Patch 2.9 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 2.9 PTS Patch Notes V2

SWTOR Patch 2l9 PTS patch notes version 2, featuring guild flagships and planetary conquests.

Guild Flagships now available! Guilds can now purchase a Flagship and use it to compete with other guilds and conquer the galaxy!
Battle for control with Conquest! Personal and Guild Conquest is now available!

  • Participate in “The Balance of Power” Conquest Event to earn both personal and guild rewards.
  • If your guild owns a Flagship, you can invade a planet and compete with other guilds for planetary domination. Special perks are available to those who conquer a planet by placing at the top of the Guild Leaderboard at the end of the event.

Galactic Strongholds

  • Guildmasters can now purchase a Guild Flagship by visiting the Flagship Directory on the Fleet.
  • Flagship rooms can be unlocked with a combination of Credits and Frameworks:
    • Frameworks come in three varieties: Engineering, Command, and Logistical.
    • They can be obtained either by combining Encryptions or defeating Conquest Commanders, who have a chance to drop the completed Framework.
  • Players can now participate in Personal and Guild Conquest Events!
    • Planetary Conquest Vendor is now available.
    • Walker Vehicles are available to Guilds who have conquered a planet!
  • Corrected a number of misaligned and incorrect textures within the Strongholds.
  • Players can no longer inadvertently access both the East and West Staircases if one Staircase and the Balcony or the Main Room is purchased.
  • You can no longer exceed the maximum occupancy by selecting “Travel to Stronghold” at the same time as other Players.
  • The Public Listings Directory no longer contains Offline Strongholds.
  • Placed Companions are now labeled with their name instead of “Your Companion.”
  • Players are now able to split a stack of items from their Legacy Cargo Hold into their Inventory, and vice versa.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Players are no longer kicked to the Character Selection screen when exiting the Depths of Manaan.


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47 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.9 PTS Patch Notes V2”

One thing caught my eye:
“They can be obtained either by combining Encryptions or defeating
Conquest Commanders, who have a chance to drop the completed Framework.”

Who are these conquest commanders? Some kind of NPC to defeat?

Yup they are NPC Champs inside opposite faction bases. In other words if you wish to engage in these commanders you will be flagged for pvp.

Oh FFS, seriously? Guess I won’t be contributing much then. When are they going to learn that people hate involuntary PvP? I wonder where the Encryptions are obtained?

It`s not involuntary. You get a countdown before you flag. Planning a trip to a PvP zone is not involuntary either.

You know that’s not what I meant. It means you can’t participate meaningfully in the biggest guild event since launch if you don’t PvP. That’s ridiculous. It’s bad design when your game is a PvE game and many people roll on specific servers explicitly to avoid that activity.

In a game completely founded on PvE storytelling with a tacked-on PvP component? Um, heck yes.

NO, I don`t know what you mean, because it is NOT the only way of getting the things. You either “involuntarily” try and increase your chances of drops, by way of PvP, or stick to crafting only. It`s only one way of obtaining things, not the only one – maybe it is not for you.

Crafting will be several orders of magnitude slower. That’s so slow that it’s not even a choice, it’s an insult.

It can be debated that planet ownership or base ownership decided by PvE content and not PvP is an insult also. For all intents and purposes you get the Guild ship. You will have to spend more time accessorizing it, or you could bend a little and speed it up by PvP.

It’s not an insult in a game founded almost entirely on PvE. It’s a given. The crafting setup is so ineffective that it’s insulting that they think people would actually bother.

What i really would like to know is how to get Encryptions. Is that buy completing personal objectives or ?

One question me and my guildies are wondering about is, can you name your flagship? I know individual players cannot name their strongholds, just add label to it that vendors have for sale, Guild strongholds however can be named. So just wondering if the same is for Guild flagships

Let`s have planetary conquest with PvE missions, because having scattered bases which would need actual PvP to conquer is overrated. Let`s not even have it “siege timed”, where the winner keeps and reaps the benefits of various rated areas (aka more value or less value – which would give incentive to PvP guilds, or alliances). We`ll just make it a giant credit sink and dailies, because I just thought in 5 minutes a better way of introducing conquest than Bioware. And it isn`t even my idea, but from a Korean 2000 game, called Lineage.

Not everyone likes PVP. In fact, most MMO players are PVE players. It’s where the money is, deal with it.

That’s supposed to mean that PVE players have an advantage? If soo where is the point in even having RP/PVP servers if most are just PVE players. You are wrong, DEAL WITH IT.

No sorry but he is right the company makes more money from pve people because they are the most likely to buy cartel coins.

I may agree, but this thing shouldn’t get PVE players better chances to get more content and stuff to buy right? 😀

Yes they do but Bioware is owned by EA so they got to do what is best for EAs investors and that’s focusing on the path that makes the most money.

Good point. I think I agree with you, It’s just me that I do mostly PVE but I really enjoy PVP-ing as well so i thought there should be a balance between those two. :=D

If Bioware wasn’t owned by EA then maybe they could but that’s not the case.

Liking PvP or nothas nothing to do with the issue at hand, just as ratio between PvE and PvP players or EA`s balance sheet doesn`t. Guild ships is one things, while planetary domination is another. And it isn`t normal to decide ownership in general via PvE content and not PvP.

What the majority of player base has interest in has everything to do with how the content should be designed. Despite the very vocal yet small PVP crowd, SWTOR is primarily a PVE game. Majority of its players, especially recently since they stopped putting out hardcore content, is made up of casual players, who primarily participate in PVE, and might dabble in PVP from time to time. Locking one of their biggest features of the game behind gameplay type that most of their customer don’t have much or any interest in would be a terrible business decision. At the end of the day, this is a business, and one ran by EA of all companies. The mighty dollar is the final word, regardless of what your personal opinion on the matter is.

Now you see, a little thinking never killed anybody. With a PvP model and weekly “sieges” to whatever objective – ideally outpost, or fortified location – smaller guilds could merge into big alliances and actually reap a form of benefit, even as renters, or “familiars” to a larger main guild. In the current iteration, you will have ONLY the bigger guilds reap anything and own the same thing over and over and over again. So, you are either forced to join them, or you will do the same old crap missions for no reward whatsoever, or little “personal” reward. Welcome to missions without any purpose, sir. And no, you will never be able to compete with capped guilds, unless you`re in one.

Smaller guilds can merge to do PVE content too, see Guild Wars 2 missions for reference. Sounds like you’re desperately trying to find an excuse for open world PVP. SWTOR is not the game for that and it never will be. Even if the devs wanted to add open world PVP to the game, the engine cannot handle it, Ilum proved that.

They just published the missions. It looks like I was right – either go into a big guild, or just run the missions for the sake of it. Under my proposal, which was taken from a year 2000 game, you would have won something. Under Bioware`s proposal, you are either forced to go out of your way to join a big guild, or run the same old missions like dailies and weeklies, without any hope of owning anything.

And yes, large scale PvP is preferable to this 4 vs 4 and 8 vs 8 nonsense. Also, the shortcomings of this engine are not my concern – they had 2 years to work them out.

I really despise people like you, and pvers like you. Deal with the fact that if PvPers were to PvE we could clear all the content we wanted, could you say the same about yourselves? Hell no. A pver trying to pvp LOL most of you backpedal, keyboard turn and click anyway. PVP MASTERRACE

Of course you could, if you wanted. But you don’t want to. Its clearly beneath your superior skill level to run it. But if you wanted to, you could do it. But you don’t want to.

I see you comment everywhere on this site but honestly WHO the hell are you? Go spend money on some more cartel gear you unknown chump

I am just some lowly PvEer struggling through the game. I don’t have nearly the skills as you high and mighty PvPers who could obviously clear all the nightmare ops if you wanted to. But you don’t want to, so you conveniently don’t have to prove it.

Sarcasm aside, I’m probably just as good as you at PvP too.

Just because you’re rank 1 dulfy comments doesn’t put any merit to your words, sorry.

Says the guy ‘who could easily clear all of the nightmare ops if only he wanted to, but he doesn’t want to’.

I said IF pvpers wanted to move on to PvE they could get it done, while PVERS can not. Is this concept hard for you? I never said easily, I simply said that if the transition happened PvPers > PvEers. PvEers simply can’t pvp, they get globaled and don’t understand simple things such as kiting or focus target. Its a very simple concept but it alludes you because all you can do is take roleplay pictures with your cartel eradicator armor you garbage player.

LOL at your ignorant comment. In every MMO I played in the past 10 years, best PVPers often belonged to top PVE guilds as well. A great player is great all around, they don’t limit themselves to one game aspect. I burned out on competitive PVP long time ago after achieving High Warlord and multiple Gladiator titles in WoW. I also mopped the floor with so called “PVP MASTERRACE” for a long time in SWTOR too until I simply just got bored of it.

You asked if I could say the same about myself? Well I did more then say it, I’ve done it. Can you say the same? Or are you just another keyboard warrior compensating for RL inadequacies with PVP “accomplishments”?

The words of a casual and a cartel market bad don’t phase me. I don’t you’ve even cleared any of the content, so don’t be the one calling me a keyboard warrior. ‘High Warlord and multiple gladiator titles in WoW’ Please give me your name and or screenshots of you in WoW and in SWTOR and we can see just how well known you are, because I guarantee that you’re some random tier 3 baddie that nobody knows and nobody cares for.

I’ve also noticed that most of the “masterrace pvp” types can’t pve to save their lives. I guess this game’s mob AI is too smart for them. A level 55 in maxed out pvp gear should not need to beg someone to help them do the Oricon heroic for example, but most of them just can’t do it solo. Watching them get torn up by a pve boss is my favorite entertainment.

The exact same from you pvers. You go into solo ranked with your garbage gear wanting the rewards and get literally globaled, except it’s not enjoying to watch because I lose rating when you cartel market retards toss games.

lol. We retards? well sir, I can promise you you’ll never have to worry about me “tossing” a pvp match that you’re in. However I do think it’s funny that it happens to you

I despise people like you. I wish that you could not, under any conditions, pvp (not even duel) on a pve server… all your kind could go kill each other all day on your own server and leave the rest of us alone.

I agree ..what’s the point of strategizing to beat a boss if no one is around to see your efforts and assist and vice versa.. Some of my favorite kinds of battles in single player games are ones helping a friendly npc who would otherwise die had u not joined in..

Lineage II’s castle sieges and territory wars were the best part of the game and were actual conquest. Loved that system

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