GW2 Points of Interest EP 4 Livestream Notes

GW2 Points of Interest Ep4 Developer Livestream Notes with Kate Welch, Isaiah Cartwright, and Angel McCoy.

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Developers Present

  • Kate Welch – Host
  • Isaiah Cartwright – Lead Designer
  • Angel McCoy – Narrative Designer

What did you do?

  • Angel: Storyline/dialogue for main characters and Pale Tree. Lots of “new” characters coming in that we havn’t seen for a while.
  • Isaiah: Reviewing the content and giving feedback

What does a lead designer do?

  • Isaiah: Talking to different teams, making sure there is cohesion between the teams and organizing everything. I don’t use my desk, I walk around in the office a lot.

Plot of this episode

  • You came to conclusion that Mordremoth is the biggest threat. You talk to Pale Tree and decided to host a summit. Rest of the episode is basically convincing the various world leaders to come to the summit. First it was Taimi with Councilor Plunt.
  • We also seen some of the spreading Mordermoth threat and you can see some interaction between Braham and Eir. They get to fight side by side in this episode which builds the beginning of a bond for them. Then you get to talk to Rytlock and trying to convince the Charr leader to come
  • Rytlock tries to break the Ascalonian foefire curse and get rid of all the ghosts. You get all the pieces of the King Adelbern’s crown for him and Rytlock has the sister sword to the one that caused Foefire. Rytlock believes with the right sword, crown, and the right words, he will be able to take down the curse. He goes back into the tomb and stick his sword to the ground. Unfortunately, it opens a portal and the sword falls into the portal. Rytlock jumps into the portal to chase the sword and the portal closes. We don’t know where he went, we assume it is the mists. .

Technical difficulties in this release

  • The open world stuff can get crazy when lots of players are doing it. Sometimes things go stray and we try to fix it as fast as we can.
  • We take it super serious and this has been studio wide priority. Most of the bugs have been fixed.
  • Players have been doing awesome things such as finding non-bugged maps and ferrying people across.
  • The other funny bug is that NPCs have been assigned to guilds (i.e. Kasmeer in LGBT guild tag, a Warhog with the Arenanet guild tag, Svanir mob with the GOON guild tag).


  • Mordrem events and achievements in Iron Marches – are they here to stay? The goal is that they don’t go away so they will stay.
  • Is Rytlock the first Charr to ever venture into the mists? Will we know what he encounters there? No, any Charr that goes into WvW goes into the mists. However, this is the first time that a GW2 character goes into the mists this way. If Rytlock makes it back, I would be surprised if we don’t hear a report from him.
  • Braham maturing, it is good to see his relationship with Eir. In what ways we will see other characters and Braham evolve? All the characters started at a certain stage and we have a plan for them for their personality and maturity to evolve. A lot of these characters are quite sheltered until they started adventuring with you. Braham especially havn’t seen Eir much before and had a disconnect with her mother. How many days has it passed since Guild Wars 2? Is it the same number of days since launch? The Tyrian timeline is aligned with the real world timeline. Originally we had 360 days in a year but changed to 365 days.
  • How old can a Norn get? Norn live very rough and tough lives. How old can they get if they sat home and drinked veggie juice? They are very few older Norns for that exact reason.


  • Maybe a new Ascalonian dungeon path where the ghost gets destroyed forever – As Tyrian citizens we would love to see the ghosts go away so the Charrs can fight other things.
  • We have been turned into Mordremoth’s minions via Omadd’s machines. There are sleeper Arenanet developers inside the roleplayer guilds.
  • Where are Zojja, Logan and Caithe? Zojja is in Rata Sum. Logan got sent on missions to get him out of DR. Caithe is very free spirited so we have no idea where she is.
  • What is happening to Rytlock? What is Mordremoth going to do to affect the summit? Is a world leader be assassinated? Will it be Trenhearne who gets assassinated?

Fan Art

Karka hatchling


Sylvari Mesmer


Awakening of a Sylvari


  • Anon

    I believe this is episode 4 (title says 3)

    • Guest

      Nah, this is episode 3 part 1.

      • Elania

        The story in the game is episode 3, but the show “Points of Interest” is a 4th episode, even says so on the official Twitch channel, check it out.

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