Wildstar Players on Monster Hunter quest given 100% completion

Due to the latest Wildstar patch which caused players on Monster Hunter portion of the raid attunement to reset to 0%, Carbine is giving everyone 100% completion as a work around.

TL;DR: We are granting all players who are currently on the “Monster Hunter” portion of the Raid Attunement quest 100% completion for this step so that they are not negatively impacted due to our screw up.

I wanted to touch bases with everyone regarding the “Monster Hunter” stage of the Raid Attunement quest.

As y’all found out this morning, we hit a pretty nasty bump during last night’s deployment that resulted in player progression on this step being reset to 0%.

Just as background, our quest system uses tech called “Quest Versioning”. This tech was designed with quest blockers and massive changes in mind.  The design philosophy resets player progression to 0% when sweeping changes for quests are applied.

Here’s a brief example:  Tommy is doing quest X which in Quest Version 1 forces him to kill 20 Lopp.  A designer decides at a later stage of development that the Lopp are in fact not an appropriate kill target for this quest so he changes it to a collection quest.  Quest X has now been moved to Quest Version 2 and the player’s progress has been reset so that he is not blocked in the new version of the quest (he doesn’t need to kill Lopp anymore and so must begin again by collecting Lopp traps).

Unfortunately, this occurred with the “Monster Hunter” step of the Raid Attunement last night.  We had performed and promoted an audit on this quest which resulted in a certain subsystem transitioning to a new and more efficient subsystem.  Unbeknownst to us, we incremented the Quest Version which resulted in all Live players losing their progress. So, we found that bug, which is great and it should be fixed so that future Quest Versions are not improperly incremented.

As a result of this we are providing all players on the “Monster Hunter” step of the raid attunement with 100% completion and progressing them to the next step in the Raid Attunement.  We investigated multiple options and we felt this was the most beneficial to the player base with the least risk on our database.  It’s going to require downtime and will probably go out with a hotfix tonight (we’re also trying to fix some other critical issues with that hotfix).

Source: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/104123-monster-hunter-progress-lost-carbine-resolution/#entry1068285

  • RevengencerAlf

    Hmm… It’s an ugly problem but I’m glad they went with the right solution instead of making people start over. Gotta hand it to carbine. They’re not perfect but so far they seem to have the right idea with how to handle the inevitable problems that occur with a new game.

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