockwise and back to the ramp. As an ele, I use water, earth and a signet to slow or halt the healer. Once the healer is down and the globe is gone, I stack might, meter shower, attunement switch for fury and then right back to the ramp.

TL;DR Use the ramp in the front-right corner at the door (facing statue) as a homebase to keep the globes in front of you.

Thank you for the tip. It made the fight a lot easier. I’m an elementalist so it was pretty easy for me. Water 30 for a short CD condi removal and if things ever got too dire I used either lightning flash to escape the flames or mist form to just pop them. I also noticed that dodging and touching the flame orbs mid dodge pops them as well. You can use fire elemental powder to get another body to draw the flame to and to add some damage, the same goes for elementals which I used as my elite. I also used signet of air to just outrun the flame orbs.

I did not read all the comments previous, but I would like to point out that I did not have to collect trap 12 to get the achievement. I was leaving it till last, but got credit upon completing trap 9. (Having done all but 9 & 12)

The Spectral Flame orbs (and other kds) will still make you lose progress for no knockdowns when you have the warrior trait Last Stand active. Even though you stay upright, it counts against you.

Many people, including me, tried getting the achievement Don’t knock yourself out. I know this is an older achievement, but I’ve heard many people skip it because it was nearly impossible. I do kind of agree with this people because it’s simply a bit too hard to have fun with When took a look on the LFG-tool for a brief moment I saw people making a party for it and trying to get it. After a couple of tries, reading guides and wachting videos there was still no success… Then I found a grave at the back of the room where you could ”Kite” the orb (the ones that knock you down) around! After like 3 times, I managed to do it. My advice is to do this solo because there will spawn less orbs that way.,vIFEfQv#0,vIFEfQv#1

I put the way I did it in 2 simple pictures, let me know if you have any questions about it.

Good Luck!

Don’t think you can kite in the way explained in the image anymore, but you can still use this place as of April 2016. Basically you stand here hitting the statue until the orb spawns. The orb will fly fast to this place from its spawn point. You can evade it once when it gets close to the casket, and run to the doorway. The orb will fly back to you, but will despawn before reaching you at the doorway. Then you can get back to the casket and repeat this process for a while. Of course you need some good condtion remover to try this, and evade other AoE and kill menders, so it isn’t easy but I find this to be quite doable.

Foefire Cleansing – Don’t Knock Yourself Out
Annoys me so much trying to find loopholes. What a waste of time. In the end i just did the proper way. Burst damage statue and mender, kite orb and dodge aoe on my GS warrior.

for achievement with traps and point with inquest assasins – if you have access to stealth mechanics you can also trigger nr 10 put scruffy into defense mode use stealth and move away to drop aggro of first assasin (so she focus on scruffy) run to 11 kill these guys and then return to nr 10 – this way also when she makes till the door he will not leave area as doors will close immediatelly after you defeated foes at 11 (although that last one need confirmation it could be me bugging game or sth :P)

and also I can confirm that “safespot” strategy for Don’t Knock Yourself Out does not work anymore – knocking back AoE’s still drop there

I just did the Nary a Pitfall carefully and it didn’t give me the achievement. I did not trigger any traps. I wonder what’s wrong. 🙁

Did you complete the area the first time to unlock the achievements? Are you using scruffy to avoid traps while gathering the three specific items? If you trigger ANY aggressive enemy in this map, you did it wrong. You also have to complete the entire story to receive it.

Good video, but the text instructions are vague or wrong in a couple places. “close generator –> open casing –> deactivate the aetheric field sequence”, for instance. There is no close generator option, it’s turn off generator.

And “where you just pick the chest that allow you to open it directly without
having to move containers (yellow triangle sign in the dialogue box)”, there are two chests that can be opened without moving things and have the yellow triangle dialogue option, but the one that mentions the smell is a trap.

Here’s a tip for the Don’t Knock Me Down achievement: when doing it with two people (since it’s extremely hard to solo, although it is doable), two orbs will spawn. However, they only go after the instance owner! So, do it with a friend and take turns spawning the instance. The person who is getting the achievement can stand either to the left or the right of the statue and attack it from there (there will be one or two AoE’s that you’ll have to dodge, but it’s fairly easy). The instance owner should stand near the door and kite the two orbs that spawn while also killing the menders.

Its actually easy , to the left of the door as you go in, there IS a safe spot on the hill. Jump up the rocks but hang on the VERY edge. Youll be safe from orbs and aoes, I did it with a ranger, so the range helped and all the orbs just blew up at my feet.

Just did it a few min. ago, worked fine, I even got some aoe on me but didn’t count (the debris falling kind). Thx for the spot 🙂

Can confirm, just did this on Sept 11, 2016. The pic above is correct. If you’re in the exactly right spot, the spectral flames will gather in the same spot that the pet is waiting in ^ and aoe circles will not hit you. Luckily, you have plenty of time to position yourself. You will also need a 2nd person to kill the statue and menders since you cannot move at all.

Sept. 22 2016. Can also confirm that the picture above is correct and does in fact work quite beautifully. Thank you for the tip

Note that the Strike achievement is given at the *end* of the instance after you defeat the statue. I was under the impression it was immediate upon dodging and it wasn’t until I ran the whole thing to the end that I got the achievement.

“For trap #5 make sure you do close generator –> open casing –> deactivate the aetheric field sequence”
Supposed to be turn off the generator. the generator is already closed.
How to fucking english
Stupid dulfy

For #10, since I am a Thief, I just simply used Shadow Refuge on me and Scruffy and walked over the area, so the Veteran Assassin spawned but never saw us 😛

Finally, done the Don’t Knock Yourself Out one, this one is ridiculous. I tried like 10 times, and on around my 2nd try I almost got it (down to 25% hp) then a ball spawned right on top of me … … … Then I kept failing repeatedly until I tried to just simply stick to the left side of the statue (all the way back in the room so the ball doesn’t have a chance to spawn on me). I just went out to kill the Menders every now and then, using Cripple on them to slow them down. (I am a Thief, I switched to my Daggers to burst down the Menders and then switched back to Bow for safety when fighting the statue)

TLDR: Don’t stand at the doorway of the room. The balls can spawn right on top of you.

“Don’t knock yourself Out” much easier with the mesmer class if you have the Deceptive Evasion perk. Just dodge backward if you see one of those fireballs coming. 4/5 times, the clone will draw aggro away from you allowing you to kite away with ease. For some reason, they won’t detonate against illusions, like they do other summons. Keep tabs on these fireballs at all times and stay away from the edges of the map: They can spawn right on top of you or push you into AoE. I personally like the berserker great-sword build. Use the clone and phantasm on the greatsword skill set against healers as soon as you see them and then focus on the statue from a distance Those illusions will take them out before they reach the statue giving you more time to DPS. It also helps if you change your camera to an over-head view and zoom out as far as it will allow. This will help you see what’s going on around you so you can evade better.

Sweet cheese this achievement was a pain. Literally took me months to do. Kept getting the boss down to 5% life and then a fear totem or sphere would spawn in me -.-. Glad its over. On to the world summit hopping achievements -.-

I thought the Don’t Knock yourself out one was quite easy, once I figured you couldn’t leave the room. Just climb onto the rocks just to the left as you enter and those spectral flames can’t reach you xD

There’s a easy way to do that achievement – “Don’t Knock Yourself Out”.

Go with a friend, and make sure he’s open the instance.

After that, Go to the left side of the boss in the corner like that:

And let your friend kill the boss and aggro all the rest. But, you have to attack the boss too with ranged weapon or you wont get the achievement. If you both need that achievement, just do the instance twice and replace your roles. (And the friend must open the instance so the monsters wont come to you.)
(You will get attacked a bit but its not affect on the achievement so dont worry, just keep to attack until the boss dead.)

Credit for a friend that told me that.

so is the vet supposed to randomly disappear at trap 10 or am I bugging out… it disappears if I run to 11 or when it reaches 50%

Yeah it bugged out for me at one point too, the mob spawned and then fell into the floor and left. Try tagging her and getting Scruffy to tank, then quickly run to the door and kills mobs.

Just in case no one has said it: Stability abilities don’t count as negating the knockdown! The achievement says “avoid knockdown or knockback attacks” and it really means it haha.

Closing something is NOT the same as turning it off. You do not close a light switch, you turn it off.
Therefore, please correct the mistake that states you have to “close the generator”. It’s just frustrating to have to read and try to comprehend a guide written by someone who does not even understand simple english grammar.

Why don’t you play the game? And you’re one to lecture about grammar; “most people think of double quotation marks as being for quotations, which they are, but they also have other legitimate uses”. So why don’t you bitch and moan about lack of (sic.) and double quotes fucktard.

I found another “safe spot” for “Don’t Knock Yourself Out.” I forgot to take a screen shot before switching stories, however. Still, it is pretty easy to find. It’s on the right side of the boss, almost straight to the right wall from him. It is a step-like part of the wall. You can jump up, and you’ll be standing on air, so to speak. The orbs won’t reach you, but you have to be ready to kill mobs that spawn nearby who might aggro you.

As an elementalist, I gave myself every attack I could, I only kept the condition-ridding heal. I even used the Arcane Power skill to make the next 5 casts crit. I ran to this spot right away at the start, but had to jump back up after the statue was built. Then I just blasted the statue. When it became immune, I helped kill mobs, and of course the menders. I even missed one mender, but with my dps, I took the statue down quickly.

I failed a couple of times as I learned the routine, but once I figured it out, it went fast.

Did it right now and worked great, thank you very much.
Could stop those whisps from spawning right in me.

Did it as a Mesmer with Stuff only and Well of Calamity and Well of Recall, had enough Damage for the Menders and just waited till they Spawn for the Charging Part. Never moved once.

Comment is for Information that this still works

Didn’t work for me. One of those wisps came up at me anyways. But it’s easy enough to avoid by jumping up and down the small “ramp” right next to this spot.

Just did it – June, 2019. Tried a ton of times before, kept missing an orb and failing. This saved me from pulling out ALL of my hair. Thank you.

For Nary A Pitfall, at the generator, you must look for the instructions first. Even if you know the correct order, you have to go look for the manual BEFORE punching in the correct sequence. Make sure to keep Scruffy nearby and have him detect the traps. The ones you want to look out for are 6, 7, and 10 on the map. Carefully go around 10 to get to the manuals. The one you want is the middle manual if I’m not mistaken. I followed Dulfy’s instructions exactly and then didn’t get the achievement. I had to go on other sites to get this information. Nary A Pitfall you must follow a very specific order otherwise you don’t get the achievement.

I did it exactly the way Dulfy did it three times and didn’t get it. I had to look at several other sources to figure it out.

I know this is late but maybe it helps someone who has come here to read this excellent guide. You CANNOT get ANY achievements the first time you play the LWS2 story on a character. You have to replay it to be eligible for any achievements. That’s why it didn’t work for you the first time. If you are eligible, you’ll see purple indicators on the map where each chapter starts, allowing you to easily replay that chapter without doing the previous ones.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve completed the story on another character. The character currently doing the story must have completed it to be eligible for other achievements. If you have a party, the instance owner must have completed the story for anyone else in the party to have a chance to get the achievement, even if that party member has completed the story.

Oh, look, it me again. Back at it from 2021!

So for Nary a Pitfall, my group has found that the instance owner has to be eligible for the achievement, otherwise those who need it will not get it. We have run this one twice and both times it did not work if the instance owner previously completed it. This is not the same for Crate Scrapper or Leave No Survivors, anyone can start it and everyone should get it.

Also, for Leave No Survivors, the doors open as soon as the assassin spawned rather than waiting for her to drop to 50%.

Nothing much for Foefire Cleansing that hasn’t been said already except for the Strike’s Over achievement, you cannot aegis through the attack. You MUST dodge.

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