Wildstar Nexus Report PvP Class Changes Pt2 Livestream Notes

Wildstar Nexus Report PvP Class Changes Q&A Part 2 with Lead Class Designer Hugh Shelton.

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Hotfix last night

  • Reduced fat on Chuas, made Male Aurins less creepy.
  • Larger patch coming later this week that is all bug fixes

Q: Since Drop 2 healing has felt rather low while damage felt much higher. Is this a bug or is it fine as it is?

  • This is one of the huge things since we did drop 2. It is a bit lower than where we would like it to be. Healing in PvP was a bit over the top before. We toned healing down and did it too much. We will bring it up, not to where it was before but a bit higher than now. We want players that play healers enjoy PvP, just not unstoppable.
  • We are looking at toning down the damage in PvP. We might adjust down the damage or increase the HP pool. Players getting to endgame and getting all runed gear + the recent damage increase made burst damage really strong. In the open world, we are seeing damage dealt being increased by a whole lot if you are in 1800 rating PvP gear since we have a different formula for instances than in open world. That is a lot of damage than we like to be seeing.

Q: Largest obstacle towards creating the class balance necessary for a strongly competitive PvP scene?

  • You have to think all aspects of the game instead of just PvP. We can very rarely just look at things from a PvP angle. The itemization aspect – when someone has better gear than you, you can take a minor class balance issue into a huge difference.

Q: Heals have been overnerfed, lower time to kill means lower skills. In what way are you going to improve healers? What is your vision for healing in PvP?

  • Healing right now is not where we want. The time to kill isn’t good either with burst damage being too strong. We will increase the survability, reduce damage and increase healing output

Q: Tether currently does not have a DR immunity like other CCs, is that normal?

  • It is a bug

Q: Plan to normalize AP/SP scaling between classes

  • Changing the stances in the tank classes – they currently have a damage dealt buff which we will remove. We will adjust ap/sp them to where they should be (i.e. adjusting ap/sp on weapons) and also adjust how the sp/ap scale (i.e. all the classes will have 0.61 per main stat).
  • This will occur not in the next drop but the drop after that.

Q: Why are both warriors and medics in a mess right now?

  • I don’t necessarily agree that they are in a mess right now. The top end medics are competing fairly well currently. In a future patch we will help medics even more with a buff to gamma rays. The warrior adjustment we made have being made to sound worse than they are. We are still seeing warriors doing really well in pve/pvp and bring a lot of group utility with Power Link.
  • Moment of opportunity generates a lot of threat for the DPS since you are dealing much more damage. You want to use taunt/intimidate to jump back in threat. That being said, warrior tank threat generation isn’t as high as other classes. We got short term and long term plans to fix this.

Q: How do devs feel about PvP? Gear/Queues are broken

  • Queues were broken, if you were below 1500 rating and had a partner with 1800 or higher rating you would never find a queue. This was hotfixed last night. We are working on other queue issues as well.
  • We are looking to reduce the discrepancy between gear sets, we don’t like that just because you are 1800 rating you can steam roll everyone else.

Q: From dev’s PoV, what is the highest priority PvP Fix

  • From my perspective it is adjusting the damage formula, adjusting the burst damage. We don’t want instant gibs and don’t want healers to feel they cannot contribute to their team.
  • We are also working on spawn camping issues in some battlegrounds.

Q: Can we get a nerf on spellslinger root. It has no counter and given to the class with longest range.

  • You can cleanse those and leap out of it. It is not a high priority and will get resolved in the future

Q: Medic healers currently do not use actuators in 5 man content and PvP, is there plans to fix this?

  • I think it is a waste that medics are not using actuators, you might be overgeared or have some other things going on but we are looking into it.

Q: Why are 1800 rating weapons BiS until Ohmna weapon drop?

  • We are looking for a solution to this but I am not the right person to ask

Q: There are tons of amps/skills that are not used in PvP. Any plans to make them useful?

  • I can’t say that one day every single AMP will be useful in PvE and PvP. The AMP system was designed so that not everything is useful in both types of gameplay but we will look into it.

Q: Any chance to tweak Trigger Fingers so it is not so mandatory.

  • We are thinking of moving it up to increase its AMP cost from 4 to 6. We are also looking to increase its drop rate a little further.

Q: Plan to narrow telegraph of Charged Shot so it is harder to aim

  • We already reduced the size by 0.5m. We have another change to Charged Shot on dev servers that will take some of the burst damage from spellslinger. T8 will put a DoT instead of increase its burst.

Q: How is time to kill now compared to before Sabtoage. Where should it be?

  • Time to kill shrunk dramatically in fights between 1800 rating players vs non 1800 rating players. We know that they are not where they should be.

Q: How do you think Esper wardens performs in PvP?

  • Fields in PvP aren’t always useful. We have some changes to damage fields since players can simply avoid them. Warden right now is not super strong, it could be useful in battlegrounds to heal a large stack of players. We know a lot of the Esper abilities are not being used as much so we are looking to increase them to make them more attractive compared to normal choices like Soothe.

Q: There should be other incentives to PvP like costumes, housing, titles, etc

  • This is more on the PvP itemization side

Q: Mortar Strike does not have any synergy with Engineer AMps and does not do very well in PvE/PvP.

  • We are fixing Reap in Esper tree so that it is not longer finisher. We will do something here so it doesn’t consume all your volatility and increase your burst damage.

Q: When you guys are changing a class, what is the first thing you look at?

  • It really depends,if we identify an ability that is not being used frequently such as Reap or Mortar Strike we look at different things to make it useful.

Q: Cross faction RBG to increase competition?

  • Not something I can answer.

Q: Why are warrior/medic DPS rotations so heavily modified by RNG procs when the other 4 class DPS rotations are not?

  • We added RNG stuff to the warrior to improve them initially. We are looking at fixing the RNG to make them more predictable. We don’t want players to just mash buttons so we added some stuff that are triggered by crits etc but we don’t want a complex rotation for the movement heavy fights

Q: I was on the PTR and the 360 Wild Barrage was there and still made it to live. What are you doing to make sure so that that doesn’t happen again?

  • We have to look at a lot of things. If that bug was known internally we would have fixed it. Moving forward, we have to thoroughly test the PTR and see if the aggressive content release schedule we have being doing now is possible to sustain without introducing game breaking bugs.

Q: Class based colors on the party frames for the healers?

  • Not a bad idea, we will pass it on

Q: What aspect of wildstar class system are you most proud of?

  • Ability tier systems, when we add a tier that really change your rotation.
  • All the classes play significantly differently from one another.

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