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SWTOR Season Two PvP Rewards on PTS

SWTOR Season Two PvP Rewards have been sent out in the mail on the PTS. This might not be the final version of rewards. Special thanks to Aezur of TRE for the modeling.

Note: This is likely not the final version of the rewards but it was sent out in the mail on PTS to those eligible.

Rewards (info taken from Theho on the forums)

Bronze (Less than 1250 rating)

  • Tropy: Season 2 Bronze
  • Title: S-2 Professional

Silver (1250 to 1550)

  • Trophy: Season 2 Silver
  • Title: S-2 Champion
  • Trophy: Giradda’s Pleasure Barge (Replica)

Gold (1600 rating+)

  • Trophy: Season 2 Gold
  • Title: S-2 All Star
  • Trophy: Giradda’s Pleasure Barge (Replica)
  • Baron Deathmark’s Huttball Helmet

Top 3 Advanced Class

    • Title: All Galactic *Class Name*

Baron Deathmark’s Huttball Helmet

  • Top row is undyed, bottom row is dyed


Trophy: Giradda’s Pleasure Barge Replica


Trophy: Season Two Gold


Again, special thanks to Aezur of TRE for modeling.

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77 replies on “SWTOR Season Two PvP Rewards on PTS”

On the forums, someone said he got gold with a 1612 rating. So it’s safe to assume that the border between gold and silver is either 1550 or (more likely) 1600.

Damn that sucks. I usually do fairly well in rated arena but sometimes its weeks on my server before i see enough matches to effect my rating. Just not enough rated PVPers :/

how does ranking work do you have to win a certain amount of matches? and how many do u need 2 win or play in to get the lowest rank reward?

Maybe they’ll do a re-color of it for CM or something πŸ™ I wanted it as well but won’t be able to get the rating up in time.

Just a load of horseshit. I worked my ass off to get a 1400 rating assuming that the “armor” would be in that tier like last season. I feel like bioware really skimped out on rewards. Where is the cool mount? And why just a helmet? I was expecting an entire armor set. Just seems ridiculous as this gives little incentive for people to do rated arena which is already practically an empty que on most servers. I don’t think I’ll be competing in rated arena next season… πŸ™

WoW does it, not saying they should but they could really if they wanted to. WoW just recolours the Pandaren Dragon over and over again. Though they are very very much harder to get I think. πŸ˜›

Not sure, I do wish they did a mount as well or something themed towards the strongholds that could be awesome to have. Maybe some sort of deco piece that is only in the PvP arenas. I suppose they have those two pieces but they look pretty lame compared to what they could have done. Or give people the ability to add a PvP area in their strongholds, would have been pretty cool anyway.

Anyway I did read that the helmet is legendary so you don’t need to repair it but yeah they could have given a whole set of it or something.

It’s not bad but… it’s only that. Ppl with a lot of rating will receive a poster, a hologram, a title and a awful helmet. Ppl wanted something like S1, they should put a mount like a Walker with a special skin. But 3 months of pvp for that… and the holo is really ugly.

srry to bother but how matches do you need to win or play to get the lowest ranking reward,ive never pvp so ive got no clue.

Hahahahaha this is the PvP in SWTOR. All the creativity since old ranked gear, firebrand gear, the mounts etc all of it is gone. This game is a shell of its former self and so much for player equality. PvErs get another Rancor, The wings, Dreadmaster title and what do we get? S-2 All star and a fucking ratchet ass looking helmet like a piece of shit was glued on to some random scrubby huttball helmet.

SWTOR isn’t split into two worlds (pvp, pve). This mentality is starting to get annoying. Everyone has an opportunity to unlock whatever they want in the game. Its not like you don’t have access to he content. Put your big boy pants on.

the difference however comes from accesability the wings, titles and other PVE rewards are obtainable for all(eventually) as level and gear progression changes with major updates they become easier to obtain…even for someone in pvp gear eventually. i believe a while ago the devs spoke and and said you will get exclusive skins for mounts( id take neon rancor anyday) gear ect. PVE content is different as it ties into a story and makes sense as to exclusivity ie tank from ec Nim. wings of architect(?) from brontes… although least they could have done was give you a pleasure barge mont or exclusive skiff or something

Lets be honest here bioware clearly either phoned these in or designed them on the shitter during a lunch break…..

Am I the only one who thinks that “Professional” sounds a lot better and more serious than “All-Star”? The later sound like it comes right out of one of those dreadful castings shows.

All-Star… who would call himself All-Star if you can also be “Lord” or “Darth” and Professional?

I’m nor going to mention the helmet. That thing is just… yeah… A covert-energy-headband would have been better.

These suck. How am I supposed to put this ugly helm on my classy pink-purple dyed and sweet character? Lower tier rewards also suck, stronghold decorations srsly??? *facepalm*

I don’t know if it’s worth even grinding all those ranked. For next season I will just enjoy ranked from time to time nothing else.

That’d be pretty cool, but I’d prefer a pink or pastel colour thing (sorry, but that’s who I am, I like pink)

They prolly made 3 tiers so they had to make less rewards. Noone gives a fuck about decorations so the players who didn’t get it won’t complain. The pve’rs will laugh at us when they see the helmet. They should atleast give us a mount that is so cool as the dp nim mount.

I feel like they’re giving soo much more to PVE players even with the guild flagships and conquest events tbh… Just ignoring PVP-ers giving them sucky rewards that they’ve worked hard for. This is just sad.

It’s Bioware’s was of saying “don’t you see we don’t give a shit about PVP, so why don’t you just fuck off already?”

I don’t really see the jet pack idea as rewarding as a beast, after a while I’d feel like I had unlimited rocket boots and that would get old quick. It’s still a treasure and status symbol don’t get me wrong, I’m just thinking of something like a Gundark or Kintan mount, similar to the rancor model’s mechanics, movement, size, etc..

No mount as cool as the DP NiM mount, maybe for top 3 but that is pushing it.
The 1600+ folks nope. With the abilities to cheat and then “sit” it does not reflect a population deserving of a NiM mount. Shorter season, with three tiers, this is sufficient.

Lots of crybabies. Did you not read the Note? The rewards aren’t even official. Your all crying about PTS stuff. Chill

From Theho’s post:

“Baron Deathmark’s Huttball Helmet
This is a legendary item, which means it has no durability so you won’t have to pay repair costs on the helmet! (Similar to the helmet from the Hateful Entity secret boss)”

Great!!! That’s totally going to save on my repair costs at the end of each WZ!!!!

helm looks like someone took a down syndrome alien and then clubbed the fucking shit out of his face

This is so funny that I had to come respond again. I feel so bad for the people that suffered through the ranked pvp ques. This is not the way to treat them. You go from a sweet rancor to a frakking helmet. Dang it EAware, treat your people right and stop urinating all over them. I am sure some of them spend money on your cartel market trash. They are not your enemies.

I honestly don’t mind the helm, I kinda think it suits baron Deathmark. Though I would like to have seen an armor set to go with it, then maybe it would tie the whole look together. I imagine it is meant to look like something someone in the Hutt cartel may wear in these games. Also I wonder if that means the good baron only has once eye, since that helm has a metal patch over one of the eyes.

I like that Bioware gives the ones who do internships in their company the opportunity to design something for swtor. So let’s not be that harsh, wasn’t a big effort to get the 1600 rating and next season we can get this helmet in rose maybe. I mean, it took a much longer time for PvEers to get through the nightmare than for us to get through the whole season 2, we shouldn’t complain.
(Irony btw)

A full set of armor would make sense, but other than that the rewards suit a shorter season.
In the beginning the season didn’t have “no advanced class” and people throwing matches to ruin everyone. There have always been win traders, queue synch, and queue dodgers.

This season ended a long time ago and these rewards are good for this season.
The only players that are really getting shafted are the top 3 of each class, but if seasons are designed to be short, BW is not going to give epic rewards to <1-3% of its playerbase every 3-4 months.

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