Guild Flagship and Conquest Patch 2.9 SWTOR

SWTOR Guild Flagship Unlocking Costs Guide

A guide to unlocking the SWTOR Guild Flagships and their rooms.



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Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught


Valor Class Republic Cruiser


What you need

  • 4 accounts to make a party to create a guild
  • 12 characters in guild to buy a guild bank (800k)
  • 50 million in the guild bank.
  • Go to Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the fleet and click on the Guild Stronghold Directory to interact with it and purchase the Guild Flagship for 50 million credits.


How do acquire more rooms?

  • You get one floor for free, this is the bridge floor with Officer’s Deck and escape pods, The other 4 floors need to be unlocked and they contain 15 rooms in total.
  • Each room have an unlocking cost of 5 million credits and 2-6 Frameworks. Each Framework requires 50 Encryptions of the same type. Encryptions can be obtained as weekly rewards from Guild Conquest (1 each), from the Conquest Commanders you kill on the various planets, or from crafting (costs 1 Dark Project each, doesn’t matter which type).
  • Conquest Commanders have a chance to drop the Framework directly as well. Everyone in the group/raid who killed the Commanders will get 1x Encryption at least, which can greatly speed this step up.
  • Encryptions and Frameworks can be brought from the Flagship vendor next to the directory where you unlocked your guild flagship.


Unlocking and Crafting Costs

Flagship Room Unlocking Costs

Room #   Credits Frameworks Occupancy Decorations
1 Command Deck Quad 5 mil 5x Command Frameworks +10 +75
2 Starboard Command Room 5 mil 5x Command Frameworks +5 +25
3 Port Command Room 5 mil 5x Command Frameworks +5 +25
4 Forward Command Room 5 mil 5x Command Frameworks +5 +25
5 Crew Deck Quad 5 mil 4x Logistical Framework +5 +50
6 Crew Room 1 5 mil 2x Logistical Framework +5 +25
7 Crew Room 2 5 mil 2x Logistical Framework +5 +25
8 Crew Room 3 5 mil 2x Logistical Framework +5 +25
9 Crew Room 4 5 mil 2x Logistical Framework +5 +25
10 Crew Room 5 5 mil 2x Logistical Framework +5 +25
11 Crew Room 6 5 mil 2x Logistical Framework +5 +25
12 Hangar Access 5 mil 4x Engineering Framework +5 +25
13 Port Hangar 5 mil 4x Engineering Framework +5 +50
14 Starboard Hangar 5 mil 4x Engineering Framework +5 +50
15 Engine Room 5 mil 6x Engineering Framework +5 +25
Total   75 mil 54 Frameworks +80 +500

Crafting Costs

If you do decide to craft it all, 54 Frameworks = 2700 Dark Projects

  • There are different ways to make Dark Projects but regardless of which method you picked, you will need 3 Self-Perpetuating Power Cell, 6 Alien Data Cube, 6 Biometric Crystal Alloy, 3 Rakata Energy Node per Dark Project in addition to tons of green mats. This translates to
  • 8100 Self-Perpetuating Power Cell
  • 16200 Alien Data Cube
  • 16200 Biometric Crystal Alloy
  • 8100 Rakata Energy Node

Floor Layouts

Floor Layouts (Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught)


Bridge + Officer Deck (all free, included as part of the 50 million guild ship unlock)


Command Deck/Crew Deck


Hangar Deck/Engine Deck


Floor Layouts (Valor Class Republic Crusier)


Bridge + Officer Deck (all free)

Valor Bridge Map 2Valor Officer Deck 2

Command Deck/Crew Deck

Valor Command Deck 2Valor Crew Deck 2

Hangar Deck/Engine Deck

Valor hanger Deck 2Valor Engineering Deck 2

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339 replies on “SWTOR Guild Flagship Unlocking Costs Guide”

Speak for yourself, I know we’re launching our ship on day one, the cost is really quite trivial if your guild is sizable. And if you have an 8-man guild, why did you need a 15-room spaceship again?

You’re both typical MMO douches. Just cause you play 8 hours a day 300 days a year doesn’t mean its all “easy” or that you’re entitled to bragging about how 145 million is pocket change for a single player -__-

Those ‘other requirements’ are for expansion of the guildship not the ability to do conquest content etc, you don’t HAVE to fully unlock the thing, plenty of space to play with on the single deck (actually two with the officer deck)

I only have time to play 6-10 hours per week, with 6 of those hours being in Ops with my guild, and I can personally buy a guild ship if I want to.

Bahaha ! You use strategy guides ? And yes, a giant cookie is such a mean insult. I’m sorry if I made you cry :”(

“You’re MMO douches” ”You play 8 hours a day 300 days” ”You’re entitled”. I don’t use them, but its clear from your comments here that you need one.

I’m really amazed at the sense of entitlement some people have. You seem to think you have a right to have anything you ever want without putting any effort in. Decide whether or not you want a guild ship enough to put some work in, and stop crying about it.

I’ve personally stopped buying a subscription a long time ago, but if you pay each month and still don’t have access to anything new that comes out and have to grind and grind and grind alongside free-to-play accounts then I would be super pissed off.

LOL at the douchbaggery of your ego. Imagining you accusing someone else of have a special sense of entitlement… now there’s some serious irony for you. You should get out of mommy’s basement once in a while.

Your powers of psychological analysis are amazing. I didn’t know people could be this wrong about this many things in one small post. But feel free to keep ranting about how all your problems are the worlds fault and you ‘deserve’ better for some reason, and throw insults at those who explain this to you. Getting you to have any kind of self-reflection seems like a hopeless cause, so I’ll end the dialogue here. Have a good day.

really, guess what i really want doesnt matter since u are telling me that i dont want the flagship, since last i check i do want it, and so does my guild.

“Guild ships arent for everyone” Period, you should have left it at that part.

I know for a fact that my guild has the credits for it and is even grinding the mats already for these things. So we do want it and it is most definitely for us

Really? Well I know of 10 Guilds on JM that are getting a Flagship and it’s the smallest of all servers.

I suspect that there will be about 500 Guilds with COMPLETE (100% expansions) Flagships… The Flagship 500, I like the sound of that.

Sure if you play 2 hours a day and you spend them all in the fleet chatting and throwing party bombs all day this will be Impossible to get. But the beauty of it is you ca get off your ass and do some dailies like everyone else and yes credits will fall in your bank I know crazy. Now if you dont use Black dyes every day (Gotta look right on the dance floor) you can get richer and richer. But again them party bombs and dyes are pretty sweet.

It’s not about the credits. Credits are nothing if enough people are working on it. It’s about the requirements for the rooms.

I’ve just come from pts and must say: I am shocked. I simply lack the words and poignant. This is no new content, this is useless waste of time. because they can not think of better. Shocked………….

We are trying to invade Voss but can’t find a commander. Anyone know where it is? Voss actually seems kinda pointless cos most of the objectives are for Makeb or Alderaan.

I’m glad they put in content that is finally accessible for smaller guilds, that certainly won’t have 50-125 mil lying around to buy all of this with, well done BW, way to encourage people to play your game…

I was in an 8 man guild with 32M PRE-RotHC.

The real obstacle is that the bigger guilds will probably dominate the planets. Small guilds that can afford the ship will be crushed like ants.

I have over 100 mil on my account, the point of my comment is that a lot of guilds aren’t going to get to take part in this new “content” at all, why should a group of a few friends that want to have a small guild with just them be limited in the content they are allowed to play because they can’t foot the bill for a guild ship ?

Other than the tiny amount of content tied into this, its pretty much a 50 mil credit drop for more cosmetic fluff.

Why would you think that a group of a few friends should be entitled to a frikkin Star Destroyer? Not everyone gets to clear NiM Palace, not everyone gets a Start Destroyer. You actually have to achieve something for those things.

So basically, you’re an elitist and think you’re ‘entitled’ more than others to have access to certain content. Bully for you; now go kiss the mirror, Narcisus

I’m saying it’s fine that people have to do some work to get stuff, that includes getting a guild organized and members getting off their asses and contibute. Apparently it’s now “elitist” to not give everyone everything for free.

Maybe new players should also be level 55 from the start, get all rare drops in the game for free the first time they log in. After all it’s not fair that they would have to do some work to get all that stuff, that’s “elitist”.

Got to love the irony in that post. Going through the forums all day to tell other people they should get a life. Congratulations on being the most useless person here today.

yeah, only a guild filled with mindless credit grinders should get it.
doesn’t matter that the real achievement is in conquering planets, not having the means to..
personally I don’t care about the guild buyables anymore, especially since they will only be available to larger or mindless PvE guilds..a small guild, or any PvP guild will have no way to even think about affording it

And what are the bigger guilds achieving to get it other than having a lot of members to foot the bill ? yep a whole lot of nothing,

Try running a large guild, keeping it together and getting the people in it enthousiastic enough about the guild to invest their time into these kind of projects.
It’s not all that easy, there are only a few notable guilds on my server that have lasted for years, that is an achievement. And our ship will be awesome.

Been there and done all of that, it’s not an achievement at all, it’s like herding cats, in fact its part of the reason I run a smaller guild now, anyhow, you answered my question for me, the bigger guilds didn’t do anything other than have a lot of members to foot the bill, just another wasted opportunity by BW.

Not giving up and making it work, rather than going to a small guild is exactly the achievement you didn’t go for, and the large guilds did. And possibly for the first time in three years of this game that effort is awarded by having an easier time getting a ship and a better shot at conquests.

lol, keep making all those assumptions since you don’t know squat about me and my ToR history, if I didn’t know any better, I would think that some of the people on this site are on EA’s payroll or something with some of these comments.

wow… they surely got a little over the top with the cost. it seems most players won’t be enjoying that part of the new expansion.

Yes, if you are in a guild of 8 people it is only 12 hours of ‘effort’ each…for a freaking aircraft carrier. And only like 28-30 hours each to fully upgrade it. And you have a month to start saving.

Don’t tell me I have more than enough credits in my inventory, but imo it is alot. You can’t argue with me that, some people (including) me just don’t care that much about falgship and just want it as a side thing, and i primarily rather spend my credits on idk mounts or certain armor sets or vanity items. I’m not gonna drain myself to the ground with credits just for guild things.

It is really not that much for a guild, and I will argue with you on that. Especially when you have no argument other than ‘its a lot’. If you don’t care about it and don’t want to spend the credits, that is perfectly fine.

i had 18 millions back when i left the game, in may 2013, i expect credits to be even easier now to get.

I could get 1.5 millions per week with my 7 hours “work” time i had to put in it. :p

P.s. Secret come into low level stuff, il stop there happy hunting.

No one said its awesome but everyone can do it. SWTOR has a tendency to give everything to people with no efforts required. For once you actually need to do something for more than 2 seconds. I think they did it right.

Wow 50 dark projects per… my large guild is going to have a very hard time crafting a single Framework, let alone 54. Even though the credits are a small issue for a group our size, we are on a PVE server, and are not PVP-focused. I’m thinking this puts our 300 members completely out of the new content.

OMG, you are such a noob if you believe what you write, OMG seriously play it first before you make such an ignorant comment!

How many Rakata materials does your guild have? I’m guessing it’s not in the high thousands.

I was including all of the room unlock prices too. If it was just the price of the ship itself, then yeah.

I’m sure BW will lower the price periodically as new patches are released, but really, why are people complaining about the prices? A Guild Ship is supposed to be a huge achievement that you have to work for. It makes no sense how a tiny, RL friends guild with only 4 or 5 people would be able to afford, maintain, or staff a capital ship in-universe (unless they’re all millionaires with an army of droids to staff the ship).

I don’s see 50 mil as that much anyway, for a guild atleast. I’ve seen people with 100 mil or so on a single character.

50 mill only gets you the ship. The rest of the ship is what really costs cash. Just the credit unlock for the rest of the rooms is another 75 million. On top of that you need 2700 Dark Projects. And the amount needed to craft those are RIDICULOUS.

And I know people that have quit guilds because they can barely scrape together 10 mil for themselves and their guild keeps trying to extort half of that out of them. Not everyone plays the game 23 hours a day farming ops and wagging their e-peen on the fleet.

The price in credits isn’t the issue.

The necessity of either engaging in open-world BS or farming scarce crafting materials from boring, faceroll operations ad nauseam is the issue.

its not supposed to be easy… our guild turned off equip repairs, has been appropriating crafting mats and selling 180 gear like there is no tomorrow to prepare ourselves. we currently have about 135 mil as of saturday. it requires hard work and a group dedicated to its goal. This will help set guilds apart from other guilds…

since when does running dailies and playing the GTN has to do with running OPS if anything you lose money doing them.

there are a lot of ways to gather credits than ops, and ops are definitely not the fastest way. We ask guildies to donate 50k, per week, that’s like 1 oricon daily per week, with some extra. And now we have around 137mil in guild bank, then we take the crafting mats like mmg or eee from loot, to sell them on gtn or sell them with discount to guildies. IMO, if your guild can’t even bother to gather credits or working together to get the guildship, you don’t deserve it

i just can’t believe you need old school raid mats + 125mil for everything i’m fine with it costing a shit ton the mat part just makes it annoying imo

I know right, the amount of mats you need is obscene ! 16k+ alien cubes and 8k+ rakata nodes !?!? That takes an army of operations farmers to collect.

I think the insane mats prices show that you are not supposed to just buy the ship an all the rooms at launch. You are supposed to slowly unlock the rooms over the course of the next few months/years. You can get a few mats from EV/KP but the main source of them is Jawa tokens from previous successful conquests and frameworks dropping from commanders to skip a lot of mats.

I think that’s stupid. If a guild wants it, they should be able to buy it at launch. Who are the devs to decide that some guilds get it and some don’t? Fascists, imo

Yeah, everybody who wants something should instantly get it for free, so they can go back to complaining there’s nothing to do in the game. The basic mechanic of an mmo is doing stuff to get new rewards. If you don’t like that, why on earth would you play an mmo?

Funny how people that have no life outside of the game and don’t have to earn actual stuff for themselves don’t get the concept that a game like this is supposed to be relaxing and not another fricking job. If we were trying to buy a real starship we’d all have to work our asses off for a down-payment… but it’s not, it’s a fucking game and we should be able to enjoy it even if we have other things to do besides grind heroics and dailies 23 hours a day.

There are thousands of games out there that don’t have grind, it’s pretty much an mmo-only thing. So if you don’t like that, why play an MMO? Why not play any of the thousands of games where you just get a spaceship and can play with it right away? Seems like you’re making very poor choices here, and then come here to complain about the results of your poor choices,

Just tested the PTS, I have to say I’m really dissapointed on the efforts they put on the Flagship for the Republic one, compared to the Imperial one which kicks its ass so hard! I mean come on, Imps always get the good stuff!

I don’t think, that if a guild had know this at launch, and all they had done was run ops/fp to accumulate all of these mats. But now that I read the rest, its still, well, too much work for me or my guild to care. we will stick to clearing content and gearing alts.

So there are Different types of Conquest that will have different kinds of objectives. Depending on the planet your guild invades, the focus will shift towards one aspect of gaming or another.

For Example: Currently on the PTS the Conquest Event: “Balance of Power” is active and 3 planets are available for Guilds to Conquer: Alderaan, Voss and Makeb.

Each planet has specific objectives/missions that provide bonus to the conquest: Alderaan you get bonus from Flashpoints – Warzones – Heroic Missions. Makeb it’s Warzones – Crafting Missions – Heroic Missions and Voss its crafting missions.

Concentrating in either of these missions gives you bonuses to your guild’s conquest, however you are not limited to these. You can participate in other objectives for personal conquest.

At the end of the event the Top 10 Guilds Per Planet will be rewarded while the #1 guild will control the planet and have special temporary rewards like Starfighter Flyby’s and Walker mounts.

Each Event lasts for 6 days with the 7th day allowing guilds to see their rewards and strategize on where they want to conquer next.

If your guild is in the top 10 or if you meet your personal conquest threshhold you will be rewarded Mats that are needed to unlock the other parts of your ships (Encryptions which used to get frameworks, the mats you need to unlock the other areas of your ships)

There are special Mini World Bosses on 8 planets that have the potential of dropping a framework and encryption for each member of your Raid Party. The catch is each Commander is in the Opposite Factions Territory, therefore attacking these commanders flags you for pvp.

I hope all of this helps

I keep reading these comments about how a guild ship is finally something that guilds have to work towards and put effort into, but I’m not really sure how well people have thought this through. I will admit that right now, as of 2.82, a guild ship that costs 50m alone would be a way to show that a guild has worked for something; albeit that bigger guilds have worked less than smaller guilds. However, a 50m ship is only a portion of what is being released, and it seems like an unnecessary gate to limit content that provides no discernible benefit or prestige to a guild.
Why shouldn’t every guild be able to get a ship, to travel together on, RP on, hold guild events on, etc? What does having a guild ship provide for those who want to stand out other than the epeen factor of it being a 50m guild ship?
With the release of the conquest system, the serious guilds who want to work and strive for something to distinguish them in the game will have that opportunity. From the sound of it, only the guilds with the dedicated members who are willing to put in the effort will be conquering planets, so what is truly the harm in making the ship itself more accessible? As it has been said before, 50m really isn’t -that- difficult to get(though it gets considerably harder with fewer people in the guild), but it seems like it’s an excessive amount regardless.
Then when you consider that the smaller guilds that -do- work for the ship will be unable to actually utilize it for the content it was created for, it makes the price seem even more absurd. A RP guild with only eight dedicated members will probably never conquer anything… even a PvE guild with twenty may never conquer anything, so why make the additional cosmetic content that the ship does provide to anyone who gets it the lock-out point when the conquest system itself will already function as a means of setting guilds apart?

You can do CZ, Black Hole, and some other dailies in under an hour, and get 200k. If 250 guild members do that (half of a large guild), you got your 50 million credits. How is an hour per member even close to hard work.
Small guild of 40 members, everyone has to spend an hour on weeklies every day for a whole week, still not hard work in my book.

Does your “large guild” have 500 players, or 50 players with 10 toons each? Running dailies over and over again, just switching out toons to replay them every day…. yeah, that’s a real accomplishment. Of course the whole e-peen argument wins, everybody wants to be better than everybody else and have something to rub in everyone “beneath” them’s faces in… even in a stupid video game. At least these discussions are entertaining.

Not “Running dailies over and over again”, running them once on half the characters is enough. A lot of effort if you want to do it in a day if the number of accounts is lower (we have about 120 accounts covering 460 members), but I don’t think it’s a bad thing saving up for a guild ship takes more than a day.
Bottom line is that a large guild can get the money with a day of very hard work, or a week of taking it slow. A small guild can get it with a week or so of hard work, or a month or two of taking it slow.
All that is assuming all the people in your guild have 0 credits now. Realisticly, a big guild will have more than enough money in it’s members banks to cough up a ship before launch. A small guild may have to put some work into it.

If you run it once on 10 characters or 10 times on one character, it is still running it over and over. Grinding sucks.

@Arby has a very good point.
I have not seen any guilds with 250 separate members.
Even if they somehow had that many, are all of them subs? Only subs can add cash to guild bank.
Okay, you will argue that “preferred” can trade, but, preferred people have a different mindset; they work harder for money, will every pref give his 200k to a random stranger unsure of it ever making it’s way into a bank?

Then, there are the F2Ps, we have those, too. They can’t even run most dailies. Or trade. Or have more than 200k on hand.

Then, comes a matter of getting the proverbial 250 people to cooperate.

Think back to those times at school when you had to bring a coin for a donation. How many people cooperated? Certainly not 50%.

I’m really happy now seeing the flagship. It is soo big that I hate it. I don’t even want a HUGE space to get lost in when our guild doesn’t have enough members to even fill the space that you can unlock. It’s just my thing that I don’t like big spaces, even in real life. I want stuff to be pretty, simple and organized (yes I’m such a hipster judge me). I watched the video (thanks Dulfy) and it really is too big for ex. a guild of 50 members. I’ll have a look at the planetary conquests but that’s all. It’s the same thing with strongholds. I wish DK stronghold was even smaller but since it’s the smallest one I’ll take that one.

sorry that Bioware doesnt revolve around your life and your stupid idiosyncrasies on “it needs to be teeny weenie or i poopoo my diaper”


u know what ur a bully but u probally have no social life considering your name and comment. fuck you, u fat fuck. i didnt say bioware should do like i desribed i just wish it was like that. its your problem and your problem alone if you dont like my ideas. they dont need to be accepted.

I see your point, it is just like having 20 people on fleet; only you don’t need to pay upwards of 80 million for it.

It could get rather lonely, and seeing the sheer amount of effort involved, and not seeing any actual gain, I am beginning to consider the “prestige” it gives not worth the effort.

And if planetary conquests turn out to be a gankfest, or somehow impact on other players who have not conquered them, I’m sticking with my 5 months of sub, and then it’s SHIFT+DELETE on the swtor folder.

As I say all too often, this is a game, not the Matrix.

I’m taking a break on september either way because I have to go away from home to school and etc. and I won’t be able to experience alot of bad stuff eitherway haha. At least for first weeks at least….

and 1 ship, really, why not a frigate for 15 mil, 4 decks, something better for RP guys that wont, as Aslawk said, ever conquest a planet.

all the role playing complaints just spell out a bizarre introversion from playing the actual game.

“why isnt everything soft-balled to us so we can sit around on our computers and tickle each other in our barbie doll clothes?”

because the game doesnt revolve around just you. kapeesh?

do you really need any ship to RP? probably not. but of course you must have your cake and eat it too. :(((((((

Do we need a ship? No. Would it be really nice? Fuck yes.
Ships are even less obtainable for RP guilds than any other sort, and would seriously breathe a little more life into the game in the form of RPer QoL if they were easier to obtain. I don’t mind having to work for unlocks, but fifty million for just the first part is.. uhm, well.

Okay, we get strongholds and fancy guild ships, that’s nice, I’d just like a chance to actually see one in my lifetime rather than grind out 250 hours of dailies in a small RP guild just to get my hands on one massive piece of empty space.
Being snarky towards RPers (as was the only purpose of your comment) doesn’t change a thing, this was a serious wasted opportunity. The guest just below who posted the fantastic wall of text has it perfectly right.

Not to belittle your plight, but I really don’t see the issue. If you need to spend 250 hours grinding, you’re a guild with one person. Especially for an RP guild with 10 or less people, it makes no sense whatsoever to have a whole Star Destroyer-sized ship. A small band of galactic rogues would gather in the meeting room of one of their personal starships, which are big enough for small gatherings. How do you role play having accidentally found this gigantic ship that’s all yours?

I don’t see it as being any more difficult than explaining how your guild bought a dreadnought/cruiser, but aren’t able to access anything but the command deck and the officer’s deck — all the rest of “your” ship is locked off.

I would have been happier to see a more tiered arrangement that worked out to the same total over time, but had more upgrade paths. Your guild buys a ship, you’re getting a clapped-out second-hand ship that’s small and no longer suitable for frontline service, and only some parts of the ship are still livable. You have the option to a) upgrade to a bigger ship , b) put money into re-establishing life support for more of the ship (i.e., buying more rooms), c) fix up and rehabilitate the interior, and d) upgrade the ship’s equipment.

Upgrading to a bigger ship gives you the potential of getting more rooms; this could be handled by having the number of possible decks vary with ship size. Re-establishing life support works like buying rooms does now. Fixing up the interior would take you from a ship with exposed pipework in the walls leaking of fluids and gases, with rust and grunge all over up through the leaks fixed and the grunge cleared away, another step up replacing wall panels to hide the pipework, another step replacing all the paneling with better/more ornate material, etc. Upgrading the equipment makes the ship’s drives better (reducing the cost to move the ship), provide more power (enable bigger weapons to be mounted), increase damage in orbital bombardment (bigger weapons up to the limit of what can be powered — you could mount bigger weapons than you could run at full power and upgrade power later), better controls (improved targeting, etc.).

This would let guilds have a range of ship outfits, with variations like Talon Karrde’s Star Destroyer, which had a completely refurbished interior but only a fraction of a Star Destroyer’s normal complement of weapons active.

Something smaller would be nice, perhaps without the full suite of conquest support options. Then again, it wouldn’t be that hard to introduce more ship options on both ends of the spectrum, if these big ships turn out to be popular. After all, there are various tiers in housing now too, there’s nothing to stop them from introducing smaller ships in future patches.

I still think a significantly lower price for a ship like the one they’ve released now would be weird, but I definitely see sense in a set of smaller ships to complement the big one, but still customizable. The current ship feels like the Sky Palace equivalent of ships, a home planet appartment-equivalent at 1/10th the price would be nice.

Ship costs doesn’t matter, credits can be gathered sooner or later. But the conquests are nothing else but a gank fest.

Not really You get points for your conquest by doing almost anything. Warzones, Operations, Flashpoints, Crafting, Heroics. The only thing that is a gank fest is the Commanders Bosses on planets

so send in orbital strikes (that does damage to people around the boss) and bring a fucking crew

only 1 question: when we hang out a board the ship, are we still in the fleet or in another instance?

I feel they should of reduced the price of the guild ship and upped the price of the rooms instead. That way it still costs the same but more people can participate in these guild conquests

People can still participate in the conquests. They may just take them a while to get the flagships to do them. But there are Dozens of conquests types and they rotate them once every week. So there’s plenty of time to participate in guild conquests

From what I can tell from PTS, guild can do Conquests even without the ship, but having the ship parked in orbit grants bonuses to score

They can participate in personal conquest but they need a guild flagship to participate in the guild conquest because it requires a flagship to invade and compete in the leaderboards

Oh okau . did not know that. Good to see the guild still can without the ship. Thanks for the info 🙂

1:55 into the video: “orbital support” bonus… Anyone knows exactly how much? Is it something like the 5% class bonus?

Didn’t keep track of the actual % bonus to stats, but costs 50k credits to apply to planet each time you move to a different planet. If you move the ship to different QT points on planet, you don’t have to repay for Orbital Support.

That’s actually something interesting I didn’t think about. This would actually be really, really awesome. I’ll be kind of disappointed if duelling is still disabled, there’s no reason to disable it in an environment like this.

My thoughts exactly. It’s already super annoying that you can’t on fleet and the fact that based on what I’m reading there saying that in this ship you could still be part of the fleet instance. If this is restricted still it will be a major misstep IMO.

YES! I remember in kotor 2 going through G0-T0’s yacht thinking now this is where I wana kick back and relax at. Still houses have more room for hooks and trophy stuff like statues and fountains etc. If u check out some pics or vids from SWG ships and homes they had free placement of items, they also had free roam space and some sky too.

I have a question about Engineering. In datamined images I saw pictures of a huge engineering room with a ton of scenery. But that room we’re given… it looks to me like it offers an overlook of engineering, but doesn’t let us enter the room ourselves. I feel a bit cheated about that… do you know if players are able to enter the engine room?

Sorry, I think you misunderstand.

Through datamined images I’ve seen pictures of an engine room – a HUGE engine room with scenery that obviously isn’t furniture on hooks. The maps provided for the Engine room that we have to unlock are nowhere near that size – comparatively they are the same sort of size as one of the rooms on the officers deck. However the map depicts a window on the far edge, that says to me that the accessible engine room has a window looking down onto the actual engine room. What I want to know is if its possible to enter that engine room.

this totally reminds me of kotor, but uhm if this is actually from the BW guildflag ship, i honestly dont know yet. havent seen anyguild who has room unlock as of yet

Its from the Republic Flagship alright, its a screenshot someone took when they datamined the whole thing a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to find a shot taken from a different angle to no luck, and it doesn’t match any of the maps on the Guild Ship. My guess is that this room is visible through the window in the Engine room, but I would like more than anything to be able to access it in person.

yeah, as far i could see on the map for rep ship, it doesnt seem to be fitting the room. so i think its a room you can see but isnt displayed on the map or able to be visit

Looks like a poorly composited hack job to me. In fact there looks like a bunch of models for SWG mixed in it as well. If there are no other angles I believe this to be faked… big time.

Why should it? If you have a guild capable of fielding a operation team (and to be honest, group of people that is not able to do that is not a guild), you should be able to get money and run conquest missions/kill commanders. Yes, you will probably not win, but I think you sort of have to expect it when you have very few troops at your command.

And PvPers will be very interested, given the fact that there should be a lot of OWPvP happening when hunting for Commanders.

You are not taking RP guilds into consideration. They can have plenty of people and still not have enough people geared and at 55 for Ops.

I was replying to SirRoinII, who asked about PvE guilds. And PvE guild that cannot put together 8 people in enough gear to run story modes is not a PvE guild in my mind.

And yes, was not taking RP guilds into consideration, because while RP can be nice, it is not really a “game content”, which is something you have to do to get the money for ships.
Guild in game that does not run content is merely a group of friends, which is a good thing, but if you refuse to do content, you cannot expect to have access to everything…

What in the hell do you mean a group of people who can’t field an op team aren’t a guild? You an elitist prick or something? Haven’t you ever heard of guilds forming for, you know, social reasons?

why i meant was 50mil is alot for a small guild and the conquest will take long. I’m in a guild of 2 persons on the imp side. Those new items has no point for us.

Yeah, well, like I said, that is really not a guild, just people who cheesed the system. Guess We will see how it works out for guild without 30 people active all the time

PVP is happening in conquest, small guilds can participate as well, cause a 8-12 is max so far on pts to group up and do this. At least that what the devs said on stream so given that guilds with 10 members like to call them self small, shouldn’t have a problem here.

I’m no guild leader but I was wondering Is there a way for the guild master to see how much $ each member has donated to the GuildBank? I’m sure if a member said they donated 20mil to support my guild (if I ran one) I’d wana give them greater access of the ship but how can u tell wealthy dedicated members from wealthy stingy ones?

Guild Bank has a ledger tab that shows who donated and how much. Not sure if it has a history though, in my guild, it shows past two weeks, so you would probably need to write the numbers down in a excel spreadsheet or something like that.

Now that u mention it I do remember seeing the ledger, Ive just been donating lvl 53-55 gear and mats since I’ve been tight on my creds lately. -no thanx to soovada sink and my collections hunger lol

Yes there is. When you look at the guild bank as a GM, there is a tab to see how many credits people put into it. There is two columns, one for the current week and one for the prior week. The week starting at server reset.

I’ve asked about this buff a little earlier but it passed unobserved… What exactly this buff sums up to in percentage, 5% like the class buff or more?

Yes, something like that, I think. I have ~30k in PvP gear without class buffs, ~31k with class buffs and ~32k with class+ship buffs.

So, you hate that there are things to do in Open World? Something that lot of people wanted almost since forever?

I dont think ppl want to do something in laggy open world… Maybe it is a good thing for PVE servers, but for PVP – this means a lot of lags. I cant deny – its a good feature… And i see no reason to do dailies and quests after launch of guild ships. Because of open world conquest. I will be glad if someone can explain how this orbital bonus work, and how big is it. If this work how i think… Well… There was no balance since beginning…I guess, someone should say “Deal with it”

There’s very little actual open world elements here. Log on to PTS and actually look at the conquest objectives. Only the commander fits into this, everything else is stuff people do already (kill mobs, do wzs, flashpoints, operations). You’re right, it’s not nearly as awesome as it could be because you’re not actually conquering anything.

You are conquering and its essentially a way to group and prove your worth in PVP and PVE, isnt that the point of the game?

Also more rewards will come to mind, making Guild Ships essential to fps,wz,pvp, pve and large space battles, which is again the point of the game…

Guilds can invade and capture planets, getting bonuses, walker mounts, bragging rights, nice stuff like that.

Bonuses, walker mounts, bragging rights, etc. I actually do not know what the bonuses are, because it will take a week to evaluate scores from conquests on PTS and actually see what are the rewards.

But basically, personal is for you, you get stuff, decorations, etc, guilds that are good get things to upgrade ships and some other stuff, like bonuses, bragging rights, walker mounts, etc.

I like how everyone defending the cost of these ships is repeating the line about “If you’re willing to work for it…” and the “work” they’re talking about is endlessly running dailies…the same effing dailies we’ve been running for months & years. THAT’S NOT FUN, you morons, and it’s certainly not new content.

if youve been running for years you should have no issues buying solo congrats! im sorry it cant just be given to you… this is an mmo …time and credit sinks should be expected . since when is grinding supposed to be fun.. just like real life you get what you put into it . dont make an effort why expect any reward? what they need is a smaller entry level guild ship with little to no perks similar to the dk/cor apartments… ^ also people may respect your opinion more if you dont call them morons…just saying

Actually, you are wrong. MMOs have largely been moving away from the “WORK TO DO ANYTHING” content because pandering to the hardcore segment is folly. The Hardcore segment is the smaller player base who tend to be the least loyal and you make the least amount of money on. I have been playing since the game opened up and I cannot buy that thing. The reason why is I am not a hardcore player who can devote 5 to 6 hours a day to playing Swtor.

SO doing my work days I may log on for an hour or two and do Oricon and then on my days of I do my dailes and do a Storymode Op. Games aren’t real life and we play games because they aren’t real life. I do not see a guild ship as an equal achievement of my M4 that is sitting in my driveway. I see the Guild ship as what it is.. Guild content for your guild to do things as a group other than an OP.

Now, the system as it is will go to the hardcore segment who is the minority and if it stays like this it will end up just like in City of Heroes/Villains where only the richer guilds can have them, while the bulk simply don’t which means in the end the content will be abandoned.

What they need to do is not pander to your crowd because people like you are a minority of players. The Guild ship is not a reward but a way for a guild to do content and content should be accessible to all. SImple as that. If you want “REAL LIFE REWARDS THAT MEAN SOMETHING!” than you need to find a fulfilling life because this is all just pixels where people are playing to have fun. If I have to work this game like a job than I would go play something else because the whole definition of a game is to not be a Job.

Most guilds I know of, large, medium, small, tiny, rp, hardcore, etc already have their initial 50 mill buy in for the flagship without non-stop grinding. Any guilds who started building up credits, even at a leisurely pace, when flagships were announced months ago are either ready to buy right now, or will be on day one. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming months ago.

Hell, a rl friend’s rp guild of him and his four siblings hit 50 mill a couple of weeks ago with an average weekly playtime of 10 hours give or take. Because they started saving the credits when the flagships were first announced. No massive grinding, no huge weekly investment of time.

A guild that can’t afford their flagship on day one is a guild that didn’t think ahead or kept their fingers crossed that they’d get it given to them on a silver platter for nothing.

That being said, beyond the basic flagship, they got carried away somewhat with what’s involved.

Oh and this will not be an accomplishment. The cost is tied to the credit system which undoubtedly the devs did not consider at all that much of the credit gain in the high end can be attributed to guilds buying their credits. So the reality is by making the guild ship a “credit sink” all they will ensure is the guilds that do not want to farm will just buy their credits and unlock it that way.

So “fun” would be them just giving it to us for free or a cheap stupid price that any one person could afford?

I like how everyone cries about the cost, first everyone is like “we have nothing to do at max level, BW do something with it” . So BW puts a bigger prize for flagship so you can do more things at max level and you still cry ? Why ? It’s the same like the old armor sets in new cartel packs…

The name calling is unnecessary, especially since dailies aren’t even the best way to make credits. Also its a GUILD ship, you don’t have to raise all the credits by yourself.

Thank you for making this point. GUILD ships are for your GUILD, not for one person to be able to afford.

A lot of guilds of all sizes already have the 50 mill buy in or will have it by the time the flagships go live because they started building towards it when guild ships were announced months ago. Which gave every guild plenty of time to build up credits without having to constantly grind.

The basic buy in isn’t cost prohibitive unless a guild did nothing towards it since the ships were announced and now what theirs asap.

The frameworks, granted, are a bit ridiculous with the investment involved in time & creds.

I get that a lot of people have a ton of time to run dailies, day after day, and amass millions doing that.

I can’t though, neither can any of my guildies, we have jobs and responsibilities.

We play for fun and can barely play once or twice all 5 of us together a month.

Not planning on turning those days into grind fests, we were all ready to dish out $ in the form of CC to buy our guild ships and do some of those conquest missions, guess that’s not an option…

That makes sense, I still think that making the base ship cheaper and the upgrades expensive would have being a more logical choice.
In 2.9 they are releasing content we won’thave access though we are all subs…

Well then you quit that guild and join one that has a guild ship? Needless to say Fleet needs to have people to hang out and spam general chat.

Yeah, no.
My guildies are real life friends, not leaving my guild over a ship… It sucks that the new content is limited to us even thought we are all subs though.

I know of quite a few small(5 to 10 active players at most) that already have their 50 mill buy in for the basic guild flagship on day one, without a constant grind. How? They started saving as soon as the ships were announced months ago, before anyone knew any of the pricing. Just like most of the large and medium guilds did. Any guild that wants a guild flagship immediately and doesn’t have the credits together by the time it goes in only have themselves to blame by not getting their act together earlier.

That being said, I do think frameworks are more than a wee bit over the top.

Crafting the frameworks is hideously expensive, but getting them through conquests seems doable. If you have 25 people making the weekly conquest cap, and you manage to list in the top 10 for a planet, you’ll have enough Encryptions for one framework every two weeks from the quest alone. Add in random drops and a medium-sized guild can unlock a room every month or two. Not fast, but then again I wouldn’t want it to be. It’d be disappointing to me to have the ship fully kitted out in a few weeks, and have nothing to do for it.
Small guilds that don’t make the top-10 will find it very hard to unlock rooms though, but it’s not like the base ship isn’t big enough to host a small guild. In fact, even in a large guild I’m not sure what we’d need all the extra space for.

Then make a bigger guild of like minded players… Or merge into a guild that has the means.

Other wise you’re not that serious a group of players to need this feature.

This isn’t a casual item…

Another thing about the frameworks, you do realize that EA is playing the long game here right ? They don’t want you acquiring a fully armed guild ship overnight.

The guild ship cost isn’t so bad. Sure it’s a lot for a small guild but it is achievable to a certain degree. The material costs and the massive amount needed for frameworks/dark projects is a bit much. 50 million is a pretty good hurdle but then to make the next leap a mind numbing large brick wall is not needed. That material costs needs to be reduced.

I thought about it and changed my mind. I am currently probably the only player in the game who could have a max level guildship day one. It would pretty much clean me out. If I can do it, others must be close. And the realistic cost off 10-15 billion for a fully maxed starship is something substantial to achieve. There are two things SWTOR has lacked, a real reason to form a player community and substantive end game content that can match a hardcore player’s attention span. At a glance, the mechanics seem sound; bordering on extremely fun. I think they might have to adjust prices in the future, but what they’ve set out looks good for initial release. They have a real chance here to integrate the two opposing categories of players (PvE, PvP) into one group: players who can do both.

Lol why would you think you are the ONLY player in the game that could have a max level guildship? That’s a bold statement. I would think many people that have been playing since pre-access ( like myself ) could buy a guildship on their own, if they chose too.

I wasn’t referring to a guildship on my own. I was referring to a fully upgraded one aka at the 10-15 billion pricetag. All frameworks day one.

Precisely what dodge said, i could easily buy a fully upgraded ship as well, or so i thought. until i saw those items besides credits required to build a fully unlocked ship, so i do hope you considered the amount of credits you need, plus the time it takes to craft those 2700 Dark matrix to upgrade your ship to its full potential. Knowing for a fact, checked multiple servers, they never have enough of the for main purple hard to get materials on GTN, to even find a group, or if your guild is willing to run those Lower HM/NiM ops over and over for those materials will never be enough time not even close to launch to gather those materials. So i highly doubt it that with those items required people will be able to unlock a full ship at launch. If it were credits only, would seem more likely, and never think you can exclude your self as the only one to be able to achieve something

Ultimately the engine has to be addressed, it might be worth it to shut the game down in the near future and recode… Like say the next full expac.

If this game can’t hold a higher volume then this will be it’s ceiling, eventually this game is going to need to address the lack of substantial open world PvP

I just want open space flight. kind of like x-wing vs tie fighter for example. the space combat battlegrounds is not what i had in mind.

Open space with PVE like SWG-JTL was what I had in mind, not “rail gun or PVP or screw you” like BW’s piss poor excuse for space.

This looks like a great idea poorly implemented. They may claim 50mill is the average but what they obviously did was use the guilds who do HM and NiM Ops as their standard. Those are the only guilds who will be able to afford the thing since they generally have a tax like system on selling 180 recipe gear for their guildies.

They are essentially going to do the same thing that City of Heroes did when they brought out supergroup bases. Only the largest guilds will have them and will be able to do the content but once the content fails to reward equally to raids they will ignore it while the poorer guilds will never have access to the damn thing so the content will not be accessed by a large segment of the player base.

If you are going to release something that has Content attached to it than make it something any guild can easily afford. At full cost i am wondering why any guild would drop that amount as the long term investment seems to be lost on anyone who isn’t an Rper.

Many of the guilds how run HM and NiM ops are progression guilds who spend hundreds of thousands of credits almost daily on attempting more difficult content, they absolutely do not have the credits to afford these ships w/o seriously derailing the primary activity they exist as a guild for.

For the most part, progression guilds actually spend a lot more creds as a guild than non-progression guilds of any sort.

Ever? It might be never for small incompetent guilds or guilds not willing to invest any time or energy into it. 50 million is not a lot to earn even with just a small handful of players saving towards it. Considering this late date that some guilds are now just starting to build up their creds towards this, yes, they may not get it at launch, but it won’t take all that long to get there. Even if it takes them a leisurely couple of months to get it together that is not never ‘ever’.

Most of the large & medium sized guilds that I know of started donating & saving towards their guild flagship months ago when they were announced…and at a relatively relaxed easy pace, long before pricing was announced. Even several of the tiny RP guilds(5-10 actives at most) that I know of already have their 50 mill basic buy in already and will have it on day one, because they started getting the cash together early.

Don’t think ahead, don’t put any effort in, don’t invest any time, that’s the only way it becomes a never ever.

Since I’m getting tired of seeing this …

On my server here is the going rate for some common items;

Isotope 5 – 100k average per
Exotic elements inhib – 50k average
Mass manipulation gens – 225k average
Common crafting grade 9 mats -50k+ avg

34 grade items (hilt/barrel/enhance)- 1 mil average

34 grade ear/implant/relic – 1.5 to 2.5 mil average

Not to mention you can easily get 500k to a mil off a monthly cartel pack


So! One active and common player can easily pull in 2-5 mil a month. With that in mind 10-20 people in a guild easily have a guild ship in the matter of a month.

TL;DR, end the QQ

I see a lot of guilds merge, many ppl quit and the rest meet with 3 Flagships. Ok 1 Flagship on Republic Side per server.

My two guilds are about 2/3 the way to the 50 mil. While some cry fowl it’s amazing that the biggest contributors are the loyal keep to themselves types that religiously run dailies and have a niche crafting economy on the GTN. It’s neat to think that the social dynamic of the game has changed in their favor. Most likely they will demand officer positions (and rightfully so) as they are the biggest bankrollers of the ship.

Another stroke of genius are the activities/quests the guild can do to enhance the ship. That sort of shuts down those millionaire credit moguls that have an empty guild or the ones that treated their members poorly and drove them away. Yes I have been in a few ‘Monty Burns’ type guilds, I imagine their ships will be empty/devoid of people. The fun cool leaders will have ships full of all the perks and will always have fun things to do. Maybe hanging out at fleet hitting ignore on credit spammers will be a thing of the past?

As for the ones commenting negatively on the Guild Ship. The negativity you should be focusing should be on your guild. Why didn’t they accumulate cash or try to recruit people into the guild that would contribute? If you are the owner of a guild this might be your moment of clarity.

I get your point of view, but, personally, what I look in a guild is RP, the only thing the game can’t provide me on its own. And perhaps the only worth enough to put my money in a monthly subscription. A ship could help this really much, so I’m a bit disappointed by the cost. We’re a small guild and, as RPers, we don’t pass much time looting and raiding: it’s not our way to have fun. We run our dailies, even weeklies, but not on a regular basis. So, most likely, we won’t have any flagship (just the flagship. It would be more than enough for an RP guild, without all the additional rooms and stuff… an HQ of sort) anytime soon, if ever. Yet, we still pay a subscription.

And, as you said, it gives the sensation that the dynamics of the game has shifted towards who simply plays (and re-plays, over and over again) the game content.

So, I think flagships -just as houses- are a very good idea, alas implemented in a silly (and childish) way.

I spoke with people who tried them in test server. I’ve been totally amazed by what they said! Stringholds and houses will really be a great RP tool! 🙂

Demand officer positions??? If people are in a guild for the sole reason of having power over others, they are in it for the wrong reasons.

Ain’t nobody going to be crafting these things, everyone is going to be fighting over the Commanders. 16200 of any item is completely absurd, but Biometric Crystal Alloys? My whole guild could do nothing but farm for those for 6 months and we wouldn’t have that many.

50million isn’t too bad, I’d rather they made it 100mil, though. Guildees should have to do something for the guild to get a ship, it shouldnt just be given to all the guilds for nothing. If a guild is poor, the guildees can just do some dailies each day and they will have it in no time. I personally, can make 30-50 mil off the GTN alone in a month, its easy to make money in this game if you know what you are doing. Or you could make a million on a couple chars a day doing dailies. People just want everything given to them with no work involved, takes away the accomplishment feeling of doing something as a guild.

true,plus do every daily plus weekly you’ll get around 1M,have 50 ppl do that or do it for a month straight you’d earn some quick cash.

What accomplishment is it in farming credits? Better question what accomplishment is there in farming fake money in a game to purchase a guild ship? You sound like you have 0 in social life because the concept of “life affirming accomplishments” can only come from people who have very sour lives who seek a game to make them a winner.

This is a game.. There are no real accomplishments. There really shouldn’t be a difficulty on acquiring an item that doesn’t make content easier. It is understandable if a guild ship was expensive because it allowed guilds to tax a planet they conquered, or allowed a guild to generate exclusive gear equal to Operation gear, but it is none of those. Instead it is merely a very expensive strong hold that provides the guild with nothing of in game benefit. Bragging rights that your guild out farmed another guild.. “Boy we really killed more alderaani droids than the other guilds!!” But where are the benefits?

In City of Heroes the super bases once fully equipped had everything your guild could ever need to craft and they had transporters to every zone in the game. Added to that you could get items of power, store them in a Vault, and layer your bases in turrets and various defenses to repel other guilds that could raid you base for the items of power. So uh…. What does the guild ship that costs money to move give my guild? I mean name a perk worth spending 50mil.. So far their seems to be no perks and the whole “I have a guild ship!” Doesn’t count because so will the credit farmers.. The credit farmers will have fleets.

In fact, having a guild in 180 gear is more of an accomplishment because money is just a time sync… Any guild can farm 550k a day casually and have the ship in a couple of months. A guild of 5 mains and 5 alts can have the guild ship in 12 days.

Forgetting the cost (as I think it’s a tad too much), I think there are some benefits to having the ship other than being able to move. I haven’t played on the TC so I can’t confirm this, but from what I understand, owning a guild ship unlocks the planetary conquest missions. This in turn ‘may’ provide some content to guildies as opposed to the already existing dailies.

If a guild is successful in conquering the planet then the entire guild does get a bonus buff of some kind which may affect gameplay depending on the buff.

There is absolutely no difference in an accomplishment in real life and an accomplishment in a game. An accomplishment is the recorded success of some form of challenge or trial. You face challenges in life and you face challenges in games. You overcome either and you accomplished something.

You could get technical and say the differences lie within the rewards… but rewards are irrelevant. The point of an accomplishment is to allow yourself to say “I did that” not “I got this for doing that.”

What it is you accomplished is also irrelevant when you’re merely accounting for the fact that you accomplished something or not. It doesn’t matter if your accomplishment was “Walked 3 steps out of bed” or “Graduated with a Masters Degree” or “Spent 100 hours playing SWTOR.” An accomplishment is an accomplishment. The importance of the accomplishment can vary, but nothing will ever prevent an accomplishment from being an accomplishment.

Now, more to the point, there is nothing wrong with asking for a more difficult requirement for the unlocking of these ships. In fact, it’s something I’d very much agree with. The very point of playing games is the sequence of setting goals and accomplishing those goals. By you saying that’s wrong, you’re completely defeating the entire purpose of the game at it’s core. That’s like complaining about cars, saying they shouldn’t be allowed to move faster than you can run.

I’m fine with how they have it right now, but I wouldn’t be opposed to them increasing the requirements to make things harder. The more time required to put into it, the more valuable the achievement will be to the people who pulled it off. That being said, there would have to be tiers of ships to allow for smaller guilds to still be able to do something. The fact that there is only one type of ship causes a rift between small and large guilds. They want to make ships accessible to everyone with a guild… but the fact that they are freaking flagships requires them to be somewhat expensive. If there where smaller ships and larger ships to choose from, that rift would be gone. Small guilds would get small ships, while large guilds would get large ships. But, either way, like I said, I’m fine with how they are handling it at the moment.

It’s not really that hard… our guild has around 10-18 normally active members(not sure if that makes us a large guild or not? ) … we held a fundraiser where as each raid run we did..each person would donate 20k . It’s really not hard to gather up 20 k i get easily 10x that in a round of dailies on makeb…. and you’ll be surprised how fast it builds up. Our 1 month fund raiser put us around 90 mil creds.

biggest waste of time ever. rich guilds will get the double buff and pwn (nobody?) alot of work with very little reward. i would rather them get new planets to conquest, or different warzones. ffs if i have to do voidstar one more time i will die. level 60? more ops? cant even begin to think how much in game credits and mats people will waste on this

That’s exactly the point. It resurges the value of old and outdated mats. That forces people to farm for those mats and therefore requires them to tread into content they’d normally ignore.

It’s giving incentive to players to play more of the already existing content instead of letting it grow obsolete.

Overall, it’s been pretty successful. The population on I’m assuming all servers has surged (or resurged) and even those “I’m a man and I don’t decorate only kill” or “hardcore” players seem to be enjoying the strongholds doing that girly decorating thing all those SWG folks said was fun and worth adding back in beta… Hmm, guess they knew what they were talking about…

As far as the guild ship, a guild of 50 people with or say 25 people with alts that give them a net worth of 2 mil each would be able to acquire a guild ship. This is not out of the reach of most players, essentially free to play is the only one getting the axe on this content.

The only thing, once again, limiting this game is it’s engine. This game wants to go large scale content but the engine won’t support it…

Time to recode the game?

and whats the point of having these flagships and strongholds if you cant even have a fucking pvp terminal in them? its all i do now

anyone chance we can have or buy the trooper march theme song, not sure what’s called(ya I’m a failure for not knowing it)

I really would feel better about this implementation if there where a few less Grindy options to fully equip it. Whilst I don’t have too much of an issue with the large price to get all the space, it’d be better if they also included Terminus and Gage ships to allow smaller guilds to still have a ship to use.

Also since a lot of people are mainly PvPers it’d be a nice consideration to make it possible somehow to have space battles, or perhaps to raid each others ships. I realize that it’s a lot easier said than done, but having a massive guild Ship and not allowing it to fight other guild’s is a massive tease. It’d be nice to have multiple angles covered with each content update, to consider all player bases needs and desires when implementing something new rather than just putting it in.
I’ve read lots about smaller guilds being devastated by the price and the cost of actually outfitting the ship to resemble a fully functioning vessel, I also feel that even larger guilds that aren’t already in the habit of having a large credit number in their guild bank will be hurt, but I suppose that it’ll allow those that have to achieve status.
Releasing it the same time as strongholds frankly baffles me, why not stagger the releases? At least a little so that people don’t have to be utterly torn between the two.

Finally I think this is another example of the game having a good idea and not taking it far enough. I am very excited for the ships but feel that this is a half done addition to what was and still is truly needed.

Its not that they wont, but rather that this is merely the first step. Perhaps by this time next year they will roll something out.

So hey, where we have to have the correct Reputation to place an item, what happens if I unlock say the Czerka Desk for me Guild? Will someone else be able to still place it and adjust it even if they’re an Outsider with Czerka?

From how I understand it. There is a new tab in the guild bank where people donate the decorations.

Then anyone with permission to edit the ship/stronghold can use anyything in there. It essentially makes the deco ‘BOE’, but once its in, you can’t get it back (I believe).

At one point it was said that this was going to be an affordable option for the smaller guilds… since when is having 50 million credits in the guild bank considered affordable?

The energy matrix’s just got changed to power cells. Already the price of matrix’s is crashing. Power cells currently priced at 700k lol.

‘Here, have a Guild dreadnought. Oh, you wanted a space system worth a damn for the ship to exist within, like the entire playerbase has been begging for since beta? Naah, we’re just going to tie it into some half-assed ground combat system.’

Yeah, how ’bout no. Wake me up when there’s a space system worth using AND when there are multiple weights of guild warships to work towards, to give something for smaller guilds to realistically manage.

it IS for a samller guild, which is what he was talking about ^^
our guild farmed dailies for a couple weeks, only got as far as the Tat stronghold now..

I can see a single player getting 15M+ in a couple of weeks, but not 50M..
I probably don’t farm efficiently (I’m a PvPer at heart and soul, so I will do warzones while doing dailies) but even so I think I make more creds then some/most casual players, making it hard for a small guild (which is often filled only with casuals)

I could point you to guides to making more credits than that, but you probably wouldn’t use them anyways. So I will just take your figure you used.

If a single player can get 15mil in a couple weeks, that is 30mil in a month. A month and a half of “effort” for a single player isn’t much for something like a Capital Ship, let alone a guild.

I know this is a bit late, but would you be able to point me to those ‘money-making’ guides? I’ve been playing since beta, and the one thing I can never seem to do is make money.

Does anyone know what the capacity of the base guild ship is? I noticed that unlocking each room increases occupancy. Not exactly sure how that works.

It was 50 last time I checked, though I suspect it might get increased since they upped the cap from 100 to 200. Maybe a base of 100 is to come, just speculation.

This only benefits the hardcore guilds who has tons of people without social life, I had doubts about if BW was able to ruin the game even more, it’s clear now… Like some people said here, if my guild gets that amount of money will be only now for destroy the market with unaffordable prices, thanks for giving us that option.

I played 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for a couple of weeks, think that counts as not having a social life, but still if all my active guildies did the same we couldn’t have gotten that..
basically BW restricted this to larger and/or more mindlessly grinding PvE guilds (PvP has no chance.. ever)

I play less hours in a week than you do in a day and I could buy a guild ship all by myself if I wanted to. Its quality of play, not quantity that matters. Even still, unlike the person I was responding to, I would not hurl insults or judgements at you for choosing to play that much.

yeah, you have a point there, though he has a point that you will probably be skipping the stuff you prefer doing to get the creds together, in my mind that makes you at least a bit of a mindless grinder ^^
ow well.. I don’t care much anymore, it’s not open to me, and apart from looking cool it’s pretty useless for my guild

PvP actually has the advantage with conquests, as the points awarded for playing warzones is infinitely attainable, where for PvE you can only do each tier of FP or OP in GF once per day per character.

that may be true, but what I meant was that PvP doesn’t make much money really, so not to much chance of getting the ship/upgrading it
it was funny to see some PvEheroes in ranked today though ;p (3V1 ownage, here I come xD)

I was one of them, and I usually win. Player > Gear. Just save up some money, invest in learning endgame pve gear or crafting decoration parts and play the market. I didn’t get my earnings from grinding flashpoints all day. 😉

“Player > Gear” true, though full brut>180 if the player is anything but terrible ^^
you’re right, I forgot about crafting stuff, that can make you quite some money (but I always forgot about it, I’m a really forgetful noob :D)

Actually, if you use your comms to buy credit cases you can make a lot of money. Since their is no daily limit a premade can quickly raise the funds. Would take 2 weeks tops at 4 hours a day, completing both daily ranked and unranked as well as the weekly.

well yes, you could ignore gearing up so you can make some money ^^
personally: I got 4 toons I’d like to have geared, but quite little time to do so :/
ow, and buy medpacks to sell, it earns more then credit cases which give quite little creds actually

In the actual cannon the republic pays 300 million credits for each capital ship. 50 million for the smaller ones.

A good idea: Capital ship pvp. We use the Flagships and pit them against eachother. People man the weapons, and the goal is to shoot down the shields of the opposing ships, and then board them. A little complicated, but cool.

Who was the brain-trust involved in making the engineering deck? 6 frameworks for what? It’s soooo tiny. What an insulting use of my guild’s time. Seriously. F*ck you, bioware.

Soooo – if I understand correctly, the additional rooms on a guild ship don’t *do* anything? It’s just more space to hook crap in your ship? Cool. If my guild ever manages to fill up all the hooks on the command deck, maybe we’ll have to look into spending 100-300 encryptions and 5 million creds on… nothing. After all, if we do unlock a room in the ship, even put crap in it… is there any reason to ever go there? I mean, that’s fun for what, 10 minutes? “Hey everybody look at our cool new room with some more crap in it!!” “WOOT!” “Yay” “Nice man”…. …. …. “So… I’ma go get some WZs.” “Yeah i got an invite to an op.” “Anyone wanna run Manaan…. again?”

And that is what you get out of hours of guild labor? Rather pathetic, BW. Are you guys even trying?

This is what I immediately thought when they announced guild flagships. I think I used the term “guild ghost ship” at the time as I couldn’t envision hordes of guildies hanging out on a ship. Could they add some activities to maybe give people a reason to go on the guild ship? It has so much potential but is really just lame right now.

People of SWTOR, don’t waste your time on Flagships, it is not beneficial to all players in SWTOR. It only benefits the strong guilds that have the time and energy to do so, but even they can’t do it either.

Really? Our guild of (3) people just bought our flagship. Sell some previously useless crafting mats, run some operations or farm some low level flashpoints for decorations etc etc etc… Just takes some time and effort!

well maybe someday they combine flagships and dogfight ships and boarding the planet into one massive event that wolud be something 🙂

Does it cost anything for the Guild to set Flagship to some Conquerable invasion target ? Curious as our guild officers decided to stop aiming for Conquest “not cause of some costs” cause of ppl lacking dedication as many active members had way too low CQ pts at end of the week and not enough contributions for the ship. I’m disappointed for that so might need to have absence from Old Republic or to find a new guild. Also partially reason for that could be cause Bioware keeps dumping down the product and today another nerf hammering happened..for Czerka SM & Hm Fp’s :/ Sad..

20k to move the ship; 50k to activate orbital support. Neither are necessary to invade, though. You can park at Oricon and invade Alderann, for example.

This may be completely nubbish, but are you able to transfer a flagship over to another server? I would think not, but I’m curious

As a feature of the game, no. Perhaps a cs ticket would be considered, but as a feature, no it’s not possible. Flagships belong to guilds and (outside of a server merge) guilds cannot be transfered.

Hey Dulfy! Love your site, and use it constantly. So many helpful guides. 🙂 Anyways, I have a fully unlocked ship (Imperial on Begeren Colony). It’s not public (yet), but happy to take you for a walkaround, if you want to update the tour video.

Well, doesn’t seem like Dulfy is interested, but you’re welcome to come poke around. We have it public at the moment, so any imp character on fleet on Begeren Colony can access Flagship: Imperial Northwestern Front, to see what any of the unlocked rooms/ decks look like. Cheers!
(Or if you have a character that can’t access fleet, you can whisper Scottie and I’ll shoot you an invite directly.)

Sorry I just saw the message, sometimes I miss the comments if too many come at once. I would love to take a tour but unfortunately I won’t have time until next week or so

Oh! Not a worry. Would be happy to show you around sometime. Disqus goes to my email, so you can reply here, or we can figure out something in game. 3.0 craziness at the moment, so next week or so sounds good to me. Just let me know. Our guild loves the site. If we can contribute to it in someway, awesome. 🙂

1000 creds to MOVE ship into any planets orbit, then 50k creds to activate oribital support (all guild members get buffed while on the rock below yer ship, beam me doon Scottie!)

Please add this since this is what is making me quit SWTOR after the upcoming Gree event:


As a person who single-handedly bought the ship and all of the frameworks just so that I could decorate my privately-owned guild ship, this ruins it for me. All that I do in SWTOR is play house these days, and after running into this wall, I have no want to play house any longer. If I knew that there was such a low cap BEFORE investing ~300m on the ship, frameworks, and furniture, that would be different, but there is no such warning for this anywhere (as far as I can tell).

It tells you if you hover your mouse over your decoration percentage bar…The same as with ANY stronghold.

Any news on how guild flagships and conquest will work in KotFE ? Assuming Empire and Republic are fallen, do we still habe our capital ships we worked so much for to have?

Wish they make it easier and cheaper to open doors in flagships like 1 framework for each door 🙂 and 3 mil each door

hell,i think you shouldn’t have to unlock each room,you already give a hell too much just unlocking the area

Yup, crafting list could be updated again for 5.0… as nowadays, Dark Project Mk-1s can be made either from Exotic Isotope Stabiliser x4 + 1 Invasion Force x1, or Refined Isotope Stabiliser x8 + Invasion Force x1.

Faster? not hardly. If one really wanted to, and had the people/alts and resources on hand to do so, you could craft all the Dark Projects in just over 5 hours (not counting crits)

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