GW2 The Dragon's Reach Pt 1

GW2 The Dragon’s Reach Part I Explorer Achievements Guide

GW2 Explorer achievements guide for Dragon’s Reach Part I. Both Iron Marches and Frostgorge Sound achievements are not available. 

Iron Marches

Mordrem Problems – 5 pts

There are five events you need to hit up in Iron Marches for this achievement, they are collecting samples, rescue workers, Mordrem wolf, Mordrem champion (thrasher) and Gravelash. Unlike most other events, you cannot see them on the map unless you are really close to their location.


  • Collecting sample event is bugged and seems to never spawn in the area it is suppose to. However, you might be able to talk to a nearby NPC to bypass the event. In any case, it is just west of Brandwatch Encampment Waypoint [&BOkBAAA=]
  • Rescue workers event is just Viper’s Run Waypoint [&BOoBAAA=]


  • Gravelash and Champion spawn close together west of Vlllage of Scalecatch Waypoint [&BOcBAAA=]. The champion does path a lot so check the entire area to see if he is around.
  • Wolf spawn in the south end of map east of Old Piken Ruins Waypoint [&BOQBAAA=]


Bottoms Up – 5 pts


This achievement is easiest to get in small groups or when solo. The Mordrem champion (Thrasher)  only drops the nectars when he has aggro on someone in melee range. The nectars will appear a few seconds after he spawns a poison pool right under him that you have to dodge out of as it ticks really hard.

  • The gear icon is gone when the first player collects it but the nectar still remains for a few seconds and others can still interact for credit. Hold down ctrl to find their nameplates once the gear icons are gone. 
  • The champion respawns after 3-4 minutes so you can keep trying him until you get the achievement


Toxicity Tramper – 5 pts

I got this achievement by staying at max range and just killed the Champion with a zerg. It becomes really easy to obtain in large groups and at max range as the Champion will rarely have aggro on you and you never get the poison from any of his attacks.

Frostgorge Sound

Finish What You Started– 5 pts

There are five events and they are all part of a chain called Breaking the Ice. It starts at Coiled Watch in Frostgorge Sound.

  • Drive the Sons of Svanir from Coiled Watch and Defend Coiled Watch are the first two events.
  • The next event is Escort the explosive-laden dolyaks to the Barrowstead.
  • The last two events are in Barrowstead: Destroy the totem foci to stop the Svanir corruption ritual and Defeat the Dragon Shamans to destroy their totem before Svanir reinforcements arrive.


Not On my Watch – 5 pts

This achievement is associated with two events: Drive the Sons of Svanir from Coiled Watch  and Defend Coiled Watch. Just make sure the NPCs are not dead when the event is near completion as they need to be alive when the event completes for you to get credit. They can die during the event, just rez them ASAP.

Boomyaks – 5 pts

There are 3 Dolyaks you need to escort to Barrowstead, just keep them alive. With a large zerg that can attack enemies before they reach dolyaks, this one should be easy as well.

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32 replies on “GW2 The Dragon’s Reach Part I Explorer Achievements Guide”

“Bottoms Up: Only 1 player can collect each nectar and he only spawn 3-4 nectars each time.”

This is not quite right. There will be a gear over the nectar that goes away as soon as the first person interacts with them. However, the actual object remains for a while and other people can continue to interact for credit. If you hold down Ctrl it will show their nameplates to help you find them.

He will spawn 4 nectars at a time. There’s actually a tell before they spawn – there will be four tendrils that pop out around him, and those tendrils become the nectars. I’ve seen as few as one round of nectars in a fight and as many as five. Sometimes he’ll immediately spawn nectars again.

Boomyaks is hard buged for 2 days now, you free and defend watch but event with dolyaks did not start, what I have last info Anet working on it, but no ETA given 🙁 coz this bug, you CANT follow event chain and got Vial of Sacred Glacial Water at the end

Really ? That’s weird cause I zoned into FGS today, and caught this event at 3/4 done, and me and another guy got Boomyaks.

Finish what you started and Not on my watch is bugged… it gets stuck at coiled watch 9/10 or you can’t kill the last 2 svanir shamans at the big totem.

Toxicity Trampler is currently bugged. I got poisoned, died, and then after WPing the event timed out, and I got the achievement.

Hi Dulfy,
you wrote at the beginning “Both Iron Marches and Frostgorge Sound achievements are not available.”
Do you mean “Both Iron Marches and Frostgorge Sound achievements are now available” ;-).
Thanks a lot for all your amazing stuff.

Regarding “Collecting sample event is bugged and seems to never spawn in the area it is suppose to. However, you might be able to talk to a nearby NPC to bypass the event.”

… what NPC?

I did the sample event a few days ago, so it should be fixed or, at least, it is not totally bugged anymore.

The two npcs are under the big vines. They should be indicated on your map when you do this part of the journal story.

same thing, there where no mordrem to help collecting samples.
Wheen i connect a few hours later, I found the event with mordrem, which allow me to complete the succes.

how laughable. The Mordrem Spore/Samples event is STILL broken by the time the next patch came out. And then some.

i just made it with few people. veterans mordrems spawned one after another, we bathed in theirs blood and took samples without any problem. and the event spawned in the area every 10 minutes or so.

GW2 Explorer achievements guide for Dragon’s Reach Part I. Both Iron
Marches and Frostgorge Sound achievements are “NOT” available. ??? then why make the guide?

Bottoms Up Achievement doesn’t seem to be obtainable anymore. The Champ just walks/floats along it’s path like nobody is killing it. Maybe I’m in the wrong spot (I sure hope I am!).

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