SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence event is back in Tatooine

As of 8 am EDT this morning, the SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence is event is back in Tatooine. It will run for likely a week until August 12, 2014.

When: August 4 8 am EDT to August 12 (end time not specified)

Where: Tatooine, Go to fleet first to grab the start quest from the news terminals that will take you to Tatooine.

Guide: The guide for the last Rakghoul Resurgence event is still valid, I just need to update a couple things to change them from Alderaan to Tatooine.

New World Boss location: The new world boss for Tatooine, Plaguehorn is located in Jundlands around coordinates 1200,  -1350. He drops a new pet Plaguehorn Reek in addition to Exotic Plague Specimen,. Thanks FreakyD for the info.

  • Respawn is 20 minutes



  • Rompe

    Is anyone else getting an issue where you are notified over the fleet PA about the event but on the pub fleet you get nothing?

    • Rompe

      My bad, I meant you are notified on imp fleet but not on pub fleet.

      • dodgerfn

        Nope I heard it on pub fleet this morning.

      • Arby

        Heard it on both today

  • Robert Hindy

    FYI, the Plaguehorn world boss now drops the Plaguehorn Reek pet instead of the Plaguehorn Lylek:


    Rest seems to be exactly the same, but in a different location.

    (Thanks to this comment mentioning this: http://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/comments/2coj1i/rakghoul_resurgence_returns/cjhhlj0)

    • SirRobinII

      nice one !
      which mount should i buy ? cant choose :C

    • justinlando

      oh look, it’s my marauder, actually having found and killed the boss, having my picture screencap uploaded to dulfy. She was on tat when we killed it first, she just couldn’t find it. The drop is guaranteed, we’ve killed it 4 times with 4 drops. The other drop is hazmat gear, and a rep item.

  • sedremier

    Now I only need to figure out the easiest way to get some cannisters to buy the cusomisation for quinn. The rest seems a tiresome distraction from getting readdy for strongholds. >:)

  • Anysao

    No matter how big it is, no matter how many times it returns, it will never top the original Rakghoul event!

    Ah, nostalgia.

  • Severious

    Woo. I was in Dulfy’s group for the Plaguehorn fight. 🙂

  • AbnerDoon

    Finally! I only needed one last bit of rep when it ended last time. This event ends today for me!

  • swtor77

    YAY!!!! I didn’t do this event the last time it was around for some odd reason. Looking forward to the op!

  • SpideyBry

    Black-green crystals from Jeelvic!! 😀

  • Setzer

    Wonder if you can still get the full suit of containment officer armor?

    • TJWoo

      From the original rakghoul event? No.

      • Setzer

        Cool. Hope it stays that way.

        • pduggie

          I just wish I had done it pubside at the time. I’ll never have both suits 🙁

          • Eric

            I wish my quest chain wouldnt have bugged the first time it was around and fucked me over on getting my armor set!

        • Arby

          I hope they bring the old armor back so those of us that figured “I’ll just finish it next time” can finish our set. The new armor looks like glow-in-the-dark ass, and who wants to look like that?

  • Hugo A Sanchez

    lol just when I decided to reset my PC wooooo!

  • Jake

    That reek pet is awesome. Great work Duffy. I’m so excited they brought this event back.

    • Josef Tauser

      “My name is Reek it rhymes with meek.”

  • Fabulous

    Love this event, especially on tatooine :=D **~_~**

  • Raiden

    I’m a day late, but when I pvp-ed yesterday, I wondered how there were so many rakghoul infections going around. I thought a troll had not logged in for over a year, lol.

  • venomlash

    Plaguehorn mechanics:

    Same infection mechanic as Shellshock: periodic gooey green AoE pulse that inflicts a small knockback (also a knockdown?) on everyone within range (30m I think), dispels their rakghoul vaccine buff, and tags them with a nasty “Mutated Plague” debuff which ticks for ~1k and inflicts a stun every ten seconds or so. The debuff can only be removed by revaccinating (with the vaccine or with the relic).

    Boss has a cleave which inflicts both a stacking armor debuff and a stacking accuracy debuff, meaning that he needs to be tanked away from the group. (I’m not sure if one or both of those debuffs can be cleansed or not.) He also has, IIRC, a single target knockback, a cast called Horn Slam. This MIGHT coincide with an aggro drop, but my lag was too bad for me to really tell.

    • Vodorlo

      Tanked him before, and can confrim that Horn Slam causes no aggro drop. Everything else if fine, though.

    • Josef Tauser

      He also spontaneously makes the entire raid group dance to Thriller.

  • some one on reddit noticed that the canisters are also used to buy plants in the up coming strongholds.

  • Lovembee

    when will this event end? also any guesses on when the next one will be?

  • Robert Martin

    am i a retard, or was this not announced on twitter, or swtor website? it is by dumb luck that i saw this post!

  • pduggie

    so how do the hidden achievements show up. I did both pub and empire sides on tatooine, but i have not gotten

    “Buried in the Sand”

  • Arby

    Aaaannnd…. it is over. No notice, just like how it started. Very nice to let people that were saving up their canisters for one big shopping spree know the vendor was going away.

  • y2z

    How do you glitch the tunnels so you aren’t booted out? Wanted to farm some more green tokens.

    • Arby

      I couldn’t, I logged in for about 5 seconds in the tunnels and it booted me to the fleet.

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